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The World Has Never Been Closer to World War III

Even though most of us are cognizant of the fact that mainstream media is nothing but a "bread and circus" excrement show, it is still difficult to comprehend how much  deception that the they think they can get away with. Along these lines, Myself and another researcher are preparing to release a story which reveals [...]

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The Democrats are Provoking Russia and China to Attack the United States

I have been having a recurring nightmare about Chinese tanks rolling down the burned out cinders of my house and my neighbors. I can hear, in my dream, the sound of the Chinese soldiers executing the survivors as they approach my house. The dream is always the same. From my hiding spot, I can see [...]

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Why Did Bolton Suddenly Cancel His Korean Trip?

  Venezuela is, under Maduro, is as corrupt and immoral as Stalin, Mao and Hitler. It is a country that lacks any legitimacy.  However, when the National Security Advisor cancels his trip to one hotspot, Korea, and stays home to focus on another, Venezuela, what does that tell you is coming?    

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The Invasion of the US Has Begun

The United States military is simultaneously preparing for two separate actions INSIDE the country. One one hand, the United States is preparing to deal with extreme insurrection, which will be perpetrated through embedded terrorist forces (eg ISIS, al-Qaeda, MS-13, Mexican drug cartels and various other factions associated with the Calexit movement). On the other hand [...]

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Deadly Threat to Every America- Kathy Rubio-CSS Pt 2

The CSS has covered many examples of programs to control and destroy the American Constitution and subsequently our way of life. There are present developments in the Deep State coup against America, that threatens the lives of every citizens in this country! Kathy Rubio joins Dave for a second hour to discuss these real [...]

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