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The Air Force Is Preparing to Steal the Land of Millions of Americans

Dave Hodges

December 10, 2013

The Common Sense Show

The title of the article is not hyperbole. The Air Force is indeed preparing to steal as many homes as needed to fulfill two objectives: (1) To ensure the profitability of the military industrial complex (2) To use the mission of the Air Force to drive down home values, in the adjacent areas to a planned CANAMEX highway and to force as many people as possible off of their land in the process in furtherance of the North American Union (SPP).

We estimate that anywhere from 15 million Americans to 20 million Americans will be impacted by the Air Force’s shenanigans and will suffer greatly reduced property values or be forced off of their land entirely WITHOUT COMPENSATION.

How is the Air Force going to do it? Is your property safe if you don’t live in the immediate area adjacent to an Air Force base? How has the Air Force become the prostitute of the globalists? These questions, and many more will be answered in this article.

The Air Force Has Indeed Become the Prostitute of the Globalists

All across this country, in more than a dozen cases and growing, the Air Force is busy forcing people off of their land in order to preserve the profits of Lockheed Martin and other military industrial complex organizations. The newer breed of Air Force aircraft (e.g. F-22, F-35) is far too noisy to be compatible with nearby metropolitan areas. The Air Force has become excessively underhanded in dealing with the public on this matter.

The F-16, the backbone of the Air Force for decades, is loud, very loud. Cities in proximity to Air Force bases have barely been able to coexist and in some cases they have not. The F-22 and the F-35 are several times louder than the F-16. In fact, the two planes are 4-12 times louder than the F-16 depending on the type of maneuvers being executed by the planes. The Air Force is lying and they will tell you there is no difference in sound, but I have the original sound test studies performed at Eglin Air Force Base by sound engineer, Bob Webb, who makes these claims as part of an Air Force study that he headed. The scientific studies demonstrate that the decibel levels of these planes are consistent with an increase in strokes, heart attacks, hearing loss, generalized anxiety disorder and a whole host of other ailments. So, not only are the property rights of millions of Americans at risk, so is their health.

The Air Force has been quick to enforce draconian rules which render a property valueless and useless. However, in most cases, the Air Force further restricts personal property rights through obtaining support from local politicians, who in turn are coerced into passing laws which ultimately force people off of their land. The Air Force accomplishes controlling local politicians by telling them that they can arrange Federal projects to be awarded to their area, resulting in a temporary economic boom. This results in obtaining their unwilling cooperation. In exchange, the local leaders only need to screw the rights of a minority of the people in their community. All Air Force bases work off of the same playbook and consistently tell the local leaders that if they do not cooperate, that the base will close resulting in a loss of billions of dollars in revenue in their local area. As an aside, when a base closes the profitability of the area goes up dramatically (e.g. Lowry AFB and Fitzsimmons bases in Denver). The nearby Community Initiatives Team of each base then threatens to ruin the political career of any uncooperative local leader by letting their constituents know that their actions resulted in economic harm to their area. Further, the Air Force organizes the retired military personnel in proximity in taking up the position of the base. These retired veterans serve as the de facto public relations team which is trained to shout down all opposition.  It is lobbying by proxy.  “Luke Forward” is such a group in my area.

The Air Force subsequently tells the local veterans that if they do not help the Air Force preserve and expand their mission, they will lose access to their military medical and shopping benefits because the base will close. The veterans, mayors and city councils all form a team created by the Air Force’s intimidation to force people off of their land in order to make way for these new planes that are significantly louder and incompatible with local developments.

The Veterans groups then become the unified swat team which goes after uncooperative local leaders. This is exactly what happened in El Mirage, Arizona. The city presented the Pentagon with a $400 million dollar bill for restricted property rights resulting in the loss of local revenue. The forces of the media, the Air Force and the retired military veterans sprang into action and forced a complete change in the government of the city. And when the residents of the city begin feeling the effects of the F-35, little will they realize that their properties will be restricted resulting in financial ruination and their health will be in jeopardy as well. Today, the city government of El Mirage is made up of people who have a financial stake in the viability of nearby Luke Air Force Base.

What I have described here is going to repeat across this country 50-60 times in the next few years. Some of us who have already been through this fight are here to tell the rest of the nation that you are about to be invaded by the US Air Force.

How The Air Force Steals Your Land

The Air Force does not have to outright legal authority seize your property, without compensation. If they did so, they would have been guilty of committing an act of eminent domain which would require that full compensation be paid to the homeowner. If the Air Force restricts your land, or does harm to your land resulting in a lowering of property values, under the law, they are required to pay the owner full value for their property. This process is called inverse condemnation from which the courts and most State Constitutions have determined is the same as eminent domain. The Air Force has learned how to get around this legal hurdle through the political intimidation process described in the above paragraphs in which they turn retired veterans groups and local leaders into their personal lobbyists.

The most popular way that the Air Force steals your land has to do with the permitting process. The Air Force Community Initiatives team from your local base will coerce local governments to pass unconstitutional property rights restrictions which ultimately forces people off of their property. For example, in my community, we once had a permitting exclusion placed upon rebuilding if our properties were in need of repair because we would be denied a permit (e.g. rebuilding for damage caused by fire, weather). If our homes would have been damaged, we would have been forced to walk away and suffer financial ruination courtesy of the Air Force and their criminal local government partners.

By the way, the act of lobbying by a military body is expressly forbidden under the Military Code of Justice. However, we are playing in a game with no rules. When I confronted Rusty Mitchell, the director of the Community Initiatives team at Luke Air Force Base, a man who never met a lie he would not tell, he said we are only telling the politicians what we need to complete our mission. It is lobbying and the Air Force is breaking its own laws.

The Air Force Controls the Local Media

The Air Force also controls the media, who becomes their ally in the subjugation of untold numbers of properties. For example, at Luke Air Force Base in the Phoenix area, the Arizona Republic vilifies any individual or group who stands in opposition to draconian policies of the base and its local leaders.

My community formed a group called the Arizona Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights (ACPPR). I was the spokesperson and was in charge of dealing with the media. Subsequently, my wife and I met with the editorial board of the Arizona Republic, the largest daily in Arizona. We presented to them an air tight case of how the Air Force and local politicians were violating the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution as well prior case law in restricting our properties. The director of the board, Vaneta Hawthorne James, a throwback to the demeanor of Angela Davis, leaned across the table and said “I understand about your rights Mr. Hodges, but for the greater good, you need to get off your land”. I asked her if she meant without compensation and she said, “Yes”!

The Arizona Republic is owned by Gannet Broadcasting. Gannet is owned by Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin manufactures the F-35. Need I say more? From community to community, the corporate names change a bit, but the same nefarious chain of corporate custody remains the same.

The Hodges Family and the Air Force

Eleven years ago, my family purchased a 1.5 acre home in rural Arizona. There are no streetlights, the nearest grocery store is 14 miles away, the nearest gas station is 10 miles away and we believed that we had found paradise. There are 4 basic housing developments spread out over thousands of square miles. We live in unincorporated Maricopa County, the home of the famous Sheriff Joe, the toughest sheriff in nation.

Our home was to be our retirement home, but we also thought it would be a great place to raise a family because it was away from the gangs and the graffiti of our former neighborhood. What we thought was our paradise, became our nightmare.

A few months after we moved in, the permitting restrictions commenced. This led to a seven year battle with local politicians. There were a few politicians who stood up for us. None of them are in office today as a result of the Luke Air Force Base public relations swat teams. But remember, the Air Force does not lobby. Our military likes to go into other countries even when it is not warranted, why shouldn’t they do the same to American homeowners when it fits their purpose?

As the spokesperson for ACPPR, I attracted a lot of media attention and I was frequently misquoted and made me look like I was anti-Air Force, anti-war effort and anti-American. I suffered great loss to my professional reputation. However, there was one man that liked what I was doing and the was the late Pete Peterson, who at that time, owned KBSZ radio. He gave me a local show from which I used to enter the media profession. Those of you who have wondered where I came and have suspected me of being a disinfo agent because I magically appeared upon the scene, owe me an apology. This is how I became engaged in my fight against the New World Order. As I soon discovered that this fight was not just about the profitability of Lockheed Martin and the advancement of military careers, I learned as much and communicated as much as I could on the topic of the NWO.

This fight is not just my fight, this fight belongs to millions of Americans.


An Awakening: A Globalist Conspiracy

One late night, I was going over my notes and discovered that there were four areas impacted by the Air Force in Arizona in terms of going after individual property rights. The four areas consisted of my area north of Surprise, parts of Tucson, Gila Bend and Yuma. Adjacent to my notes, was a news release telling Arizona how wonderful the CANAMEX Highway would be for travel and corporate profit when the construction was complete. I discovered at that moment that the four areas under fire from the Air Force identically matched the four planned CANAMEX routes into Arizona.

The CANAMEX is the transportation corridor of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). CAFTA represents a free trade agreement which has resulted in the loss of protective tariffs and the flight of manufacturing and jobs to foreign markets in search of cheap labor. Subsequently, another goal of the Air Force is to use its mission to drive out homeowners in the vicinity of a CANAMEX corridor in order to suppress property values. The land needed by the globalists for their highway is funded 50% by the state and local government and 50% by the Federal Highway Transportation Administration. Their goal is to make that land acquisition as cheap as possible. The Air Force’s mission, of ensuring the profitability of Lockheed Martin, is also being used to make land acquisition costs along these planned CANAMEX Highways as cheap as possible. I ran the odds of these four coincidences being due to mere luck (I used to teach statistics at the undergraduate level), and the odds were calculated at 65 million to one! There can be little doubt, that this is a conspiracy involving the bankers and the Air Force. By the way, who do you think is behind the CANAMEX and CAFTA? It is some of the same bankers that own the military industrial complex. These people are unquestionably brilliant.

I further discovered that CAFTA and NAFTA were about destroying American sovereignty through the creation of the over-arching Security, Prosperity Partnership (SPP). This is the North American Union. I learned very quickly that the stories being told by alternative media writers and talk show hosts about how a small group of men were attempting to control world finance and  wanted to eventually create a world government, were indeed true!! I subsequently became engaged in this fight and have not looked back.

The CANAMEX and the NAFTA Superhighway  will encompass 80 current highway corridors in America. The millions of Americans along these planned routes will have trouble with the military, not realizing the real goal is the expansion of the North American Union. These free trade agreements spell the death of America because of the loss of jobs and the continued influx of millions of unskilled workers into America which serves to break the backs of our infrastructure and is destroying the wages of the American middle class.

And how did our fight turn out? My community is the only community who stood up to the Air Force and made them back down. Through a series of backroom deals, I got a public interest law firm to represent us and we got as far as the courthouse steps and the other side blinked, at least temporarily. I am not naive enough to believe that Rusty Mitchell and his Luke AFB Community Initiatives Team are done with us. They will return. And millions of you are going to be facing the same challenges as we have.


If you think this article is a personal narrative, you are incorrect and have missed the point of this article. I have fought the Air Force and have won a temporary battle. They will be back. My warning to the American people is two-fold. First, your property is at risk if you live in proximity to an interstate highway as they will all be converted to international corridor status under these free trade agreements. This will lessen the value of your land. Second, if you live near a planned CANAMEX or NAFTA highway, you are in serious jeopardy with regard to your property rights and financial future. Third, there are communities in Vermont, Virginia Beach, Valparaiso, FL., Yuma, AZ., Gila Bend, AZ., Northwest Maricopa County, AZ., Georgia and many more who are communicating because we know what is at stake. This threat is widespread and real.

My group was guilty of spinning its wheels in the early days of this fight. The key to winning this fight for our property rights is to control our local politicians. Without the local politicians, the Air Force is dead in the water.

In conclusion, if you live near an interstate or planned CANAMEX/NAFTA highway, you are at risk. And if you live in America, you are at risk. These free trade agreements spell the economic death of America.

I have enjoyed my time away from this fight, but after a conversation I had with the Tucson leadership last night, I know that I am about to become engaged again. I propose, my fellow Americans, that you do your homework and if you discover you are at potential risk, please contact me and will lock arms and meet the globalists at the gates of hell.

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  1. Judy December 10, 2013 at 6:11 am

    Dave….Your great…..plesae keep going….I’m in the fight too, different than yours but in the fight…its grueling and draining…especially when
    most morons out there don’t even know what’s going on…nor do they want to know…I read your columns all the time…they’re inspiring and uplifting in
    the garbage pit of what used to be america….now amerika…thank you and many blessings…..jr

  2. iwitness02 December 10, 2013 at 6:18 am

    “Rust never sleeps” …..Wow

  3. Nam Marine December 10, 2013 at 6:34 am

    Just part of the Gestapo Elite.

  4. David December 10, 2013 at 7:05 am

    This kind of thing should be no surprise to anyone. The government has been stealing from people for at least one hundred years. The 16th amendment allowed theft by government to be codified. Same with the Social Security Act and Medicare. The sooner people in this country understand that property rights – and wages are property – are a thing of the past the sooner they may put up some resistance.

    I have been saying for years now that the military has done a brilliant job of marketing itself as unique, special, morally superior to the rest of government. Nothing, NOTHING could be further from the truth. And I say this as a veteran of the Vietnam debacle. This was evident over the Thanksgiving weekend when every football game, every public event had veterans and active duty military being honored. This seems to be the norm anymore. Now, I live in a small community a few short miles from Luke AFB (starts with a “W” Dave) where this time of year there are a lot of older folks, “snowbirds” as we call them. So I asked a few of them this – “Why don’t we show the same love for people from the Social Security Administration who ensure you are paid your Social Security benefits each month? Why don’t we celebrate the IRS agents who labor to collect the taxes that go to pay your benefits? Why don’t we honor the TSA agents that allow us all to travel safely?” Boy, you should have heard the reactions I got. I was pretty much vilified for intimating that the military doesn’t deserve unbridled love and adoration. These reactions just go to validate what I have long known – the military in the US is exempt from criticism by the vast majority of people. And yet it is perhaps the most evil part of government. It’s absolutely no surprise to me that the military is waging war against property rights here in America because it is used to waging war against property rights in sovereign nations. Most members have been inculcated by government schools and have no grasp of what the constitution is and stands for. About the only thing they know is that they had to swear some kind of silly oath to it. I discouraged my children and their friends from joining the military and will continue to educate people about the military industrial complex and immorality of military service.

    And incidentally, people better wise up because while the military is contemplating taking land from people that isn’t the worst thing that will happen. It will not be long before the full power and fury of the military is turned on the American people. For those who haven’t read this article by an active duty military officer it is essential that you read and understand what this “American hero” (sarcasm switch on) is advocating – http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/bateman-on-guns-120313. This is the mentality of the modern military. And according to my brother, a retired Special Forces soldier who now works for a defense contractor at Fort Bragg this is normal.

  5. Uzziel December 10, 2013 at 7:09 am

    Kill (and shoot down) all they send, and they’ll stop coming.

    I always knew the Air Force was trouble.

  6. George December 10, 2013 at 7:46 am

    What do you know about Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage and the one real highway we have up here?


  7. Arizona Patriot December 10, 2013 at 7:54 am

    Dave, I live in Lake Havasu City. Route 95 goes through it. Is there any way to tell that we will or will not be impacted directly? I know they are taking over the country bit by bit but how do we stop them short of a revolution? They are attacking this country from every angle – agreed – brilliant strategy. BTW … there has been an increase of military flights over the area. Helicopters at lower levels and fighters and transports at higher elevations.



  8. Rumplestiltskin December 10, 2013 at 8:04 am

    Dave, I sympathize with your plight, but I have mixed emotions about Eminent Domain issues. If you have definitive proof that the Air Force is working hand in hand with those in charge of Nafta and those wanting to promote NAU, then we have a base from which to take those bastards to task. But if you are conjecturing about those connections then I caste my doubt upon your conclusions.

    But aside of that, it takes money to fight the good fight. Here is San Diego, we have two such contentions. One being the City Air Port, and the other being Miramar navy air base 5 miles north. Both take off and landing directions encompass some of the more well to do areas of the city. When jets take off from Miramar they fly right over one of the richest areas of Southern California, La Jolla. The city fathers will never get away with pushing Eminent Domain upon those multi million dollar homes, even though we had a navy jet crash into the less expensive homes which were closer to the airport.

    Considering that the city fathers of large cities are not so easily bought off, as in smaller metropolitan areas, the Air Force, let alone the Navy would have a much harder time manipulating us to do their bidding regardless of the supposed safety issue they bring up.

    The reason I have mixed emotions about Eminent Domain, is that sometimes for a community to grow it must assess the needs of the greater community when making decisions to condemn properties to make way for projects that will benefit the greater population of that city who will benef.it from those proposed changes. Cities who do not resort to that, end up with inner cities that become derelict, which affect the revenue of that city.

    In your defense I do believe that if a property is to be “Taken” the owners must be given fair market value, which includes a valuation of the condition of the buildings etc. Just because the owner, of say, a dilapidated warehouse wants a specific dollar amount for his property, doesn’t necessarily mean that property is worth what he is asking. One of the problems which arise is the overzealous departments assigned with procuring said properties, who then try and make themselves look good by screwing the public instead of giving them fair value for their homes. I do believe that what you have described about the Air Force’s almost criminal manipulative behavior does need to be vetted in a court of law.


  9. skipNclair December 10, 2013 at 8:06 am

    They can only steal or take that which you allow them to take. And if I stand to not allow it and am victorious then I set the example for others. If I stand and am not victorious, I am no longer living ,for in death it is meaningless to me and of no value. But that which I died for will always have value and I will enjoy its fruits in my life forever in a kingdom made for such.

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  12. diesirae December 10, 2013 at 9:12 am

    The Air Force bases, like many of the other military bases and military support industries, are the biggest polluters to our environment. Air Force bases in and of themselves are extremely toxic to the air, soil and ground water. It is also becoming quite apparent that the Air Force is involved in weather modification and more specifically, geoengineering. They are polluting the air we breathe not only from their base operations, but also intentionally through aerosol spraying of chemical constituents that are extremely toxic to biological entities such as humans. In my personal opinion, they are either willingly or unwillingly assisting in depopulation. The time has come when we must take our country back from the pharmaceutical military industrial complex controlled by the international bankers and set things straight, and I personally do not see any other available avenue than to do this by absolute force. The American people must begin a full-fledged campaign of total resistance to the oppression and tyranny that has been forced upon them. The Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights must be enforced through whatever means necessary.

  13. Mark December 10, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Hi Dave,

    Another very “informative and educating” column. Your depth of knowledge on the topics you cover is very enlightening. I’m glad to recommend you as quite an information source on what is going on. Particularly with my friends in Arizona.

    I lived in Yuma for three years. That period of time was from 1996-1999. I was employed at Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) and Vivra Renal Care as a healthcare specialist while I was researching the financial markets. There is a very interesting story that unfolds from that period of time. I won’t go into that. I will, however, make note of the fact that George W. Bush’s famous “parachute jump” took place while I was in Yuma. I wonder what he was checking out, huh?

    Okay, that’s enough on that issue. Most of what I have to say can be found on my own blogging thread. What I wanted to add to your account (Since you mentioned famous “Joe”) was that this past summer I did an “investigative reporting” experience for my forthcoming book, “Decades of Decadence”. I went straight to the streets of Apache Junction, Tucson and Phoenix. I played the role of a “homeless” person in Apache Junction and Tucson. I mean, I filled the entire role. Everything. I met the people who lost jobs and were looking for work and many who wanted to work but couldn’t find any opportunities. I also met many who were in “transitional” mode in their lives (half-way house people). What an eye opening experience! Particularly the abuses by a system that is operating out of Phoenix, Arizona.

    The government is permitting the middle class to lose their jobs and live in “poverty” settings. . .therefore pushing the poverty stricken out of their domain (as if there is any). I have seen first hand how the lure of drugs as a last resort to alleviate pain and frustration is killing off the low-income population and the individuals running “homeless centers” are exploiting the talents of the middle class who fall to unfortunate circumstances. You may want to touch base with me on doing an article on the evidence I have gathered. My investigations on the “Central Banking System” for over the past 15 years are also being documented. It is nice to see people like Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, yourself, Gerald Celente, Paul Craig Roberts and many others with “established knowledge” on the issues we face are helping to bring the public up to speed.

    Keep up the good work, Dave. And by all mean. . .may “prayer” a common sense approach to your efforts. As Benjamin Franklin once said (and I have posted this once today on an article within my own blogging thread) ~ “We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”

    — Benjamin Franklin

    Peace be with you all. . .never stop aligning yourselves with the proper forces of resistance to what is taking place.

    God bless you all for everything you do to increase public awareness.

    Mark A. Mayr
    CIRS, RD, Investigative Researcher and Reporter

  14. Bill December 10, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Thanks for this article Dave. I live in an area of California where we get a lot of flyovers from Edwards AFB. Our town has had meetings with Air Force Representatives about frequent low altitude and extremely loud jets which are increasingly flying over several times a day most days. We were told very bluntly that it will continue, period.

    I have seen what you are talking about first hand when someone dares to voice their opinion against this, they are either portrayed as “unpatriotic” or treated as some sort of nutcase. Personally, with the state of the government today, I find it difficult not to look at these F-22 and F-35 aircraft as occupying enemy aircraft when they fly over without consideration as to the effect they are having on those of us beneath them. It may be only a matter of time until we see them actually used against us right here in our country.

  15. Paula December 10, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Other projects include the Trans Texas Corridor and the Ports-to-Plains project.
    Communities can get help from http://americanstewards.us/; http://fredkellygrant.com/ (he’s an attorney), the National Federal Land Conference and Karen Budd-Falen, another attorney, http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Karen-Budd-Falen/8154594.

    NEPA and other environmental legislation have provisions written into them to protect the local communities. The legal term is COORDINATION and the local community must know the rules as well as initiate any actions to prevent illegal takings. Fred Kelly Grant and the American Stewards were instrumental in stopping the Trans Texas Corridor because they knew the laws and how the game is played.

    American Stewards and Fred Kelly Grant do offer training for interested individuals and communities to get up to speed in these matters.

    One basic necessity to win this is a solid Comprehensive Land Use Plan for your county.

  16. pharmer December 10, 2013 at 11:16 am

    I’m very grateful we have someone with the intelligence, wisdom, and integrity of Mr. Hodges on our (anti-NWO) side. Please remember that most people in the military and police are well-meaning, and just need to be (re)educated. All of us can help with the information war, but a websites like this one are the best way to awaken military, police, and citizens. “The Common Sense Show” is one of the best websites I’ve found after over a decade of online research about the NWO. Please stay healthy Mr. Hodges – we need you!

  17. Arizona December 10, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    SO what are the INVADING ARMIES waiting for? WELL, even I’am not sure of that,I suspect its tied to ISRAEL,OUR DEAR FATHER has not shown anyone I know of,the timing of events,NOW we do know the FATHER told everyone,IF YOU ARE IN ON THE DIVISION OF JERUSALEM,I will destroy you for it,THIS does include the people of ISRAEL for allowing it,NOW I have seen what hes going to do to america,And 90% of ISRAEL will be destroyed too,only 7,000 will be saved there,AMERICA won’t just be wiped off the map,THE anti-christ is going to bring a LOT OF SUFFERING ON this country,and he’ll be smiling the whole time,THE FAMINE will be the worst the worlds ever seen,I will say one thing,EVERYONE had better get as close as they can right now to the LORD,you don’t want him to slam the door in your face and SAY,I NEVER KNEW YOU,go away…….and its going to happen,once the door is slamed in your face,YOU’LL BELONG TO SATAN after that…..RIGHT now the LORD is marking his people and satan is marking his people,DON’T TAKE SATANS MARK,just say NO…and you better mean it,or your finished….forever……………..

  18. COlorado Aaron, December 10, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    I am very interested in what’s going on in Yuma AZ and have some key contacts there… please elaborate if you can.. thanks again and I’m not trying to give you “one more thing” to do… I know you are doing all you can

    On another note… because I don’t know a better way to get you this info…

    Stacy Lynne is uncovering some big info here in the people’s republic of Larimer county



  19. Byron December 10, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    A few years back (in the heart of America) a home owner complained to the city (several times) about a tree (a chinese -piss-elm) on city property causing problems w/the service (utility etc) lines causing a lot of headaches. The city got ticked off (the city could of removed the tree but no, they pulled the eminent domain card! I haven’t done any follow up but believe some attorneys took on the case for free. If I remember right, ‘they’ would not let the homeowner take down (professionally take down the tree or even assign one of the Huge professional tree companies w/contracts w/the city – it’s bureaucracy gone wild
    What ticked many off was the apathy of the city and P&L etc! They way libs love spending other peoples monies on nonsense things makes one want to puke!
    This problem w/the AF is very troubling (and pathetic) for we too will be dealing w/the three flags hiwy! Being railroaded is bad enough, adding the agenda of the 21 one things – well, we citizens better get some spine that those before us paid dearly so that we could have better lives!
    Remember the Hebrews when they left there first love? Yes, you bet we’ll suffer the same if we don’t return! I’m not talking to the atheist, I’m talking to those who understand the Mayflower Compact and before that the prayers of those w/John Smith in 1607 Virginia! The Lord created this nation, yes Satan was right there but he’s nothing but ass-wipe compared to God Almighty!
    One last thing, at the Great White Throne, those who are doing the will of Lucie will see God in all His Glory their minds will be totally blown for ever & the worm of their making will (let alone the lake of fire, lacking anything good and total hopelessness) torment them forever more!
    *forgive me, I don’t wish this on anybody other then the reprobates Like Satan & his minion’s!

    Dave, you have (at least) our prayers!

    note; I know this nation is full of a lot of
    very intelligent people (who are not Christian’s)
    who have been burnt! I’d be fearful to be any
    one of ‘those’ who are behind these agenda’s,
    they must remember, there god (Satan) hates
    them too and minds not by letting ‘them’ that
    have been loyal to him to be thrown into the
    volcano or under the big black train!
    The Lord Will not ever be mocked!

  20. Bernadette Bay O'Shaughnessy December 10, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    When Reagan was president there were just enough people allowed to have jobs and lead the “good life” that those of us who lost businesses could be considered “at fault” based on things like poor choice of education or trying to operate our own businesses without proper training,,etc. Those of us who were educated, had proof we could do well,had no drug or other problems began to stick out sore thumbs. By then Reagan and Bush were out of office and Clinton in and things improve. Today the democrats have no such plans-they are in your face and totally uncaring!

  21. Brenda December 10, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    Dave, I have not been a reader of your articles very long, but they are all excellent. I would like to know how to find out if a highway is part of the CANAMEX plan?

    Thank you so much for all you do.


  22. Jeff December 10, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Start using your green lasers!

  23. MagenD December 11, 2013 at 12:39 am

    Speaking of the “Air Force” – can anyone explain why the so-called “Medal of Honor” (Our Nations Highest Military Award for Valor and Courage on the Battlefield above and beyond the call of duty) – and especially that of the Air Force and Army – is a perfect PENTAGRAM?!!! The most Satanic/Occultic Talisman Known to mere Mortals?!!! Just google Medal of Honor Images and then google Pentagram and compare notes!!! Also note the Wreath encircling the Army MoH is actually an Orobouros (Snake – complete with Eye and tail in its mouth)!!!
    After MUCH research – I’ve been able to deduce that the Pentagrams first true appearance on the World Stage was in the Babylon of Ancient Mesopotamia were it was the Occultic Symbol used in the Sorcery and Divination of the MYSTERY RELIGIONS associated with Ishtar/Marduk/Tammuz!!! (Note Ishtar/Liberty also in the MoH – along with the Phoenix, Lightening Rods [Of Zeus, Baal], etc.).
    Another conclusion I’ve drawn is that the NWO is being formed with the help of Witchcraft/Sorcery!

  24. MagenD December 11, 2013 at 1:43 am

    What those – who CLAIM to be AWAKE, are really trying to Wake others up to (and whether they realize it or not) – is that All Out Spiritual Warfare is being waged against the Minds of Men!!! If HITLER and the Reich were able to gain such Hynotic Mind Control over such a mass amount of people with a Talisman (Swaztika) on a Flag. How much more Power would he have Now – with Televisions, Net, and SSRIs (Mind/Thought/Emotion Manipulation Therapy)?!
    It’s WITCHCRAFT you’re all fighting!!! You’re up against Sorcerers and Diviners who have the full advantage of the Knowledge, Intelligence and Power of Demons (aka – Fallen Angels). And the ONLY WEAPON against that is JESUS!!!

  25. MagenD December 11, 2013 at 2:34 am

    If I may?! A few versus to corroborate my words!!!
    Jer 51:44
    44 I will punish Bel in Babylon
        and make him spew out what he has swallowed.
    The nations will no longer stream to him.
        And the wall of Babylon will fall.
    Is 47:9
    Both of these will overtake you
        in a moment, on a single day:
        loss of children and widowhood.
    They will come upon you in full measure,
        in spite of your many SORCERIES
        and all your POTENT SPELLs .

    Isaiah 47:12
    12 “Keep on, then, with your MAGIC SPELLS
        and with your many SORCERIES,
        which you (Kabbalahist, Rosicrucians, Masons, Et) have labored at since childhood.
    Perhaps you will succeed,
        perhaps you will cause terror.

    The following Chapter of Habakkuk concerning Babylon has AMERICA written all over it!!! Pay SPECIAL attention to verse 3:
    ” For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
        it SPEAKS OF THE END”


  26. jim in Florida December 11, 2013 at 3:19 am

    Funny how Divine providence works eh Dave? May seem startlingly unpleasant at first. Then its, “Oh, I see…”.

  27. SWIFT December 11, 2013 at 3:39 am

    [email protected]:11am is absolutely right when she says there are too many morons out there, who do not know what’s going on and do not care. I have been in the fight against wrong-doing in government for over 25 years. I admit that victories were darn few and far between. One day I realized that I had grown old and my best years were long over. With that realization, I made up my mind that I had nothing to lose and will not back up, or down, one more inch. ANY dealings with me must be done at the point of a gun. Not only will I shoot back, but will shoot first. My time for trying to convince demon possessed politicians and leaders of NGO’s, to do the right thing, is finished. I do not use the term “demon possessed” lightly. No other explanation can explain this evil.

  28. Cindy December 11, 2013 at 6:09 am

    HI Dave, I woud suggest that you cut your losses. Sell your property and move east of the Mississippi. It appears that the CANAMEX hwy is only in the western states. We would love to have you in the South.


  29. Ken December 11, 2013 at 6:51 am

    Mr. Hodges, I wish you well in your continued fight. We are all involved in this to one extent or the other.

    Part of the problem with mobilizing support is that this issue lies at the confluence of certain interest groups in this country. Leftist government worshipers and right wing chest thumpers, who love all things military, will automatically line up behind the Air Force in this fight.

    I think people are really starting to wake up to the threat that “our government” poses to us however. We need to hit the base of each group with recruitment and education campaigns so that they don’t think that by mindlessly supporting the government initiatives in this area, that they are winning somehow.


  30. Kim Goodman December 11, 2013 at 6:56 am

    The Military simply starts using your airspace for air maneuvers and drive you from your home using noise and fear. When airplanes and fighter jets fly on your rooftop 24/7, you eventually become a PSTD victim. I fought in Federal Court for over 7 years – all I was trying to do was replace my UNLIVABLE home with just compensation. The Federal District Attorneys put me in an 8 hour deposition and treated me like a CRIMINAL and did unthinkable and illegal things to me for years I finally gave up and walked away from my home. At one time my property was worth $199,000.00. It is a useless battle as every politician turned a blind eye and every attorney quit due to the Feds pressure. The best thing YOU can do if this is your situation is WALK AWAY and leave it all behind immediately. There is NO WINNING, NO COMPROMISE. You will LOOSE EVERYTHING. Dave is absolutely correct in his statements.

  31. I Discovered The AF Fraud December 11, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Dave, you are exactly right on this: Contact me directly if you wish: The Air Force is a bunch of Thieves and Pirates basically. They Rob us from our peace and quiet, our fresh clean air and our pursuit of peace, happiness and quality of life. And they use a lot of trickery to degrade our property. They like to fly low and noisy, to beat us up and our property values, as there is a term called “Klopping” Inverse Condemnation cases. They know someday they will have to compensate us so they want start to diminish our values now to as little or nothing to either drive us from our land or make it so undesirable, or unbearable to live, that no one wants to buy it either, thus they can steal it for nothing later on or in a claims case if it gets that far.

    The first step is to know your adversary. Gather all their Base Reports and regulation for safe operation of a Military Base, their last few AICUZ Studies. (Air Installation Compatible Use Zone Studies) that are required every 3-4 years. Do your research on exactly what planes were placed there and on exactly what dates. Because if you understand this AICUZ process, you will find and possibly discover a lot of fraud like I did on the base in my community, and thus have a case to file a legitimate claim of taking of property included in the 5th Amendment and just compensation. More frustrated people fail to fully take the time to study this process, which I did and it took me a few years to catch on to their scam. What the AF trickery does is backdate noise collection data to prior years, before and prior to more aircraft placement, and then make it look like the data is current that includes this added aircraft. But in reality, it’s a “Shell Game” of hiding current Incompatible Noise and flight data, and basically FRAUD against the DOD AICUZ Program and also FRAUD in failing to properly disclose hazards that are placed onto the public. We have a “Right to Know” what hazards are being placed on us and it is a requirement by the AF to disclose “Victim Notification, that we are victims as covered under statutory requirement to conduct victim notification as outlined in 42 USC § 10607. I even found in my local Air Base AICUZ Study, complete Missing flight path full noise contours, in frequently flown flight paths that they fly on a daily basis. Again so on paper it looks more compatible than it is. That is more FRAUD in disclosure of hazards. Know the Maximum noise place on residential communities is 65dB-DNL- decibels –day/night level. The decibel is a logarithmic measurement of air pressure, meaning that with each additional decibel, the sound increases exponentially, not steadily. The noise level of a conversation ranges from 40 to 60 decibels. The human eardrum can be damaged from sustained noise of 78 decibels or higher.
    This is why they backdate noise date and lie in these reports to reduce the decibel levels to make it look more compatible than it is. The Air Force personnel are trained to deceive, hide, manipulate, lie, con and play shell games, because that is what war is all about. But we are not the enemy, we are the public that pays their bills through our taxes. But they could care less as Politician are in on the scam, city officials are frightened to say anything negative and what we end up with is one Big CON Game of deception, and fleecing of out treasury. Yes the retired Generals and veterans take over home association boards and are actually given a non voting voice on city commissions or land planning boards that try to steal our property rights through Rezoning to destroy our property. I have dealt with this in my community for about 7 years, and busted the city so bad through their bogus attempts of trying to rezone our Residential land RS-60 to MI- Military Installation to coverup the Air Force Bases incompatibility and Fraud. They tried through a JLUS- Joint Land Use Study using 12 year old flight data and noise contours to regulate out property. I busted them big time, and so much that the current Base commander at the time transferred out, and base community planner quit, and the City folded like a cheap house of card for many violation of Sunshine laws of hiding negative data that did not support their case and violation of proper public notification laws.. You just need to be smarter than their Fraud if you expose them for what they are. Understand that a NEW Environmental Impact Study is requires for any changes that increase aircraft more than 5% at that base. Know that they are required to respond to FIOA – Freedom of Information Act Requests for this data. Also understand the FAA Requirements for safe flights of a minimum of 1000 Ft over populated areas and densely congested populated areas and is designated on Yellow Colored VFR Sectional Flight Maps. The FAA regulations say: The congested nature of an area is defined by what exists on the surface, not the size of the area. While the presence of the nonparticipating public is the most important determination of congested, the area may also be congested with structures or objects. An area considered congested for airplane operations could be equally congested for helicopters. If an airplane flying over a congested area at less than 1,000 feet above ground level (AGL) is in violation of 14 CFR § 91.119(b), the area may also be a congested area for a helicopter conducting external load operations. However, the most important word in this concept is ‘over.’ Helicopters can operate over relatively small uncongested areas because of their maneuvering
    (b) Densely Populated Area. Title 14 CFR §§ 91.313 and 133.45(d) use the term “densely populated” area. Those areas of a city, town, or settlement that contain a large number of occupied homes, factories, stores, schools, and other structures are considered densely populated. Additionally, a densely populated area may not contain any buildings but could consist of a large gathering of persons on a beach, at an airshow, at a ball game, or at a fairground. NOTE: While the presence of the nonparticipating public is the most important determination of congested, this definition also applies to structures, buildings and personal property. The congested nature of an area is defined by what exists on the surface, not the size of the area.
    Also understand this: The Air Force must first comply with these regulations, before any aircraft can be placed at an airbase.
    The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) (42 United States Code [U.S.C.] Section 4321-4347 is a Federal Statute requiring the identification and analysis of potential environmental impacts associated with proposed Federal actions before those actions are taken. Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 32-70 Environmental Quality, states that the USAF will comply with applicable Federal, State and Local environmental laws and regulations, including NEPA. The USAF’s implementing regulation for NEPA is its EIAP, 32 CFR Part 989, as amended. And includes FULL Public Scoping Hearings prior to any placement.
    989.16 Environmental impact statement.
    (a) Certain classes of environmental impacts normally require preparation of an EIS (40 CFR 1501.4). These include, but are not limited to:
    (1) Potential for significant degradation of the environment.
    (2) Potential for significant threat or hazard to public health or safety.
    (3) Substantial environmental controversy concerning the significance or nature of the environmental impact of a proposed action.
    But in reality the Air Force, starts flying a few of these new planes at the base to get you used to the planes and noise, then they bring more and eventually placing these place at the base, without any public input, or scoping hearings and backdate noise data to claim it is compatible. And in reality it is all a bunch of FRAUD!. So do you have an Air FRAUD Base in your community? This info above should get you started to uncovering their scam to steal property and harm the public’s health and safety. Search the internet and the Base’s documents to get your taking case in order. And please everyone, please contact your congressmen and the sponsors of this bill: Formally- HR672 to now HR 332 Military Environmental Responsibility Act – which would force these rogue corrupt military bases to follow the Laws and rules and stop harming the public and stealing our property rights.

  32. The Bottom Line December 11, 2013 at 7:45 am

    The Bottom line is this: The Air Force Violates the Constitution they took an “Oath to Defend”, and Harms the Public which they Claim they Protect. Its time to end the Costy Maddness.

  33. Maria December 11, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Is there a map somewhere of the CANAMEX freeways?


  34. Henry December 11, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    The “facts” of property ownership are essential in this situation. Who really owns your property? What kind of deed do we get? What is the legal nexus that allows the government to endlessly dictate what you are permitted to do with your own home? You need a permit for nearly everything, you can’t have a garden, you can’t park in your own driveway, your fence can only be a certain height, and etc. Miss a tax payment and you lose your home. Is this really “ownership”?

    Good legal research, well documented, is needed to discover the legal nexus that allows such government abuse.

    Patriot rumors are not good legal research. So please don’t comment with undocumented rumors about how the Queen of England still owns all the land in the USA, the US is not the USA or America because your all capital letter name is a secret trust with a hidden bond worth trillions of dollars that you can claim by filing special papers to access your Treasury Direct Account, and you can win in any court by making the judge remove the gold fringe flag and then tell him the four secret words that will make him flee the courtroom, and etc.

  35. Dave December 12, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Hi Dave
    I remember reading in SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS that the Air Force united with the Globalist agenda in the late fifties or early sixties. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is, I believe, a real document of the elite. If I am correct, it represents a smoking gun with bankers finger prints all over it.

  36. Buck Crosby December 13, 2013 at 11:52 am

    I have observed for MANY years that the Air Force commands were in league with the evil powers of the New World Order , even BEFORE they built a church for Satanists in Colorado .

  37. worried December 13, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    Has anyone heard of a land patent?

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