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The 3 Step Process to Sovietize the United States

The 3 step process to turn  America into Amerika

America is under seige by a three part plot designed to eliminate all opposition to a communist-style revolution sweeping across America.

The Sovietization of American Academia

Robert Zimmer is the University of Chicago’s current President. He has issued a speaking invitation to President Trump’s former top advisor, Steve Bannon. Bannon  is scheduled to talk at the school early in early March.  President Zimmer is taking massive criticism for daring to let Steve Bannon speak at this hallowed institution of what is becoming an institution of higher propaganda, where academic freedom and freedom of speech and divergent political opinions are welcome. Instead we are witnessing the Sovietization of America beginning with its post-secondary school institutions.

Only Liberals May Enter

There is a viewpoint that emerging from the hidden recesses of logic and it goes like this:

Peace is a desirable attribute. Therefore, we must kill people to preserve the peace. Or, virginity is a desirable attribute. Therefore, having lots of fornication experiences is important in the cause of preserving virginity.

You get the idea and the illogic of leftist mentality is exposed. One would think that this type of thinking would be laughed out of a room. However, and quite to the contrary, our institutions of higher propaganda are embracing this nonsense as as a “legitimate” political position as more than 100 Chicago professors have signed an open letter to President Zimmer as they are strenuously objecting to having Steve Bannon being allowed to speak at Chicago University.

The university should model inclusion for a country that is reeling from the consequences of racism, xenophobia, and hate.”

Beyond all logic, these braniac professors are choosing to propose to “model inclusion” by EXCLUDING viewpoints they find objectionable:

“We believe that Bannon should not be afforded the platform and opportunity to air his hate speech on this campus.”

Even The Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page i decrying this action by America’s newest guardians of the truth.

We’ve Been Down This Road Before-Many Times

The manner in which the former Soviet Union is coming into prominence, in America, has been done before.

In today’s political climate the President has been declared guilty of mental illness by the left. President Trump, according to the modern-day communists in America, should be removed from office via the 25th Amendment because his views are deranged and dangerous. After all, Trump believes in both the First and Second Amendment. He further believes in the territorial integrity of America’s borders. He is a nationalist, not a globalist. He wants to improve the American economy, not destroy it. And most of all, he is attempting to carry out his duty in protecting America from enemies both foreign and domestic and than includes standing up to freedom-busting liberal who want to see the country destroyed. Therefore, according to the liberals, Trump is mentally ill and must be removed from office.

This type of illogical thinking is exactly what the world saw from the former Soviet Union before its demise. And what did the Soviets do? They removed all dissenters from their society, declared that they had a new mental illness called political schizophrenia and used this as the sole basis for their incarceration. The illogic of the communist left basically went like this:

The State is always correct. And if someone defies the State in thought, word and deed, they must be crazy and removed from society for their own protection and for the protection of society as a whole. 

Thus, the politization of the mental health profession was used to stifle dissent. The world’s mental health practitioners decried the process of inappropriately using a mental health diagnosis to stifle political viewpoints and to jail “dissenters”. However, the practice continued until the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its own tyranny.

 The Parallels Between the Former Soviet Union and Modern-Day America

The unwarranted politization of mental health led to Soviet-style detainment and persecution of dissenters in mental hospitals.

Some were arrested because of snitch programs participated in by disgruntled neighbors. Yet, others were sent to the gulags to serrve long sentences because they dared to try and speak out against institutionalized injustice. Some were declared mentally incompetent and were sent away because they dated to speak out against the Communist party practices or they even dared to read western-published literature.

Stifling of Political Dissent Led to the Soviet Union’s Darkest Days

The political persecution of Soviet dissenters did not stop with the incarceration of “free-thinkers”. There were mass-murders of priests, average Christians, doctors, lawyers,accountants and farmers.

A tyranny emerged that rivaled and even exceeded anything that the Nazis had done during their 12-year  tenure of tyranny.

Connecting the Dots

On one thing that most can agree upon, free speech is the biggest threat to a totalitiarian regime. Clearly the professors at the University of Chicago are participants in this abuse of allowing divergent viewpoints and letting people make up their own mind. However, this is stage one of a coup designed to engulf America and plunge it into descent into despotic rule.

The Three Stage Coup Designed to Take-Down America

There are three stages that are being employed to take-down our country and plunge it into the modern-day version of the Soviet Union.

  1. Stifle all conservative speech. This is what we are witnessing all across America in places like our universities, Youtube, Google, Twitter and Facebook. The attempt to ban Bannon is the present poster-child of this movement.
  2. Soviet must take the guns. Presently, there are an estimated 300 million handguns in America. False flags are being employed and a full-court press is being employed to get legislation against the Second Amendment. Why? Because an unarmed populice cannot defend itself from despots if they do not have access to guns. The University of Hawaii’s Demicide Project demonstrated that in the 20th century, there were 19 genocides and each one of them was preceeded by gun confiscation. America has now entered this very dangerous phase.
  3. In stage three of the takeover, dissenters must be taken away for the good of the society. The American gulags, we call FEMA camps could soon come into practice.

History has traveled down this road before.  Will we go sliently into the night or will the average people in this society mount a resistance to the emerging tyranny?

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  2. laura ann February 20, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Look at the E.U. now, except for the wealthy living in security usually in the countryside, the average person doesn’t own a gun and Muslims are invading 24/7 and crime of all types is allowed by police incl. rape, murder, robberies and shootings. Soon if not already, informants will be placed in churches here (like in Europe during Stalin and Hitler) and now the mainline churches have FEMA controlled clergy response teams who willingly comply with their agendas and lead their sheep to enslavement or worse. I have tried to inform others to get out of liberal churches for some time. Some people may not be PC on guns or immigration and make comments to others in church. I am thru warning people and so are others I know because you can’t fix stupid, even among family members..

  3. Martin February 20, 2018 at 9:54 am

    This is not SPAM. I am not affiliated with this Web site.

    Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban- Part 1, by Rector


    Be sure to read parts two and three, also.

  4. James Stamulis February 20, 2018 at 10:07 am

    These liberals are so deaf, dumb and blind they cannot see that all the hate is coming from them.

  5. pricer February 20, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    The Bolsheviks who brutally controlled the Russian Empire for some 7 decades are now in America. You can call them Khazarian Zionists as well.

  6. Blu-j February 20, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    I hope Trump knows that in bolchevik Russia dissenters were all crazy, and all crazy people were dissenters. Meaning that in America all crazy people will be outlawed from owning firearms, and soon enough all firearms owners will be deemed crazy. See how that works?

  7. Major Tom February 21, 2018 at 7:39 am

    Why do you talk of Sovietizing of America? This is the Iron Mountain report way of taking over the world. Why are you not encouraging people to be watching this documentary and pushing it? This is what is really going on If you cannot reveal the truth you are the problem not the solution. Pushing the news agenda and not exposing the truth is not helping anyone. Is not Jesus the way, truth, and the life?
    Why aren’t you?

  8. Katherine Hine February 21, 2018 at 9:57 am

    The fake, “mental illness” prong of the Sovietization of Amerika, is already happening. Check out my series of four articles on Ohio federal District Judge John R. Adams, who is being targeted, as is President Trump, by psychologists and psychiatrists eager to violate their own ethics rules (e.g. the Goldwater Rule) so as to demonize and maybe even pull a coup on Donald Trump and others who don’t tow the globalist party line. This is not at all as implausible as it sounds. Mental health commitment statutes in most states ALREADY enable psychiatrists to lock up ANY citizen for any reason, as long as they say the person could benefit from treatment. The Constitutional requirement that the person also be a danger to self or others, seems to be taking a backseat, as corrupt judges do whatever the shrinks tell them to. Here are the links to my articles about the organized psych attack on Judge Adams:

    Part One – 11/4/17

    Part Two- 11/5/17

    Part Three – 11/6/17

    Part Four – 11/7/17

  9. Bubba Dan February 21, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    May the Lord God and Yeshua have mercy on those of us that follow Him! Grant us the strength we need to fight this oppressive communist system.

  10. Lou Cypher February 24, 2018 at 3:14 am

    Qanon which is military intelligence is being monitored and interpreted by Trump friend and confidant Dr. Jerome Corsi. Tune in some time to his you tube. I believe it is referred to as superchat. Latest on 2/22 insists that military intelligence now supercedes CIA and FBI . This is based on Trump executive order of Dec. 21, 2017. Trump has… as written in that order a national emergency. Slowly but surely the attempted coup d’etat is being uncovered and identified and treasonous characters will go before military tribunals as treason can go before these tribunals. Guantanamo is currently being refurbished and enlarged to accept the traitors.

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