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The Prime Directive: Project Blue Beam




The Ultimate False Flag

I previously did a series on current or recent TV shows that fall into the category of predictive programming. Included in this series was a brief examination of the TV show, Colony, an original production of USA Network.

In the business of factual truth-telling in the face of incessant media lies, most reporters rely on insider tips, whistleblowers and leaked documents to arrive at the truth. However, there are times when events are unfolding and one’s instincts takeover and tell oneself that this is something worth paying attention to. Call the process a sudden insight, a word of knowledge or just a hunch. Whatever we label it, some of my best analysis have come from the gut and the insight suddenly stands the test of time.

With regard to the TV show, Colony, I said the following in my inital analysis.

It would not surprise me in the least if it turns out that the so-called alien invasion was faked by the globalists, accompanied by the roll-out of their secret Darpa-produced technology,  with the goal of installing a brutal global governance and extreme depopulation as the FINAL SOLUTION.

In the show, my assertion that the show was centered, at least in part on a depopulation theme, was validated in Season 2 when it was revealed that that the Authority planned to have exterminated everyone within 2.5 years within the Los Angles Bloc.

My second speculation was that this so-called alien invasion was actually faked by the globalists in order to gain global governance and the imposition of the most brutal martial law in the history of the planet was also validated.

My Area of Expertise

Because I have written so extensively on martial law protocols, FEMA camps and the national surveillance state, some of my readers felt that this was a production that I would find fascinating and they were correct.

The Plot of the Show

Aliens arrive on earth in the near future, although we never see them. It is hinted that while the nations of the world were negotiating with the Aliens, humanity started resisting the planned surrender and riots broke out.

In retaliation, the supposed aliens supposedly took control of the planet and and demanded the world’s governments “fix” the issue with disruptive citizens immediately or they would face extermination. Subsequently,  “Colonies” were created and the new cities of the world were surrounded by an artificial 300 foot wall to prevent travel. The insides these walls serve as a base for the alien “drones” which help to enforce the new martial law with a vengeance.

Citizens backyards are razor wired off so the houses inhabitants stay in their own yards. This prevents rebellious collaboration. People work in labor colonies by the droves. In addition, we see the following martial law protocols set into place:

1-No travel between regions.

2- Family members of the resistance are executed.

3-Random Checkpoints and frequent electronic identity check.

4-No cars- citizens must walk or ride bikes.

5- Slave Labor Camps.

6-Propaganda centers.

7-Selective eugencis-most medical conditions (eg diabetes) are not deemed worthy of treatment by the hosts and people waste away as they often die very agonizing deaths.

8-Host provided drones brutally enforce laws and execution is administered for minor infractions.

9-Forced disappearances.

10-Diet and calorie restrictions are enforced-coffee and liquor are extremely rare among the general population.

11-No internet or cells phones are allowed as they could be used to start a revolution.

12-Extreme electronic surveillance.

13-In season 2, it was revealed that each bloc is not just a slave labor colony, but eventually all humans will be made extinct (ie depopulation). Dissidents are sent to the “factory” for extermination of perhaps even canniablism. 

The Green Zone

In the Colony, there is an area labeled “the Green Zone” and the elitist inhabitants were selected by way of a computer algorithm that was meant to be match people and jobs and determine who is a threat and eliminate them. The most compliant and the most intelligent get to live “outside the rules” in the Green Zone. This parallels how Congress has been bought off by the corporations to look the other way with regard to Free Trade Agreements and illegal immigration.

I have written about how the NSA has developed protocols which fall into line with the creation of a “Threat Matrix” rating system which is based upon a 16 dimensional analysis of all of an individual’s communictions and this is used as a predictive tool.

In the TV show, this matrix is the organizing entity for the Colony. There are numerous references to this gigantic room in which all of society is Why Conclusion

Interestingly, the show, despite good ratings, is on the potential chopping block. Why? Because the message has been delivered.

Sometimes in life, we do not need empirical evidence to know the truth. Sometimes, there is a knowing about such things. I think the TV show, Colony, is a predictive example of what the future holds.

The show makes it clear that Project Bluebeam, the roll-out of a fake alien invasion, is the means to achieve the end goals of enslavement and depopulation of humanity.

I once believed that Project Bluebeam would be rolled out only in an act of desperation. Now I believe empireice1that this is the ultimate, end-game plan. Project Blue Beam is real and the plans were leaked decades ago. Upon reconsideration, Project Blue Beam makes a lot more sense than a nuclear war or an EMP attack because the infrastructure survives, only the people disappear. 

I recently interviewed Steve Quayle about his revelations about Antarctica and this interview make this scenario an authentic possiblity since the Command and Control center of the NWO is in Anarctica.

In case you missed the interview with Steve, it can be accessed here.



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  1. James Stamulis March 20, 2017 at 7:39 am

    I believe if there were aliens that are so advanced they can fly from galaxies away that they would have made them selves known to everyone and they would have forced man to stop killing people and our planet long ago but like Dave alluded to we never really see them and they so called work with our leaders secretly which if true tells me it is disinformation put our by the governments of the world(NWO) and if there are so called aliens they are nothing more than fallen angels. A real intelligent alien would see through our world leaders and would have gone straight to the people of the world.

  2. laura ann March 20, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Good overview. Assuming #7 means no meds for heart disease, thyroid, auto immune diseases, cancer , etc. covering young and old. May even stop surgeries like joint repl., bypass, broken bones, tumors, etc. Euthanasia mandate for those too sick or old to work 18 hrs a day, incl disabled. Decades old movies like Logan’s run, Soylent green and 1984 have some of these agendas, food control, slave labor, no cars, and police state control. Once “space landings” is announced on the news, then we’ll know it’s time for the take down and time to bug out and/or brace yourself for round ups, so you must run and hide somewhere. Best to downsize and get vital supplies and live simply. Sell house now and rent or get a camper. Bank accts may then be tied to debit or credit cards only, and eventually a chip under the skin to buy or sell, and gold, silver will be outlawed.

  3. Remembering March 20, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Reading this reminded me of a dream/vision I had a few years back. The dream was in 3 segments. Briefly it went like this:

    Segment 1) The aliens had made themselves known to the world. There was no more doubt, possibility, or speculation, or cover up involved concerning aliens. The aliens had arrived and everyone knew it.

    Segment 2) Since the alien arrival, technology increased throughout the world. It seemed that the advancements were benefical to Mankind. I remember seeing a city that had a very futuristic look to it.

    Segment 3 I was in captivity. I was in a room with others also in captivity, and we over powered a human trusty that was working with the aliens. We were fighting back, resisting. After we over powered the trusty, we all started banging on the tables, walls, etc with metallic objects. I don’t remember what the objects were, could have been knives, but I know it was metallic. We weren’t trying to make a loud noise, it was the created frequency of the metal hitting what we were banging on that we knew would have an effect upon the aliens.

    Also in the room we were in, there were no square edges; everything was rounded, instead of square edges. That’s all I remember.

  4. Deborah Erbeck March 20, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Started watching the netflix series 3%. The population lives without resources, while the 3% give up their reproductive rights but live in a utopian environment with use of all resources. Those who become part of the 3% must go through a selection process and upon becoming selected must go through purification, which is becoming sterilized. The “founders” are worshiped for their “sacrifices” . One of the high level officials that oversees the “process” leader looks a lot like Maxine Waters.

  5. madelyn camp March 21, 2017 at 7:02 am

    Questions. What about Phil Schneider? Execution style murder in his home. Govt./military whistleblower who loved his life not unto death. Massive alien underground cities/tunnels/travel. They ARE in control NOW.

  6. LanieLou March 21, 2017 at 7:37 am

    Reading up on the Globalist NWO Agenda from the start, it cites the global Warming Scam & if that fails, fake an alien invasion, to force nations to succumb to Globalist rule.

  7. ExposeThem March 21, 2017 at 8:31 am

    If the foregoing is your supposition for future events, then shall we assume you don’t believe in the plan of redemption? The coming fake alien invasion is a prelude to presenting the antichrist as Christ Himself. Do you really think at that point the Elect of God would have much chance for survival if Christ’s second coming wasn’t shortly thereafter? Why do you think our communications are monitored so closely? They are hunting down the Elect of God. They are the only enemy of the NWO.

  8. ExposeThem March 21, 2017 at 9:02 am

    Don’t be deceived. This is a war between God and Satan and Satan is using mankind as his agents in this futile battle. Only a remnant knows their God.

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