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The Globalist Media Is Facing Extinction-The War for Control of the Internet

With what is happening to social media and Hollywood in general, you think the liberals, if they wanted to make any money, would get a clue and change their ways and stop the blatant censorship and extreme propaganda. But no, even the Justice League has gone rogue. That is right, the Justice League used to pledge allegiance to America and now the new movie curses America. The “terrorist” in the movie wears a MAGA shirt. I am not joking, the trapppings associated with President Trump are attacked in the new Justice League movie. And the trusted authority figures are all from the United Nations and not the United States.

There is no difference in the extreme propaganda being put forth by the social media and Hollywood. They all serve the same Deep State. Today, the Deep State is in a panic and that panic is refleted in the extreme censorship and and data-selling policies of these globalists.

The Spotlight Is On the Globalist Media

Both Hollywood and social media (eg Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google), are in the same predicament. Social Media just completed a round of Senate hearings where they were grilled by the likes of Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz tried to get the social media giants to admit that they are “open forums”, yes or no. Yes or NO. YES OR NO!  After several minutes of grilling the represenatives of Twitter, Youtube and Google, they refused to answer. This is criticially important. If these social media giants are an open forum, as I learned by watching C-Span’s coverage of the Cruz inquisition, then they cannot legally censor. If they censor, then they are not open forums. IF they are not open forums, then they are responsible for any upload to their respective platforms. This means, they could be fined and even prosecuted if someone were to upload child porn to their site. This could mean jail-time.

How did the Cruz inquisition turn out? All of the social media giants answered in the affirmative that they are indeed open forums, but they all have community guidelines that the users must follow. Thme the DOJ gets involved, as various Trump  officals have hinted, these community guidelines, that Youtube is famous for, and what they use as an excuse to censor.



Facebook has lost $20 off of their stock price. They have lost billions of dollars. Mark Zuckerberg made i worse by banning Cambridge Analytica. It has been discovered that Facebook

Now there is a massive lawsuit in which Facebook has failed to stop the use of their colleccted data on tens of millions of Facebook users.   Bloomberg is reporting that there is a plethora of law suits. Many of you will be contacted to participate in this law suit.

Facebook was required to let its customers to opt out of having their data shared. They have not. Neither have the other social media outlets.


The social media giants are having Washington breathe down their throat. The movie industry has experienced a 25% loss of attendance. Facebook is bleeding money. Twitter has competition. People are beginning to turn to other search engines other than Google.

The worm has turned and the media arm of the globalsists are getting their lunch handed to them. We need to participate in the attacks upon these liberal media outlets.

Add these facts to the development that sees the news agencies and TV viewing rating in the toilet. The war is on for the control of the Internet.


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  1. Carol March 22, 2018 at 8:37 am

    Doing what I can- Duckduckgo as a search engine, using virtual shield, and anyone posts anything about gun control or liberal propaganda of any kind on my facebook feed I report it back to FB as hate speech (haha bet they didn’t expect that) because hate speech is what it is. I joined the NRA yesterday and paid with PayPal (I’m not a gun owner, by choice because of young kids in the house and I just haven’t had the appropriate safety training, yet). I joined the NRA because I support the constitution and the second amendment. So I joined in the morning and paid with Paypal, and the automated calls started coming from Paypal by evening that there is fraudulent activity on my account. Because I used virtual shield I’m showing up as having joined the NRA from some other part of the country and Paypal want to know about it. I’ve used Paypal many times under virtual shield, showing me as using from some other state in another part of the country with no questions out of Paypal, and “fraud alerts”. No questions until I used Paypal to join the NRA. The automated fraud calls came in hourly until I called them back to say no, that’s not fraud I did join the NRA.

  2. Tommy March 22, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Globalist media is a polite way of saying Jew ran media. Look into it. You’ll see 80% of these “journalists” are Jewish and explains why they are leftist propagandists. Look into who owns or the executives in the Fake News MSM and you’ll see it’s about 80% Jewish ran. Something stinks in Denmark.

  3. mary March 23, 2018 at 9:14 am

    I have no sympathy for the media giants (online or offline). They weren’t satisfied making boatloads of money promoting deception, propaganda and delusions. They labored night and day to get the second amendment overthrown. I doubt they are done with that one. The left-wing media along with politicians, judges and other bureaucrats have been working night and day to overthrow religious freedom under the First Amendment. Oh. But that wasn’t enough for them. The powers that be decided they had a monopoly over what we say or have a discussion about in public.

    Sorry folks. You can’t strip us of our God-given liberties and get rich all in the same breath. So keep up the good work of putting yourself out of business. You’re doing a bang up job. Maybe we can get back to “real” journalism and wholesome, educational family entertainment.

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