The globalist plan to exterminate humanity begins now: “Useless eaters” must be eliminated, say globalists

 By Mike Adams Far beyond the distractions of political bickering and cultural trends, the big, big picture that’s unfolding across our world right now is a plan to exterminate 90% of the current human population in order to “save” the planet and protect what globalists see as the future of human survival on a cosmic [...]

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The Democratic Party’s Unfolding Coup Against Trump Dramatically Parallels Hitler’s Rise to Power-Stunning and Undeniable!

Modestly, I recall some comments from some of our followers in which I have been asked if I have some kind of crystal ball. The answer is "of course not". However, I do know my history and our country is traveling down a very familiar road. The parallels of how Hitler came to power, murdered [...]

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What Will Follow Internet Martial Law?

When martial law takes to the Internet, what can America expect when Google is in charge? The Best Food Deal in America is here! Are you prepared? Isn’t it time? Click here to begin your path that will allow you to survive what is coming.   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” [...]

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The Real Reason Behind Social Media Censorship-It’s Not What You Think

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to wonder if the Independent Media and the Internet had been in existence for many key events in the 20th century. S I contemplated the possibilities of how history would have changed if the JFK assassination, the Pearl Harbor conspiracy and the criminality of long-time FBI Director, J [...]

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Anti-gun fascist tyrant David Hogg now resorting to EXTORTION demands targeting gun manufacturers

By Ethan Huff False flag crisis actor and infamous gun control twerp David Hogg is desperately trying to claw his way back into the news cycle with new threats of extortion against American firearms manufacturers. Reports indicate that Hogg recently held a protest at the headquarters of Smith & Wesson in Massachusetts, where he demanded that the [...]

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America’s Date With Genocide (Part 2)

Part One This is the second and final part of the application Stanton's eight stages of genocide to the present environment in America. The first four stages were covered in Part One. Stages 5-8 are identified here. Stage 5-Polarization "Genocide proceeds in a downward cycle of killings until, like a whirlpool, it reaches the vortex [...]

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America’s Date with Genocide (Part 1)

Is America following down a path which could culminate in the government carrying out acts of genocide against select members of its population? There is increasing internet "chatter" which addresses this topic and many are beginning to discuss the possibility for the first time. I began to wonder the same and began to actually research [...]

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What Follows Gun Confiscation? White South Africans Are About Ready to Find Out

What follows gun confiscation. The White farmers from South Africa are about ready to find out as the prevailing radical regime running the South African government just ordered the seizing of 300,000 guns. All White South African farmers must leave the country ASAP Please donate to the research efforts of The Common Sense [...]

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