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The Dallas Tragedy Is the Distraction That Clinton Needed


Here is Soros choice for President. He will see her elected at any cost.

Here is Soros choice for President. He will see her elected at any cost.

The Common Sense Show and its related personnel stand horrified at the tragic events in Dallas as at least five police officers have been assassinated by at least two snipers. Our deepest sympathies and hart-felt prayers go out to the victims and their families. We further pray in the name of Jesus that the wounded experience full recoveries.


This tragedy begins with the following video where President Obama addresses the nation regarding the Dallas tragedy. Every American needs to take the brief time necessary to view his short speech as Obama, once again, disgraces his office with his warped and petty politics in this time of tragedy.

As the video shows, Obama cannot contain his seething hatred for law enforcement  (i.e. “racial disparities”, in reference to how law enforcement does their job in this country). I am outraged that while this raw event in our country is used to politicize both his hatred of police and of course, he could not contain himself from sneaking in gun control comments. Ok, Mr. President, you opened the door in this raw tragedy, I will meet you on your turf.

In the video, Obama is undoubtedly still trying fan the flames of racism. He did it with Treyvon, later Ferguson and now in this horrible tragedy in Dallas. I can draw no other conclusion than this President is attempting to bait more blacks to engage senseless violence against their communities in a classic divide and conquer mode. Obama is not a healer in times of great tragedy, he is a divider of the worst sort. The good news is that the vast majority of black people have the good common sense to not fall for Obama’s twisted version of social justice. I appeal to people, of all colors, to not take the law into your hands. Yes, there are bad apples in our nation’s police forces, just like there are bad apples in any form of work. However, the vast majority of police do the work that most of us don’t have the strength, skill or courage to perform. This is why a tragedy such as this hits so close to home. God Bless the Dallas Police Department, the victims, the friends and the families of the victims. And I damn Obama’s lack of sensitivity to these groups. It reminds more of Attorney General Loretta Lynch(mob) as she warned America to not use the term “Muslim extremism” or face legal consequences while she failed to utter a word about the 14 victims and their families after their brutal murders at the hands of two members of ISIS in December of 2015.

Obama’s Racial Bigotry Must Not Go Unchallenged

When Obama failed to express remorse for the Dallas tragedy with regard to the people who matter most in this event, his agenda is on full display for all to see. Who else, associated with Obama and Hillary Clinton, is attempting to rile of feelings of racial division? Why it is none other than George Soros. I have a message for Obama, Clinton and Soros:


As I have stated before, I have first-hand knowledge that Soros’ thugs from Black Lives Matter and Moveon.org have booked scores of rooms for the Cleveland GOP Convention in a couple of weeks. One can bet that they are not going to Cleveland to become good Republicans and support Trump. And since this President is already politicizing this tragedy for his own gain, I feel compelled to meet him at the door-step and expose what I feel is really going on here.

The Globalist Playbook

One of my colleagues in the Independent Media once said that he had the globalist playbook and was to fully able to decipher the meaning of events in real time and predict what was coming. I know what he meant. For anyone who works in this field, we can often see right through the agenda. Since Obama will not allow a few days of grieving without bringing his propaganda to bear in the Dallas event, he must be challenged.

Obama said nothing is known about who is responsible for the Dallas event. On the contrary, this event is right in the wheelhouse of the former Nazi collaborator, George Soros and his multiple groups of thugs, criminals and murders. If I were in charge of the Dallas investigation, Soros and his people would become my main focus. Why? Because national division is a goal of the globalists so we cannot unite across religious, ethnic and racial lines against the crime syndicate that has hijacked our country. Remember, most nations fall from within before they are actually conquered. Obama has fully exposed part of the Globalist agenda with his comments.

The Crime Scene

Please allow me to point out the obvious. The Dallas event is not a random act of violence. It has all the appearances of a well-planned assassination. Since when do inflamed passions over police wrongdoing result in at least two snipers carrying out their objective with precision and deadly effectiveness? Did the nation see these type of sniper assassinations during the Watts riots of the 60’s? No! Did we witness this kind of violence during the LA Riots in 1992? No! Did we see snipers in the two rounds of the Ferguson violence? No! Will the mainstream media eventually catch on and report the use of snipers as being an anomaly that is inconsistent with the present narrative? No!

These assassins were obviously highly trained, as they did not merely squeeze off that many well-placed shots wounding and killing that many people without being professionally trained. However, as we learn more about the snipers, I am sure we will “discover” one will have a diary stating intentions and will leave a trail of (planted) evidence implicating this event as a random act of violence. That is always the government’s narrative. However, I would point out that when two or more are involved, it is already a conspiracy by definition. This was a well-coordinated attack, case closed.

The Hillary Clinton Factor

Whether we can prove complicity or not, Clinton, by conspiracy, or by coincidence, benefits the most from this tragedy. Perhaps this is just one big coincidence, regardless, nobody benefited more than Hillary Clinton from the tragic events in Dallas.  For the next couple of days, Clinton’s criminality will off of the front page.

After scathing attacks upon Comey for exonerating Clinton for crimes for which she should have been charged, Congress has become involved. The American people are not letting go. One poll I read said that 93% of Americans surveyed thought Clinton should have been charged. Additionally, Clinton is being looked at for lying under oath to the FBI. If anyone ever needed a distraction, it was Hillary Clinton. So, Mr. President, while you want to infer that the racial disparities are responsible for the the Dallas tragedy, let me encourage your FBI, under the stellar leadership of James Comey, to look in another direction. At the top of any knowledgeable person’s suspect list should be George Soros and his thugs.

While I will continue to pray for the victims and their families, I say let the investigation begin.


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  1. Nam Marine July 8, 2016 at 5:57 am

    Obama is a DAMN FOOL ! Worst President in American history !

  2. DB July 8, 2016 at 6:17 am

    Way to go as always my brother in Christ!
    Just by coincidence (ha) Jezebel was not out in public yesterday. No campaigning, nothing.
    Gee I wonder why!

    I sent out emails this morning to my friends who travel a lot for work. I told them to stay home for their own good the rest of this summer and why. If they think I’m nuts, too bad. Maybe I can save their lives.

    It’s all about to break loose Dave..just as you have been saying.

  3. Grams63 ~ July 8, 2016 at 6:25 am

    Don’t overlook the psych-op, Bank of America building ! Check out the picture on Drudge neon bank sign America! Just like the American Airlines on 9/11, has Symbolic Soros and Globalist signatures, admittedly I was so dumb down then, If you listen to the narrative of the media you will hear their agents, ‘the country in crisis’ paving their way for martial law! Helicopters increased already this morning in Coastal Georgia! and still the home front won’t wake up!!

    Angels be with our brave men in uniform!
    Grams ~
    Never forget 9/11/01

  4. km July 8, 2016 at 6:47 am

    The gross irony of all of the this, is his “civilian national security force” will be way more brutal then anyone can imagine!! These are just previews of the upcoming attractions coming soon! The BLM, Panthers, etc. will all be very shocked when eventually they will be put down like dogs. They don’t realize they are being used to set this all up! Same thing with the sand fleas, they are being used to usher in military presence everywhere, at which time, all will be forced into silence – or else! So all you rioters have fun now, it won’t last! During Bubba’s reign of terror, our military was already under UN control, and that was the 90’s, by now it is totally controlled. All the generals the sodo in chief fired, yeah, they know!

  5. […] Source: The Dallas Tragedy Is the Distraction That Clinton Needed – Dave Hodges – The Common Sen… […]

  6. JANE July 8, 2016 at 10:02 am

    well said …..I say let the games begin…..

  7. scooter July 8, 2016 at 11:31 am

    This election must be a referendum on retaining our constitutional republic and bill of rights—or—being subjected to evil globalist totalitarianism run by unelected thugs. God given rights and freedoms—or—insane Lucifer inspired hives run by hell. The Soros/banker/Illuminati hand behind all the events that take place is really ugly, and no doubt a full exposure of the Clinton Foundation tentacles would fully vindicate Joe Mc Carthy. But, to get there will be to see Mafia death ops everywhere. I don’t think we can expect to stay free without a confrontation of epic proportions.

    It also appears that the world financial systems are collapsing (losing control of gold and silver prices is a big sign of the trouble they’re in), and the level of desperate activities by the criminal bankers is ratcheting up. The evil politicians will soon see their Ponzi schemes for pension promises and wealth redistribution will be coming to an end. Finally, the people who didn’t know this was coming are primed to turn into that nefarious Zombie apocalypse, and everything Dave has warned of could be in play.

    Then the fools will see what happens to fiat money, and imported Muslims, and people the Democrats have herded onto subsidies and food stamps, and drug gangs with illegal fire arms, etc. This is a biblical sized mess that was prophesied to happen. Lord, have mercy on us.

  8. pat July 8, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Sorry but i cant stand to listen to a liar like Olala crap head yap his lie

  9. Perseverance July 8, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    I would like to share your article and others, but your website won’t permit it! There are no icons for use, i.e., FB, email, twitter, etc. What good is it if we can’t share your information with as many people in our circle as possible?


  10. Savannah July 8, 2016 at 3:43 pm


  11. Michael July 8, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    A LEO SPEAKS=HEED WHAT HE SAYS AMRIKA ! I am so ashamed to be a law enforcement officer at this point. The Hunger Games State will be far worse than the police state we live in now. All we need now is a EMP.
    I am so ashamed to be a law enforcement officer at this point. The Hunger Games State will be far worse than the police state we live in now. All we need now is a EMP. And I’m willing to bet that the elite have everything in their power, to turn the lights on at all FEMA CAMPS and not the cities. To take away our guns and our rights, and give us chains instead.

    This is a systematic executive execution of dastardly schemes that have been written and rehearsed for at least 80 years now. The technology is finally advanced enough to deal with most dissatisfied patriots that would attempt to over throw such a tyrannical government. And the people have been officially divided against themselves. These bastards are throwing out all there tools now and we are allowing them to win. Racism is prevailing and it’s tearing us apart!

    But I do ask this question to all my loving patriots of this great country. Will we as the general public and all patriots and oath keepers, finally come together and stand up against this new world order fascist elite and take care of unfinished buisness? And muzzle these rabid dogs? Or will we continue to be their slaves?

    Ladies and gentlemen we are at the tipping point. We have to choose, to run into the iceberg or change our course. We are in big trouble now. President Harry Truman once declared war on an enemy that threatened our vary way of life, and we went onto foreign lands, not to conquer but to kick ass, and we did. We must once again follow history and do the same again, we must go to war with yet another axis of evil. Only, this time the threat is our corrupt government and not a foreign enemy. The enemy is a lingering communist, socialist, fascist, leftist extremism that needs to be castrated in front of all, for all eyes to see.

    What happened last night in Dallas, was the enemy’s shot heard around the world. It’s time to take our country back. Negotiations are over. This may have been our last celebration of our independence. You people have turned on your beloved peace keepers. You laugh at us, taunt us, stalk and hunt us, and now you willfully attack us, without fear. We will remind you once again why shiver and cower at our bark and we will remind you again why you fear our bite. Don’t call me sheepdog, I will no longer protect your evil ways. You have turned us back into the wolves that you once tamed and controlled. No more. The wolves will run free again and will pursue the evil. And I personally do not care for arbitration nor do I care for the politicians who beleive in using kindness and love to fight evil. It’s is more natural for me, to go for the throat.

    This is not about what are we willing to do. This is about how far are we willing to go, to take our country back. I took an oath to protect this nation againsy all enemies foreign and domestic. I am standing on my feet, with my head up, gun at the ready, and in defiance of this evil that is in our midst. For the love of God and for the love of our country, our families, and for our vary way of life. Will you stand with me?

    God Bless the USA and God Bless the Peace Makers. May the Lord Jesus be with you all.

    Jul 8, 2016

  12. Truther July 8, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    “One of my colleagues in the Independent Media once said that he had the globalist playbook and was to fully able to decipher the meaning of events in real time and predict what was coming.”

    You can’t say his name?


  13. Lois July 8, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    My thoughts exactly! How convenient, the PM after the day you are openly confronted with the FBI? Suddenly, .like magic dust, it’s gone from the news!!! I so noted. Her response in all of these distractions was bland. Can’t make this stuff up!

  14. GC V July 8, 2016 at 10:53 pm

    Seems all coordinated and pre planned deliberately to distract the mess that is clinton and obama foreign policy lies and crimes etc … These globalist elitists are evil and will do anything to manipulate and control the election and the news cycle. Look behind the scenes. . there is more than meets the eye. Wake up America. Before it s too late !

  15. Jan July 9, 2016 at 12:53 am

    It seems more than a coincidence that every time Clinton gets into trouble innocent people end up dead. I would not ever want to be her when this Jezebel finally pays for all of her crimes against humanity. After all, the original Jezebel wound up being eaten by dogs.

  16. Kristine July 9, 2016 at 7:41 am

    Can someone tell me why Mr. Obama has the EU flags on both sides of him in this video?

  17. Kathy July 9, 2016 at 8:16 am

    What’s with the blue flags with gold stars? Whose flag is that? (In the obama clip)

  18. Jackie Puppet July 9, 2016 at 9:31 am

    This was one of my first thoughts too; these shootings have been a godsend to Hillary in keeping her corruption off the front pages, and FBI Director Comey, too, to an extent. Though if there is to be some task force created as a result of these shootings, he’ll probably be at the forefront.

    I can only imagine what’s going to happen at the RNC in Cleveland, soon. Good thing your wife made you take a pass on reporting from there.

  19. Joozy July 9, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Like they say, timing is everything! She gets the breaks, doesn’t she?!
    I just read an article on another internet news site about former judge Albert J. Lechner, Jr. filing a FOIA about the tarmac meeting between Billy and Loretta just days before Comey dropped his bombshell.
    We need to pray this former judge lives to see this thing through! Put him on your prayer list ASAP! You know how “accident prone” people are who pursue the criminal elite.

  20. Philip July 9, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    There are people who are just sick and damned tired of police entitlement and crime. And that’s not to mention the global crime spree being passed off to the American flock as The Rule Of Law, quantitative easing, and other manifestations of The American Nightmare. It’s not irrelevant to “go there”, since it’s the coppers who enforce all this crap at street-level. “We don’t make the law, we just enforce it” – yeah, the guy at the drive-thru window of the hamburger joint cooking up salmonella burgers says “hey, I don’t cook the burgers, I just hand them to you”. Got it? I got it, here in Mohave County, Arizona where “law enforcement’s” crime spree goes unchecked and unacknowledged. And the same holds true for what Senator Dianne Feinstein finally acknowledged about the Hollywood film industry last week – that their offerings for decades have been products of an incestuous collusion with America’s 16 intelligence agencies. This, too, the police enforce.

  21. notshocked July 11, 2016 at 5:40 am

    Im sure the police shootings were orchestrated not only as a distraction for Crooked Clinton but as a symbolic confirmation of what happened when the FBI chief Comey killed the law by letting her go. The next thing was law enforcement was killed.
    Its just a physical manifestation of what has happened in the Spirit. Tragic yes, but totally in keeping with the theme of the day. Lawlessness!

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