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The Collapse of the American Economy Has Begun

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Susan Duclos  and Stefan Stanford recently interviewed “V” the Guerrilla Economist and the following information was revealed in this landmark interview:

The process of undermining the US dollar is well on schedule as well; more than 105 countries have decided that the dollar no longer works for them, joining Russia, China and other BRICS nations in leaving the dollar as the entire world comes to the realization that America’s leaders are insane. Their recklessness and evil ways have left tremendous shame upon our nation. Though there has been much manipulation and propping up, but that is only setting us up for the inevitable massive crash.

“V” begins by updating us on recent information that he has received from his 4-Star General source and warns that events are still on schedule, a schedule that he previously warned would leave the US dollar ‘undermined’ by 2015 and the US ceasing to exist as a nation by 2017“.

The interview can be accessed through the following link. I highly recommend listening to this interview.



On the surface, these claims appear to border on hysteria. However, as history has proven, time and time again, that Susan Duclos, Stefan Stanford and “V” are to always be taken seriously when revealing controversial information.

Subsequently, I proceeded to find confirming, or disconfirming evidence, that these claims are accurate and should taken seriously by all Americans. Both the direct and ancillary evidence serves as overwhelming in support of V’s claims and Susan’s reporting.

Halfway to Economic Armageddon

“V’s” claims notwithstanding, the American economy is already in severe danger as we consider the following facts.

There are 35 states in this country in which it is better to accept welfare than work at an entry level job. Much like crack cocaine or heroin addicts, much of our nation is hopelessly addicted to living in the welfare state or on unsustainable levels of credit.


From a micro perspective, the personal economic health of America is abysmal. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million Americans are either “poor” or “low income”. Stunningly, more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government, not including the massive entitlement programs of Social Security or Medicare. The number of people on food stamps has grown to 47.79 million Americans. In 2008, when Obama first took office, only 32 million Americans were on food stamps. Approximately, 20.2 million Americans spend more than half of their incomes on housing, which represents a 46% increase from 2001. Parents under the age of 30 experience poverty rates consisting of 37 percent. The number of Americans living in poverty has grown to one out of every six US citizens.

The above information could be considered to be the good news. What follows is grim.


Watch the Credit Swap Derivatives

In the United States, credit swap derivatives created national debt totals of over one quadrillion dollars. That is one thousand trillion dollars! The entire GDP of the planet is estimated at $66 trillion dollars. And somehow, in the infinite wisdom of Congress in 2008, we falsely and naively believed that a $750 billion transfer of wealth (i.e., Bailout #1) was magically going to save the economy and the collective futures of the American middle class. Please let me repeat that the most conservative estimate is that the derivatives debt is 10 times greater than the GDP of the entire world. Most economists estimate the number to be 16 times greater that the GDP of the planet!    

In short, the debt created by futures speculation is approximately 10-16 times greater than the sum total of the entire wealth on the planet! It would not matter if the debt was only two times the GDP of the planet, we do not have the capacity to pay down this debt. The interest on the debt is growing faster than the rise in national revenue. And we think we are going to climb out of this? Let’s take a moment and discuss the derivatives debt. 

Five of the “too big to fail” banks in the United States that have more than 40 trillion dollars in exposure to derivatives. The national debt is sitting at a grand total of almost 18 trillion dollars. The sum of 40 trillion dollars is almost unfathomable.

Credit swap derivatives trading is not too different from betting on baseball or football games. It is gambling, it is a Ponzi scheme and Wall Street bankers should be in jail. However, this is the new economic landscape of America. The name of the game is the “Last American Garage Sale” where these bankers are positioning to steal all the assets possible before the collapse.




Please note that under the category, in the above illustration, “Widgets “R” US Corp“, the banks loan the money. In other words, if this Ponzi scheme fails, the banks which underwrite and guarantee the entire process, will eventually fail!

The credit swap derivatives are bad enough, but when we carry over the economic implications to the health of the banking system, the banks are bordering on total collapse along with all of your saved earnings.


Most Americans Think That Their Deposits Are Safe

Some readers have written to me and have dutifully reminded me that the FDIC is at their bank standing guard over their deposits. How woefully and depressingly ignorant is that statement?

The FDIC does not have the money to cover your deposits as it has only $25 billion in its deposit insurance fund. By law, the FDIC is required to keep a balance equivalent to only 1.15% of insured deposits on hand. Yes, America, that means that less than 2% of your deposits are covered.

Others have pointed out to me that the Dodd-Frank Act (Section 716) now bans taxpayer bailouts of most speculative derivatives activities. You remember the derivatives don’t you? They were the imaginary wealth that was built upon more imaginary wealth but were guaranteed with hard assets backed by the banks. When this house of cards collapsed, it pulled the banks down and led to the series of bailouts which has devastated our economy.

Therefore, when your bank defaults, and it will, the depositors as well as the banks will turn to the FDIC for relief. The FDIC will have no choice but to draw upon its credit line in order to cover a BofA, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan derivatives bust which has been co-mingled with savings account funds. The resulting effect is that this will require a taxpayer bailout to cover the credit line.This will negate the safety from the bailouts that the public thought that they were receiving under the Dodd-Franks bill of no more bailouts.

What very few people are talking about, and as is the case with all credit lines, this money will have to be paid back. Therefore, the coming default of the FDIC, used to cover the derivatives debt, will become the excuse for another taxpayer bailout. And on and on it goes.

When the last instrument has been looted and then deflated, where do you think that will leave you and your computerized digits that represent the bulk of your self-built financial empire? All of your life, most of you have worked for banker backed interest in some capacity and now, these banksters are stealing back the pittance they paid you in the first place. Where’s Karl Marx when you need him? Bank depositors of the world, unite!

More Bad News

With the banks in debt to the tune of $40 trillion dollars, the pension system is also at risk because the banks and their related financial investment firms underwrote the Credit Swap Derivatives. Moody’s warns in its latest report on the state of public pension systems. As Bloomberg reports, “The 25 biggest systems by assets averaged a 7.45% return from 2004 to 2013, but liabilities tripled over the same period leaving them facing a $2 trillion shortfall as investment returns can’t keep up with ballooning obligations”. The top 25 funds account for 40% of the entire US public pension system. Bloomberg further reports that “The 25 largest U.S. public pensions face about $2 trillion in unfunded liabilities, showing that investment returns can’t keep up with ballooning obligations”, according to Moody’s Investors Service. Americans will be working until they drop dead because, very soon, there will be no such thing as a pension. Very soon, most of these Americans will not have any job to go to.

When this house of cards comes crashing down, how do you think the government will deal with the situation? If you have not listened to V’s interview, I would suggest you do so now.


When Will the Economic Collapse Happen?

The collapse has already started. With 105 nations running from the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency, there is nothing left to back up the dollar. Our currency will hyper-inflate and America’s economy will make the crash of the Weimar Republic look like a picnic.

Certainly, even the most ardent sheep understand what the economic collapse of the Weimar Republic led to. What makes us think things are going to be any different?


Why did George H.W. Bush build a 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay? Why is NORTHCOM, a combat organization, engaging in continuing the nonstop urban riot control training? Why are UN military vehicles on our soil? Why did FEMA and DHS schedule 10 disaster drills between September 25th and November 13th? Why are former FEMA and DHS agents, as well as many bankers going into hiding in prepared communities?

Are we to believe that all of these factors are unrelated? It is looking more and more like the bail-out money, which was no more than the private theft of public money, is actually doing what the name implies, it is bailing out corporate executives in advance of the coming crash. America is being forced to fund the getaway gifts for those that have stolen so much from the American people!
Factor in the coming Ebola outbreak and the possibility of an EMP attack, the misery factor immediately and exponentially compounds. The American economy is on fire and the only remnants of what once was is a few hollowed out and charred structures.

Once they have our hard assets,the absolute and final crash and burn of the economy will occur and it will be anarchy in the streets. And more of V’s dire predictions, regarding a post-collapse America will undoubtedly come to pass.



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  1. ScopasBrune September 28, 2014 at 3:13 am

    I have known this for a long time — call it a hunch, gut feeling.. whatever. We are moving to the mountains in a month, we are armed and we will defend ourselves as well as execute the ‘criminals’ whenever possible — Reading “one second after” will give you a very good idea of what will happen — Good Luck

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  3. Conan September 28, 2014 at 6:19 am

    Bro Dave,

    This “Guerilla V” character has to know that he IS known by anybody that wishes to know who he is. That interview with Susan D. wasn’t even worth listening to for those who have been monitoring this economy unfold for over 15 years. The fact of matter is the economy is in collapse. It has been in collapse for over 1/2 a decade and it began to collapse when credit distribution to those who thought “the good times will keep on rollin!” since the late 90s.

    People keep looking for the economic collapse. What in the name of Rooster Cogburn are they looking for? Pavement to begin caving in on our streets and overpasses to disintegrate? Anybody with any common sense about them when it comes to market analysis can see the businesses shutting down, the fact that 1 in 4 Americans in prime working age are out of the workforce, the fact that our industrial “middle class jobs” have all been shipped overseas and less than minimum wage workers are flowing in from across the southern border. Anybody can see that. What is meant by “the economic collapse has begun?” It began over a decade ago.

    Sticking with facts is a good thing. Building on the facts gathered is even better. People should begin listening to Peter Schiff’s analysis of market situations and avoid this “V” dude. Also, John Williams, Jim Rickards, Jim Willie (to some extent), David Stockman is awesome . . .and Max Keiser is also a very good source.

    Guerilla “V”. . .in my opinion, is a “plant” of some sort. Why is he hiding his name? This is basic investigation into resources. He’s a coward. I don’t hide my name from anybody. Anybody that hides their name while telling the truth is either a liar or a coward.

    Peace be with you,


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  5. iwitness02 September 28, 2014 at 7:05 am


    Hi Everybody,

    But those who will fail to fill their hearts with Divine love and their lives with ministries of Divine love to others, will, as symbolic goats, do and fare quite differently. They will not give the Bread and Water of Life to those hungry for them; they will not spend their time trying to help others who are strangers to God to become God’s people; they will not clothe those who are destitute of righteousness with the garments of salvation; they will not visit the sin-sick and seek to cure them with the medicines found in God’s Word; they will not offer at that time the prayer of faith for the recovery of dead ones from the tomb. In other words, though constrained to avoid open sin, they will spend the thousand years in selfishness; and, as they continue in this selfish course, they will fall more and more into Christ’s disfavor, represented in the parable as their being placed at His left hand. Their fate will be the Second Death, the figurative fire that will destroy the figurative goats. That this fire represents destruction is manifest from the fact that the Devil also will be cast into it (Matt. 25: 41); and his final fate is declared to be annihilation (Heb. 2: 14).

    P.S.L.J. The Millennium

    Matt. 25: 31-46

  6. pj September 28, 2014 at 8:14 am

    The economic collapse of the Weimar Republic led to Germany getting rid of the parasites that you don’t have the guts to expose, you jew-controlled p…Y!!!


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  8. srv September 28, 2014 at 9:54 am

    While I’m not one to dismiss stories of nefarious government activities, I must point out that the information revealed about this “General” in this interview would be more than enough for those in charge to identify him… and he would be dead in a matter of hours if this was true.

    Or am I missing something?


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  10. Sierra Dave September 28, 2014 at 10:07 am

    Is the Western banking system trying to win or just get as much as possible before the collapse?

    The Eastern world is setting up it’s own monetary system. In preperation for the Western worlds financial collapse.

    Will the West let this happen or try to preempt it with war?

    Will the East just get fed up and EMP Europe and America?

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  13. damn skippy September 28, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Dave, you state 105 countries are “running” from the dollar as the reserve currency. Now certainly if they had left the dollar and subsequently went to the yuan or whatever currency, that is the verbage that would be used, so precisely, what nations have entirely abandoned the U.S. Dollar?


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  15. barebones September 28, 2014 at 11:09 am

    I just read where the major banks are “discouraged” from investing in MUNIs as they lack liquidity. Instead, Corporate bonds and Ruusell 1000’s would be the best choice.. This is anticipation of bank runs.

    This translates that all the choice Large Caps might be acquired for cents on the buck!

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  17. towtruck September 28, 2014 at 11:15 am

    you are correct on the welfare and free stuff mentality that permeates this country. we are in agreement on that. what galls me is no one will approach the holy grail of our veterans that are manipulating the system to the tune of billions each month. we have veterans in their 20’s all over our city that claim their brains were scrambled in iraq/afghanistan and get anywhere from two to three thousand dollars each month for ptsd and more for medical benefits. keep in mind these people are deadbeats too and unlike the food stampers they can never be reevaluated. once on ptsd it is their’s for life. do you love our national debt…thank a veteran. PS. some are amputees and i will gladly pay taxes to support them. the others are repugnant and should be deported without option for reentry.

  18. Greg September 28, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    I don’t know. I feel as though leaving the is selfish. There are going to be 200+ million Americans here who are going to be dying helpless and unaware. I know it’s ultimately their own fault for not being aware, but still they are going to be suffering undoubtably. Those of us who are aware can at least help spread change such as raising awareness about local sustainability, and ecosystem support. We can help neighbors grow their own food AND medicine. We can come together as communities and begin to trade and barter without money. The world will still live on and it will take lifetimes for America to completely dwindle. And by that time, who knows, things may not be near as bad.

  19. NW Native in charge September 28, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    America the beautiful. With a casual glance it looks beautiful on the outside, but rotting away on the inside.

    Rule #1. Debts that are to big to pay won’t be paid through normal means. Debts however, will be paid one way or the other by other means.

    Rule #2. Those who owe these debts, that won’t or can’t be paid,
    will end up with nothing enslaved to the creditors.

    Rule #3. You can’t pay off a debt with another debt. 99% of all money in America, (and the rest of the world for that matter) is paper currency, check book money and electronic digit forms of money, that represent nothing but debt because it all had to be borrowed into existence with interest and has no intrinsic value like a gallon of gas or a gallon on milk or an oz. of silver.

    Rule #4. When one buys a product from the local China-Mart with a form of debt, China in turn accepts, so far, this debt in payment for their production. This is in the late stages of ending.
    When the rest of the world’s nations refuse to accept America’s worthless debt for their products and production the standard of living of 99% of the American with be cut in half. This cut is happening in slow motion at this time but will accelerate where in the near future it will take place over night. Most of the economies of the rest of the world are in the same fix.

    Rule #5. When one uses a credit card for purchase something, debt is created on the books of the bank by the credit card holder in which interest is paid on any balance after 30 days.
    This is nothing but a very sophisticated form of self slavery.

    Rule #6. The only thing that gives value to non-intrinsic “money” is government(s) will accept it in payment of taxes. Again paying debt with debt. Also the era of having to use American “petro-dollars” for oil is coming to a end as will be the so-called era of American exceptional-ism.

    Rule #7. Debt money to pay taxes must be earned with work. Therefore, as long as it can be used to pay taxes and buy something it is a transitory and ever decreasing store of wealth.
    However, if Americans keep their earned wealth in the form of non-intrinsic transitory wealth they will also lose it all just like the Germans experienced during the Weimar period.
    And Americans will realize as did the Germans that even wealth in real intrinsic forms such a homes, lands, business, etc. can and will be lost to the new owners who will sweep in like birds of pray to claim this wealth as payment for debts owed albeit for pennies on the dollars.

    Advise: Rule #8. If possible get out of all paper and electronic forms of wealth, especially for those who have earned it, for it will become worthless in the future.
    Purchase with this fiat money all things needed for survival in a collapsed civilization. With anything left over purchase while you still can, US silver coin and those with means gold coin. Most of you know the drill. Do it. Oh, and don’t forget the brass and lead.

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  23. RICH99 September 28, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    The Collapse of the economy has begun …..now I know I heard that the past 5 years

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  27. Sirius O'Really September 28, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    towtruck, you are so right, sir. I drive transit buses in a major U.S. metro area and regularly see and hear what you describe. Seemly regular guys getting free transportation, and talking amongst their co-PTSD buddies about $1,000s of monthly freebies, and their gambling, and drinking sojourns. It’s sickening…

  28. Patriot Johnny September 28, 2014 at 11:09 pm

    NW Native in Charge, very good write up and of course Dave as always, this is a very good article.

    When people have no more money just think, the U.S. government along the criminal unconstitutional Federal Reserve banksters will not get any more funds, it will bankrupt them for good into collapse. Which is good.

    I talked to a Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue agent and she knows there’s a collapse coming, (she and her husband are preparing too, they see the handwriting on the wall) from what she told me, states as well will go bankrupt and collapse and will not collect any revenue including people who are delinquent.

    Wisconsin publishes names of people who owe back taxes. (check out their website and look up the lists of people who are delinquent-think these people are broke? Most of them are!) She said states will have to lay off state employees and go into their reserves to keep the state government running which will not last long. She is aware people are losing their jobs and many going homeless and can’t pay taxes. It will hurt states very hard she said.

    I do not need to preach to choir here but if you’re someone new and see what is happening to our economy here, start preparing! Buy silver right now at the time I write this it is over $17!!! Get it now! Food, water, survival supplies and items of everyday use and of course weapons (all kinds, crossbows, bows, firearms, etc.) and ammo. Plan escape routes if you live in a city. Scout out areas on where you think it is best to go and make a plan A, plan B, Plan C, etc.

    This will not happen in one day but we’ll start seeing the economy getting worse in weeks and months to come. Then time to start planning on bugging out. Thanks! I hope I made sense here!

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  32. Oneitis September 29, 2014 at 7:39 am

    Around early-mid July V also told us that he guaranteed by late August and early Sep. that the manipulation of the metals market was done, over with, finale once and for all! hmmmm…

  33. Oneitis September 29, 2014 at 7:44 am

    I agree with Conan. V has gotten over the top sensational and has easy access to just way too much “information” to sit well with me anymore. Remember in July when he guaranteed the metal manipulation was up for good come late August / early September. Good call V.

  34. Unbiased American September 29, 2014 at 8:11 am

    What a bunch of one sided BS. You make some good points, but how about looking at the other one sided BS from the liberal side? You say the civilians of America have been blindfolded, your article doesn’t remove any blindfold, it just simply takes control of the same blindfolded people! Viewers: Make sure you get ALL the facts, views, and interpretations before you come to a conclusion. You don’t need these extreme right winged (or extreme left winged) websites telling you how to interpret the facts, you can interpret them for yourself. There must be faith in our banking system for our economy to work. I’m not necessarily disagree with this article, I’m disagreeing with the mass propaganda and black or white thinking.


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  37. Sparksnavy September 29, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    To Towtruck–



  38. SPARKSNAVY September 29, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    If there are 26 comments-where are the other 14? (26 at the time I read the others–4:15pm Dallas, Tx. time!



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  42. Flor September 30, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Nimrod & Ishtar enterprises of financial pimps who exist on blood & flesh, blood fests, helloween fests of guts & blood’

    Soulless imperialists , since 1914 up to 2014 have always looked into wars the solutions to their problems without realizing that wars are their damnation, their perdition, their ruin because in every war, the failures are worst and worsts’

    Babylonian the whore, the harlot, mother of all illnesses on earth, five thousand years of lies must fall apart’

    Hellywood an empire of pimps, MK ULTRA monarch slaves who profits on sexual orgies, orgies of blood to drain energy from humanity and economies, whose sacrifices are offered to Satan, Satan is the master of these hideous lowest tribe on earth, Babylonian’ They have no intelligence, except looting, stealing, lying, conning , cheating endlessly to stay alive’ maggots parasitic beings, planet is being parasited by them sickening humanity constantly’


  43. mick September 30, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    if I hear one more person say if this collapse, or false flag event is coming. For it to hurry up I might puke. I guess your over the target Dave as you seem to be getting a lot of flack lately. When are people going to realize the fact that they don’t have the intelligence to argue with either you or Alex Jones?

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