//The Blueprint for WWIII
The Blueprint for WWIII

My next set of articles are not for the faint of heart. If you desire to keep on burying your head in the sand, then go watch the NFL Draft.  Of course, if we do not collectively wake up the majority of sheep which inhabit this country and motivate them to action against the globalists, the acronym “NFL” will soon come to mean Not For Long.  And “Not For Long” will soon represent how long the sheeple of this country can keep their heads buried in the sand as the country disintegrates into total chaos. No amount of cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias and general apathy can protect even the most unaware of Americans as to what lies in their immediate future. The solvency of the Federal Reserve is being threatened and to understand the roots of the coming world war and the roll out of tyrannical martial law, over this issue, I need to take a brief look at the historical underpinnings.

The Birth of the Petrodollar

A novel system for monetary and exchange rates were established in 1944. The Bretton Woods Agreement was developed at the United Nations Monetary and  Financial Conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, from July 1-22, 1944. This conference established the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

The Banksters (e.g. Rockefellers’) reveled in their new found fortune. As a result of the Bretton Woods Conference, all nations desiring to purchase Middle East oil had to first purchase dollars and use these dollars to complete the purchase of oil.

Nearly everyone inside of our country benefited from this system. Americans basically enjoyed a stable currency minus the inflation rates of about 5% per year which served as an informal tax that went into the Federal Reserve banksters’  pockets. Thus, the Petrodollar was born. If the Petrodollar were to ever be successfully undermined, our currency would sink faster than a submarine with screen doors because there is nothing backing up our money.

The old guard at the Federal Reserve worked from 1910 to 1971 to rid the economy of the Gold Standard so that they could enforce debt slavery upon the American people and government through encouraging a prolonged out of control spending spree accompanied by the awarding of lucrative unbid contracts to the elite’s corporations which would dramatically drive up the deficit and line the pockets of the Federal Reserve owners.   

The coming war with Syria is merely the opening act. The main act, following Syrian subjugation, will consist of the United States and Israel and perhaps England attacking Iran. Iran is the prize needed for the old guard of the Federal Reserve to maintain its strangle hold on the global economy. On the surface, attacking Iran seems like a good idea if it will preserve our economy. However, the risks associated with this course of action are astronomical.

Why Every American Should Fixate On This Issue

starvationThe Petrodollar is in real trouble and so is your bank account, your job, your ability to get gas, medicine, food and water. America is literally a push button away from the total calamity that we see in the NBC show, Revolution. In many eyes, the Petrodollar must be maintained at all costs.

On the Precipice of WWIII

Syria is the first real domino in the coming conflict that threatens all life on this planet. The take down of Egypt and Libya was mere foreplay. The real action will commence in a few months with the invasion of Syria and the excuse will be to save humanity from Syria’s weapons of mass destruction, namely, chemical weapons. Hmmm, isn’t there a DHS chemical weapons attack drill planned for either Denver or Portsmouth next month? But I digress, this issue will be fully exposed in a subsequent complementary article in this series.

Make no mistake about it, America is headed towards war with Syria and don’t think for a second that this war will imitate, in any way, the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan. The previous wars compared to Syria, and later with Iran, is child’s play compared to anything we have been involved with in the history of this nation. The “saving the Petrodollar” strategy being pursued by the Federal Reserve is a high stakes gamble with you, your children and the future of humanity being used as their collateral.  

Proof that the coming war is imminent is evidenced by the accusations being currently made by the US government that Syria is using chemical weapons against the rebels. In this fabrication of the Syrian version of the Boston Marathon bombing false flag event, it is likely that if there are chemical weapons in play, the CIA is the responsible party. Why? Because all roads to Tehran run through Damascus. Iran is the actual target of the Federal Reserve’s war intentions, because Iran is doing the unthinkable as it is waging war on the old guard of the New World Order, by selling its oil to Russia, China and India for gold and this is a dire threat to the solvency of the dollar.

First Syria, Then Iran

Before one can invade Iran, with the threat of Russian intervention looming, Syria must first be occupied and fortified by US/NATO forces. Occupying Syria allows America and her allies to invade Iran from several directions. Through Syria, we will see airstrikes which will fly unimpeded over Northern Iraq.  Also, and most importantly, the occupation of Syria will be a threat to the mobilization of forces inside of Russia who would then come under the American long and short range missile batteries, which will be installed in Syria. These missiles will surely be armed with battlefield nuclear warheads. This deterrent could provide the Americans with enough time to occupy most of Iran before Russia or China could act with its conventional forces. This strategy, however, dares the Chinese and Russians to not invoke the use of large scale nuclear weapons in the biggest game of chicken ever played on this planet.

The Unexpected Twists and Turns of the Coming World War

I do not expect China to attack the US in the Middle East, at least not at first. I expect the Chinese to move on Taiwan and let  the North Koreans launch its nuclear missiles against Japan. It is possible that Russia might further invade the US through Alaska.

I never thought that elements of the Red Dawn scenario would ever come to fruition, but how many times have we seen the media tell us what is going to transpire in advance of an event?  And while we are at it, I would anticipate that China would approach the Southwestern underbelly of the United States via Central America, given that the Chinese control the Panama Canal and are rumored to have troops throughout Central America, including Mexico. And if things really go crazy, all sides may launch its ICBM missiles and their submarine based nuclear missiles at each others homeland and then all bets are off.  Perhaps, you now know why I constantly refer these criminal banksters who have hijacked our government as psychopathic.

Iran Is Public Enemy Number One

Because of Iran’s threat to the Petrodollar, Iran occupies a similar, but much more dangerous position than did Iraq in 2001. As we now all know, 9/11 provided the motivation to invade Iraq. No, Iraq was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks and President Bush did admit as much. But that did not prevent Bush from capitalizing on the emotion from  9/11 so that America would confuse the issues and tacitly accept the invasion of Iraq in which the Iraqi’s were lumped together with all Middle Eastern nations who “want to kill us because of our freedoms.”

Specifically, why did Iraq have to be invaded? Simple, Saddam Hussein was attempting to sell his oil in currency other than  Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. the Euro). He was threatening the Federal Reserve and at that time, he was also a threat to the central bankers in their headquarters, otherwise known as the Bank of International Settlements, which controls all central banking.  During that time frame, these banksters would have done anything at that time to prevent a threat to the world’s reserve currency, namely the dollar, which they controlled.

Following the completion of the second Iraq war, Exxon and BP controlled 80% of Iraqi oil fields and nobody would be selling Iraqi oil in either the Euro or for gold. However, the game has changed, Iran has replaced Iraq as the major threat to the stability of the Federal Reserve Notes.

Iran is economically destroying the US. Unfortunately for every man, woman and child in America, that day of economic reckoning is quickly approaching. China has commenced buying Iranian oil in gold. India has followed suit, as have the Russians. The days of the Petrodollar are numbered and therefore, so is the only source of backing of our dollar. Have you and your family prepared for the collapse of the dollar and ultimately the collapse of society? It is coming and it coming fast.

The Russians and the Chinese Have Warned the US

Creating the pretext for fighting a war, and then successfully selling the American public on the need to fight the war, is one thing. However, winning the war, is quite another. How serious are the Chinese and Russians at standing up to the imperialistic United States? Considering that both Chinese President Hu and Major General Zhang Zhaozhong have threatened the United States with nuclear war if they invade Iran, the prudent opinion says that this is the newest version of the “Axis of Evil’s” line in the sand, has been clearly drawn.

The Dawn of the American Empire

America is in a very difficult dilemma. If we acquiesce to the Russian and Chinese threat of war for invading Iran, our dollar will collapse. If we attack Iran after taking over Syria, the nuclear powers with formidable armies have promised retaliation. America could see its first invasion on American soil since the War of 1812.

It is possible that the Americans will only invade Syria in a game of brinksmanship with the Russians and the Chinese,  in order to test their resolve (e.g. a game of military chicken). However, I don’t think that is likely. The Federal Reserve will not back down. They have already killed Gaddafi and Hussein in order to preserve the Petrodollar. They are not going to back down to the Iranians, Chinese and Russians because it will not be their children doing the fighting and dying, it will be our children. Now, does it make sense on why the elite are driving down the price of Gold so they can buy up as much as they can for as cheaply as they can? They intend to be the last men standing at the end of the next great war to end all wars.

And just how will the elite sell us on war? You can bet there will be more false flag events, with each one being more horrific than the previous one. And guess who will get the blame? It does not take a rocket scientist to accurately speculate that the last of the false flag events will be nuclear and then all hell will break loose.


It is clear, it is hands off Iran or it means WWIII.  Does anyone really think that the Federal Reserve is going to take this lying down? Could the path to WWIII be the reason that so many bankers have left the United States because they know what is coming?

How do the false flag events tie into this? One hint I will offer is that once you understand the globalist objectives, the Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath of martial law will make a lot of sense.  What will the accompanying martial law look like in this country? The last question is the easiest to answer, because the government has left a trail of documents which details how martial law will enforced and it is frightening. In the next several installments in this series, I will answer all of these questions and perhaps a little bit more.


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  1. Anonymous April 29, 2013 at 4:05 am


    I enjoy your articles but do you not believe that the Russian and Chinese governments are “in on it” with the Federal Reserve and the IMF and those sitting in our government? The WHOLE thing is smoke and mirrors my friend. Disinformation, Misinformation and real information is all part of the agenda and the real information is the most troubling because at face value it would seem preposterous to the average american. The federal reserve has been buying into SDR’s for years and so the plan to collapse the petrodollar has been put into motion along time ago along with building up the Chinese empire while doing so. The same group of people are behind it all my friend.

  2. Bo Sweeney April 29, 2013 at 6:48 am

    holy Jesus!

  3. HBeale April 29, 2013 at 7:37 am

    Great discussion Dave. I sometimes wonder how seriously the globalists want to save the dollar, when nearly everything they and their minions seem to do destroys it. But WWIII makes a lot of sense because the globalists could effectively wipe out the horrific debt from the 1.5 Quadillion of toxic derivatives they created through such a destructive event, and as an added plus, they could cull the world population simultaneously, which is also a stated goal, and it is clear they like to stage events that can produce multiple desired outcomes. Pretty hard to predict exactly how all this will play out, because by its very nature, evil defies the understanding of a sane mind. But I do think you have mentioned many of the global strategic chess pieces really well.

  4. Chris April 29, 2013 at 8:59 am

    Lets call it like it is. The “globalists” and the “bankers” are Chabad satanists who call themselves JEWS. Basically it’s just satanic, “superior” JEWS in general who are the main problem – it’s a satanic philosophy and religion – all those who identify with being superior to all others quickly identify and gravitate with and towards Judaism/witchcraft/satanism.
    They are the “chosen children” of their father SATAN. Along with all of their fetal alcohol, beer-baby, crack-baby, meth-baby, opiate-baby, demonic-nephilim zombie-soldiers of satan.

    Enough is enough. Lets call it like it is before THEY ruin the world for their father satan back on Mars… “hell”. The “grand matrix” (like the satanic demon “rabbi” said) of human cockroach tunnels that they’re all headed back to. To be terrorized by demons to “shit, piss and squirt” to rebuild/terraform the planet for their father SATAN “draco” whatever.

    Souls are the “operating system” for bodies. And they’ve already given over their souls to SATAN. That’s why and how they’re trying to destroy this planet and all of God’s true chosen children – humans who know better than to eat the apple of witchcraft from satan. Satan and the nephilim already know they are already cursed by God. FOR ALL ETERNITY.
    And they HATE God’s chosen and blessed people – they call US the “fungus amongst them”.

    Everything is backwards. Just like the bible says.

  5. Duncan A. Jones April 29, 2013 at 9:24 am

    For American politicians a World War would “solve” the complete social chaos coming from the untenable liabilities of Social Security and Healthcare, the collapse of the dollar, and a 33 million instant citizens via illegal aliens the net effect being a huge negative on the Federal coffers. It is a fact our current national political leaders are solely interested in political self-preservation and personal monetary gain. The purchase of over a billion rounds of ammunition and the purchase on large numbers of armored combat like vehicles by DHS, a martial law test in Boston to catch one 19 year old student, and refusal of Congressional leadership to allow a member of Congress to even read a bill much less debate it are indicators the conclusion of this article is plausible. Sadly – the vast majority of readers will think this article is silly.

  6. technoman2009 April 29, 2013 at 10:05 am

    ezxelent view on the actual situation , evading into the WW3 situation and it will happen, cause i saw everything in nighty visions !!

  7. Leonard Robert Schmidt April 29, 2013 at 10:31 am

    Speaking of “sheeple” (a disparaging religious term) and having one’s head buried in the sand, why do you rail against others, when I see no evidence of your fighting back with the most effective weapons in all of Christendom: Repentance and Imprecatory prayer?

  8. Christian April 29, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Quite well developed, article, and accurate depiction of possible scenarios.

    But! I find the photo above a fair semblance of the American Populaces circumstance…and wonder, how many IMMEDIATELY spotted the REAL DANGER in that photo?

    The photo was clearly taken through a window…(you can JUST barely see the reflection of the photographer). But, how many spotted that rifleman in the turret of his humvee? MOST viewers PROBABLY centered their attention on those “ocifers” [SEALs term for “REMF’s” or “2nd rate “thugs” impersonating military capable soldiers”]…THAT is tantamount to displaying the problem with MOST American citizens…they’re so busy & captivated by ALL of the motion & action, that they miss that sniper…who is, in fact, the GENUINE, IMMEDIATE, “clear & present danger”! While those two boys WERE a dangerous circumstance, they were simply the symptom of a MUCH CLOSER, AND CLEARLY MORE DANGEROUS reality…that our Govt. is sponsoring such events, in the hopes of supplying themselves with “plausible deniability” for declaring Nationwide, Martial Law! Why else would the FEEBEES “hire two young Muslims” to infiltrate Muslims?!?

    to better illustrate my point, scroll your screen from the bottom of the photo, upwards, untill the bottom of your screen is halfway up the body of the Policeman in the middle of the street…you’ll note that the rifleman in the turret doesn’t show…you HAVE TO SEE the ENTIRE Photo (picture), to rightly discern the REAL DANGER! And…Dave, you’re doing a fine job of zeroing in on the FULL picture…just be SURE to I.D. that rifleman quickly, so we can duck at the appropriate time!

  9. John Stewart April 29, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Great Story. You are right on re the Petro Dollar. Not sure how the rest will play out, but I do know this…..”Damascus will be a heap of ruins” This was written over 2000 years ago and we will now see it come to pass.

  10. David McElroy April 29, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    You have a good handle on the situation, Dave Hodges! If it weren’t for hope in Jesus, there’d be no hope at all!

  11. halle lujah April 29, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    The Federal Reserve is not federal and it’s not a reserve. It’s an illegal private bank created by Woodrow Wilson in 1913, an act of treason. It should be closed down by the U.S. government and all debt (illegally) owing to it should be canceled.

  12. Mr. Pragma April 29, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    With all due respect,

    ” Occupying Syria allows America and her allies to invade Iran from several directions. Through Syria, we will see airstrikes which will fly unimpeded over Northern Iraq. ”

    Well, the usa may just as well strike from Iraq directly with the added advantage of being closer to their target Iran.

    “Also, and most importantly, the occupation of Syria will be a threat to the mobilization of forces inside of Russia who would then come under the American long and short range missile batteries, which will be installed in Syria.”

    Uhm, the usa already *do have* major in Turkey which are closer to Russia, too.

    “These missiles will surely be armed with battlefield nuclear warheads. This deterrent could provide the Americans with enough time to occupy most of Iran before Russia or China could act with its conventional forces.”

    a) going nuclear is going nuclear, not matter the size of the weapons.
    b) Both China and in particular Russia are also armed with diverse nuclear systems.

    With all due respect, your scenario simply makes no sense.

  13. Wily April 29, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    This all makes a lot of sense. On the website they have grave warnings on the suitcase n*kes that are planted around the nation that may be triggered soon. The mindset of these global freaks is in the gutter, it seems they’ll allow this to happen in order to bring the US under ML. They can’t stand it when a good lot of citizens are on to them. In order to pay us back for seeking the truth! These evil reprobates won’t stop at nothing short of the Lord inserting them in Hell!
    Scripture warns us to the T about these goons and the things coming upon the (man made and the Lord) earth! I’ve got a bit of info for them, they lose, this vapor of time will be over for them soon! They can torture us but this is a harbinger for them, they’ll pay when the terror of the Lord is implemented!

    …Heb. 13:6…

  14. Cold Wind April 29, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    If neither Russia or China see their best gambit is to preemptively eliminate Israel as a factor than they are lost. We usually ask: Will Russia or China risk WWIII after a preemptive US/Israel assault on Iran? So change the tables. Will the US risk its own destruction after Israel is destroyed in a similar preemptive assault by Russia? My guess is no!

  15. Bobby April 29, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Dave, nothing at all bothers American citizens, for the most part. Whether it’s amnesty of millions of border criminals, open borders, continued mid-east conflict, the loss or theft rather, of their 401’Ks, the release of dangerous criminals by California to meet its obligations to it’s leftist philosophy of supporting billions of dollars worth of social programs to Mexican and other nationals,etc, NOTHING BOTHERS THEM. I don’t even care anylonger, so hopeless does the average citizen of this country seem on understanding what is transpiring here.

  16. bobd76 April 30, 2013 at 1:22 am

    The God of Abraham is Lucifer. The very first sentence in the Bible says that God “let there be light…” The name Lucifer means “Light Bearer.” Quantum mechanics says that the physical world is for all intents and purposes a hologram. There is some creative force behind this freak show, but it is highly unlikely to be what any religion says it is. Humans are pawns in some greater game being played out by forces beyond our understanding, at least from within this three dimensional prison in which we all find ourselves.
    The reason that the Bible, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, the Hopi, Edgar Cayce etc. are all so accurate is that the people running the show have time travel technology. This is hardly a stretch since the US government has had this technology since 1943, the year of the Philadelphia experiment. Since we exist in a hologram, we are actually traveling through space-time.This makes time travel possible in that space-time is a matter of location within the grid of the continuum, and not actual movement through what we think of as time alone, which is an illusion that only exists here. The beginning the middle and the end of time all exist simultaneously, much like a movie on a reel. This explains the accuracy of these “prophets” who have no idea that the information they are receiving is coming to them for a reason from whatever controlling entity is downloading this data into their heads. Therefore the coming third World War is a foregone conclusion, it is already in the script.
    The real question is why? What is the end game here? Why go to all of this trouble? Any entity capable of setting all of this into motion must have a reason, and beings advanced enough to do all of this must surely be beyond sitting around torturing a bunch of insects like us for amusement.
    Once again I offer the only logical scenario. The Anunaki (the Draco) came to this world 450,000 years ago to mine gold. They needed to grind gold into a fine dust to line their outer atmosphere to hold the air in on their world. This is according to the records left by the ancient Sumerians whose civilization was created by these beings, their Gods. I believe that this solution is becoming less practical as gold becomes more difficult to mine, and must end at some point anyway since when the gold runs out their air runs out. This planet is their only viable alternative. Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa, who has had personal experience of these beings who have a large underground base in central Africa, says that they do not see well in sunlight, they live underground. This explains the Cold War construction of hundreds of underground bases (most are the size of fairly large cities) throughout the world, over 140 in the US alone. The Illuminati controlled both sides during the Cold War, they were never going to allow an all out nuclear war to take place. The fiction of the Cold War allowed for the massive spending on both sides, but these underground bases were never meant for us, but for their Draco masters. The Draco kept us in the most primitive of states until the impending approach of Nibiru. A couple of hundred years ago when the time was right they started to let us industrialize. They gave us the technology needed to accomplish this task. Now the underground is built, Nibiru is approaching, we have outlived our usefulness. The time has come for “the great culling,” like the Georgia Guide Stones say, most of us have got to go. The Gods will apparently need enough people on the surface to grow them some crops, raise herds of sheep, cattle, goats, some pigs and chickens I am sure as well as some of us long pigs, human…the other white meat! HG Wells was supposed to have been a big time in the know Freemason and Globalist, hence, The Time Machine. We are the Eloi.
    Keeping in mind that the Earth has been here for a very long time, that archaeologists have found artifacts going as far back as 2.3 billion (yes billion with a b, that is not a typo) years, and that the Draco activity on Earth goes back less than half a million years, it would seem that they, though more advanced than us, are not Gods, just beings with long life spans and advanced technology. I would venture to guess that since they seem to find it necessary to tell us what they are doing, like erecting the guide stones or telling you what is actually in that Twinkie you are eating, that they are only doing so because they have to. I was told once that they do this because they believe in Karma. Perhaps that is true, I do not know. It does appear that these creatures and their human (or half human) underlings believe in some sort of negatively oriented entity. I think Lucifer may be getting a bad rap. The source of light for mankind might not be the evil sort he is made out to be, perhaps he was more like the Greek version, Prometheus. Satan is actually a different mythical character altogether. It is hard for us to know what the original intention of the author of Genesis was as these ancient texts have been altered and edited many times over many thousands of years. What I do know is that any beings of flesh and blood, no matter how long they live or how advanced their technology, are not gods. Whoever or whatever is responsible for the existence of this 3-D realm would certainly seem to be god like, at least to me. Can we count on he, she, them, or it to help us in this time of desperation? I doubt it. Whatever deity these beings worship is not going to help us out in any case. If there is a positively oriented entity of similar abilities out there he has yet to do us any big favors. Looking back on the twentieth century, it seems like the Satanists are having a really good run.
    In conclusion, if it makes anybody feel better to think that Jesus, Allah, Krishna, or any other ethereal being or imaginary friend is going to save either their body or soul from what is coming, who am I to rain on their parade? For myself, I think we are all just little pieces of an infinite, universal awareness. Tiny bits of thought energy that can neither be created nor destroyed, just having what is one of an infinite number of experiences in an attempt to understand itself. Maybe that is the true nature of God. In any case, it certainly looks like we are in for a great deal of unpleasantness in the near future. I really wish I had enough money for a bag of good weed. Even if things suck big time, a little good weed can make them suck less.
    Oh, best to keep out of the cities. I question whether the energy that makes up one’s soul can survive an atomic bomb, and there will probably be at least a few nukes set off, Revelation says as much, so they are also part of the script. Nukes might just be the only things that can destroy that little bit of energy, so better to die of radiation poisoning or a bullet in the head. Just a thought.


  17. Charles E Eskew April 30, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Hey Dave,
    The USA has more registered gun owners and hunters then most Armies. You are just another fear monger trying to make a buck off the uninformed. You disgust me. As an avid hunter and former soldier, I invite an invasion. The only problem is the invasion will be our military and the Shock Troopers that are the “new” police, imposing martial law like they did in Boston and most recently California. You twist the facts and you don’t present the truth. Shame on you Dave Hodges, Shame on you.

  18. Libertarian Crier April 30, 2013 at 8:36 am

    I really enjoyed this article and agree with just about all of it. About a month ago both leaders of Russia and china met and talked about their trade relations. It was then said at a press conference that the West needs to mind their own business and keep away from them.
    America is an industrial war machine and must keep fighting wars. It is inevitable in my opinion that Iran will be invaded soon.
    Russia and China will not like this at all and agree with the author that this will trigger another world war.

  19. Anonymous April 30, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Actually, the last invasion of US soil was in 1942 when the Empire of Japan occupied several islands in the Aleutian Island chain in Alaska.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Alaska did not become a state until the 1960’s

  20. Ovidiu Valentin May 1, 2013 at 10:43 am

    United States of America are about to receive a stunning blow, after China begun to withdraw his gold held in international banks. The aim is to issue a new currency, a new yuan as an alternative to the dollar, the new currency will be backed by gold. Beijing has already signed trade treaties with over 20 countries that recognize the Yuan as official currency transactions against the U.S. currency. Japan is the last country to join China’s plan to eliminate the dollar in trade transactions.
    US debt to China is around 2,000 billion, out of a total of 15.000 billion thus U.S. can “boast” the title of the most indebted nation of all time. The Chinese state is the largest creditor of the U.S., according to experts, if tomorrow they would ask back the money loaned to the americans, the U.S. would go bankrupt in a few days. The whole situation is far from being one chance and it was a well thought plan by the government in Beijing, a project premeditated long before.
    In the early ’90s, realizing that it is very difficult to compete with the U.S. in military terms, China has adopted a new strategy for “winning” America. And the plan succeeded fully. Now the country with over 1.3 billion U.S. prepares the final blow: removing the dollar from the international financial markets.
    Last action to this effect occurs even these days: China revalue all its gold reserves in order to issue a new currency as an alternative to the dollar, which would be backed by gold. In other words, China wants to give the world a “healthy” coin to replace the American one, an over-printed currency and lack of opportunities in the current international circumstances. And to realize the plan away from the public eye, China has begun to repatriate all the gold reserves from Switzerland, London and New York. According to sources in the international market, all bullion will arrive in China will be melted down, and the unit will not be an ounce, but the kilogram.
    The fact is that by lending to Americans, the Chinese government has reached the desired point: a quick bankruptcy, still undeclared of the U.S.. Moreover, official media in Beijing is full of headlines like “China accuses U.S. that have gone bankrupt,” and statements such as that of President Dagong Global Credit Rating Co.. Ltd., one of China’s financial rating agency, which says that “in our opinion, the U.S. had already entered into bankruptcy” twist the knife in further.
    The head of analysis at the Central Bank of China, Zhang Jianhua, said that “concerns about the U.S. government’s ability to repay its debt could lead to higher yields for U.S. bonds and lead to price volatility for U.S. bonds “Which the government would not agree at all in Beijing after he invested hundreds of billions of dollars just in the U.S. state bonds”. According to estimates by the International Monetary Fund, the U.S. public debt would reach in 2013 to over 105% of GDP.
    A large-scale strategy. China has launched an aggressive campaign in recent years for the international acceptance of its currency as an alternative to the U.S. dollar. Beijing has signed in the last four years more than 20 such international agreements with countries such as Argentina, Australia and UAE which were very weak reflected or omitted in international press coverage. Recently, the Chinese strategy and Brazil agreed to impose its currency by accepting direct exchanges in yuans, which means that most South American economy supports direct exchanges with China by dropping the dollar. Note that these transactions are possible only to the extent that Brazil can then use the chinese “money” yuans that it holds for other commercial transactions. This is not a problem, given that China has a huge offer spread on all product categories required on all world markets.
    The big surprise that shocked americans has come from Japan, at the beginning of June this year, Japan signed a similar treaty with China. Thus, according to the agreement, trade between Japan and China are no longer conducted in dollars, but in yuans and yen to boost trade between the largest Asian economies. Therefore, Japan and China do not use the U.S. dollar for trade, which will lead to a decline in purchasing power of the dollar, adding another millstone to the U.S. economy.
    Elimination of transactions in U.S. dollar in Asia was required since last year, but the Fukushima disaster delayed the implementation of this measure. “This is part of China’s strategy to reduce its dependence on the dollar,” said a market analyst at Credit Agricole, Hong Kong branch. Even if the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund estimated that in 2020 China will become the first world economic power taking place U.S., there are voices saying that “castle” will happen more quickly, accelerated by the economic crisis international, somewhere in 2015.
    Note that the removal of the US dollar it is an absolute necessity as the “american way of life”, which is basically an arrogant way of life, meaning living on the expense of the world, must end!

  21. R. de Haan July 17, 2013 at 4:32 am

    If the US plus it’s allies invade Syria nothing will happen. However, the moment we invade Iran, we are in trouble but the scenario will be different. Russia will invade Europe and if the USA will be attacked will depend on the US response, UK and French response to that event. As I see it the turmoil in the Middle East has been triggered by the West the moment we introduced the biofuel mandate and started to process perfectly good food crops into car fuel. Remember, the entire Middle East and North African riots started as food protests and we triggered them. Now with the Shale oil and shale gas revolution with incredible stocks in China, the Middle East, Western Europe, Australia, Africa but also the USA and Canada, the petrodollar will become obsolete anyhow. That is unless the Globalist push through and risk blowing up the entire planet. The entire concept of Global Governance doctrine that sprouted from the Club of Rome telling the world we had peak-oil and limited resources unable to sustain any further population growth without risking the environment has been proven wrong and CO2 hasn’t turned the world into thermogeddon. As long as this planet has rocks, we have all the fuel we need. So there is no need to fight a war over plenty.
    It will take some time for our overlords to figure this out but in the end they will get it. As far as I know most of them are stupid but not suicidal.

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