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The Eight Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide (Part 4)

genocide removal 2Parts one, Part two and Part three of this series examined the first six stages of an eight stage paradigm which historically leads to genocide. The framework used for the analysis was based upon a paper written by Greg Stanton which was presented as a briefing paper for the State Department in 1996 in which he postulated that genocide progresses through eight states. The fundamental research question posed by this multi-part series “Is the United States preparing for a mass genocide against selected segments of its population?”

Unfortunately, and most disturbingly, the United States fully meets the criteria for the first six stages of the eight stages.

The fourth part of this series examines the seventh stage in this paradigm, namely, extermination.  

 Stage Seven: Extermination

The good news is that mass exterminations of American citizens is not being overtly carried out by the present administration. I know that many people will say that the genocide has already begun and they will undoubtedly bring up the subjects of Chemtrails, GMO’s, Fluoride, etc.  I am not denying that these variables and several other toxins are not having a deleterious impact on human health. However, the only topic under investigation in this series is the question of mass murder being carried out by government sponsored entities against selected elements of the population.  

Although there are no exterminations taking place on American soil, the first three parts of this series lifted the covers off the bed and it is clear that our country is on a train which is gaining momentum, having passed six stages on the way to genocide. The trains next stop is unquestionably extermination unless the American people can launch an amazing rally and take back the country. However, at this point, it would probably take a civil war to take America back because our country has become such a nation typified by passivity that it probably does not have the collective guts to rise up and fight back because most of us still have food on our collective tables. Meanwhile as the train races toward genocide, it i0s gaining momentum.

What Will the Extermination Look Like?

The best predictor of future events are past events. On that basis, let’s take a short look ahead as to how Stage Seven, Extermination, could potentially look like to many Americans, when it finally unfolds.

Our Future?

It is the Christmas season of 2014. A lot has happened in the past year. The trigger event leading to the trouble that we are presently in started when the banks closed their doors when it was announced that Iran had planted a computer virus which brought down the computerized banking system. Actually, that was a lie. It was another in the long line of false flag events which was designed to help the globalists gain control over everything.


Get Your Money Out While You Still Can

Get Your Money Out While You Still Can

At first, personal banking assets were frozen and then they just disappeared. Most Americans were left without the means to pay their mortgage, or to buy food and medicine. Then the rioting and looting began, and martial law was declared. War was simultaneously launched and Iran was attacked which brought Russia and China into the conflict.

The first stage of the Extermination stage was underway when the bankers, who have seized control over the government, left the entire western half of the nation exposed to invasion. By prior agreement, the Chinese, fully in control of the Panama Canal, began moving north and eventually entered the America’s underbelly in the Southwest. The Russians crossed the Alaskan Land Bridge and decimated Alaska and Northwest Canada.  

genocide ssIn a replay of the SS Nazi death squads entering Russia in 1940, entire geographic areas were targeted for extermination by the conquering hordes. Many in the West and the Northwest were summarily executed by the death squads. Many were rounded up and sent to camps where they worked as slave labor until they were no longer needed and were subsequently eliminated. By prior arrangement, the Chinese and the Russians do not enter into the Eastern two-thirds of the country. The Agenda 21 dream of turning the entire west into a wilderness wasteland was realized.

In the Eastern two-thirds of the country, the martial law government let the people stay in their homes so long as they deeded their house back to the bank. It became illegal to store more than three days of food and water. Americans were forced to turn in their guns. Any citizen caught with a gun was committing a capital offense and public executions were summarily carried out. Everyone, even the disabled, were assigned to work brigades. Some work brigade duty consisted of going to your regular job. Most work brigade duty consisted of performing work for the government. Food and gas was rationed. A dusk to dawn curfew was instituted. Two separate drafts, a public sector military draft and private sector government/NGO draft, were instituted (i.e. slaves to the corporations). Despite the horror that had become America, your family had somewhat adjusted until the day your six year old repeated something you had said about the “old” American Constitution at school. The teacher reported your family to the Principal, who in turn, filed an electronic “see something-say something” report with the Department of Homeland Security. You were now a target for re-education and that meant being sent to a camp. Yet, your family was totally unaware of what was coming based upon the innocent statement of your child.

genocide removalsIt is 4AM, and an armored personnel carrier, with a “Department of Homeland Security” emblem displayed on the driver’s side door, accompanied by three black canvass covered trucks pulls up in front of you home. A dozen well-armed men quickly exit the vehicle and train their guns on the windows of your home. Another team exits one of the trucks and forms a protective perimeter for the black garbed terrorists surrounding your house. The troops on the perimeter were tasked with arresting anyone of your neighbors who peers out the window or worse yet, might be videotaping the proceedings. These government terrorist events have happened enough times before that most of the people know not to look out their windows when they hear noises in the early morning hours. With the lights off in the house, the parents run to their children’s rooms to make sure they do not look out the window. Your neighbors remain quiet and are just relieved that the wolf has passed by their door one more time.

genocide break down doorYou and your family are fast asleep when the battering ram breaks down your front door. By predesign, from the schematics of your home, the heavily armored swat team enters every bedroom yelling and screaming. Everyone in your family is awakened with a gun pressing against their body while the intruders are incessantly yelling commands designed to terrorize and gain compliance from your family. The government terrorists would prefer not to kill you in your home, but they will not hesitate to do so if you resist.   

Your family members are immediately bound and gagged, so that when they rush you from your house, to the waiting transport trucks, your screams of terror cannot alert your neighbors as to the reign of terror that is occurring in your peaceful neighborhood.

genocide truck 2Scantily clothed and with no shoes on your feet, you are boarded onto one truck, you attempt to yell to your children that you love them because you know the drill, as you know that you will never see them again. But your muffled sound, goes unheard by your children thanks to the gag covering your mouth. Your spouse is boarded onto a second truck and your children onto a third truck. All are shackled including the children. Then the trucks quickly speed off into the night.

genocide trainYou arrive at a processing center and are dressed up in a prison uniform. You are taken into a room and injected with a microchip which contains all of your personal information as well as a detailed description of your crime against the state. You are boarded onto a train, traveling all afternoon, until you arrive at a camp, the kind of camp that you have only heard rumors about. And at this point, you realize that a new chapter in human history has begun.

Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home

 It is a hellish future that I want nothing to do with.


There are those that will deny that the first six stages are making the seventh stage possible. However, I seen no other conclusion when we collectively examine the hard evidence presented in the first three parts of this series.

Part One    Part Two    Part Three

The fifth part of this series will examine how the officials will attempt to cover up the fact that the American Holocaust has become an historical fact.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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  1. halle lujah May 6, 2013 at 6:12 am

    re: “Although there are no exterminations taking place on American soil” No *mass* exterminations, perhaps, but there are reports of individuals being “suicided.”

  2. Jim May 6, 2013 at 7:15 am

    This horrifys me beyond words. How? How do we fight this?

  3. laura m. May 6, 2013 at 10:52 am

    The church and civic, local and state politicians gelding leaders have become sissified and cowardly and won’t speak up and warn others now while they can. We will continue to slide down because they’re so few real men left in the country standing up. Americans are stuck in stupid and trust in mainline news. Go down fighting in necessary; never be taken alive.

  4. MeAndMyArrow May 6, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Are you reading my thoughts? This is absolutely how I see it going down. It follows all the patterns being put into place now. If anyone has heard “V” on Steve Q’s show…the banksters and ‘bought and paid for politicians’ have their hideouts in Northern Canada accessible only by helicopter or bush planes. Other liars and cheats have their hideouts in Panama and remote parts of South America. They are well stocked and ready. They want a civil war so that they can eliminate the patriots who they fear most. Then the sheeple will follow all orders by the DHS and all the brown shirts and will be used in camps as useless eaters until they are exterminated on site. This is the new America….

  5. European American May 6, 2013 at 11:51 am

    I have mixed emotions about where we are headed and who is headed to where and to what. I am convinced we all live in our own personal universes and juxtaposed to that personal universe, coexisting simultaneously, are an infinite number of universes all created from each of our own personal perceptions of the world around us, i.e. how we see ourselves and how we interact with those various creatures, big in small, on the landscape and the landscape, itself.

    As I write this short note (comment) on this rather obscure blog, which happens to be a small part of my universe, I look out my window and feel waves of love and joy for humanity and all of creation. I can’t say why it’s happening today, at this moment, but it is, and I embrace it all, as being a part of what I want to create and live with, i.e. the world IS as you ARE. The wonderful Sun is caressing me as gaze into our lush green yard filled with flower beds, gardening beds, lawn and both coniferous and deciduous trees, with the backdrop of distant, agricultural organic fields and forests that frame our property. Wild life is teeming with excitement. A soft nourishing, balmy breeze is gently allowing the trees to talk to me. Life is very good, very real and very inspiring, here. I see no evil, no bad guys, only beauty and Grace.

    With that being said, I have guns, and while I have these weapons (capable of minimal to mass destruction) to use strictly as tools for defensive measures, I long for the opportunity NOT to ever have to use them. Killing someone is about as far as I possibly can imagine my soul being a witness to. Taking a life and me being responsible for that end; It’s about as far away from my universe that I can possible imagine. And yet, I am acutely aware of the evil that lurks in all forms and in all places. Maybe it’s not on the sacred parcel of land that I am blessed to caretake, but beyond this cosmic realm, the ominous destructive world of hate and greed and selfishness and death, all is very much alive and real, and, unfortunately well. So, I have these guns that a small desperate clan would kill for, or, be killed for. Strange to even have to go there with this mind of mine.

    What I find so painful to look at is the photo on the right side at the top of this column. The man in a suit kneeling down in front of a pit filled with what appears to be dead humans. About to pull the trigger of a handgun is a military or police man. A crowd of fellow military men are watching, eyes fixed on the violent “moment” when life departs from this mans human form. I’m haunted by that picture. I see myself as both the “giver” and the “receiver”. The Killer and the Killed. I don’t know why but that’s what I see and fell, and it’s goes oh so deep into my soul. Why is this happening? Why would someone do this horrendous act to someone else?

    I’ll say it again. The World IS as You ARE. We create our own reality. We are capable of, at every moment in our lives, every moment, creating life supporting effects or damaging effects. It’s our choice. We have the capacity to live in bliss and happiness or sadness and depression.

    I don’t watch TV, haven’t in many, many years. Don’t read newspapers or listen to the radio, But I do spend time on the internet ferreting out what I perceive the real from the unreal. It’s easy to get caught up in the insanity that the pictures here portray. What one puts ones attention on, grows and grows and grows. I’m very careful where my attention goes. I have to use great discipline when I “travel” in my mind and where I allow my mind to find itself.

    Prepare for anything but keep the attention on that which brings you happiness and bliss. I hope to God these ‘state of the art’ weapons in my arsenal remain unused (against a fellow human being) and behind the scenes. I don’t care to take that Karma on. It’s sticky and has a stench that’s almost impossible to remove. But Heaven forbid, if the need arises, as God is my witness, I will rise up and ask these divine bullets to find the heartless bodies of soul less evil and put a swift end to their destructive ways so dharma, once again, can be fulfilled on this planet.

    Be careful what you desire for. Love melts rocks. Establish yourself in the Sanctuary of Silence, and from there, act accordingly.

  6. arizona May 6, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    THIS can’t be stopped,and most of what was said,HAS already happened,LOOK at BOSTON,any will to resist has already been crushed,the death camps are already built,staffed and supplied,ready for the earthquake to happen,the RUSSIANS and CHINESE are here and waiting for ORDERS to attack,THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are sound asleep and WILL NOT EVEN see it coming,and THE ONES WHO DO,will go along to get along,AMERICA ended the DAY KENNDEY was murdered in 1963 and america never lifted a finger to catch the ones who did it,FROM THAT DAY ON,the criminals who were taking over america KNEW there was nothing to worry about,america had turned into cowards and would not fight…………….THE LORD said I’am going to POUR OUT A BUCKET OF BLOOD ON AMERICA,they like ,hate death ,and war in other countries who can’t defend themselves,LETS see how they like it in the streets of america………..GET CLOSE TO THE LORD..”NOW”..AMERICA IS ABOUT TO END BADLY………………..

  7. arizona May 6, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    IF you live in a city,MOVE NOW,and not near the coast,the earthquake will happen as NIBIRU passes,and the government is waiting ,as soon as the earthquake is over,the foreign military,and DHS will be on us,NO FOOD,WATER,POWER,NOTHING,they plan to use the POLICE GANGS and MILITARY to round up anyone they don’t like,the rest will go to the fema death camps willingly,IF you take the mark of the beast,its the wedding ring of LUCIFER,your done forever,YOUR OUT OF TIME,get ready NOW,or you may lose your entire family…………………..

  8. btruth May 6, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Get right with the Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 6:10 Isaiah 54:17

  9. Andrew Mackinnon May 6, 2013 at 2:34 pm


    We fight this by informing as many people about it as possible who we trust not to harm us. By spreading the knowledge of what is really going on, so that more than half the population is aware of it, we can bring their plans to a grinding halt. I would estimate that at least 20% of the population of the USA is now aware of what is really going on, thanks to the tireless efforts of people like Dave Hodges.


    Andrew Mackinnon

  10. Buh-Bye May 6, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Jim (above),
    you pray and ask Jesus to come into your life so you won’t spend an eternity in hell. Then, you don’t love your life to the death and you’ll win a crown in Heaven. We’re all going to die anyway, including lots of folks in car accidents. Face it, we all die. Where do you want to spend eternity?

  11. Tim May 6, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    Nobody really gets it, do they? We have “Mr Karma” in his idyllic European hideaway spouting infantile drivel about dharma and parallel universes, Laura saying that everyone’s sissified, others wanting to spread the word, etc. Here’s the word that needs spreading. JEW. Yes, the J-word. Ooh dear. Those poor jews. That awful Holocaust. I suggest that everyone here begins their education about these loathesome people. Check out BroVids.com, and see what’s really happening. They’ve done it many times before. In Persia during Xerxes’ reign, when “Mordecai and Esther” ( read Marduk and Ishtar, the gods of hell ) managed to holocaust 70,000 Persians; which they still celebrate today in their vile feast of Purim; the same day they strangled those who opposed them in WW2, leaving them hanging on the ropes for an average of 15 minutes before they died. The 50 million they holocausted brutally and satanically in Christian Russia, under the unspeakably vile jewish Cheka. The Palestinians whom they murder and maim and starve day after day even today as you are reading this. Rachel Corrie, the American hero whom they bulldozed into the ground as she defended a Palestinian doctor’s house. But no Spielberg movie for her. She was opposing the Synagogue of Satan. The 10 million Ukrainians they starved to death in 1932. The survivors of the Liberty whom they machine-gunned in the water as they tried to escape their bombed and burned ship.
    These are the people who now control the DHS and every other institution of state. These are the people, who, as alleged victims of Nazi disarming and subsequent “holocaust” now want to disarm you. Has Diane learned nothing from the history she would have you believe? Or is she simply a classic jew, ie a liar and a murderer?
    Read the Talmud. They HATE you. You are not even human to them. They HATE the Lord Jesus Christ. THEY WANT YOU DEAD. Then, a new world order. Do you understand nothing? This is what’s coming. The Bible has told you, but no, “We are in the post-Christian age”. We are now so clever and grown up, we don’t need primitive superstition any more.
    Not so.
    A great Tribulation is at the door.

  12. Wayne Pacific May 7, 2013 at 12:00 am

    This article is a bullshie fantasy left over from the 1950’s coldwar. Russia will not invade America. They have a small population and will have trouble defending what they now have. They can not expand into north America.

    There could be a genocide of Americans ,but it will not involve Russians, unless we very foolishly attack them first.

    It will involve DHS with their minority member troops rouding up white Americans and others too. All under trhe direction of Bolshevik type Jews (neocons). It will also involve food shortages and starvation as well – like the Holodomor in the Ukraine

  13. Han Solo May 7, 2013 at 6:34 am

    I don’t encourage violence, but this chilling video I came across may very well be a glimpse into the future if things slide much further

    “Land of the Free”

    There is also the independent film “Gray State”, which is under production and meant as a wake up call.

  14. bobd76 May 7, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Gold. Gold has and has had great value to every civilization on Earth for as long as civilization has existed. Why? If the earliest civilizations began as nomadic hunter-gatherers giving up following herds of game for farming and animal husbandry in settled locations why would these primitive people spend any amount of time or effort in trying to accumulate gold? Gold is too soft a metal to make a practical hoe, or shovel, or ax, or spear. Copper was the first metal worked into a useful tool. The concept of an alloy like bronze was a huge leap forward. Iron, the next step better still. Where did the concept of an alloy like bronze come from in the first place? While all of this was going on people from all manner of disparate locations still valued gold. Gold’s real worth is as an electrical conductor. Did primitive farmers need to conduct electricity? There is a school of thought that says that the grid of pyramids and obelisks located at energy grid points throughout the world were used to transmit power without wires, but any machine using this power would require wiring so gold may have been used in such equipment. So who built the power grid and the machines that it serviced?
    There has been an experiment conducted at the University of Moscow that began in the eighteen hundreds and was still going on fifteen years ago, I do not know if it continues today, that attempted through hybridization to change a wild form of rye into the domestic variety grown today. They had no success in all of that time. Most of the major food crops we eat have been altered to make them into what they are now, supposedly by primitives through hybridization. The problem with this theory is that the alterations are so drastic that they could only have occurred through genetic modification. Did our primitive ancestors decide one day that to make a more nutritious food source out of a wild grass that they would break out their electron microscope and alter said wild plant into modern wheat? Who was it exactly that decided that they would like to have a little yapping annoyance follow them around all day so they would turn a timber wolf into a chihuahua? Just how did they manage that one?
    Genetic engineering is a relatively new field for us, but it would seem that somebody was well aware of genetic modification in the ancient world. Since every human on Earth can trace its ancestry back to a single female from Africa about 200,000 years ago, and since the records of the activities of the Anunaki found in ancient Sumer account for all of these questions, why are these records not taken seriously? I realize that these accounts of our history deviate from those of the Bible, and I am sorry that this upsets so many people so much, but we are in trouble here, really big trouble. It is time too stop believing in fairy tales and face facts. The Anunaki were not a myth. They were the geneticists that altered the plant and animal life here, including us.
    Let us now apply some simple logic. The Anunaki first came to Earth 450,000 years ago. They came for gold. Their need at that time was due to the air escaping their planet. They theorized that they could grind a heavy, reflective metal like gold into a dust and use it in their upper atmosphere to hold their air in and keep their world alive, in other words basic survival. Their theory proved to be correct. They engineered us by adding some of their own DNA to the primitive primates they found here in order that we could do their heavy lifting. This is the source of the legends about the ancient gods. They created us about 200,000 years ago, did some modifications over time, and now here we are, homo-sapiens. Why is it so hard to imagine that this solution to their problem might be becoming problematic? After digging gold out of the Earth for almost half a million years, it seems logical to think that the easily mined metal close to the surface may be running out. Gold is, after all, a very rare metal. Since it must take a rather large amount of gold to line an atmosphere, if they cannot get enough to continue this process for much longer, they must find another solution to stay alive. Unfortunately, in this solar system, Earth would seem to be that solution. Hence, the tremendous underground complex created worldwide with our sweat and on our nickel. I am sure that the Illuminati think that after we are killed off, at least 95% of us anyway, that they will be rewarded for their efforts on behalf of their masters. I bet that they will be stabbed in the back and probably be the first to get eaten, a fate they richly deserve. I have posted this theory numerous times and nobody has had anything to say about it. Why? Give me one alternative to this scenario that makes sense in light of these circumstances. I have an open mind, prove me wrong if you can. European American is right. Thought does manifest reality, but it is a very slow process on an individual basis. Mass thought manifests the reality in which we find ourselves now. We are all part of the same universal whole. We would all have to change the way we think at once to manifest any real change. With the state of universal stupidity that exists here now, good luck with that one.
    arizona, btruth, and Buh-Bye say get right with the Lord. We ARE the Lord. We are all individual parts of a universal consciousness. We will all return to that whole one day, why be in such a hurry? There must be a reason to be here now, can it really be to live through the miserable experience that Dave describes in this article? It seems to me that if the Anunaki need a place to live, and since the existing underground seems to suit them, and since they are for all intents and purposes responsible for our existence, at least at this level of development, perhaps a compromise can be reached. Why not share the planet? We could stop destroying the environment. We could stop overpopulating. We could stop slaughtering each other with wild abandon as we have done for all of history. We could attempt for just once to be reasonable. First though, we must not allow what is coming to happen. We must resist, but we must do so as peacefully as possible. We must not give up our guns. We must not allow ourselves to herded into any camps. We must not riot. We must not do anything that plays into their scenario. We must simply say no. No, you cannot have my means to defend myself, but I do not wish to use it against you. If we must endure some hunger, then we must, but we must not provoke retaliation by looting or rioting. We must try and help each other out, to survive whatever they try to throw at us but refuse to cooperate. Passive resistance is the only way we can win. They probably can get American soldiers to shoot us down if we point our weapons at them, but if we simply sit peacefully and say no, we can win them over. I find it hard to believe that any member of the US military really wants to fire on American citizens. I am hoping that this proves to be the great error in the Illuminati’s calculus. If there are foreign troops here I hope the same proves to be true for them. The Russians and Chinese are not savages, I tend to think that they will not kill women and children simply because they are told to. We cannot win a shooting war, we are too outgunned. Passive resistance worked for India, maybe it can work for all of us.


  15. halle lujah May 7, 2013 at 7:52 am

    re: “we all live in our own personal universes … created from each of our own personal perceptions of the world around us” Well, if that is the case, why do you need to “have guns … to use strictly as tools for defensive measures” ? Why would your personal perception of the world include the need to defend yourself from people attacking you? If you create your own reality, just create a safe one!

  16. European American May 8, 2013 at 9:50 am

    @ Tim
    stick with your fear-based “primitive superstition”.

    @ halle lujah
    “Why would your personal perception of the world include the need to defend yourself from people attacking you? If you create your own reality, just create a safe one!”

    That’s a very good question.

    I am creating a “safe one” through the conscious choice I have made with the tools at my disposal, based on my own level of Consciousness and my experience living in multiple “personal universes”. Even though I am acutely aware of the fact that I create my own universe, I’m still responsible for my past actions (that would be “Karma drivel” for Tim) and so, to cover my bases, I have these tools for defensive measures. Will I need to actually use them? That depends. Would I use them on someone, let say, Tim, if he was a “dark” intruder with bad intent? Only if every other non life threatened method to neutralize his actions for that particular situation were considered.

    You’re assuming that a “safe” reality is devoid of guns or people “attacking” me? A contradiction may appear, based on the fact that we all have our service to duty in this life, however that role might manifest. I may feel opposed to the killing of someone, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. If it does, it’s by conscious choice, a by-product, the fulfillment of ones universal destiny, again, Dharma, for Tim. The Key is not to be motivated by Fear (the Talmud wants me dead). They feed on fear because that’s how they control and manipulate the masses. Tim thinks it’s the “J’s”, when in reality, ultimately, it’s the Zionists. (Yes, there are many evil jews, just as there are many evil christians) Zionism is the dark force that manifest both in Jews and Christians, and the like. Their end is coming. We all have our role to play in that process. The only “safe” place to be to participate in their destruction is to be established in the Self, where fear does not overshadow ones actions. So, back to your points, I’m not “afraid” of being attacked. If it happens I will use my guns as they are meant to be used; as tools for the removal of Darkness (inspired by the Light), i.e. fearlessly, automatically, naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously. Safely performing ones duty and killing another human being, might seem like a contradiction. They are in a sense. The concept is so diametrically opposed to the nature of life, however, in the present world we live in, where “right is wrong” and “wrong is right”, extreme measures are necessary to bring balance and harmony once again, to the inhabitants of this planet.

    Knowledge is structured in Consciousness and Knowledge is different in different states of Consciousness.

  17. in gratitude June 8, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    To bobd and European American,
    I’ve had this page open on a tab in my browser for weeks, and i dont think its just by chance that i happened to click on it and scroll down to the comments at the moment i did. I’m not sure how to explain it…
    i feel like not attempting to reach out and speak to either, or both of you further would be a mistake, so if you happen to see this..say something. I’ll be sure to check back..

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