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Soros-Backed Domestic Terrorist Groups Planning to Use Violence to Force Trump From Office

The man who would destroy America. In the period 2014-2015, the Obama administration ordered the catch and release of MS-13, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood in the midst of the last Central American immigration invasion. These multiple accounts can be accessed through the search engine provided on The Common Sense Show. Please file away [...]

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Forget the Border Distraction-WW III Is Upon Us! Dave Hodges Interviews Steve Quayle-The CSS- Hour 3

Forget the border, this is where the real action will take place. World War III is upon us. It is only looking for a match to start the fire. Dave Hodges interviewed Steve Quayle on this point. Of the 3 hours that Dave interviewed Steve, this is the most concerning topic, the most frightening. [...]

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The Man Who Could Start World War III

I have been lucky enough to be in a position to have round-table type discussions with both civilian intelligence and military intelligence operatives, both past and present. Without self-indulgent bragging, I can state that I have developed a reputation for protecting sources and accurately reporting what I am led to discover. Because of that, I [...]

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The Real Reason for the Government Shut Down

There is a contemporary coup going on for control of the White House- It is bloodless, for the time being. Who will win? Who is involved? Trump's counter is a government shutdown. At stake is the right for America to exist at all. Here are the real reasons for the government shut-down.   [...]

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Which Side Will Declare Martial First (Part 2)?

I recently wrote an article entitled Which Side Will Declare Martial Law First? I was reacting to both what I was told by an official who has Trump's ear and circumstantial evidence coming out of the New California movement (eg Paul Preston). I was subsequently asked by someone  of significant influence to write the original [...]

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Humanity’s Last Stand

  After yesterday’s article which described how we are being invaded by non-human entities, I have received a plethora of responses. Despite the fact, the the Bible is replete with examples of invading non-human entities, who have bad intentions for humanity, people become irrationally opposed to the idea. During the time of the great tribulation, [...]

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The Wall Will Decide the 2020 Election and Trump Just Blinked!

  The "Wall Issue" will decide the 2020 election and Trump just blinked. Gone is the government shutdown and now, $10 billion is going to support the 4 migrant waves headed our way. Trump's base is feeling betrayed by his inaction. As the Deep State tightens their noose around the country, we need to [...]

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Elite Plan to Crash ALL Paper Currencies and Usher In a Digital Currency

  The ultimate "gold-digger", IMF Director, Christine Lagarde issued a statement yesterday in which she said that all countries should go to an electronic currency and they should abandon their national currency is very clear that the elite plan to destroy the  current paper currencies by collapsing the world's economy.

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Globalist-Serving Macron Wants to Form European Army to Oppose a Potential Russian-US Alliance

In a recent pre-recorded interview on the CSS, Steve Quayle stated: "When Russia and China invade the United States, France and Germany will be joining them!"  And just like Steve had a crystal ball, two days later, French President Macron, in effect declared war on the United States.  (Editor's Note: Steve's interview with Dave will [...]

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The “Average Joe” Asks Dave Hodges Questions About the New World Order and Deep State- Must Listen! The CSS-

Dave Hodges picked out an average JOE, to ask questions about the New World Order, the Deep State and the civil chaos present in America. This is a fascinating and a must listen interview. Please share widely.       THE ARCHIVES FOR THE COMMON SENSE SHOW ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON [...]

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