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The Importance of October 17

Dave Hodges

October 16, 2013

The Common Sense Show


The internet chatter which states that Obama is going to get Congress to impose a 1% transaction tax is going viral on the internet. When this news arrives in your email box, delete this erroneous email the same as you would any other spam.  The email would have you believe that while you were sleeping, the government planned to introduce a 1% transaction tax which would tax every single transaction in the United States from direct deposit to ATM withdrawals to social security payments. The bill, labeled HR 4646 did indeed propose to impose this requirement upon all financial transactions in the United States. The fact of the matter is that this bill was proposed in 2010 and it died in committee without ever being voted on. This concept was resurrected in 2011 and it, too, died in committee without ever being voted on.

It is likely that this internet urban legend was planted to take attention away from what is really going on and divert America’s attention away from some very real potential dates with disaster. Again, I repeat that the administration’s intent to impose a 1% at this time, is not true! However, what is true is the fact that there is much more tyranny being planned for the American people that is largely flying under the radar.

The Significance of October 16

October 17 is the first date we need to be concerned about with regard to the potential for a false flag.

Up until now, October 16th, the government “shutdown” has only been an exercise in imposing emotional pain on the American people from the shutting down of the national parks to the closing of the war memorials to the beta test of shutting off EBT cards from welfare recipients in their attempts to purchase of food.

I think it is very likely that the EBT card fiasco was a mini-false flag event designed to test the theory that the “Obama phone” crowd would riot on the third day without access to government supplied food. Based upon the results of the volatility of the crowds on day one, the DHS received their answer. Subsequently, I view the EBT care fiasco as a designed test. However, what looms tomorrow, the October 17th deadline for reaching a consensus on a federal budget, if an agreement is not reached, the government is risking imminent default on the government’s loans. 

On October 15th, Fitch Ratings announced it was accelerating its timetable for a potential U.S. credit rating downgrade, citing the brinksmanship in Washington. Fitch would become the second credit rating firm to downgrade the debt of the United States. The impact of such an action cannot be overstated and will surely send major ripples across the vast domains of America’s financial empire. Loan liquidity and the ability to collateralize any debt will be greatly impacted. Isn’t it interesting that one of the three major credit rating agencies would be so quick to act in such a premature manner as to downgrade the US credit rating before the default? What do the Fitch Ratings people know that the rest of us do not know and why is this looming event not being reported in the MSM?

The Perfect Storm of October 17

With the government shutdown scheduled to occur tomorrow. It has been threatened that such developments such as social security checks might not arrive, Medicare and Medicaid may not be honored.  Coincidentally, two DHS/FEMA disaster drills are scheduled to take place both today and tomorrow. As  I have previously reported, the two drills are called the  Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill” and the “Quantum Dawn 2 Cyber Attack Bank Drill“, and are now set to occur! According to the Center for Disaster Preparedness press releases related to these two new drills, the banks electronic systems will be under a simulated attack. In these drills, 1,000 banks are participating as well as several hundred corporations and all 50 governors. This is a major event and the MSM is strangely quiet. The so-called simulated attacks will come from “imaginary” hackers, organized crime elements and foreign national sponsored terrorism.

If something were to go wrong with either of these two drills, you might not be able to use your debit card to purchase gas, welfare recipients might not be able to use their EBT cards and of course, you would not be able to access your bank account.  

If this is not the breeding ground for a potential false flag attack, I do not know what is. The false flag potential for today and tomorrow is just as great as the Grid Ex II drill blackout drill planned for November 13th.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Speaking of November 13th and the Grid Ex II drill, I find it a little more than interesting that the media is beginning to show interest in the potential outcome of the Grid Ex II potential catastrophe. On October 27, the National Geographic Channel is sponsoring a two hour docudrama based upon the notion that the lights will go out for 10 days. And last night, I caught a prepper show on the A&E Network in which a rural based “life coach” was prepping in anticipation of an economic collapse and a power grid shutdown. Why all the sudden interest in power grid take downs?

The Plan B Hypothesis

Based upon the premise that when light is shined upon problem, the rats scurry for cover. I know that the alternative media pushed back the planned attack upon Syria because of the duplicity that was exposed. This occurrence and the subsequent claim to victory by the alternative, truth media, did not go unnoticed by John B. Wells and Coast to Coast AM, as three Fridays ago, the Hagmann and Hagmann report and my show were mentioned on Coast to Coast AM, which noted that the rest of the alternative media served as a catalyst in stopping the coming war in Syria. This sent despots like McCain running for cover while licking their wounds. Exposure can absolutely change the outcome of planned events.

Along these same lines, I think it is possible that the effectiveness of the Grid Ex II drill as a false flag attack may be compromised because of all the attention paid to the event. This is why contingency plans are created.

There is a reason why the following events happened and I think their interconnections cannot be ignored:

1. Alex Jones reports that a nuclear bomb has gone missing from its West Texas base.

2. On the same day, Senator Lindsey Graham states that if we do not attack Syria that a nuclear device will be detonated in Charleston Harbor.

3. Reportedly, a nuclear bomb was “ditched” in the ocean off of the coast of Charleston without exploding. Maybe this event happened and maybe it did not, but what is curious is that the original link to the story being run out of Europe is now a dead link after only 24 hours.

4. Obama fires the two commanders running our nuclear arsenal. One general was personally fired by Obama for using counterfeit poker chips. Are you kidding me? Obama has time to worry about counterfeit poker chips? Was Charleston to be the site of a nuclear detonation while the country became fixated on the Grid Ex II? All signs point in this direction.


The conclusion to this story is that there is no conclusion. Between September 25th to November 13th, there were/are an unprecedented 10 disaster drills planned for by FEMA/DHS and coordinated through the Center for Disaster Preparedness.

Obama needs a game-changing event. He has fired 16 Navy commanders this year  to go along with the multitude of generals he has dismissed. He apparently feels that he is facing a military coup and I think he would be correct. This past May, Obama was attacked by the MSM through the revelation of no less than five Watergate scandals designed to discredit Obama and threaten his presidency. Obama is a dangerous man and is seeking any way possible to stay in office. Remember this scenario, false flag, declaration of martial law and World War III. This is the likely order of events that I see coming.

Nobody can say with certainly that a false flag will come from one these events, but historically, this has been the undeniable pattern when we consider 9/11, 7/7 bombings and the Boston Marathon in which a drill of similar nature to be carried out and the drill was interrupted by a terror attack of the same nature being practiced for. Many of us have the globalist playbook and can begin to make some predictions which have a strong likelihood of being accurate.

The corporate controlled media is even dropping strong hints that something big is coming. And don’t you feel it to? I hope all of you are prepared with food, water and guns. In the face of the abject evil we are facing, I hope for the best for the welfare of all of our families.

One thing is certain, the more we speak of these events, the less likely we are to be victims of these events.


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  1. Discordian October 16, 2013 at 7:19 am

    It is likely that the stolen nuke was actually detonated off the coast of S.C.; thus, the recent “4.5 earthquake” off the East Coast,and the subsequent firing of top command. Perhaps that threat is over (for the moment), but the other certainly remain.

  2. Don October 16, 2013 at 7:29 am

    For everyone’s information…I’m retired and on Social Security. The monthly payments came electronically to my account until 3 months ago. I called the bank and they knew little about it. I called SS and they said that the electronic transfer wouldn’t accept the payment, and they mailed a check, but it was 3 weeks late. The next month, the same thing happened. Finally, after going to the bank and talking to someone with a brain, I found out that someone had copied one of the routing numbers wrong, and that’s why it didn’t go through. Why it worked all the time before that, and then all of a sudden one of the numbers was wrong is a mystery that no one will admit to. Needless to say, that bank is history! So, after calling Social Security again, they told me that the check would be mailed the next day…that was 3 weeks ago. I haven’t gotten ANY mail now for 5 days. Then, after speaking to some acquaintances, I found that the same thing has happened to one other person on Social Security, and another person has not received her disability check. The word out there, is that, Social Security and disability would not be affected by the shutdown, but it seems to be affecting those I know!? This is especially disconcerting, realizing that this is money that we, as Americans, paid into the system, and it is owed to us. And they seem to be playing games with it! If this is happening on a larger scale than the one in my neighborhood, it means that they have already begun to mess with this money and it may be another instance of them slowly putting the ‘screws’ to all of us, not just the SS elderly. Holding back on say, a million Social Security checks, is actually theft because they are supposed to be holding that money for us, (even though we all know that they have depleted the whole system). I do know this: the government is NOT to be trusted in any way, shape, or form, and a wholesale renovation is needed! But we all know that they have made their decision to follow greed and a terminal group of elite, and their demise is certain.

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  4. LiveFree1776 October 16, 2013 at 8:12 am

    You are spot on. They can actually get all that they want if a nuke or 2 go off: 1-EMP effect – no power, no banking, chaos, martial law. 2-who cares about the debt ceiling and the gov default? We would be in martial law and if another country is blamed we are at war. With nukes almost all problems are solved and the nwo gets started.

  5. Finn October 16, 2013 at 8:27 am

    There’s an alternative explanation for all the firings of military personnel.

    Retired Colonel, Douglas McGregor has been on a media blitz over the past few years. His platform? The US must pull back on spending and they must start downsizing the size of the officer corp. Too many high ranking officials. He makes the point that during WWII there were a total of maybe five, 4 star generals. One Admiral!

    Considering other events such as the debt ceiling debate, the EBT experiment, the warnings from the Chinese….. Something is certainly afoot.

    The nuclear thing is scary as hell.

  6. Willard Aztec October 16, 2013 at 8:28 am

    There will be no default on government debt today or anytime before next summer, because that would hit the money people where it hurts. This is another false flag.
    Look for the hammer to fall in another year or so after ObamaCare and Common Core build as many dossiers as possible for total people control. The movers and shakers do not yet have their ducks in a row, they have not yet gotten legal title to most of America.
    Look for things to begin to pop next spring around the time of the four blood red moons, “tetrads” check it out and compare it with biblical prophecy.
    All this talk today is keeping people away from the real truth that only God and His bible can give.

  7. Pine 4 Better Daze October 16, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Are the American people going down without a fight? Are there any Generals or Admirals left in the U.S. military that haven’t been purged yet and have the backbone to stand up to the ‘limp-wrist’ evil dictator in the White House?? Despite a number of “impeachable” offenses, Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama remains in office and continues “the purge” a number of generals and
    admirals in the past year since Benghazi… See The Free Patriot report of Oct. 13, 2013:
    ‘Obama Preparing “My Military” For Next Step?’
    Unless there is a coup d’etat, this country is doomed!
    Not only is this vindictive, tyrannical president doing what he can to destroy this country, he is
    also having U.S. citizens assassinated as evidenced by these two recent reports!!—
    ‘(BOMBSHELL) Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Killed Breitbart and Clancy’ (Oct. 10, 2013)
    “Dr. Jim Garrow states that he knows that President Obama ordered the hits that killed Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart!”
    There was also this WhatDoesItMean.com report about the killing of Miriam Carey in Washington, D.C.— ‘Mother of Obama “Love Child” Gunned Down By Elite Hit Squad’
    (October 7, 2013)
    And, going back to the apparent nuclear “false flag” attack on Charleston, SC—
    WhatDoesItMean.com had this Oct. 14, 2013 report: ‘Russia Responds To Obama Terror Nuke
    With ABM Missile Killer’ (Russia test fired a ‘Topol’ ICBM on Oct. 10th.)
    The report said, “…As previously reported this past Tuesday (8 Oct., 01:58:11 GMT/UTC) an
    atomic device (1-kt. yield) was exploded in the Atlantic Ocean 620 miles from Charleston, SC.
    ….”The American military does, indeed, now fear Obama …as he has become the first President in US history to fire 9 of his most senior officers who refuse to go along with his
    “master plan” for radically changing “his” country into a socialist dictatorship.”

  8. sync99 October 16, 2013 at 8:48 am

    1% transaction tax on Wall Street speculations would be sweet but it will newer happen.

  9. Gene October 16, 2013 at 9:13 am

    Did you see the show set for 10-27 called “American Blackout”? They are really pushing the “media awareness” of how ugly it could be… trying to seed that into peoples awareness so they have some idea of the part they’re meant to play in the coming chaos… What assholes!

  10. george manchester October 16, 2013 at 10:08 am

    My only objection to leaving a remark is that I have to actually add 9 + x to get 13. We knuckle-dragging droolers are not supposed to be able to perform such a complex task while we actually type 4 words per minute.
    All of the above scenarios are possible and plausible. I was thinking on these things this A.M. and realized again that Daniel chapter 2 is correct: God sets up whom He wills, and God deposes whom He wills. All rulers , good or evil, are given to nations in direct proportion to the presence (or lack thereof) of adherence to God’s absolute moral standards. We kicked God out of society; now we must accept the evil alternative, until/unless we repent and confess our sins.

  11. David October 16, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Another spot on and fair warning article…. I am with you in your belief that the exposure of the plans of these hell-bound, satanic possessed “leaders, bankers, (cough) ‘elite'” has a direct impact on whether or not to try to pull some FF off. The darkness that pervades this world and specifically this country is actually palpable. It is not just some “idea” in the mind of us wackos who have eyes to see and a mind to understand, no, it is so real it can be felt. The warnings going off in my head, heart and soul are all telling me to pray constantly. This feeling of “darkness” has driven me to now go through what I have been able to prep and get ready, as odd as that sounds. Maybe, just maybe yours and others efforts to expose these despots will enable us to have just a little more time to prep… The Watchman’s Cry forum (http://www.watchmanscry.com/audio_165.html) did a splendid couple of articles on what type of evil was released on oba…’s inauguration and while it seemed likely at the time I had a rather difficult time accepting it. Not anymore…. Pray, prep and protect with whatever means you have for hell is truly not only at the door but in the homes of a multitude of lost, blind and dumbed down sheeple… dj

  12. duh October 16, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Hi Dave,
    I thought you might want to know this.
    G. Edward Griffin, author of the Creature From Jekyl Island book is an expert on the Fed Reserve.
    According to G. Edward Griffin on his newsletter:

    2013 Oct 10 from Neil B. Turner
    Question for G. Edward Griffin:
    I am trying to find out if the 100-year charter for the (not) Federal (not) Reserve expires this year on December 23rd, or was there something that happened in 1933 that ‘finalized’ it in perpetuity (or until Congress finally sees the light and closes it down).

    Hello Neil. Your second assumption is correct. The charter has been amended so that it does not automatically expire. It will continue “indefinitely” until Congress revokes it.

    This comes from his Unfiltered News Newsletter so I can’t provide a link.

  13. MarcMaximus October 16, 2013 at 10:39 am

    Lot of opinions floating around about possible scenarios and sequence or timing of events that might usher in end time scenarios (false flag drills; dollar crisis; US debt default; financial derivative time bomb; attack on US (plague, nukes, emp); Psalm 83 regional war in Middle East; Ezek. 38 WWIII in Middle East etc.). To understand possible timing, one might consider astronomical events set to take place in 2014 and 2015. See amazing links below for reference.

    • 2014/2015 Mark Biltz (Signs in the Heavens – 2014/2015 on Biblical Feast Days and what it could mean)
    Amazing discussion of expected signs in sun, moon, stars (eclipses) during 2014-2015 biblical feast days period based on NASA software. Mark Biltz shares his most recent research and theories on the ancient biblical feasts and how they are actually prophetic in nature, not only predicting the first coming of Messiah and His death, but also giving us insight into the near future and the Messiah’s second coming. Mark reveals how lunar eclipses on biblical feasts point to the Messiah’s return, and why the year 2014/2015 is prophetically significant. i.e., if his analysis is accurate, this means something big is going to happen in the next few years that has significant end time meaning from a biblical perspective.

    • Mark Biltz on Prophecy in the News part 1-6 Amazing discussion of expected signs in sun, moon, stars during 2014-2015 biblical feast days period based on NASA software.
    1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktEmeY9ztaQ&feature=related
    2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoL1tEsQvk0&feature=related
    3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi_k8_pRYII&feature=related
    4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2luson-p1u4&feature=related
    5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6LqsgmUSEo&feature=related
    6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ebmZm3idQI&feature=related

    • Tribulation-Signs in the heavens, what’s coming (Fox 26) Mark Biltz Part1
    Amazing discussion of expected signs in sun, moon, stars during 2014-2015 biblical feast days period based on NASA software. 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0kf3pEEiC4&feature=related
    2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4V4seOOkUQ&feature=related

    • Blood Moons Mark Blitz part 1
    Amazing discussion of expected signs in sun, moon, stars during 2014-2015 biblical feast days period based on NASA software. 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi78PmRX46Y&feature=related (see other parts at ytube)

  14. hello October 16, 2013 at 10:42 am

    1+1 could equal 11. But the security question to post has the answer at 2.
    OK, so wannabe comedian aside, there is a saying by Andre Linoge (legion), “Oh come on now. Tell the truth, and shame the devil.”
    Keep exposing these RATS and what they intend. Drive them out of the earth.
    Of course there is a saying that a cornered animal will do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to escape. So we should be aware of that also.

  15. Arizona October 16, 2013 at 11:03 am

    THE LORD says OBOOZO is going to release the most deadly VIRUS in four cities ,the worlds ever seen,LA…SF..SLC…NYC….and no one will know they were exposed, till thousands are exposed,and it will spread like wildfire,IT WILL BE FLU LIKE,except this one will KILL in two or three weeks,and NO CURE………………THINK OBOOZO’S evil,he has all kinds of evil things planned for america,THE military has no IDEA what he’s going to do to them,AND THE police gangs are going to get the same thing,only their DEATH at the hands of RUSSIAN,and the CHINESE will be far worse….cause they really hate cops….imagine that…………….

  16. Pine 4 Better Daze October 16, 2013 at 11:32 am

    More on the evil dictator in the White House!!!—-
    This is the latest report from WhatDoesItMean.com:
    ‘Obama Orders CIA To Disappear His “Love Child” After Mother Assassinated’ (Oct. 16, 2013)
    Miriam Carey was gunned down by a hit squad in Washington, DC, and now her daughter will be
    murdered too??

  17. Peter October 16, 2013 at 12:43 pm


    Comet ISON is coming into full view around November and December 2013…..interesting coincidence

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  19. Charleywaite October 16, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Excellent perspective Dave! However, I anemically hope that it is just fiction this time. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight!

  20. Willard Aztec October 16, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Will any of the 9 fired general officers stand up, be counted and tell the truth? If not then a lot of this is speculation. I hope and pray they will

  21. The Importance of October 17 | October 16, 2013 at 4:43 pm

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  22. Ken October 16, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    This link was down (as mentioned in article), but it is live again as of 10:19 PM est. 10/16/13 . http://www.eutimes.net/2013/10/obama-ousts-top-officers-after-nuke-explodes-in-ocean-instead-of-charleston/comment-page-1/#comment-76909

  23. David October 16, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    All I know is that the Fat Lady has not even waddled her big ass up to the stage yet. But, she is on her way!

  24. Ed_B October 16, 2013 at 10:08 pm


    Like you, my wife and I are both receiving SS benefits. We get them deposited electronically into our local CU checking accounts. We have not missed a beat in our monthly SS deposits. Maybe your problems are local or regional in nature because they sure aren’t happening to anyone I know here. I live in the US North West, if that matters.

    People always bring up “social security checks might not be mailed if “. The fact is, SS benefits are sent out by computer, so they will go out unless someone specifically instructs the computer not to do it. If they do not go out for some unknown or trumped up reason, understand that someone has specifically prevented them from going out. While this has not happened in large scale yet, it certainly could at some point. The current regime in DC is definitely not above trying this if they see any political advantage to it.

  25. Cemented October 17, 2013 at 5:30 am

    So its October 17th. Nothing?


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  27. keymandan October 17, 2013 at 7:01 am

    Well, it’s the morning of the 17th, and they worked out a last minute deal to last until January 2014. Pray that your flight be not in winter, and it is certainly lining up to be a midwinter event, whatever it turns out to be.

  28. CINDY October 17, 2013 at 9:29 am

    Some pieces of information that I am aware of. First off I hear that the FEDERAL RESERVE contract EXPIRES ON JAN.1,2014, THAT CERTAINLY TRUMPS THIS COMET ISON that maybe heading our way Dec. 1st. 2013. What I DO know is that there is a number CODE SYSTEM that the PTB use. 1,3,6,9, and doubles and multiplies. Which means that Oct. 2013 thru esp. Nov. 2013, and including Dec. 2013 –are target zone number’s. So the grid test is 11/13/13,THESE ARE MAJOR NUMBER’S!! Just like 9/11, 3/11 ect.
    When you learn these , then you have a heads-up!
    They have been using these number’s for centuries!!

  29. Publius October 17, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Suppose for just a moment the public decided to govern themselves. Could they? I doubt that they could do so. The government cannot even govern the country or control the factions. How then can a retiree from North Dakota help decide issues of peace and war for Belize? Who then determines how many wars are to be waged and with what resources? More importantly, how could the benefit checks go out on time if civilians with no experience of the system start to run the show.

    The machine is complex, man’s minds are simple. The public that cannot govern itself is ruled over by those who can do so. This is called Feudalism. It never died.

  30. Willard Aztec October 17, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Again, all of man’s wisdom will eventually fail. Sure he can make a lucky guess but if you really want to know the truth there is only one source, the Holy Bible. Like it or not, that’s the fact of the matter. STUDY BIBLICAL PROPHECY, it is the only reliable source of truth, all the rest is prideful men parading around saying “Look at how smart I am!”
    Genesis 1 tells us there will be signs in the heavens. Study the “tetrads” just google it and see what our Lord has to say.

  31. Howard O'Neil October 17, 2013 at 10:15 am

    Why Charleston? Seems to me the people who plan to do this would instead choose a target that not only draws world attention to the event, but would also allow the revenue to keep flowing. Charleston / Savannah is the biggest port area on the east coast with a lot of tonnage going thru it every day. It generates quite a bit of money and would be almost impossible to rebuild and recover. From a terrorist’s viewpoint, it would be an inviting target. But, that isn’t who will trigger the false flag event. From a purely symbolic, low budget, high casualty, rebuildable viewpoint, consider Jacksonville, Florida. The only thing this port really handles is cars with a few other minor things, the city is basically broke and on a budget, and recently a Naval ship literally forced it’s way under a suspension bridge. It traveled about 300 yards further and docked next to another one similiar to it. There’s been no activity on the ship and no repairs are being done. The Navy said the crew didn;t realize the tide was as high as it was and that was their reason the ship almost knocked it down. I also find it ironic that on November 2nd, 2013, Jacksonville will host the Florida/Georgia game, with about 90000 fans inside and tailgating, in a stadium a quarter of a mile away. Any comments?

  32. Don Uber October 17, 2013 at 10:34 am

    When none of this happens will you say “I was wrong” or just find another theory to cling to and just act like you never said anything?


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  34. JAK October 17, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    “Sure he can make a lucky guess but if you really want to know the truth there is only one source, the Holy Bible”.

    Pardon me, but exactly who was it that wrote it all down and printed it? Men. The most fallible of creatures and the biggest liars in all creation outside their master.

  35. G October 17, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    Charleston is on/near the 33rd parallel, which is significant to these creeps because that’s the age Jesus was when they crucified Him. Dallas is also on/near the 33rd, which plays into the JFK affair. Ditto Abu Ghraib.

    I’d be looking towards Phoenix for any acts of this nature, for the simple fact that the mythical phoenix is so important to these weirdos. It’s not hard to see how “the land of the rising sun” could play into occult mumbo-jumbo either. Just my initial thoughts… Remember to pray, and keep the faith. And remember that no amount of worrying will stop anything—which is not to say that we shouldn’t be concerned… only that we must not succumb to their psychological warfare. Frankly, these people are pitiful, and we should remind them of that in every way we can. They have no love in their hearts—neither for others, or for themselves. THEY are the ones on the sinking ship—not us.

  36. DAVID October 17, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    This is getting out of control too fast. It’s now time for me to step forward with the knowledge I have. The bible describes in Daniel 11 starting in verse 21 a black homosexual Muslim man who illegally seizes control of the greatest nation on earth. That man leads the world into WW3 and he destroys the mighty and holy people (US). It cannot be anybody but Barack Obama. As the book of Daniel was sealed up until the time of the end, it has now been unsealed. The coded language of Daniel 11 is very difficult to understand and yet once it is explained to you it becomes obvious and self evident. Barack Obama is not mentioned by name in the bible but he is described in great detail in Daniel 11 as well as at least five other books of the bible. I am one of the best biblical scholars on earth. I need to talk to Dave Hodges personally about this off air. I need a phone number for contact. You can email me at [email protected]. To the editor, please do not post this comment. This needs to remain off air for the moment. I thank you for your time in this matter. May God Bless Dave Hodges and his family. Thank You.

  37. Robert October 18, 2013 at 8:40 am

    1. Alex Jones reports that a nuclear bomb has gone missing from its West Texas base.

    This story has not been verified and cannot be verified. Much like the tales and stories that started (and usually resurface every year) in Spring, March/April to Fall September/October in 2002 and continue to present about how Israel is going to attack Iran blah blah blah. They haven’t yet but the stories keep flying around.

    2. On the same day, Senator Lindsey Graham states that if we do not attack Syria that a nuclear device will be detonated in Charleston Harbor.

    Graham was giving a local speech and Graham’s theory was that if we got Syria wrong, within 6 months we would see a war between Iran and Israel over Iran’s nuclear program which might lead to his fear that a bomb would come in the belly of a ship to Charleston or NY Harbor See quote below.

    “My fear is that it won’t come to America on top of a missile, it’ll come in the belly of a ship in the Charleston or New York harbor,” he said.

    So all we have is a Senator that was throwing out some personal fears. Needless to say we haven’t attacked Syria yet and the bomb hasn’t gone off so we know that wasn’t accurate.

    3. Reportedly, a nuclear bomb was “ditched” in the ocean off of the coast of Charleston without exploding. Maybe this event happened and maybe it did not, but what is curious is that the original link to the story being run out of Europe is now a dead link after only 24 hours.

    There is a thin element of truth to this but it was because of a mid air collision in 1958 a nuclear bomb did fall in the waters of Georgia, not far from Charleston and was never found. See:

    This bomb has been hunted for by the government and private individuals for years and never been found. From following the different searches, with the weight of the bomb it is probably under 20 feet of silt/muck in the bottom of the harbor.

    4. Obama fires the two commanders running our nuclear arsenal. One general was personally fired by Obama for using counterfeit poker chips. Are you kidding me? Obama has time to worry about counterfeit poker chips? Was Charleston to be the site of a nuclear detonation while the country became fixated on the Grid Ex II? All signs point in this direction.

    Obama didn’t personally fire anybody. IF this is carefully checked out back in June Iowa authorities started an investigation in to counterfeit poke chips. This is a Class D felony in Iowa. After the investigation the District Attorney (due to the rank of the person involved) passed the baton off to military NCIS investigators. The three star Admiral Tim Gardinia who was alleged to be making counterfeit poker chips was “suspended” and demoted by one star (from 3 to 2) by his direct superior, Gen Robert Kehler who was the top commander at Strategic Command.


    He was relieved of duty at Strategic Command and passed back to the Navy. Being in the position he was and being relieved of his duties in Strategic Command , they first had to go to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (who would have had to approve) then based upon the Secretary of Defense’s recommendation the “reliving of duty”: involving a three or four star rank has to be approved by the President no matter what circumstances. He is know a two star Admiral in the Navy, rather then a 3 Star deputy commander of Strategic Command so he wasn’t “fired” he was demoted and passed back to the Navy.

    Think about it. If you have a person in a highly sensitive area that will forge counterfeit casino chips to feed his gambling addiction, that person is not reliable. Interestingly the casino reported it to the local police, who after investigation and the fact that he was a very high ranking officer, reported it to military investigators who investigated. I would expect no less and I would also expect that he will get his retirement but at the two star rank instead of the three star rank.

    The other nuclear general that got let go got drilled because of some personal conduct issues when he was on a Temp Duty assignment. Meaning the military takes this sort of thing seriously and acted upon it.

    If these individuals new some damaging piece of information on how somebody was plotting some act, they could easily speak out and come forward with their information. Especially if they believed in America and believed their conduct was just and the accusations were false. The fact that they don’t is very telling.

    So what do we really have?
    We have Alex Jones floating a rumor he heard about a missing nuke. Naturally the story can’t be verified or backed up in any way.

    A US Senator then expresses some fear (as opposed to stating fact) while trying to gin up his constituents about supporting a strike on Syria. This fear is promptly twisted by everybody to mean confirmation of a nuke in the harbor. You actually have an element of truth to a ditched nuke but that was in 1958.

    Then you have an Admiral counter fitting (high grade counterfeits actually) poker chips so that he can swindle a Casino in Iowa. He get’s suspended (not fired) by his direct superior. Then (because he has three Stars) upon recommendation of his Superior to the Secretary of Defense who also recommends that he be relieved (not fired) gets passed to the President who approves it.

    You have another Strategic Command general who was also suspended pending the out come of an investigation into personal issues that happened while he was on a TDY assignment.

    Point is that the same corruptible influences that are through out wall street, the private sector and the government sector can also be found in the military chain of command.




  38. BigIron October 19, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    ALL this BS is about actually about our “money” and those who want the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to be renewed, extended, rolled into another agency, or otherwise continued when it expires on December 23, 2013. The Federal Reserve Act was questionable signed into law of December 23, 1913 amide the extreme corruption of that period and given a charter of 100 years which expires by law on December 23 of this year! THIS is bigger than OBAMACARE or any of the planned events designed to keep the people from seeing OR the

    This is an “unparalleled opportunity” to throw of the “yoke” of the PTB/NWO as no “bill” has to be passed in order to End the Federal Reserve as only one of the following must oppose any effort to continue the Federal Reserve for it END! If the Senate OR the House OR the President refuses to pass any bill to EXTEND in any way the Federal Reserve!

    The Federal Reserve is “evil” incarnate; it is a “cabal” of private, for-profit, international banks under the control of the PTB/NWO that has “stolen” the wealth of the American people. One-dollar in 1913 is worth 4-cents today and that is by their design.

    Woodrow Wilson who, as President, signed the Federal Reserve Act into law is said to have lamented late in his life “I fear that I have destroyed my country!” …And he was correct! M.A. Rothschild is purported to have said: “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes its laws!”; the Rothschilds are almost certainly involved in the Federal Reserve.

    It’s time for We, the People, to regain control of America’s money and go after those who have stolen our wealth!

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