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The Martial Law Noose Is Tightening Around Our Necks

Dave Hodges

December 6, 2013

The Common Sense Show


“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

George W. Bush

I am walking through the airport at Phoenix and the public address system tells me that today’s threat level, as declared by the Department of Homeland Security, is orange. I wasn’t sure what that meant except that we were all supposed to be frightened enough to passively agree that the TSA has the right to commit sexual assault against the public. What I did not realize at that time, is that America had been the victim of a coup as a result of events on 9/11 which culminated in a full blown takeover of the government, by the banksters, with the commencement of the bailouts in 2008.

Immediately following the attacks on 9/11, we entered into a state of martial law, in the name of protecting the American people. The establishment of martial law has been incrementally implemented and barely noticeable to the majority of sheep who inhabit this country. However, if you were in a coma just prior to 9/11 and awakened yesterday, you would quickly realize that we have been taken over and the complete elimination of our civil liberties is almost complete.

This is a series which examines the elements of martial law and, more importantly, where America sits with regard to the roll out of martial law. I cannot possibly cover this subject in one small article. Subsequently, I have divided the article up into to two distinct parts.

Establishing the Proverbial Boogey Man

Nearly every roll out of martial law contains a boogey man, which serves the purpose of providing the impetus for society to support the establishment of martial law controls.

In the former Soviet Union, Stalin declared that anyone who disagreed with the increasing Soviet totalitarianism were “enemies of the people” and had to be swiftly and severely dealt with. In Nazi Germany, those Germans who supported the old ideal of the German Constitution under the Weimar Republic, were declared “November traitors” and were considered dangerous to all Germans. In the East German Republic, critics of the government, were called dissidents who were assigned the old Soviet label of “enemy of the state”.

In the days and years following 9/11, the boogey man was Middle Eastern and they were attempting to get on every airplane flight in America. Americans were taught that the only way that they were going to be safe was to trade “liberty for security” and acquiesce to the creation of such Nazi sounding organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security which was reminiscent of Nazi’s need to protect Der Fatherland.

Most Americans are already prisoners of the state by virtue of the fact that we are declared enemies of the state. In fact, some of the activists are living on borrowed time as we are already sitting on death row. The DHS has declared that the war against terror is still alive and well. However, we are no longer waging war on international terrorism, DHS has changed their targets. If you have been declared a terrorist, then you are an enemy of the state by default.


According to DHS, you are a domestic terrorist if you possess any of the following attributes: 

If you are Christian who believes the Bible is the word of God, then you are a terrorist.

If you are a returning veteran, then you are a terrorist.

If you are a Libertarian, then you are a terrorist.

If you are a supporter of the Constitution, then you are a terrorist.

If you are a supporter of Ron Paul ideals of limited government, then you are a terrorist.

If you store more than 3 days of food and water, then you are a terrorist.

If you grow your own food, then you are a terrorist.

If you are a gun owner or support the Second Amendment, then you are a terrorist.

If you question government authority and notice the conspiracies that they ferment, then you are a terrorist.

If you protest against the government, then you are a terrorist.

If you take photographs in public, then you are a terrorist.

If you videotape the cops committing police brutality, then you are a terrorist.

If you make a phone call, send a fax or text message, visit a pro-constitution website, email anyone, post or visit on Facebook, use Google, travel by plane, then you are a terrorist because every one of these actions are monitored under the guise of detecting terrorism.

Do you see yourself on these DHS identified lists? If so, you are an enemy of the state and there are plans to deal with you. If you think you can maintain a low profile and avoid what is coming, think again.

Enemies of the State Are Dealt With

Following the identification of the new enemies of the state, the martial law authority gives itself permission to act against these groups and this is exactly what we are seeing in America.

The Nazis, the KGB and the East German Stasi have nothing on DHS. What would have been unthinkable only a generation ago in the form tyrannical abuse of power by the government, has arrived inside our country and it has arrived with a vengeance. Below, is just a small cross-section of the tyranny which has been visited upon America.

  • The NDAA allows for unwarranted, illegal and indefinite detention of American citizens without the due process of law. Every person reading these words fits into one of the above categories in which DHS declares you to be a terrorist. This violates the entire Bill of Rights. No lawyer, no bail, no arraignment, no show cause hearing, no restrictions on length of incarceration, no right to cross examine witnesses against you and no right to ever be heard from again. Attorney General Holder has declared that Obama can use this act to murder Americans, through the use of domestically deployed drones, and it is presently being done. This act alone negates any civil liberty protections from this criminal enterprise government.
  • Executive Order 13603 gives the President the right to take control over every material resource in America including food, water, industry, transportation, personal property and especially human capital. EO 13603 legalizes state-sponsored slavery.
  • The Patriot Act gives the government the right to spy on your every communication in violation of the Fourth Amendment in order to determine who constitutes a threat to the state.
  • New gun legislation sweeping the country negates your right to self-protection against intruders or an unconstitutionally intrusive government.

Forced Labor Camps

One of the first Soviet forced labor camps was the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp (SLON), known as Solovki. It was at this camp that the idea was hatched of expanding the prison system into a huge network caught on. It was found that prisoners could be used for labor at practically no cost to the state because prisoners require no wages and only minimal expense for room and board. Prisoners could simply be forced to work until they dropped dead. As you will see later in this article, we are beginning to see the same thing happen in American prisons.

The Gulag Camps rapidly spread across the Soviet Union in the 1930′s. Administered by the NKVD, the Gulag became a state within a state, with its own laws, government and even its own economy, which some speculate may have been larger than the Soviet state. Camps were located in isolated areas, many in the vast expanses of Siberia, where the climate and the land were often fatal to the political prisoners over time.

Most Soviet citizens who were sent to Siberia, never returned.

Detention Centers

Every effective martial law plan must have a series of detention centers to deal with dissenters (i.e. enemies of the state). To some the existence of FEMA camps may be controversial, but what is not controversial is that there are clear legislative references to the unwarranted detention of American citizens which have been written into law. In other words, the practice of rounding up segments of the American population and forcibly detaining them has been codified into law.

Again, the tenets of the NDAA makes unwarranted and unconstitutional arrests and indefinite detention a “legal action” on the part of the Federal Government. As a reminder, EO 13603 calls for the establishment of labor camps.

Regardless of one’s position on FEMA camps, the following legislation speaks clearly to the preparations on the part of the US government.

Back in 1970, the former head of FEMA, planned to detain as many as 21 million African Americans in case of a black militant uprising in the U.S. Readiness Exercise 1984 (Rex 84).

Operation Garden Plot, an operational plan to use the Army, USAF, Navy, and Marine Corp. in direct support of civil disturbance control operations. It has since added numerous elements under the rubric of Continuity of Government, the overall war on terror, civil disturbance and emergency response.

A Bush era Executive Order, Presidential Decision Directive 51, gives Obama dictatorial powers in times of declared, and not necessarily a real national emergency.

Researcher, Ben Stein, stated that The American Legislative Exchange (Alec), comprised of a think-tank of 2400 state legislators from the 50 states, write uniform legislation which “has proven expertly capable of devising endless ways to help private corporations financially benefit from the country’s massive prison population.”  This is state-sponsored slavery.

Welcome to the administration of justice, Gulag style. How this does not violate the 13th Amendment’s prohibition on slavery, is a mystery, or maybe it is not so mysterious, when one considers that the Bush family is at the center of privatizing prisons for profit.

The similarities between the old Soviet Gulags and the American prison system are stunning. Consider the following contained in a recent expose by Truthout, as an unidentified female prisoner at Arizona’s state prison, at Perryville, described her day working as a laborer for a private company called Martori Farms.


“They wake us up between 2.30 and 3am and kick us out of our housing unit by 3.30am. We get fed at 4am. Our work supervisors show up between 5am and 8am. Then it’s an hour to a one-and-a-half-hour drive to the job site. Then we work eight hours, regardless of conditions … We work in the fields hoeing weeds and thinning plants …

“Currently, we are forced to work in the blazing sun for eight hours. We run out of water several times a day. We ran out of sunscreen several times a week. They don’t check medical backgrounds or ages before they pull women for these jobs. Many of us cannot do it! If we stop working and sit on the bus or even just take an unauthorized break, we get a major ticket which takes away our ‘good time’.”

We can argue over semantics all day long regarding the existence of FEMA camps. However, the above description constitutes the definition of a FEMA camp in which virtual slave labor is forced upon a set of inmates. As if it is not bad enough that the United States has over 25% of all the prisoners on the planet, we are now witnessing the sanctioning of slave labor! Further, our legal system has legitimized the practice of unconstitutional and indefinite detention.

I have also previously reported on the agreement between the largest owner of malls in North America, Simon Properties, and DHS, to provide the use of shopping malls as refugee and detention centers in times of a declared emergency. A short time later, the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, all offered their stadiums and arenas for the same purposes. I have also previously reported on the advertisement for detention guards to man unnamed facilities. The guards were to come from the ranks of the military or national guard.


In this part of this series on martial law, the United States has indeed fulfilled two of the tenets of martial law, namely, the creation of an enemies list and establishment of unconstitutional detention centers in which political prisoners could be held. If America has the courage to walk through this series and really open their eyes, our citizens will see that millions of Americans are already political prisoners awaiting final disposition by the illegitimate banksters which hijacked our government in 2008. You can follow the next part in this series by clicking this link.


















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  1. William B Stoecker December 6, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Thousands of potential Muslim terrorists have been imported into our country by “our” government, including the men who bombed the WTC the first time, as well as the Muslims blamed for it the second time, on 9/11. Muslims are a privileged class here and in Europe, where they are allowed to commit crimes and riot in the streets, while the police prevent citizens from fighting back. Our Unpresident, the Obaminable Hussein, has given sensitive government jobs to many of its fellow Muslims.
    Meanwhile, patriots and Christians and virtually everyone else have been redefined as “terrorists.” This is classic Luciferian inversion. Evil is now “good,” and good is now “evil.”

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  3. TTS December 6, 2013 at 8:17 am

    They will take my children over buckshot rounds and my dead body.

    As for the banksters and their minions – Rothschild family, Rockefeller family, etc, etc – the God of Abraham has plans for you for which there is NO ESCAPE. YOU WILL BE CULLED from the human race by the God of Abraham. You will receive many times the portion of suffering, death and destruction YOU inflicted upon the world. Count on it.

  4. michael hillman December 6, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Congratulations Dave, for having the courage to put a target on your back; for speaking truth when it is dangerous to do so. I signed in with my real name; the NSA can trace who I am by my IP address, so there is no hope of trying to remain anonymous. Might as well stand up and be counted. If you read this article, then you have a target on your back as well. I believe it’s better to live on your feet than die on your knees. It’s better to have lived for something than to have died for nothing. Have long considered signing up with Oathkeepers, but was afraid it was a honey trap. Have been trying to keep my head down. This web sight may be a honey trap as well, oh well. I do not advocate violence, but when the first amendment is made illegal, the second becomes imperative. Signing up with Oathkeepers today. It is time to stand up and be counted.

  5. Arizona December 6, 2013 at 8:42 am

    WHEN you take the LORD out of the people,you also take any common sense out of them,NOW anything you want to do is OK,rape ,murder,or just beat them to death,no one cares,THE CHILDREN,are screwed of course,they have no understanding of whats happened,THEIR FUTURE IS OVER,and they didn’t even know they had one,THIS can’t be fixed,ITS TO LATE,the politically correct IDIOTS have destroyed america,THE ONLY THING LEFT NOW IS WAR,if you want to save the future of your children,YOU’LL FIGHT and KILL the traitors and commies,or you’ll go to a death camp,and see things you can’t imagine happening,SADLY most americans are already gone,their brains have turned to mush,they’ll take the mark of the beast,and the real destruction will start,POPULATION REDUCTION,soon everyone will see BLOOD flowing like water down every street in america,THIS IS PREFFERED to taking control away from the police gangs and giving it back to the people,insanity is the rule of the day now,ITS CALLED GOOOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS,because their JUST DOING THEIR JOB,…….even if it involves killing someones family or their children…….WHEN you see JAPAN “FOLD” to china,thats it, americas next……………

  6. Arizona December 6, 2013 at 9:15 am

    IS there still anyone left who believes america can be saved by VOTING,or peaceful demonstations,IF there are,your seeing someone who is living in a DREAM WORLD,the government has NO INTENTION of giving up their new found power,THEY’D RATHER BE DEAD,and their wish will of course be granted,the people can’t be goaded into a fight,because their girlymen,cowards and peterpans now,SO whats next,WELL that should be easy to see,BUT I know it ain’t for the blind and asleep masses,WHO will be caught by surprise,RED DAWN,is going to catch most everyone off guard,THEY be the first ones to go down,ONLY a few will realize whats going on and start shooting,AND I MEAN VERY FEW,the rest will be MURDERED IN A FEMA DEATH CAMP,and this is preffered to protecting their family,and no one will be on their side till its WAY TO LATE,and their being hauled off to the death camps,where they will experiance TERROR ON A LEVEL,not even seen in the NAZI death camps,THIS ain’t aimed at you dave,its a warning to those who have forsaken the LORD,come back NOW or risk being LOST FOREVER,the fema camps will be YOUR LAST CHANCE….TO REPENT and call on the LORD,he will hear you and YOU will be saved……………………..

  7. ShowMeYourPaperz December 6, 2013 at 9:49 am

    The government needs to arrest itself then because I’m sure a few of these apply to them! Hypocrites!

  8. One4Truth December 6, 2013 at 9:58 am

    We are now living in a WROL world. Act accordingly!

    Lawlessness and lying is the name of the game today.

    Separate yourself from this world and system to the best of your ability.

    The beast will starve if we all quit feeding it.

    Plant a garden this spring and OVERGROW the gubbermint!!!!

    We are all now enemies of the state.

    Get the armor of God so you have protection and can walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

    Peace and blessings….

  9. Arizona December 6, 2013 at 10:07 am

    YOU KNOW whats funny DAVE,americans can watch football all day,ON a big screen TV,with a satelite dish on the roof,and have no problem believeing the signal is coming through space to them,EVEN IF THEY CAN’T see the radio waves,YET you tell them the LORD or a guardian angel IS STANDING BEHIND YOU, JUST OUT OF EYE SIGHT,and they will mock you forever,THIS defies common sense,YET the people have been taught IT can’t be, by every demon from hell and that they will believe,HERES a direct quote,from a Holy Bible printed in 1508,AND THE WORD of the LORD(he’s speaking to EZECHIEL the prophet) came to me saying,Son of man,speak to the children of thy people,and say to them,When I bring the sword upon a land,if the people of the land take a man,ONE of their MEANEST,and make him a watchman over them :HE WON”T be afraid to WARN THEM…THERE was a day in history,when everyone had a weapon to protect themselves and their family,from everyday danger,RELYING on A government was never needed,it was a well known fact,GOVERNMENTS LOVE TO ENSLAVE the people,so they used a watchman to over see the safety of the people,and it worked very well..IF you wanted to cause harm on anyone,YOU could bet your chicago money,YOU were also going to meet the village watchman to……………………

  10. iwitness02 December 6, 2013 at 10:09 am

    They push and they push. I bet the restraint shown by the citizens of this country really makes the bankers mad. They will of course keep pushing. It seems as though their slow methodical pace is being disrupted, because it’s just getting to damn hard to keep a secret. I bet that makes them mad too. Bottom line is that anything that stands in their way makes them mad. I bet the sleeping giant has a temper too. As far as I am concerned, the sleeping giant is not the fed gov. The “sleeping giant” is the PEOPLE. The first thing the giant will do is turn up the wick on the lamp of freedom; to better find his way. I guess this is what its really all about. The elite want the lamp extinguished, and the giant wants it to burn brighter. Houston! We have a problem!

  11. anonymous December 6, 2013 at 10:57 am

    The fraud that has been perpetuated on the American people is so utterly outrageous. The US government brought down the WTC themselves, using its own demolition plan (which just happens to involve using 3 underground nukes which had been built into the foundations). If you don’t believe it was a nuclear demolition job, go and look up the meaning of ‘ground zero’ in the OLD dictionaries you have at home. Until 9/11, there was only one meaning and it’s what you call a place that has been nuked. After 9/11, the US government sent people to switch ALL the dictionaries in the world that they could lay their hands on. The replacement books show extra definitions for ‘ground zero’ to obfuscate the original single meaning. More info at http://pastebin.com/ZtRFzqjT

  12. Cujo December 6, 2013 at 11:42 am

    “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” George W. Bush
    I would like to know who he meant when he said “with us”? The goose stepping Republicans, the Communist Progressives or the NWO? Did he mean do not question the Patriot Act, to accept the loss of your Constitutional Rights?

    Yes I voted for him, but lost faith in the aftermath of 9/11 and the passage of the Patriot Act and DHS. Eyes wide open!

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  14. WarriorClass III December 6, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Anytime you feel froggy, Mr. Tyrant.

    Come and get it.

  15. Bill December 6, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    if anyone names are on a list, its there names. the people know who they are and where they are and what extremist democratic subversive group they are attached to, so if they think they can go by there list, theses moron idiots are sadly mistaken. the names of all these whores in the government bureaucracy are out there on the web for all to see and also there ugly stinking red commie faces are splattered all over the whore news media outlets, so i am not worried about my ass one bit, its there asses they better worry about

  16. jim in Florida December 6, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    According to a recent Executive Order, the Federal government will take anything they want that is presently in our possession when they choose to take it. When they want us to do some work for them, we WILL do it. Dave told us a few days ago that in 13 months we will have our homes stolen from us if we have a mortgage. Here in Estero, Florida real estate speculation is exploding just like before the crash. Is push coming to shove? Oh, they WANT us to rebel too.

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  20. Raider December 6, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    1) Pray to God and repent of all sin through Jesus Christ. A right relationship with God is number one. This way when we die, we won’t be facing eternity in hell.

    2)America is being judged by God. Ask God for wisdom in how, where, and when to effectively fight the enemy, especially when they try and enforce their unjust and ungodly laws on us.

    3)Prepare your hearts and minds. Settle your mind to know what you’re going to do, without hesitation, should certain events take place. For example, you don’t want to be taken captive, so stay armed as often as possible and be prepared to use your firearms should the time present itself.

    4) If possible, have a well supplied hiding place where you can lay low, especially when the federal NWO forces come looking for you.

    5) To Mr. Hillman from comment #4. There are successful ways to hide who you are and successful ways encrypt your communications so that even the NSA can’t know who you are. Take the time to research and find these ways if you want.

    God loves you all.

  21. […] In this part of this series on martial law, the United States has indeed fulfilled two of the tenets of martial law, namely, the creation of an enemies list and establishment of unconstitutional detention centers in which political prisoners could be held. If America has the courage to walk through this series and really open their eyes, our citizens will see that millions of Americans are already political prisoners awaiting final disposition by the illegitimate banksters which hijacked our government in 2008. You can follow the next part in this series by clicking this link. […]

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  23. DDearborn December 7, 2013 at 3:28 am


    There is not a shred of evidence that a “Muslims” had anything what so ever to do with 9-11. There is however mountains of evidence that Jewish interests inside the United States, a small capable of neocons and the State of Israel were directly responsible for 9-11. It was this same group that is responsible for the destruction of the Republic. Look who has lead the charge in Congress to attack the Constitution and destroy our economy with 10’s of millions of Illegal aliens. It is Jewish members of Congress who have been at the forefront of this assault. It is Jewish members of Congress who demanding we fight war after war for Israel. It is Jewish members of Congress have are our front demanding we give up our guns. It is Jewish members of Congress that are screaming we must wage war against Iran for Israel.

    Our way of life is being not being threatened by “Muslims” it is being threatened by the State of Israel and thousands of dual citizen traitors who inhabit our government. It is Zionists that control our media, Hollywood, our State Department, our Treasury, Wall Street, The FED, our major Colleges and Universities. Just look at the number of Jews on Obama’s staff and cabinet. They are less than 3% of the population and yet these dual citizen traitors are everywhere. Bear in mind under Israeli law any Jew born of Jewish mother is automatically a citizen of Israel. And this list is long and getting longer by the day.

    Now contrast this infiltration of Zionists to Muslims in America. There are NO Muslim media owners, No Muslims in Congress, none of note on Obama’s staff. In fact there is not a single solitary traditional “Muslim” in a key position in the Federal government. So if as so many Jews claim it is the Muslims, where are they and just how are they doing it? Contrast that with the Zionists that are populate so many key positions in government, business and academia. When Congress considers a new piece of legislation there is no debate on its impact on Muslims. But there is always always debate on its impact on Jews and Israel. Again I ask why is this so when Jews are less than 3% of the US Population? And why is America totally and completely focused on supporting Israel and only Israel no matter what the cost?

  24. Christine December 7, 2013 at 9:12 am

    Lock & Load as my parents lived through the Nazi occupation of Poland and the Warsaw Uprising I know first hand from stories told what this would be like…they will NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!! LOCK & LOAD!!! I am not afraid of dying as much as I am afraid of living under Communist government control!!! We the people have a lot of power and we need to take our country BACK!!!

  25. CINDY December 7, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Well if were going to be totally honest here, what were seeing in America, is a SYMPTOM caused by that LACK OF CITIZEN’S–DOING there part in protecting our republic!
    Granted we never learned this in school, and yes they lie and hide their INTENTIONS! BUT ULTIMATELY it’s OUR FAULT it has gotten so BAD!
    And as much as I despise the Multi-National Corporations , they ACTUALLY HAVEN’T hidden the fact that there BOTTOM LINE is about
    PROFIT at ANY cost! And yet American’s ,STILL BUY THERE STUFF and continue to EMPOWER them!!
    So who really is the NEGLIGENT PARTY here?
    Hence: The “Trans-Pacific Partnership” — at it’s (most likely) LAST MEETING, is happening RIGHT NOW in Singapore! DEC. 7TH,2013
    And let me guess–most American’s HAVE NO-CLUE this is even happening!
    Hell, I suppose if I was a corporation, and I could RULE the WORLD, and no-body CARES to stop me–then WHY-NOT! Since I’d make a fortune!–which is the MAIN FUNCTION of the corporation!
    That’s what’s happening NOW!! TODAY!
    SO CITIZEN’S OF AMERICA –you need to get EDUCATED ON THE TPP & related agreement , The Trans-Atlantic free-trade partnership NOW! — ASAP!!!
    the FAST-TRACK AUTHORITY OBAMA NEEDS to make it happen!
    We need to contact our representatives (after were educated properly –so we know what is a stake!! A HELL OF A LOT!!)
    IT’S not actually a trade bill, only 5-chapter’s out of 29, pertain to trade, and only 1 has been made public!
    HERE are some good video’s on “you-tube” to get you started!
    Trust me, everything you hold DEAR in LIFE, is at stake!!
    On You-Tube:
    (200) TPP’S Corporate Takeover, Your Third Amendment Rights
    Venture Capital: Free-Trade or Hostile Takeover (E16)
    The Trans Pacific Partnership — A Corporate Take-Over
    Please do your part to insure we STOP this Corporate Take Over!
    It really is our RESPONSIBILITY and KNOW one ELSE!
    Remember, our representatives NEED OUR SUPPORT, in able to make a STRONG STANCE against it!

  26. Tony December 7, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Every word in your article is the truth. Truth is scarier than fiction today in this country. The imposter that poses as POTUS has illegally ascended to the throne. The youth of this country has been deceived by the Great Deceiver, disguised as a man from Kenya.

  27. Jim M December 7, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    Whenever I read a new article on this site, I always read the comment section as well. I find it very intriguing. IMO it is a cross-section of people who are awake in various stages. From people yawning and rubbing the sleep from their eyes to the ones who have been awake for a large amount of time. The yawning, they are the ones who are still finding fascination in the texts. I remember this stage. A person finds a “euphoric” type of feeling, similar to the first stages of being intoxicated on alcohol. Then the “in between” stages seem to fly by without much notice. The arrival of the “awake for awhile” arrives. This stage is the embodiment of realization that you have fallen down the “rabbit hole” or “took the pill” and can see the “Matrix” in all its evil splendor. I have to give credit where it’s due. Commenter “Arizona” is/was my inspiration to the thought process that spawned this comment entry. “Arizona” is one aforementioned as a person awake for “a long while”. My belief is that we should cut him some slack, because if we continue down the path (as in the Matrix –the movie– stopping is not an option) “awhile” is the destination. I am not quite there yet, but the interim steps get smaller and smaller. “Arizona” doesn’t believe that hope without military style intervention is possible, and as my “awake” stages march on, his ideal grows in merit. What I’m really saying that whatever stage we find ourselves in, we must remain as a unit with a common belief. If we don’t then the fight has already been lost.

  28. These things need to be said, Dave, and you do it with passion!

    I think we should all be alarmed, angry and fearful about the G.W. Bush and Obama administrations’ destruction of the fundamental freedoms supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution, including the Second Amendment right to defend ourselves with arms if and when our freedoms came under attack.

    Historians and Constitutional lawyers have lucidly documented why the Second Amendment was written. Through a bloody revolution the American colonists had just removed the British government’s talons from their backs, a government that controlled their daily lives, taxed them heavily without representation, and when they resisted, tried to restrict their ownership of guns, while quartering its troops in their homes.

    In 1774 England’s Parliament passed a law banning the shipment of guns and gunpowder to the restive colonies, whereupon the colonists begin organizing themselves in what at the time were legal armed militias.

    Then came the colonists’ July 4th, 1776 Declaration of Independence, followed six months later by William Knox, Britain’s Under Secretary of State for the Colonial Office, aggressive proposal that:

    “The Militia Laws should be repealed and none suffered to be re-enacted & the Arms of all the People should be taken away, & every piece of Ordnance removed into the King’s Stores, nor should any Foundry or manufacture of Arms, Gunpowder, or Warlike Stores, be ever suffered in America, nor should any Gunpowder, Lead, Arms or Ordnance be imported into it without License; they will have but little need of such things for the future, as the King’s Troops, Ships & Forts will be sufficient to protect them from danger.”

    As professor David Vandercoy of Valparaiso University School of Law observed, the Federalist-anti-Federalist disputes over how much authority to grant the central government aside, they unanimously agreed that “government tyranny was the primary evil people had to guard against,” and they designed the Second Amendment to “ward off” that “primary evil.”

    When anti-Federalists voiced concern about the great power a central government with a standing army would have at its disposal, in a Federalist Paper, Noah Webster responded: “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every Kingdom of Europe. The Supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any bands of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.”

    “Richard Henry Lee, who helped frame the Second Amendment, wrote: ‘to preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.’ ‘A militia are in fact the people themselves.’”

    And Alexander Hamilton exhorted: “If representatives of the people, elected under the proposed Constitution, betray their constituents, the people retain the right to defend their political rights and possess the means to do so.’”

    “NO THEY DO NOT! the Obama Administration has loudly declared, turned its declaration into extrajudicial laws and started acting upon them; Americans going along submissively, the majority reluctant, a minority enthusiastic.

    You’ve made the conservatism of your own objectives, like those of the colonists, clear, Dave. However, what you don’t make clear, is that the objectives of the U.S. elites whose interests the Obama government is aggressively defending with oppressive and dictatorial policies are equally conservative; which is always the case when nations, or communities within nations, collide.

    It was a profound crisis in late 18th century England’s economy, exacerbated by the expense of a war with France over ownership of New World territories, which led the British to attempt maintaining their social existence by significantly increasing their expropriation of the colonists with taxes. Moreover, the sizable minority of colonists who sided with England were economically dependent upon a continuation of its control. In short, like the American revolutionaries, the British and their supportive colonists were fighting to maintain their social existences in a context which could no longer enable both factions to succeed.

    So, too, with the Soviet Union and Germany during the 1930s and 40s. The Great Depression was a global event which caused the economies of both countries to collapse. “The value of Soviet exports shrank to one-third and that of imports to one-fourth between 1930 and 1935,” historian Isaac Deutscher relates.

    Russia’s weak and insecure state-capitalist elite reacted to the collapse by joining with bureaucrats who shared their hegemonic status and defending their threatened social existences by expropriating, enslaving or slaughtering, tens-of-millions of the nation’s peasants.

    “Collectivization appeared to the peasant primarily in the form of an expropriation of all his belongings”, wrote Leon Trotsky. “They collectivized not only horses, cows, sheep, pigs, but even new-born chickens.”
    While millions of the peasants starved, vast quantities of their stollen goods were sold in Western Europe to obtain the money needed to protect the social existence of the Soviet elites and continue the country’s industrial development.

    Kangaroo courts were then used to find the egalitarian-minded Bolshevik leaders who directed the anti-feudal revolution guilty of treason.

    Of the 1936 Moscow trial Joseph Hansen documents:
    “Among the prisoners sat Gregory Zinoviev, Leon Kamenev, I.N. Smirnov, S.V. Mrachkovsky, G. Yevdokimov, V. Ter-Vaganyan, Ivan Bakayev and Y. Dreitser. They were outstanding figures in Lenin’s ‘general staff’ which led the November 1917 revolution in Russia, cofounders of both the Bolshevik Party and the Communist International, men who held the highest Soviet posts. Against them as prosecutor stood Andrei Vyshinsky, a former member of the counter-revolutionary, right-wing Menshevik opposition to Lenin’s regime in the early days.”

    Max Schachtman, who witnessed the trials, reported:
    “Volumes are said by the fact that among the accused there is not to be found a single former wealthy kulak, manufacturer, banker, Czarist, White Guard, Menshevik, Social Revolutionary, anarchist, or any other one-time opponent of the Russian Revolution. . . Not a single one! All . . . are tried and true Old Bolsheviks.”

    Once the indicated political cleansing had been accomplished, the Soviet state-capitalist elite defended its hegemonic status by identifying owners of competitive small-scale industries as “Capitalist Enemies of the Socialist State.” Individuals who dared to represent the ravaged peasantry were designated “Leftist Extremists,” and members of both groups were killed immediately or exiled to a Siberian labor camp, where they generally suffered a more tortuous death.

    Leon Trotsky, brilliantly perceptive, and usually, (not always), morally admirable, was among the first to grasp that the hammer would be coming down, writing:
    “In the spring of 1924 . . . I said to Smirnov: ‘Stalin will become the dictator of the U.S.S.R..’ ‘Stalin?’ he asked with amazement. ‘But he is a mediocrity, a colorless nonentity.’ ‘Mediocrity, yes; non-entity, no,’ I answered. ‘The dialects of history have already hooked him and will raise him up.’ ‘Before he felt out his own course, the bureaucracy felt out Stalin. He brought it all the necessary guarantees: the prestige of an Old Bolshevik, a strong character, narrow vision, and close bonds with the political machine as the sole source of his influence. The success which fell upon him was a surprise at first to Stalin himself.”

    The Great Depression brought the same oppressive state-capitalism to Germany. With its economy collapsed, the overwhelming majority of Germans enthusiastically supported Hitler’s program. By enslaving or murdering millions of Jews, homosexuals, Poles, Roma, and others, it not only sustained the social existence of the country’s non-Jewish elite, but that of most Germans.

    Now, there’s a material explanation for the events I’ve described, one which can be regarded as a Law of Politics if one’s scientifically inclined: “People RARELY call true ideas which, if they act upon them as valid, will expropriate them socio-economically, and communities/nations NEVER do.” (Readers might look in the mirror and ask themselves where they stand on this matter). To the contrary, in community, we humans have consistently celebrated the leaders who’s programs sustained us, however brutal and bloody their impact was on others.

    Victor Serge, one of the most compassionate of the Russian revolutionaries, relates that at the very time Stalin’s government was enslaving and slaughtering countless numbers for the slightest opposition:
    “Two million workers in White Russia sign/ed/ a message in verse addressed to the beloved leader:

    “O wise master, genius of geniuses!
    Sun of the workers!
    Sun of the peasants.
    Sun of the world!
    Power of rivers,
    Glory and pride of labor!

    “Peter Vetchora, the Ukranian poet, exclaimed:
    Stalin’s greatness is a halo
    Around the constellations of the firmament,
    Around men and factories.

    “And the poet Kabard enthused:
    Stalin, thou golden sun, thy name
    Speaks the death of our enemies.”

    The year was 1936, Serge notes, and “In Moscow, a market woman was arrested for saying he /Stalin/ was the people’s misfortune.”

    While Germany’s fascist government carried out its own mind-numbing barbarities, Hitler repeatedly received 97 percent of the vote in elections. People walked miles to hear him speak, and young women swooned in his presence.

    What insights into our current situation can the events described provide? I think you’ve touched on all the important ones, Dave. The world economy is fast approaching total collapse. Recognizing that hard material reality, American, British, French, Russian, et al. elites, whose social existences are sustained by major banks and corporations, are reflexively preparing their defenses. They aggressively fight over valuable resources and markets one moment and make momentarily profitable joint investments the next. Individually or cooperatively, they drive millions of middle class people into poverty, and millions of poor into the street. In the U.S. up to 500,000 people are profitably imprisoned for drug offenses every year, most for the possession of marijuana.

    Aware that when the U.S. economy and those of other major countries suddenly break—and break they inevitably must—an international army of unemployed and hungry tens-of-millions will come together virtually overnight to threaten them with expropriation, the United States’ financial-industrial elite is obsessed with pre-rendering that army unable to fight. Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds predicts that 2014 is going to bring an “all-out-war on guns.”

    During moments of apprehension, it’s only rational for Americans to feel awed by the power of the global financial-industrial elite, by their flak-jacketed troops, their drones, their tanks, MRAPs and 50-caliber machine guns.
    However, as members of the elite know well, and fear, if ordered to gun down great numbers of unemployed and hungry people, even those of other nations, the obedience of U.S., British, Russian, Chinese, et al. soldiers is anything but certain. In addition, a minority of individuals who hold senior positions in the intelligence agencies of major countries, and in their armies and navies, already appear to have grasped the nature of the impending struggle. Their blind loyalty to the global elite at the critical moment is also in question.

    But first things first, Dave!

    As suggested in my comment on your December 2nd post, I believe we who oppose the Obama Administration’s actions should undertake a critical examination of ALL the definitions it uses to justify and direct those actions.

    Along with Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Chris Hedges, James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds and others, you’ve rejected the government’s meanings regarding “Homeland Security,” “The Drug War,” “terrorists” and “terrorism,” as well as its denotations of the freedoms promised by the Bill of Rights, in particular, “freedom of speech and religion,” “freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures,” the right of every American who’s charged with a crime to a “speedy and public trial” and an opportunity to “confront the witnesses against him.”

    I submit this examination and rejection must continue, and should include the acknowledgement that neither the U.S.S.R, China nor any other state—enemy or ally—has ever been socialist, let alone communist; that the very idea they were has always been an opportunistic and empirically indefensible conception that served the elites. To be sure, Soviet and Chinese leaders often described their countries as socialist, and probably believed they were. But saying and believing something doesn’t make it so. In the material world, agreeing that the U.S.S.R., China, Cuba et al. were socialist is like accepting the self-definition of a man who calls himself a teetotaling vegetarian as he washes down a filet mignon with a bottle of merlot.

  29. Kenzob Breaze December 8, 2013 at 5:07 am

    They will force us to revolt, but they will not win against 250 million plus armed citizens. Keep you powder dry, folks!

  30. NoSale December 8, 2013 at 8:50 am

    Federal Prisoners has increased 27% (I am not sure if that is the last decade)?

  31. gary December 8, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    I have to agree with prisoners being used as slave labor. They are in there for a reason. On top of that I am sick of all the brats in jail complaing about their so called rights. As far as I am concerned, if you are in jail you should be working every single day as part of your sentence, and you shouldn’t be paid a dime. Those who want to compare this to martial law don’t have a clue what they are talking about. If you think it s wrong to make cromminals pay for their choices in this way deserve to serve in their places. This isn’t martial law it’s just common sense to use an other wise useless portion of the population. Forced slavery of crimminals of every stature is just fine with me!

  32. na December 9, 2013 at 11:14 am

    @ Gary, what sir keeps those who are looking for job security from filling these prisons by deceit as a way to legitimize their need?

  33. Selecto December 9, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Gary..calm down. Do you realize that there are so many laws that can be used against you that every day you are only a breath away from being a felon and one of those criminals you speak of?Yes there are a lot of violent felons that deserve harsh punishment.On the other hand,there are thousands of people in prison that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.Or maybe they were selling whole milk to the public….Just my take on it..

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