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The 5G Depopulation Death Trap-Virginia Farver and Dave Hodges- CSS Hour 1

5G mini cell towers are going in near every home. Nobody is safe from this incursion of deadly radiation. Rural areas are being targeted in record numbers.
There is voluminous research to support the fact that the health of America is now in dire jeopardy. From Tumors to Tyranny. 5G technology is beneficial but not when it involves the vulnerable brain and that is what the social planners are moving towards. Brain cancer rates are going to skyrocket. I recently interviewed Virginia Farver on the subject and it is a difficult to not conclude that this is a deliberate depopulation scheme. Here is the story.

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  1. Claire Waters June 27, 2018 at 6:27 am

    PROTECT YOURSELF–don’t be a victim. Type in a search for “Tachyon disks” —- several sites sell them. Put over the smart meters. EASY.
    Learn more about EMF’s and how to protect your body by wearing personal protection Tachyon products (some very inexpensive). These following things produce chaos in the EMF which surrounds them—–computers, cellphones, vehicles (while engine is turned on), fluorescent lights, TV’s (within 8 feet of a HD TV), electric blankets……hair dryers, vacuum cleaners. And now 5G towers everywhere. So WEAR personal protection—-educate yourself and don’t be a victim to this assault.

  2. Matthew June 28, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    Don’t miss this Industry Insider Info I got about SmartPhones. https://153wordsofgod.wordpress.com/mark-of-the-beast/

    Will the Cellular / Smart Phone industry be used to implement the “Mark of the Beast” commerce transaction and tracking technology on you?

    Take a look at this! >>> I talked to a lady on March 3rd, 2017 who has worked in the Cellular / Smart Phone business for around 20-25 years.

    Here’s some industry insider information that she relayed to me…

    In the next 6-18 months Smart Phones will:

    * Replace your internet service provider – data will go through your cell phone, not a cable box!
    * Track your wife/husband, kids, dog, car, etc. (There are apps that do this already.)
    * Run your TV, heater/AC, coffee machine, appliances, etc.
    * Handle your bills, payments and commerce transactions.
    * Buy your food at stores and vending machines. Etc. etc., etc.

    All Data Access contracts come through Washington DC – which is a private foreign country (military base/stronghold) within the USA which is owned by the Crowne Trust – the British Crown which is run by Queen Elizabeth II and Jacob Rothschild. (NOTE: They also own and control the City of London and Vatican City.)

    In each area (City, County, whatever) there’s 1 top provider who gets the FAT $$$ big money $$$ contract. All this technology and data is owned by and/or run by the MILITARY. Interesting.

  3. Eve June 28, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    What you don’t understand is that Trump nominated an FCC chairman that gave the total Green Light to 5G. A man well known to dismiss first amendment rights of people – i.e. Berkely Right to Know Ordinance on Cell phone radiation. Trump wanted to go full board on 5G and promoted the Congress to fund this Debacle to the max. You are picking on the Wrong Enemy, The Republicans with their jackal President are so vested with Corporate Profits they could give a penney for the Health of the Population. At least the Dems have many factions that care about the public health of this nation.

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