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A Failed “Blue Wave” Congressional Takeover Will Trigger An Economic Collapse and Coup Against Trump

Information is surfacing that would indicate that you are looking at a photo of the "assassins den".  The following information, contained in the following paragraph,  is being distributed for the purposes of a "cheezy" money-making venture. Ordinarily, this kind of communication would have been the recipient of the delete button, except for the fact that [...]

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Swamp Creature Kavanaugh Was Obviously Forced Upon Trump

There is much more that is surfacing on Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, that deserves the attention of the American people. This report is not "the end all" report that some are looking for. The Kavanaugh controversy is only one part of full-fledged war going between the Deep State and governmental officials that are not [...]

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Did the Federal Reserve Save President Trump From Assassination?

Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio, a quality and and tireless researcher, and myself have combined on investigating a number of issues ranging from the crisis involving the Oroville Dam to the various developments of the CALEXIT movement. We have crossed paths once again, but this time, our joint investigations were not planned, our paths [...]

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With Regard to the JFK Assassination,Trump Is Protecting George H.W. Bush for His Role

  Did you know that President Trump once accused  Senator Ted Cruz’s father of partiicpting in the assassination of JFK. During the campaign Trump promised  had to release the all 5 million pages of assassination records. With regard to the JFK assassination, Trump previously stated “Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as [...]

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Confessions of a CIA Black-Ops Insider On Past False Flag Operations

  The following is a 2 part interview with a former CIA black-ops participant, Cody Snodgris. The following interview clearly establishes, from a first-hand perspective. how many national tragedies are actually false flag operations which almost always follow the same pattern of planning and implementation. Everything from the Oklahoma City Bombing to the JFK [...]

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Release of the JFK Files Is Pointless Due to the Obstruction of Justice by LBJ

It what will be a highly anticipated event, Donad Trump has made a major announcement about the release of the JFK files. Many of the secret files related to the death of John F. Kennedy, have been held at the National Archives. This inlcudes several thousand "never-before-seen" documents, was ultimately mandated to occur by Oct. 26 [...]

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The History Channel Altering History on Behalf of the Deep State

  The History Channel used to be no stranger to controversy and conspiracy. Their six-part series on "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" was an excellent case in point. However, since the Deep State, on behalf of the LBJ family, threatened to take apart the History Channel, they have become the lap dog of historical revisionism [...]

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