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Take Your Money Out of the Bank, While You Still Can
America's Biggest Criminal Enterprise

America’s Biggest Criminal Enterprise

CSS-Offical-New-Logo2It is now clear, the government of Cyprus was given two options by the IMF and the EU in which they were told that they could steal  money from private bank accounts or they could leave the Eurozone all together and face total economic annihilation. This theft involves seizing the funds of all accounts over 100,000 euros, then stealing up to 40% of those funds sometime over the next few weeks, or whatever EU finance ministers decide exactly how much to steal.
I However, no accounts containing less than 100,000 euros will be impacted. This amount was not arbitrarily chosen. The 100,000 mark was chosen because all EU bank accounts are insured up to 100,000 euros. Therefore, the criminal banksters believe that they can steal anything over 100,000 euros because it is not insured.

Except for the 132 preferred insiders who got their money out of Cypress the day before the announcement of the grand banking theft, the Eurogroup finance ministers  have subsequently announced that the large Bank of Cypress depositors’ above the 100,000 level now have their accounts frozen. The 132 preferred insiders reminds me of Goldman Sachs doing put option, for preferred insiders in Transocean stock the morning of the Gulf oil explosion.

Lars Christensen, the CEO of Saxo Bank, in a previous blog post, chastised the thievery of the IMF and the EU with the following statement.

“This is a breach of fundamental property rights, dictated to a small country by foreign powers and it must make every bank depositor in Europe shiver. Although the representatives at the bailout press conference tried to present this as a one-off, they were not willing to rule out similar measures elsewhere – not that it would have mattered much as the trust is gone anyway. It is now difficult to expect any kind of limitation to what measures the Troika and EU might take when the crisis really starts to bite.

if you can do this once, you can do it again. if you can confiscate 10 percent of a bank customer’s money, you can confiscate 25, 50 or even 100 percent. I now believe we will see worse as the panic increases, with politicians desperately trying to keep the EUR alive.

Depositors in other prospective bailout countries must be running scared – is it safe to keep money in an Italian, Spanish or Greek bank anymore? I don’t know, must be the answer. Is it prudent to take the risk? You decide. I fear this will lead to massive capital outflows from weak Eurozone countries, just about the last thing they need right now.”

Plain and simple, the Cypress fiasco is a bankster beta test which is being used to test the intestinal fortitude of bank depositors. If there is no uprising in Cypress, the banksters will move on to Greece, then to Italy, and on to Spain. Even New Zealand is rumored to be in the cross hairs of the banksters. In short, these tactics will spread like wildfire to every G20 nation on the planet including the United States.

Helicopter Ben Bernanke , former Fed chair, refuses to address the possibility of the this grand theft from spreading to the United States.  However, recent DHS actions have spoken volumes to that end, as they have declared that, under the Patriot Act, they can enter any safe deposit box and seize any bank account. Further, any bank employee caught leaking DHS memos to the public can and will be prosecuted under the same act. Subsequently, the US will not need a Cyprus like Deposit tax since they can take whatever is deemed as contraband by an inspecting DHS agent and they will not likely stop with seizing safety deposit boxes. Now America should know why the DHS has purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored vehicles as  they know that this planned theft will be met by resistance by American account holders. And DHS will not stop with the theft of our bank accounts, my sources tell me that Obama is going after every investment including our pensions and 401k’s. The banksters on Wall Street are also acquiring firearms, ammunition and control over private mercenary corporations like DynCorp and Blackwater, as authorized by Department of Defense (DOD) directive 3025.18.  It is interesting to note that this is the same DynCorp that was caught trafficking in child sex rings and got off with only a small fine. The bankers have revealed themselves for who they really are.

With all the discourse covering this volatile situation in which nobody’s money is safe. The “legal precedent” has already been set in stone courtesy of the United States justice system. Who could ever forget the MF Global (MFG) scandal which stunned American financial centers when Jon “the Don” Corzine, CEO of MF Global, oversaw the disappearance of $6.3 billion dollars, from secured and segregated accounts, which were used as collateral  on bad gambling bets placed upon indebted European nations. The subsequent European nation’s credit ratings went down the toilet and JP Morgan, the mastermind behind this theft of secured investment funds, handsomely profited. And where was the Securities and Exchange Commission during this criminal debacle? Well, the agent in charge of the division which would have overseen the MF Global theft by former Goldman Sachs, Jon Corzine, was given a free pass by former Goldman Sachs enforcement agent, Gary Gensler. And let’s not forget about the stunning decision made in August of 2012, in which the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, from Illinois, ruled that once a person deposits their personal money in the bank, the bank is free to do with whatever it wants to do with the depositor funds including covering their bank losses, engaging in risky investments and presumably, even stealing the funds. Is it clear why Jesus chased the money changers from the Temple?

Get your money out of the bank immediately. Leave just enough in the bank to pay bills. Buy a fireproof safe and install it in a secure and hidden location within your home. Do not keep anything in a safety deposit box because very soon it will become the property of DHS.

Could this be the beginning of the trigger event which will ultimately lead to revolution in this country, complete with roundups and mass exterminations of dissidents? Time will tell. Meanwhile, get your money out of the banks, now, while you still can.

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  1. Vietkonggook September 15, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    Federal Reserve = the babylonian money magick to enslave the planet using funny money = international bankers taking total control of the planet earth

  2. Mel Havener September 16, 2016 at 3:22 am


    There is only a few other then you I trust.

    Mel Havener

  3. Karen F. September 16, 2016 at 5:45 am

    What do you think will happen to people who have physical gold/silver stored in Brinks vaults?

  4. ExposeThem511 September 16, 2016 at 5:52 am

    @Vietkonggook It is the Vatican Jesuits who control the banksters.

  5. Just Sayin' September 16, 2016 at 7:27 am

    After the accounts are cleared by the depositors, then what? If the dollar collapses, you have a mattress full of worthless Fed notes.
    Just sayin’………….
    I honestly don’t know which way to turn and I doubt if most senior citizens know because our retirement/pension/SS funds are automatic deposits, and we have no control over when or how much we will see in our accounts. Nothing is set in stone, so government guarantees are worthless.
    So, what comes first? Theft of depositors’ accounts or collapse of the dollar? Then what?

  6. Wayne Burden September 16, 2016 at 11:12 am

    It is IMPERATIVE that you get as much out of the bank as you can and into hard assets as fast as you can! Such as precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.), land (not made anymore), food and water supplies, items that can be bartered with later, etc. Buy physical metals (not paper promises) and burry them if you have to. Do these things “under the radar” and tell/brag to no one what you’re doing. Pray for God’s wisdom in all of this is most important!

  7. james September 16, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    What a stupid advice

  8. Ken September 16, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Dave, I think this needs to go on your YouTube channel.

  9. Vietkonggook September 16, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    This will be the biggest heist of all time. God is punishing us for our sins and abominations. We have let our guards down and the thieves are already inside stealing, molesting, raping and finally , killing us in the final analysis. Wake up Americans !! Spread the truth and prepare for whats to come…

  10. Pontus September 18, 2016 at 11:50 am

    The Khazarian Mafia control the Central banks.

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