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Update On the Pre-Positioning of Assets In Advance of Invasion


There is a major story breaking in the Southwest. As I unfold what I now strongly believe is the beginning of a Red Dawn invasion, with no specific start date, please consider the following press release from Homeland Security:

Gang members and people with “significant criminal histories” are embedded in the massive migrant caravan of mostly military-aged males marching up to the United States.
DHS spox Tyler Houlton said Tuesday in a tweetstorm:
“The DHS can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories,” Tyler Houlton said.
The DHS then confirmed Judicial Watch’s reporting that people from Bangladesh, Congo, South Asia and the Middle East are also traveling with the caravan.
“Citizens of countries outside Central America, including countries in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and elsewhere are currently traveling through Mexico toward the U.S.,” Tyler Houlton added.
“Stopping the caravan is not just about national security or preventing crime, it is also about national sovereignty and the rule of law. Those who seek to come to America must do so the right and legal way.”
President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton called for a criminal investigation into who is organizing this army invasion.
“President Trump should order criminal investigation of how the ‘caravans’ have been organized and financed. Based on our team’s reporting from Guatemala, it is likely Americans involved,” Fitton said in a tweet on Tuesday.
The President came under heavy fire Monday after he said there were “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners” embedded in the Honduran caravan.
On-the-scene Fox News reporters are stating that MS-13 is part of this so-called Election Caravan. When one considers the following information, I can only conclude that we are going to be attacked.

Paul Martin: The Prepositioning of Military Assets Used to Attack America Red Dawn Style

I concluded a breaking, late-night interview with Revolution’s Radio, Paul Martin. Paul has been approached by sources (multiple) with information that there is a pre-positioning of assets that is currently ongoing inside the United States for groups such as ISIS and MS-13 and that these weapons would be used to carry out mass terrorist events on American soil.

From a reliable intel-based source, Paul Martin has learned that airplanes are being used to distribute weapons caches to various locations from Nebraska to Colorado to Texas. The same airplanes are being used, with the same tail fin numbers, but the name of the airplanes are repeatedly painted over. The airline marker can read “Libyan Airlines”, which does not exist anymore since the NWO took out Ghadaffi. The next day, that airplane might display the airliner as “Beirut Airlines”, which also does not exist.  We have the tail fin numbers and we have the airports being used. However, these cannot be released at this time  because this information would compromise the identify of informant(s) and we need the flow of information to continue. And because this is a large operation, we can conceal the identity of the informant.

I thought it best to get this information public because I am told by sources that I am being “observed”. I liver in a remote area of Arizona north of Phoenix. So it was unusual when strange antenna showed up in my immediate area where we have about 300 homes spread out over several thousand square miles. Look at the following antenna that is located near me. Back in late August when I was writing about the Chinese-UN infiltration into America, this antenna ended up near me. In late August, we had what we think was a tornado rip through my area which uprooted large trees and tremendous damage. After looking at the damage, I wen to bed. My wife took the dogs out at 2AM and noticed that a neighbor and another adult were only paying attention to their unusual antenna and seemed oblivious to carnage that was in their yard. My wife related the story to me a few days later about how odd that was. I had never noticed the antenna but when I did it was like nothing I had ever seen. The photo is displayed as the cover phot0.  I had to go to an expert to even publish the photo and we had great difficulty.  I have had a number of people, who I consider to be an expert in communications, tell me that this is a data gathering and transmission device and it is very expensive.  I have been told that I am likely the target of the data gathering and it did appear around the time that I was publishing previous Red Dawn/Chinese incursion material. I was shocked that I would warrant such attention. Well, as I was told, I am not worthy of that kind of attention. However, someone is paying a lot of money to find out who I am speaking with. What does Steve Quayle like to say? When you are taking flak, you are over the target.

The Relationship to Obama and Holder’s Fast and Furious Revelations

When Paul Martin first contacted me with this information, I instantly recognized the validity of the report because I had been down this road before, several years earlier.

Six years ago, and in my last year of coaching college basketball, I encountered a student waiting for me outside of my basketball office following a night practice. She was a student in one of my undergraduate psychology courses, but I could quickly tell that this was not going to be an academic discussion.

Based on a class discussion we had about stress management, the student told me she was exploding with anxiety as she related a story about being one of the daughters of senior level Mexican justice official who refused to be bribed. For the safety of this justice official’s children, it was decided that the children would be relocated to the United States and Caada under type of witness relocation program. She said she had tremendous anxiety about her continued safety. She was only going to spend 12 months at her present location and then would be moved. She also informed me that her father was in a very precarious situation because he was forced to d things like change his security detail quite often to prevent them from being compromised by the cartels who had a price upon his head. I took this information and told nobody until I could decide what to do about it. I advised the student to discuss this wit nobody because she had already compromised her identity be confiding in me.

It just so happened that I had a confidential informant working for my radio show who was providing me with information on a George Soros ally who was flying their planes from Del Rio and Big Springs, Texas to Mexican resort towns such as Cabo San Lucas and then back to Texas. I wanted this information because I was trying to implicate the owner of the planes in another activity, which ended up not bearing fruit. Interestingly, this even brought in the participation John Ramsey, the late father of murdered Jon Binet Ramsey as he was involved in an ancillary part of this triangular trade route. As in the Paul Martin report, these individuals were identified by the tail fin numbers on the plane. This case will heat up to the point that I felt I needed leverage to ensure my safety, so I distributed the information to trusted sources just in case and made it known that I did so. So I cannot reveal the source except to say that this person is definitely not anonymous.

Three days after the conversation with the student, I received a call from the top aide of the Mexican justice official.I also had a brief meeting with both American and Mexican justice officials about the conversation and what was revealed.  The Mexican justice official  informed me that he knew what had transpired and was requesting that I would say nothing about the encounter. The girl had already been moved by the time I got the call. I was asked to not reveal for several months, which I honored. I was asked if the Mexican official could assist me with anything, and I said I would like information on the flights I previously mentioned between Texas and Mexico. A week later, I was told that these planes were involved in the ongoing Fast and Furious scandal that got then Attorney General Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry murdered. Fast and Furious was pre-positioning weapons to be used by criminal elements south of the border. The MO of this operation was nearly identical to what Paul Martin told me about which is why I recognized the valid pattern that accompanied his story.

People ask me how I know so much about the nature of Red Dawn. IF they had been reading what I write and had  done so for four years, they would know that what I have written in the above paragraphs shows that the Obama administration has been aiding and abetting the coming Red Dawn, through fast and furious, from the early days of its existence. What Paul Martin’s source revealed is merely an extension of Fast and Furious.



The prepositioning of assets, the election caravan, troops on the border, being spied upon because of my attention to Chinese-UN incursinos int0 the United States, what other conclusion is there than there are people entering out country with bad intentions. More to come..


FOOTNOTE:  The Democratic false flag “bomb” attacks mean nothing. I have had people approach me, who don’t even vote, and tell me that they think the Democrats sent the bombs to themselves. This latest false flag did not even make a dent. There is much more coming and that is why I have the kind of antenna near my home that I do. They would like to know what I know. Remember  to vote and get your friends to vote. America is at the proverbial crossroads. The Deep State is not going to quit! Are you?


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  1. Tom Johnson October 24, 2018 at 8:35 am

    Think about this. what happened to all those weapons and ammo that was purchased under Obama. Where did they all go?
    and watch when this invasion force(s) comes to the border. Women and children up front, behind them, very bad people. When not if the first shots are fired the cowards will hide behind them. especially if the military is there. all the TV cameras will be pointing at the military say they fired first.

  2. Gino October 24, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    Praying for you and yours. If you need cover, I am in a remote location in the mountains near Canada. While I have disagreed with you on other issues in the past, please do not let disagreements put a barrier between you and God fearing Americans like me that may have a disagreement with you from time to time. We are on the same team. Disagreements should be expected and handled in a mature friendly manner unless you are accosted (verbally or in writing) — which I have not and will not do. You have my email if you need it. Personally, while I understand the gravity of our present situation, I do believe Trump will overcome this and continue his term(s) — irrespective of the rioted elections, martial law, indictments, foreign threats or any other upheaval we are about to face. One thing is certain, things will get worse before they get better. I think we can agree on that. Irrespective, I am here to support you should you need it.

  3. Damon October 25, 2018 at 4:35 am

    yeah probably so. I agree to a certain extent. Norfolk Southern was moving a lot of bradley’s from Fort Drum NY in the first part of October. Seen two complete trains of of bradley fighting vehicles and Mraps. I’d say the CIA knows that Venezuela with cash from Iran is funding these invasions.
    I’d guess it was Robert DeNiro that sent out those pretend mail bombs to Soros & other communist in the country and using Debbie wasserman Schultz as the return address, Using schultz as the return address was kinda funny.
    Wish you still had your live show on Sunday Dave.
    Best regards

  4. scooter October 25, 2018 at 5:53 am

    I have a question as a common citizen who reads this posting.

    What am I suppose to do?

    Am I and other private citizens(volunteers) going to be asked by Our County Sheriff to report with our own privately own weapons/ammo/equipment to be deputized?

    Unless martial Law is declared, I do not believe private citizens will be able to to that. I would think that the volunteers would need to demonstrate the ability to use, qualify and maintain

    their personal weapons. Also, certain types of ammunition may not be acceptable, plus many of The AR type weapons used by Law enforcement are .223 and not 5.56.

    All written above goes out the window in the event of an armed invasion as we under that process and then the military will need privately owned stock and will probably take it.

    There many who would come to aid without question.

    Furthermore, have to consider significant violent terrorist activity that will occur against the public during this time and are states/counties prepared. No, I bet.

    I understand that armed militias exists. I would prefer association with The National Guard or with State,county local authorities. The best way to maintain order
    in a professional and orderly manner.

    Again, not throwing back to criticize , but subject is worth a debate and consideration

    At this time, local people who are armed and millions are, are reduced to unorganized community watch groups

  5. Baja October 25, 2018 at 6:40 am

    hey Dave
    Reese family Fast and Furious scapegoat
    Where are the 1200 plus firearms stolen by DOJ HSI ?
    Where are the 2.5 million rounds of stolen ammunition ?
    The Fed judge said it was all destroyed !!

  6. Captn.Jack October 25, 2018 at 7:17 am

    Dave,what about all of the Mus-slime training camps right here in the US that Obutthole allowed to exist?

  7. AM October 25, 2018 at 7:38 am
  8. Tim October 25, 2018 at 9:24 am


    What building is the antennae attached to? Can you provide a better picture of the building? Is it a house? It looks like something the county owns (?). If so, contact them.

  9. aronellingson October 25, 2018 at 10:54 am

    The truth about the bomb packages, as always is right out in the open in the fine details. If the packages were sent by courier, why do they have postage stamps on them? If they were sent in the mail, then why do they not have a U.S. Postal ink mark stamped across the postage. These packages were never in the mail system. I pray for your safety everyday, Dave.

  10. james k scott October 25, 2018 at 5:50 pm

    Dave, maybe some good hearted source will supply you with something to burn those ears pointed at you.

  11. Debi Colby October 25, 2018 at 6:33 pm


    Have you checked the tax property records to see who lives there. In my state they are accessible to the public via the state govt. website.

  12. Savannah October 25, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    Pastor Sam, who calls into infowars regularly, he’s in Mexico a lot. He reported that Mexico has top military warplanes from China, etc., hidden but ready to be deployed against us.

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