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Our Fathers Worked On the Secret Space Program-Dave Hodges and Jack Easum On the CSS

Listen to two men talk about how their fathers worked on the secret space program and what each one did. Alien cover-ups and even the murder of 3 astronauts were part of the experience. This is a fascinating interview that you will want to share.  

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An Ice Age Is Near According to Hyperdimensional Physics

Nikola Tesla (1857-1943) American inventor.   The premise of this paper is that there exists a science which can explain the increased seismic and volcanic activity on the planet and how it is a precursor to an impending and catastrophic ice age.  Greatest Scientist of All Time Tesla discovered the-so-called  "unified theory" principle which [...]

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Trump Is Bringing Control of the Secret Space Program Under the Control of the Elected Government

For the past 3 years i have been writing about how the secret space program was the dominant program and it had its origin in the 1950's and the technology behind it was light years ahead of anything NASA was doing. The technology was obtained from captured German scientists. In 1983, my father, who had worked [...]

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World War III Will Begin In Space

  I have listened with much chagrin to the recent revelations to regarding the so-called secret space program. Except for the article which detailed how 6.5 trillion dollars ended up in the space program, with all due respect, the other recent articles are not credible. My father worked with captured Nazi scientists and some of [...]

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    DARK JOURNALIST - DANIEL LISZT FKTV.IS "The Diversion Between Official Reality and Real Reality Has Never Been Greater than It Is Today - and It Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder!" Former Assistant Housing Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts is back with Dark Journalist for Part 1 of their examination of the "insane" secrecy of [...]

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Confessions of a Naval Intelligence Officer Regarding America’s Secret Space Program

  In Part One, I laid the groundwork for the fact that Operation Paper Clip. Before going any further, I want to thank Steve Quayle and three readers for validating yesterday’s presentation of facts. Steve publicly noted that his deep cover military sources validate every word that I wrote. Further, I heard from three people [...]

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