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The Deep State Is Draining Its Own Swamp

Trump has turned the tables on the Deep State. And this will be in evidence in the upcoming State of the Union message. One of the President’s spiritual advisors, Pastor Pena, told me last year how this first year of Trump’ Presidency was going to turn out. Pastor Pena was stunningly accurate when he said that by the end of the first year, President Trump’s presidency would start to turn the corner. Trump’s positive actions have begun to drain part of the swamp. However, as this article will point out, the swamp has also begun to drain itself. And this latter fact certainly explains why Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are practicing extreme censorship as they are trying to slow down the rate of decline of the Deep State.

Without Democrats In Charge The New World Order Takeover of America Slows to a Crawl

David Rockefeller, who died last year at the age of 101, must be rolling over in his grave as he is wondering  if the current cast of Democratic leaders is the best that the Deep State and the Democratic Party can do in an effort to cause the collapse of a Constitutional Republic and replace it with an autcratic, socialist dictatorship.

The Democrats lone remaining card to regain a democratic majority among the voting public is to grant amnesty to 36 million illegal aliens and that is not going to happen in the near future. And the Democratic spokespeople, as well as their front-runners are alienating the American public with their anti-American rhetoric. This article briefly outlines why in the present climate, the Democrats cannot win a general election. It indeed can accurately be said that the “swamp” has begun to drain itself.

Nancy Pelosi Plays the Worn Out Race Card

President Trump’s generous offer to provide amnesty to 1.8 million DACA participants comes at a rate that is 600% more in the number of participants than anything Obama ever proposed. But that has not kept the worn out race card of the Democrats from being played again. This time it’s Nancy Pelosi who, again, has called President Trump a racist because he is only proposing letting 1.8 million illegal (DACA) immigrants to become citizens.

On Saturday, I attended Arizona’s State Republic meeting. While at that meeting I spoke with Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar (Personal Communication, January 27, 2018, in Phoenix, AZ) who said that the magic number that the Democrats have come to realize that they need to regain control of American politicas is to achieve a minimum of 10 million illegal aliens to become citizen via the amnesty route and the President’s 1.8 million DACA participants does not come close to that threshold.

Even Democratic West Virginia senator Joe Manchin criticized House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for dismissing a new White House immigration plan as a way to “make America white again”. Here is Pelosi in her own words.

The civil rights issue of our time has become “how many Dreamers does it take dominate US politics” and Trump is limiting his generosity to humanitarian interests and is not interested in 30 million new Democrats being added to the political landscape.

Discredited Maxine Waters to Speak Against Trump’s State of the Union

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), is scheduled to speak at the top of a BET News special after Trump delivers the State of the Union.  The program is entitled “Angela Rye’s State of the Union.”  This show will produce 4 news programs with a sharp focus on issues facing black Americans. Highlighting the first show will be Maxine Waters.

Waters and other activists will provide an impromptu analysis of the President’s first year in the Oval Office. The program is scheduled to air following the State of the Union speech which is delivered by the President.

Has BET bothered to look at Waters background? Do they know that she is the Al Capone of her district? Does BET actually expect America, people of any color, to take this corrupt politican seriously?

Several hmonts ago, I challenged how a person on a $170,000 public servant’s salary could afford to live in a home that costs nearly $5 million  dollars. It seems now that many others are asking the same question. Waters fellow congressman have found more substantial evidence of financial impropriety. Predictably, she has already labeled the investigation as “racist”. Here is the complete story.

BET, is this the best you can do.  This is the family member that you hide in the garage when company visits.

Bernie and Oprah

Almost two weeks ago, I noted how the Democrats are in deep trouble because of their unwavering support of Deep State politics. I stated that mainstream America is seeing right through their treason and anti-American stances and that the failure of the Democratic Party is in evidence when we look at their two top candidates as we close in on the campaign season for the 2020 election, namely Bernie Sanders and Oprah Winfrey. What a joke! If there was ever a better case made that the communists are controlling the Democratic Party, they would have to no further than these two extremists.

These two are certainly not getting any help from  Hillary Clinton when she gave a bizarre shout out to “activist bitches supporting bitches” emerged just hours after she responded to claims she protected a campaign adviser accused of sexual harassment. She made the comments last Friday night in a video posted to Twitter by Huffington Post commentator Alex Mohajer. Hillary is like the bad cold that will not go away.

The Deep State Needs the Democratic Party to Complete Its Mission to Destroy America In Its Present Form and They Are Failing Miserably




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  1. Vietkonggook January 29, 2018 at 7:04 am

    Each of these deep state criminals have the cyanide pills to take as a last resort to take the secrets with them to the grave. Its part of their oath to the Order of the Snake. They are no different from the hardcore nazi s with Adolf Hitler…

  2. Gene Maynard January 29, 2018 at 11:24 am

    “In the western world lies have displaced truth with lies”; really! “The Deep State is in panic mode”. “The Deep State is draining its own swamp”. “Make your voice heard while it can make a difference”. I understand where you are coming from but did not all of our problems explode out of the decades of complaisance we now are decrying the loss of and seek to regain?

    We act as if we have entered a new paradigm and we strive to regain the old paradigm; in reality we are entering the final phase of the same flawed paradigm. We clamor to return to some semblance of the former status quo…a state we were comfortable and safe in before this bad old deep state reared its ugly head. Why do we do the same thing over and over while expecting different results? Why do we strive to return to the flawed paradigm that spawned the Deep State in the first place? Geoengineering was no problem when we were unaware of it. Suddenly solar panels became useless, dying trees were noticed, it was realized billions of dollars were missing, treaties that were against America’s best interest were made law, we were told law abiding citizens with guns cause terrorism, even though aluminum and mercury cause dementia and autism…and even though fluoride destroys brain cells…we are told we need more of it. Vaccines maim and kill people because of those stubborn anti-vaccers who refuse to have their children injected with poison.

    Why is the Deep State here? Why is the scourge called Geoengineering now destroying the life support systems of the planet? Why are vaccines crippling young people and killing the elderly? Why have cases of autism and dementia exploded off the charts? Why are the American people slaves to a financial system that favors only 1% of the world’s population while by design enslaves the 99%? “A curse doesn’t come without a cause”; Pro.26:2. Did not our comfortable paradigm of ignorance and bliss give birth to all of these plagues? Why are we so anxious to return to a life model that has proven to be so flawed as to now threaten the extinction of the human race?

    If we manage to stop illegal immigration and the giveaway of our home, will not nuclear radiation give us cancer? If we do and end run around Deep State’s efforts to stop a nuclear war, will not the aluminum we are breathing with every breath choke out all life? What will be our end? An EMP attack, a currency collapse, famine, civil war, toxic food, contaminated water, nuclear radiation, all out nuclear war? What? “A man fleeing from a lion met a bear…as he ran into his house a snake bit him” Amos 5:19

    Is there anything else we can try?

  3. ColeB January 29, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    2018 Midterms !!!

  4. Jackie Puppet January 29, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    Dave, you’re forgetting what the E in BET stands for: entertainment. You can’t expect the hard, cold truth to be told on a network who’s very name implies double standards & racism. I guess they believe Maxine Waters will be entertaining. And they will be wrong. And usually what passes for entertainment on that network, is incredibly lame.

  5. Jackie Puppet January 29, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    Today, I listened to some of the most riveting & informative podcasting I’ve ever heard.

    Jerome Corsi was “decoding” some recent Q Anon postings this past weekend, and it was absolutely fascinating!! Even more so than what some of Dave’s guests bring on his show.!


  6. Stan January 29, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    You should never think that the deep state is close to being defeated just because Trump has done a few things to move against it. The U.S. is signed on to Agenda 21 (deep state x 100) and the UN is moving ahead full tilt implementing it. 90% of the earths governments are signed on to Agenda 21. China, Russia, UK, France, Canada, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Mexico, Belgium, Australia, you just about name it. All on board with UN Agenda 21. What is Agenda 21? Just planet wide tyranny that controls every single thing you do, that’s all.Yes, they will make use of FEMA camps. Take a look at this to see for yourself.


  7. Sandy Wilson January 30, 2018 at 5:01 am

    The word “Democratic” needs to be changed to “Demon-cratic”. It explains their methods much better.

  8. Kathy January 30, 2018 at 8:19 am

    Right. Lets see what Oprah has to say when they tell her that she has to sell/get rid of her empire like they did to Trump.

  9. Islanders January 30, 2018 at 11:31 am

    Trump, Hillary. Same devils. Different levels.

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