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The MSM Is Censoring the President-Unprecedented Attack Upon The Office

Recently, President Trump addressed the United Nations. What Trump told them, will make you will proud to be an American! the UN has struck back with a vengeance as the UN and George Soros are sponsoring the election caravan. This is a lose-lose situation for the Trump administration and the American people. The President has been forthcoming on all of these events and amazingly, he is being censored by the mainstream media. Never before in my lifetime, has the mainstream media censored the President like they are right now.Here is the story.


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  1. TCB November 11, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    I just listened to your latest with Paul Martin and you guys missed a very important aspect of this dilemma that we are in.
    During the Oshithead administration, he positioned BILLIONS OF ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION and ARMS around this country in preparation for what we are heading into now, at this moment.
    We are heading towards civil war, and they are ready to distribute these armaments to the brown shirts!
    You should devote an entire show to the attention to this and to finding out where these armories of insurrection materials are located.
    Come on guys!
    thank you for all you do.

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