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The Real Reason Why MS-13 Gangsters Were Brought to America


The CIA sponsored ISIS/MS-13 fifth column gangsters are coming to your neighborhood armed with IED's, anti-tank weapons, automatic weapons and WMD's courtesy of of the 2014 immigration crisis immigration crisis.

The CIA sponsored ISIS/MS-13 fifth column gangsters are coming to your neighborhood armed with IED’s, anti-tank weapons, automatic weapons and WMD’s courtesy of of the 2014 immigration crisis immigration crisis. They are lying in wait and it is becoming apparent the President’s concern over MS-13 is based on intel that something big is coming. 

After four years of me writing about the dangers posed by MS-13, the mainstream media is actually giving this subject attention. Fox News, via Tucker Carlson, is running a week long series on the topic of MS-13.

This begs many questions:

  1. Who is MS-13?
  2. Why is MS-13 suddenly in the news?
  3. Why is Trump pursing MS-13?
  4. Why did Jeff Sessions visit El Salvador to investigate MS-13?

My previous investigations looked into the role that the Sinaloa drug cartel along with various terrorist groups, along with the importation of MS-13 to the US, played with regard to the immigration crisis of 2014 and it revealed three significant details:

1. As previously reported, the Sinaloa’s have been connected to terrorist organizations since 2007 as reported in the MSM.

2. The Sinaloa’s, along with MS-13 have received paramilitary training at camps outside of San Salvador along with military grade hardware (e.g. RPG missile launchers, AK-47’s and anti-tank weapons. This is all supplied by the terror organization of Hamas and Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is why Jeff Sessions was visiting El Salvador. 

3. The Sinaloa’s and Los Zetas drug cartels are using MS-13 gang members as assassins in removing political and law enforcement obstacles in Mexico. The Border Patrol has repeatedly said that MS-13 members are being processed into the United States by the thousands by the Border Patrol who are being told to look the other way, by DHS directives, when it comes to processing MS-13 gangsters into the United States. This is why President Trump is so concerned. 

Amazingly, it was the Obama administration that let large numbers of MS-13 members into the country.

The Goal Is to Turn the U.S. Into a Narco-Terrorist State

During the 2014 immigration crisis, I was befriended by a DEA special agent who was fed up with elements of the Obama administration allowing terrorists, cartel members and large quantities of drugs into the country. He reached out to me in order to publicize the public betrayal by the Obama administration. I quickly arrived at the conclusion that America is in the process of being transformed into the same type of narco-terrorist state as we see in Mexico. Let’s consider the public drug trial of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla as a case in point.

Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the Sinaloa cartel’s “logistics coordinator” and son of a principal Sinaloa leader, asserted in court documents that he is a U.S. informant and Sinaloa was “given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago.”

“Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals”. The details of the unholy agreement between the DEA and the Sinaloa cartel was that the DEA would allow 80% of all drug shipments into the United States in exchange for intelligence information on the other drug cartels. Why would the DEA want intelligence on the other cartels, yet, they would allow the Sinaloa cartel to continue with their drug operations right under the noses of the DEA. “The agents stated that this arrangement had been approved by high-ranking officials and federal prosecutors,” the Zambada-Niebla lawyer wrote”.

After being extradited to Chicago in February 2010, Zambada-Niebla argued that he was also “immune from arrest or prosecution” because he actively provided information to U.S. federal agents.

Niebla "The DEA said it was OK to run drugs into America".

Niebla “The DEA said it was OK to run drugs into America”.

Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals. This resurfaces the issue that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the gun-running arrangements in Fast and Furious as we all knew he did.


The only plausible explanation serving to underlie this operation would be that DEA is protecting the drug trafficking corridors for the banking elite that have hijacked our government.  The information supplied by the Sinaloa’s about their rivals protects the elites shipments from competition. Part Two of this series will explore the details of the money laundering arrangements which will expose this unholy arrangement.

More Corruption

In July of 2014, I wrote the following account, provided from two Border Patrol personnel regarding who is in charge of running the American/Mexico border:

“Last night, this same Border Patrol Agent called me at the number on my business card. He stated that he had been reading my articles and that he felt that I was expressing a deep understating the problem. However, he unequivocally stated my knowledge of UN involvement on the border was significantly outdated and understated.  He stated “the UN is already here and he has seen clear evidence that they are calling the shots on the border”.

This agent claims that he has encountered UN personnel at the detention facilities that he and fellow agents take the illegal immigrants to after arresting them. I asked him how he knew there were UN representatives at the border, he said he saw the proof in the sign-in sheets at the detention centers. Also, he noted that members of the World Health Organization have been in attendance as well. So, Dr. Jane Orient’s fears of a pandemic invasion may indeed be well-founded.

Throughout the course of his duties, the agent has learned that UN personnel are making decisions on which immigrants to send to what location inside of the United States. He said he has seen the UN personnel and DHS agents gathering MS-13 gangsters, captured from different roundups, patch worked together as a group and then shipped together to various locations on the perimeter of the United States. He knows this because some of his colleagues are involved in the transport of these illegal aliens. The agent’s partner, also on the phone, stated that “I objected to admitting MS-13 gangsters into the United States and I was told that we have our orders to treat them like anyone else”.

New Revelations From Border Patrol Personnel

The Obama administration is famous for catch and release activities with regard to illegal aliens crossing the border. Illegal aliens who commit felonies are also protected from deportation and criminal prosecution if they are members of MS-13. Has anyone considered that sanctuary cities is a way for MS-13 members to safely hideout until it is time to carry out their mission?

Three years ago, it was revealed to me that MS-13 members were being detained in border facilities until there were 7-10 of them in custody and then they were released. This got my immediate attention because I knew the drug cartels use MS-13 to murder policemen, judges and politicians that get to close their drug running operations. The immediate implication on why they were being brought into this country by the thousands told me that our people who work in law enforcement and politics would soon be at risk. I could see no other reason why they were being admitted.

Under the Obama Administration, Border Patrol personnel are processing the same MS-13 people over and over. They get caught for committing a crime, they are sent the offenders and then ICE officials step in and order the immediate release of these people.

One Border Patrol person told me that he is hearing from the MS-13 temporary detainees that something big is coming and that certain people, namely cops, are going to get what is coming to them. The universal interpretation is that they must be referring to a false flag event that involves MS-13 and the killing of American police officers.

The operating hypothesis is that they are going to be used spread terror through assassination in the United States. Some think that it is not Black Lives Matter we need to fear. One theory that I was told that some Border Patrol agents hold is that BLM is simply a distraction and the real violence,, with intended targets will be carried out by MS-13. This is not to say that BLM will not carry out violent acts, but the real terror will be carried by MS-13 and BLM will get the blame. Remember, the drug cartels already use MS-13 to kill pesky police in Mexico.

Why Was a Congressman Refused Admittance to Ft. Sill in 2014?

In 2014, I reported that Congressman Jim Bridenstine “stuck his nose in the middle of this situation as he unsuccessfully attempted to gain access to the illegal immigrant center at Ft. Sill, OK.”

Human  Health Services, operating with UN health officials refused to allow a member of Congress to enter a facility in his district where some of the unaccompanied immigrant children are being housed. There were 1,200 immigrant children being kept at Ft. Sill. Ft. Sill is within Bridentstine’s district. The American people are supposed to be able to depend on Congress  to protect the American public from the excesses of the executive branch of the government and in the fulfillment of this duty, the Congressman was denied entry by a guard hired by Human, Health Services. He was told to return after July 21, 2014, to “make an appointment“. By that date, disbursement of the people and the commencement of the trafficking operations had begun and Bridenstine’s return would have been irrelevant and too late. As the DEA agent told me, this was a criminal enterprise being facilitated by the Obama administration. So what does this have to do with MS-13? Please read on as the dots get connected.

At the time I suspected that Congressman Bridenstine was being kept away from child trafficking operations that were being put together at Ft. Sill. I still believe that to be the case because it fits the profile. However, Border Patrol agents that I have been in contact with, know for a fact that many MS-13 were kept for weeks at a time at facilities such as Ft. Sill. I think it is safe to say that these gangsters were not receiving instruction on how to become an American citizen. Were they receiving their marching orders and will soon be carrying them out? Based on comments made to Border Patrol agents that they were here to help the blacks of America, and to kill cops is very telling.


The operating hypothesis is that MS-13 is here to exacerbate the brewing race war begin perpetrated by George Soros and his leftist allies. It will be them who carry out the killings, not Black Lives Matter (BLM), but BLM will get the blame. “They are here to kill cops”, said on Border Patrol agent.

This even has carry over implications for California. Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio has stated on The Common Sense Show, that his embedded source at some of the CALEXIT meetings were attended by some drug cartel leaders. The cartel leaders promised to carry out mass killings of whites, in public venues, if California was not able to exit peacefully. The meetings were also attended by Moveon.org (i.e. George Soros), the Mexican Consulate, the Bank of China, members of the United Nations, a notable Japanese crime family, members of the then Obama administration. It is the belief of people in the know that MS-13 will be used for what they do best, carry out assassination duties. When California leaves the United States, they will indeed be independent, but also operating as a protectorate of the United Nations.

The Border Patrol blames the UN for what is happening. Three years ago I was told that the UN definitely appeared to be in charge when they were interacting with DHS during the border crisis at the time. And it was under the purview of DHS/UN that the order to release MS-13 operatives within the United States, in groups of 7-10.

The four questions posed at the beginning of the article have been  answered as best as they can at the present time.

In the next article, I will detail the organizational structure of cartels/terrorist groups and supporting financial institutions who support the 5th column undermining of America. I would hope that you would share this on your social media.  On a final note, we owe President Trump a debt of gratitude because this is very dangerous territory.


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  1. William August 1, 2017 at 6:38 am

    The ultimate goal behind this is to herd the sheeple into the Agenda 2030 mega-cities. These are the wolves, brought in to terrorize the sheep. We will be told that our safety cannot be guaranteed outside of these mega-cities, with their wall-to-wall surveillance.

  2. ronn August 1, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Friends….it is silly to conclude that we can alter the damage that has been done to our country by Obama and his minions. True they have severely hampered our resources to act at full capacities but with the new administration we should start seeing some results. I hope it is not too late. In the interest of you all, I think it prudent that arming yourselves for any contingency and preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is a good strategy. Never let politics ever get in the way of exercising your god given rights. Any authority who prevents you from this is acting in a treasonous and unlawful way. Read the constitution. If you don’t excersise your rights you will lose them to power hungry spin drunk politicians who believe they are the new ruling elite. Remember these words; “WE THE PEOPLE”!!!!! Those are the most important words you have as a citizen regardless of what lies they are preaching to you today. Never relent for the sake of yourselves and your children. Death to tyrants. Enuf said, you know the roll call. Now start doing something!!!!!!!!!

  3. tomnchrist August 1, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Evidently Trump is aware of this problem and has assigned Sessions to go after MS-13.
    But, this has all of the markings of a CIA operation, which is a threat to Trump and His presidency.
    Can he get them under control, by busting up their pedophile organizations, before they get Him!

  4. Vince August 1, 2017 at 9:44 am

    HEY DAVE, DID YOU HERE ABOUT THE WEAPONS BEING FOUND IN THE COACHELLA VALLEY PALM SPRINGS,CA AREA. THEY ARE FINDING BURIED STOCK PILES OF LARGE PROJECTILE WEAPONS last month local sheriffs stumbled up on a large cachete while looking for people that are vanishing out here. Kmir local news was the source. Wonder if the couples going missing has something to do with this.

  5. Chris August 1, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Operation “Garden Plot”.

  6. MJS August 1, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Man,it seems we Americans are screwed 7 ways from Sunday! If were not killed in a nuclear attack from NK,then it might be by
    invading armies from Russia and China or the maurauders from MS-13.And if that’s not bad enough, we’ll have to deal with the
    Giant cannibals the elite plan to release from stasis soon as well as fending off your neighbors who will be in full blown panic.
    Better get right with God and be heavily prepared. Maybe they’ll let the giants loose at the same time the Russians ,Chinese ,UN
    & MS13 are here and they can finish each other off.

  7. Vietkonggook August 1, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    The marxist inspired Cloward Piven Plan to implode America from within . This is now in every cities in the United States to carry out mass killings when the triggering event is activated. Its the Tet Offensive inside US.


  8. Tom August 1, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    The UN dictates where we get refugees from. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees starts the process

  9. Craig August 1, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    I think they will be used as “Kill Teams” and will be hitting “Red List Peoples” homes when they decide to declare marshall law. I think it would kick off at around 3 to 4 am EST simaltaniously all across the country, Probally on Sunday/Monday night. In fact they could say they are declaring marshall law because of these attacks.Just my 2 cents.

  10. laura ann August 2, 2017 at 9:10 am

    We finally decided to sell the house, move into a rental so we can be mobile with no ties. Ongoing downsizing this past year made it possible. If we have to ditch out, buy an RV, and live in it long term, we will not tell anyone. Another couple buying a motor home and moving around the country w/ direct deposits and using debit to get cash back and ATM’s. Folks who work can’t just take off.. Parking near a national/state forest or in a local owned RV park is best or on family/friends land. We cancelled newsletter subscriptions via mail, and all direct deposits sent to the bank. This wasn’t an easy decision but something others- esp. retirees- need to seriously think about. Things would have to get really bad before we ditched out as rentals are next to a medical hub, the Dr’s center, and hosp. with a large Publix grocery across the street and other great amenities on the edge of a med. sized city over 105.000. Planning is important because things can get out of hand abruptly, as history proves.

  11. gene August 2, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    I think the department of homeland security has some explaining to do . It sounds like treason to me . Who do they answer to .? Justice is not blind . I am sure police have to obey orders, these kind of orders to let a band of 7 to 10 tattoo freaks go free and who tears show how many people they killed. Where is the law saying let them go to kill again ? Disband illegal acting departments now Why is it allowed ?

  12. Robin Martz August 2, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    If anybody thinks they all of a sudden appeared out of no where, you’ve had blinders on! If known about them for YEARS!! WTH??!!

  13. Toejamicus August 2, 2017 at 9:30 pm

    Dave. writes: “Amazingly, it was the Obama administration that let large numbers of MS-13 members into the country.” What else would one expect from the mongrel maggot that is still feeding on the American carcass. Don’t hold your breath waiting or expecting President Trump to be given permission by the “deep state” operatives, that really run this country, to do anything about MS13. Trump just can’t seem to purge the deep state from the US government. Hint, Soreass and the Rotschilds or kissing cousins to those who control America, stem to stern.

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