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The Real Truth About Robert Mueller


This video contains the real truth about Robert Mueller. If you think that everyone who works for for the FBI is loyal to their country and oath of office, this video will pen your eyes to another reality.



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  1. Rex December 9, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    The FBI was weaponzed against everyone globally, and especially against the American People.
    Those people like Mueller who are doing these things are simply using the weaponized FBI to attain and achieve their globalist goals.
    After all, the head of the East German STASI was invited by the Bush / Sherff Family to initiate the DHS!
    Then came the gropers at the TSA…!
    And the NDAA under Obama that indefinitely detains Americans!
    The French, Germans, Belgians and Dutch have now realized that this problem of global oppression, endless wars, and economic poverty is actually being orchestrated, and the so-called ‘Law Enforcement’ that is being used to oppress the peoples of these nations are complicit.
    Mike Rivero noted that the last thing that a failed government or nation does just before it collapses is that it loots the treasury, and that includes legalized Bank Robbery. That is on the way, as guaranteed by the Clintons when they conspired to remove Glass-Steagle, and also in another nation of the 5-Eyes where accounts are no longer insured!
    Sweden is returning 80,000 migrants back to the Middle East and North Africa.
    People are waking up to the corrupt Zionist (Not Judaism) State that Israel really is, and that the inroads that the Zionist Lobbies have made into the U.S. (ie government, media, banking, etc.) have now severely damaged the US, and compromised ALL members of the House & Senate through their ‘Pledges to the Israeli Lobby’ that essentially over-rides the US Constitution, just as the Patriot Act has done, just as the NDAA has done, and just as the Military Commissions Act has done!

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