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The Axis of Unity’s Two Pronged Attack Upon the United States

Newsflash: Venezuela is a mortal enemy of the United States. In their present status they rival the threat posed by Cuba in the 1960’s. America deserves Venezuela’s wrath. Thanks to the Deep State and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, America economically isolated Venezuela from the West. The Federal Reserve did not want the economic competition and political power that would come from Venezuela’s vast oil supplies as well as their cheap labor market. Subsequently, Hillary used a form of dollar diplomacy to get Venezuela isolated from her major trading partners. Vast and deadly food shortages resulted. This was an act of war committed by the Obama administration and its minion, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As a result, Venezuela has struck back.

As detailed in a recent publication, The Common Sense Show identified Venezuela’s instrument of aggression, the s0-called Axis of Unity.

Axis of Unity

As previously identified, the members and ancillary members of this unholy confederation are as follows:
  • Russia
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Venezuela
  • Bolivian Alliance aka Alba
  • Nicaragua (associate and potential strong arm of Cuba)
  • Russia and China’s membership brings in most Central American countries through military alliances
  • There are two major threats to the United States stemming from Venezuela’s role in the Axis of Unity: (1) Venezuela’s ally, China, has positioned a vast naval armada off the east coast of Venezuela. This is to protect Venezuela from the certain invasion that is coming from the United States for its role in the illegal immigration invasion. Former head of the CIA and present Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has strongly indicated we are going into Venezuela; and, (2)  Venezuela is at the vanguard of the mass caravans of illegal immigrants coming out of Central America along with the financial support of George Soros and the UN Migration Council.

This article will expose and explore both threats posed by Venezuela and her new found allies in the Axis of Unity.


Threat #1: The Planned Collapse of Mexico


In a very lengthy phone conversation I had with the President of the New California Movement, Paul Preston, I learned that the caravans are embedded with terrorist operatives placed in the caravans by Axis and their mission is to take down the grid of Mexico. I did not immediately publish this information because I wanted to get a second confirmation of this fact. I received a second, third and fourth confirmation of this. The plan is to so disrupt Mexico by taking down the grid, that millions of Mexicans will stream to the north and illegally and desperately attempt to enter the United States. This strategy is a matter of convenience and practicality. The organizers of the caravans can place hundreds of thousands of desperate people on the US-Mexico border. However, taking down the grid could put millions of Mexicans on the border.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the US grid was hacked into on Thursday, January 17th. Yet, no detectable damage was done. Was this a warning directed at Trump?


 Threat #2: The Chinese Have Emerged as the Military Protector of Venezuela

Mike Pompeo’s comments about going into Venezuela are clearly motivated by Venezuela’s actions. However, China has other ideas.

In September of 2018 in a story that caught my eye, I read in multiple sources that the Chinese were engaged in sending, by ship, humanitarian aid to Venezuela. This caught my attention because when has the Chinese communist government ever helped anyone but themselves? The only reason that the Chinese would have help anyone is because they have something to gain. On September 25th, I noted these anomalies in the following short video.

As I investigated further, I discovered that the Chinese ships in Venezuela, were not therefor humanitarian aid. This flotilla contained Chinese oil workers who work under the umbrella of the Chinese military. The Chinese coalition is located off of the EAST coast of Venezuela. This will make sense after one reads the following paragraphs.

From Reuters on September 14:

China and Venezuela had signed a “memorandum for cooperation in Ayacucho bloc 6,” located in Venezuela’s vast oil-rich Orinoco Belt, without elaborating.

China will drill 300 wells in Ayacucho and extend $184 million in financing for the joint oil venture Petrozumano, the statement added. A source at Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA , who asked to remain anonymous because he is not allowed to speak to media, said oil services and procurement at Sinovensa would be handled by Chinese companies.

So much for Chinese humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

From the intelligence I am getting from my sources, this force in the first video is an American coalition which includes the UK (start at about 3:20). In the video following, I am told these are the Chinese vessels and very possibly are accompanied by Russian vessels. At stake is Venezuelan oil which is substantial. And don’t forget, the Chinese are a huge oil importing nation and they just cut off of the importation of American oil. They are obviously counting on Venezuelan oil.

An update was issued recently and it showed that in addition to the forces on the north side of Venezuela, there is an armada of ships on the east side of Venezuelan. The unknown factor is which fleet is the offensive and which is the defensive fleet. I further have been told that the Venezuelan military has been rushed to the border of Colombia in anticipation of an invasion. There are also reports that the Chinese military is flooding into Brazil, a BRICS ally in preparation for the conflict. This would strongly suggest that the Venezuelans are also expecting an American led land invasion with the prize being the oil.

Before going any further, I want publicly give credit to Kathy Rubio who on September 6, 2018, as she told me this build up was beginning.

In this last video, the publisher cited the ex-Mayor of San Juan, and who is still a prominent Puerto Ric0 politician talking about the coming invasion of Venezuela and he (Ledesma) expected to be some kind of post-invasion ruling military authority. The two aforementioned videos are well done. However, one of the forces is clearly Chinese, if not Chinese and Russian, given the appearance of the Chinese naval vessel allegedly giving humanitarian aid to Venezuela.


The battle lines have been drawn. The only remaining question is whether Trump will be able to secure the southern border before the onslaught begins? Also, will Pompeo make good on his threat. Is Trump will to go to war with China over this issue. And finally, do these events have anything to do with Trump’s announced further militarization of space? Will the rods of God be used against Chinese forces both off the coast of Venezuela and in the South China Sea. Most Americans are clueless about how close to war we truly are.

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  1. captbarty January 18, 2019 at 7:05 am

    To the author:

    What impact do you or your sources think the recent election in Brazil will have on this “Axis?” Supposedly, the new President of Brazil is pro-USA. True, or just a distraction?

    To what extent do you think the “NWO” and Chinese interests may match, or collide? When I think Venezuela, I think “Lake Maracaibo” where the Rockefellers had huge interests, which were expropriated as far as I know. If the Chinese take over, will that be a joining of interests, or the Chinese taking US interests similar to Castro Cuba in 1960?

  2. John Davis January 18, 2019 at 7:36 am

    Exactly right Dave!

  3. Mark January 18, 2019 at 7:45 am

    DAVE–I never even considered a possible collapse of Mexico! That gives us absolutely no “buffer”, and the additional impact of panicked Mexicans streaming across our border. Times up…the border must be secured NOW or never.

  4. Forearmed January 18, 2019 at 8:13 am

    They are doing no more than America has done for the last 65 years or so. We have spent trillions of dollars of other country’s money to build our large Hegemonic structure. The deep state just doesn’t like handling a loser, because America has been shown to be broke after living high on the Hog at everyone else’s expense.. I believe like you Dave that the new kid on the block “China” now has the resolve and wherewithal to also push their agenda as had America. This now comes off as the kids game of “King of the Hill” as China, America, and Russia play our one-upmanship to see who gets to control the world. Our problem is that our leaders have become too corrupt, and like a wolf caught in a bear trap will sink to chewing its own leg off. It is we who are our government’s legs, but it chooses instead, to play control games with our citizens rather than address the real problem we’re facing, which is that we overused our clout and no one wants to play with us any more !

  5. jim January 18, 2019 at 9:14 am

    Thank God Maduro has decided to FIGHT BACK. Bravo. Hopefully with the fantastic works of XI Jinping and his good friends from the sovereign countries mentioned CAN and WILL FINALLY give this usa what they deserve. Total destruction. It is so nice to see the flotilla of Chineese sitting there waiting to get the chance to do much much damage to the exceptional ones. So much damage that hopefully usa will NEVER recover from. China can do this. Would be great if Iran and Kim could also join in and start hitting the homeland. Soon yankee SOON your going to be payed back for what you have done to the planet and its people. THE WORLD HATES YOU. The whole world. I hope they retaliate soon. Really soon. Die yankees. SOON.

  6. Jackie Puppet January 18, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    I would think that if Mexicans caught these groups trying to take down their grid, the Mexicans would have an easier time dispatching those who would try to bring harm to them. They don’t have the same laws & justice system as America, and it shouldn’t be difficult to permanently eradicate those causing trouble.

    I also thought the Mexicans & Chinese were on good terms, since China also plans to invade (maybe by proxy) from Mexico. Or does China plan on overthrowing Mexico’s government at some time to install a puppet of theirs?

  7. Tony G January 18, 2019 at 7:32 pm

    The russians have ordered drone subs from their north atlantic fleet to our coast line. They are armed with nuclear warheads. Our stand or fall moment will be soon upon us.

  8. james k scott January 19, 2019 at 6:14 am

    Also the new caravan was going to be stopped at the southern border of Mexico, as the new commie Mexican president said he would. Now as reported on Fox the gates were open with no police on duty to stop them, can’t trust them commies weather in mexico or US ( Democrats)

  9. Jackie Puppet January 19, 2019 at 9:15 am

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