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The State of the Union

The illusion of normalcy is almost in the rear view mirror with regard to our previous way of life in the United States. Even those who have the most virulent cases of normalcy bias, will soon be beyond their self-deluded ability to deny what has happened to our once great country.

Congratulations to those that have awakened, see the hopelessness of our collective situation, and I want to extend my best wishes to the smart ones who are leaving our lawless country in record numbers.

If you are thinking about leaving the country, you should know that the new immigration bill even has an “Iron Curtain” provision which tries to make it very difficult for the disenfranchised, the exploited middle class and the liberty lovers from exiting the country. Even my friends in foreign countries cannot believe that we have not already revolted against this tyrannical and out of control government. The fact is, we will never revolt against the tyranny which permeates our nation until life-threatening hunger and thirst force the issue. Hollywood, instead of making movies about Zombies should focus on the real zombies and that would be the 90% of the American people who are dead from the neck up. However, Hollywood does get it right with movies such as the Hunger Games, Elysium and World War Z which are about conditioning the sheep on how life going to be.  

There is no justice in our country, only judicial power and corruption. Our judges don’t follow the Constitution and our police are increasingly corrupt.

Gangster organizations such as the John Corzine led MF Global, can steal billions from investors and nobody goes to jail.

Many child protective services, Dyncorp and Goldman Sachs can get caught running child sex slavery rings and nobody goes to jail.

The five megabanks continue to launder gangster drug cartel money, get busted and nobody goes to jail.  

We have the five megabanks continuing to commit mortgage fraud and theft of personal property through MERS, and nobody goes to jail.

Our leaders have murdered millions of innocent people, in the Middle East, and nobody goes to jail.

Goldman Sachs shorted stocks on 9/11, did so on the eve of the housing bubble, did so again on the eve of the Gulf oil explosion and nobody goes to jail.

Nancy Pelosi admits on 60 Minutes that Congress can engage in insider trading and nobody goes to jail.

A sitting ambassador and his security team can be murdered and rescue teams can be blocked from saving them and nobody goes to jail.

Our government terrorizes a Florida nurse with a swat team who goes to the wrong house and nobody goes to jail.

The Pentagon has announced that they illegally take orders from NATO and the UN and nobody goes to jail.

A President can illegally spy on journalists, use the IRS to harass his enemies, expand the unconstitutional spy programs against the American people, have DHS declare war against Christians, veterans and constitutional supporters, begin to commit deliberate acts of treason by hosting and training foreign troops on American soil to confiscate guns, send guns to our enemies in al-Qaeda to ferment the murder of a head of state in Libya and attempt to do the same in Syria, commit fraud through the use of a faked birth certificate, ship guns to gangsters in Mexico to undermine the second amendment resulting in the death of three Border Patrol personnel, assert the power to kill American citizens and then proceed to do so with drones and much more, and he does not go to jail.

The police send jaywalkers in Portland, Oregon to jail, while law enforcement all across the country walk all over our constitutional rights on a regular basis and nobody goes to jail.

Our citizens are increasingly jailed for filming the police, yet, our government can film us anywhere, anytime for any purpose and nobody from the government goes to jail.  

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, we have over 25% of the world’s prison population because our prisons are being turned into for-profit-criminal enterprise organizations. In Kelo v. New London, the Supreme Court now allows the government to steal your property and give your property to their rich developer friends in violation of the Fifth Amendment. The 7th Circuit Court ruled last spring that the banks can legally steal your money after you deposit it. Federal pensions are being stolen by Jack Lew and the Treasury Department. Starting January 1, 2014, you will have money stolen from you by the IRS for not having healthcare insurance. We have a science adviser that wants to perform post-term delivery abortions (murder) up until the age of three.  And we are being conditioned that this is the way that it is supposed to be.

When a government kills its citizens with drones, permanently detains its citizens without due process. ships guns to foreign narco-terrorists and will bail out Goldman Sachs but not Detroit who declared bankruptcy and is now stealing the pensions of untold numbers of elderly people, we have a totally lawless government. When the government forces the country into unaffordable healthcare complete with death panels (IPAB) designed to prematurely kill off the old and the handicapped young, rigs its elections with electronic voting machines, lets the TSA molest the flying public without probable cause, kills its dissenting journalists and steals from the people to give to Wall Street, we have a mafia style government. And when the price of food, oil, home utilities and prescription medication soars out of reach of the average person, the globalists will be well on their way to their agenda to deindustrialize, depopulate, and destroy the cultural and moral fabric of the country.  

America is on the verge of tax protests, the prevalence of ghost malls, protests over having our ravaged bank accounts , food shortages, food riots, the dramatic rise of homeless villages which will be called “Obamavilles, uprisings from the unemployed, greatly increased organized gang activities with kidnappings and mass shootings. This is no longer America, it is Beirut and Baghdad.

Our school system is a travesty. Over 30% of our children don’t graduate from high school, in some places like Detroit, 60% don’t graduate. We take what is supposed to be a state run education system, federalize it and continue to destroy the system with flawed programs such as No Child Left Behind and the current program of Common Core without one shred of research that demonstrates that the programs work. Under a decade plus of No Child Left Behind, SAT scores fell almost 30% in reading comprehension. The US has the most expensive education system in the world and the average student has a $25,000 predatory student loan debt.

There are secret no fly lists and political enemies lists constructed and these are enforced in the same manner of secrecy as the KGB, the Stasi and the SS. Information continues to indicate that when martial law comes, over a million Americans, who have been branded a dissenter, will be rounded up.  

The government doesn’t want violence to break out. Clearly, the globalists want the people to just lay down and take their beating by surrendering their guns and their civil liberties. Foreign troops are being trained to take our guns and when the shooting starts in the streets, there will be nowhere that is safe. However, the globalists have prepared for massive civil unrest as DHS has accumulated 2700 armored personnel carriers and two billion rounds of ammunition. The President has all the martial law powers he needs to lock down the country in the NDAA, Executive Order 13603, the Patriot Act, the Civilian Inmate Labor Program, REX 84 and on and on it goes.

I am just getting started on America’s State of the Union as there has been no mention of GMO’s, Chemtrails, soaring death by doctor rates, a being ranked 51st in health care and longevity while paying the most. If Thomas Paine were writing this today a pamphlet would turn into a library. 

Amazingly, nobody does anything about it. Nobody gets mad and protests. We protest the death of Trayvon Martin with the Obama inspired goal of setting our previously improved race relations back 60 years, but nobody protests our Wall Street gutted economy and the resulting misery caused by an intentionally failed economy.   

We get the government we deserve. Our apathy, lack of moral integrity, lack of courage, our laziness, and our collective national ignorance are why this country is probably done. I seriously doubt if the 10% can successfully resuscitate the 90%.  Facts mean nothing to the 90%. And when you confront them with the truth regarding the takeover of this country by the banksters, their eyes glaze over and they revert back to their programmed response and call you a conspiracy theorist.

The truth about the present State of the Union is that there is no union and we live in a police state.

America is defeated but all is not lost, I am reminded of the saying which says that “Freedom is the space between the bars.” Americans better get used to that idea, learn to operate in a different paradigm and learn to do so very quickly.  I just hope your “freedom between the bars” philosophy does not have to be applied inside a FEMA camp.

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  1. Nam Marine July 24, 2013 at 5:47 am

    Nothing normal about a Nazi, Muslim, Communist Police State!

  2. Arizona July 24, 2013 at 5:58 am

    Gee the BIBLE told you this was going to happen 2,000 years ago,BUT americans are politicily correct,they let every demon from hell into the country,NOW ITS TO LATE TO FIX,….GET READY FOR “WAR”,the russians are here,the chinese are here,along with hundreds of thousands of foreign troops,IN FULL VIOLATION of the “MONROE DOCTRINE”,you trained your children to KILL everyone,now their going to attack YOU,and the POLICE GANGS will be helping them,along with all the foreign military who have came into america FOR TRAINING,my ass,BETTER GET CLOSE TO THE LORD,you’ll be glad you did,and DON’T LET THE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS,tell you anything,THEY LOSE,the LORD will help his people,is anyone stupid enough to believe LUCIFER will help his people,I hope not,understand ..EVIL EXISTS..,like it or not,a DARK CLOUD OF EVIL is sweeping over america and the death of everyone is their goal,MOST of america WILL NOT SEE IT COMING,till their out of food,THE LORD says THIS WAR WILL LAST “1year,3months”….thats along time to fight,without lots of supplies,START collecting them NOW,your out of time,THE WHOLE dog and pony show could go in the trash can in the blink of your eye,THEY have done everything they can think of to get americans to FIGHT,they want your military children to BELIEVE killing everyone is needed to restore america,ARE YOUR CHILDREN STUPID OR WHAT?you taught them to worship lucifer,now your going to pay for it…………..

  3. Arizona July 24, 2013 at 6:50 am

    NOW let me tell you what your up against,FOREIGN TROOPS,POLICE GANGS,AMERICAN MILITARY,STUPID RED NECKS,GOVERNMENT AGENTS of every flavor,BRAIN WASHED to kill their neighbors,CLONED SOLDIERS,who don’t BLEED, like you or me,and are very hard to kill,THEY HAVE CLONED animals that will attack every thing they see,and they don’t look like any animals you EVER SAW,remember that,your going to see things you can’t believe,CHINA LAKE has a fleet of FLYING SAUCERS,that will be helping in the attack,THEY have weapons,flash guns,puke guns,plasma guns,lazer guns,melta guns and a long list of wild shit you never heard of,THE BEST THING YOU HAVE,IS A SNIPPER RIFLE,WITH A “SILENCER” on it,they have NIGHT VISION GOGGLES,the best I ever saw,ON THEIR SHOULDER,is a badge,WHEN the drones fly over,they will send that badge a signal,and the drone will not open fire,NEEDLESS TO SAY,you want one of these,or the drones will open fire on you,NEVER GO ANYWHERE,without your BEST BATTLE RIFLE,with you,do not drive into ANY ROAD BLOCKS,they’ll pull you out of your VEHICLE ON THE SPOT,and off to the fema death camps you go,family and all,don’t TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST,your dead right then if you do,GET OUT OF THE CITIES,their going to BOMB them,they plan to use poison gas,VIRUS no one ever heard of,BOTTOM line here,YOU SCREWED UP,letting all these fagots into your government,NOW YOU GOT A WAR TO FIGHT,and its going to be a bloodbath,when its over,most of you will be dead,AND BEING A COWARD won’t save you,if you don’t fight,your dead for sure,AND YOU MODERATORS,heres a message and a WARNING,THE LORD SAID you been DELETING HIS WARNINGS,AND HE WILL DELETE YOU FOR IT,take that for what its worth,and find out if hes kidding………….

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The only messages I delete are spam, extreme language, extreme racism, insane ramblings and personal attacks which have nothing to do with the topic. Take the energy I see here in this post and tell 10 people, today, how our country is disintegrating before our eyes and show them why. Do not expect an immediate response. You will be planting seeds.

  4. Brian Nicholson July 24, 2013 at 9:03 am

    Yes, most definitely! If I was a younger person astute to what is proliferating at an alarming rate in this country, I would certainly be making plans on exit. Now, that I am stuck here (like most of us) – the best option left is to locate some semblance of a flotation device from this titanic. Get out of debt (if possible), get out of sin and get out of the major cities. Would also highly recommend Holly Deyo’s manual on survival- as well as Steve Quayle’s advice on purchasing silver- while it is artificially supressed- but make sure your purchase discerningly from reputable sources.

  5. Bob July 24, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Americans have been chemically conditioned to “follow and not resist”. That is what fluoridation of the water supply is all about. The “psychotropic” effects of fluoride are what makes adding fluoride to the water supply of a “conquered people” a”war crime”.
    When 3 guys in “body armor”‘ carrying automatic weapons, backed up by an armored vehicle with a 50 caliber gunner on the turret, come to the home of a man who’s truck bears a sticker saying “you can have my gun when you pry it from my dead cold fingers” , the guy is going to say “Here it is. Please don’t steal the silverware, rape my wife or hurt me.
    There will be NO REVOLT.

  6. N.Roorda July 24, 2013 at 9:57 am

    It sickens me to see our Country fall; but we need to remember that this country has turned it’s back on GOD Almighty, collectively…our judgment has come. Though, we do have many individuals who know what is happening and trying to fight back by informing others of this tyrannical take over of our “home of the free”. May GOD’s mercy be on those that fear Him.

  7. Peter July 24, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Dave, get out while you still can. Ireland or Germany. Costa Rica is nice but poor paying jobs. Also, when China invades (Russia too) they are going to come up through Mexico. This will not happen until after the economic collapse, Martial law, social revolution, Civil war and later a nuke war. I do not want to be anywhere around America. Think Rome 474 A.D., 2 years before its collapse…

  8. Jim July 24, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    It sickens me as well that our country has deteriorated to such a state and it’s clear to see God’s impending judgment on this nation, richly deserved I might add. While it may be too late as this country clearly exhibits the depravity in Romans 1, not all of us are doomed. Many of us serve a Mighty All Powerful Christ and while the weapons arrayed against us are formidable we in Jesus Christ have more powerful weapons, the Sword of the Spirit and the Word! Righteous power will always overcome evil power, see 2 Kings 6:15-19. We can petition an Almighty Sovereign God through prayer that His will be done, our Kingdom is in heaven, not this world. Please PRAY, spread the Gospel and if you’re not in Christ – DON”T DELAY accepting Him as your Savior! The gates of hell will never prevail against God’s kingdom Matt. 16:18.

  9. Peter July 24, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    Dave, I was in your position exactly 2 years ago. Even now I am sometimes lost. During work, I am lost when people communicate. Many people here ignore you when you do not know the language well. Add to the fact, Germans in generally are not so warm or kind to foreigners, it is depressing. My wife is depressed at times with the people. I keep telling her and myself, we did not come for the people. We need to focus that we came to save our children and provide a better life for them. Moreover, there are distinct advantages here: powerful economy, my children learn a new language, low crime, good schools, free university. government support for new babies, lots of financial support to raise kids, and great world class medical system. Oh, 30 days vacation per year. I know it is easy to focus on the negative but we can not do that.
    New Zealand is out because of the earthquakes (had a big one recently at 6.5) and near China. Costa Rica and some South American countries are beautiful but the language and sometimes unstable governments and economies. You need to think of income. What scares me about Central America China will invade the USA through Mexico and they may head south to Central America. Ireland is beautiful and they speak English. It is the IT hub of Europe but they have big debt problems and many of the companies there are American. When America collapses, it will affect those US companies there. Also, the benefits and pay is lower in Ireland then in Germany. Still the language and Friendly people makes it VERY attractive! Stay away from Britian at all cost. In some way, they are worse than the USA.

  10. Peter July 24, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    My wife just told me on Russian news last night, they carried the news about Detroit’s bankruptcy. In fact, many cities and municipalities in USA are on the verge of bankruptcy. The news went on to describe in detail about the soon impending economic collapse of America. Some here might call it propaganda, but my German colleagues and some neighbors are saying the same thing. It appears people OUTSIDE America know more than the people WITHIN America. I guess that is what the editor is trying to say and that is why I left in June 2011. Now, as the editor describe, we are seeing the facts in the pudding. Your forgot one thing, the 1 trillion dollar debt per year cannot keep going on. This is the clock that is ticking and ticking and will soon explode….

  11. Watcher July 24, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    The core reason for the list above is that virtually everyone on this planet is eternally focused on ME, MY, MINE.
    Any thought or expression that includes or is preceded by ME, MY, MINE, adds to the ever expanding disaster we are witnessing.
    The primary reason virtually no one is strongly condemning all of these parasitic thefts and atrocities listed above, is that virtually everyone is constantly focused on what they can get for ME, MY, MINE and the hell with everyone else.
    I’m sure you’ve heard or said “I’m just trying to live MY life”, “so I don’t have the time or energy to think about these things.”
    We have met the enemy and it us.
    The globalists are just better at this game than the vast majority, so they end up at the top of the heap of the scrambling multitudes trying scratch their way to the top.
    As long as this low level of consciousness persists, things will continue to deteriorate on this planet.
    Take a look: How much of your day do you spend focusing on ME, MY, MINE?….And thereby adding more fuel to the deterioration.

  12. jarhead July 24, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    The war has already started, the question is do you die for what once was or you just lay down and accept your fate

  13. Marks2Much July 24, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    It’s still relevant today. Dammit, open your windows and start yelling. Then get with your neighbors and begin organizing. It’s going to take a grass roots effort to ignite the revolution.

  14. Peter July 24, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    to Jim, in his above post. I agree with you, Jim but the American Chrisitan church is accomplice to the crimes of America. Many evangelist and Chruches in America support the henious crimes Israel perpetrated on the Palestinians and the Middle East. I hate to say but the Palestinians are semitic people, much more so than the residents who call themselves Jewish. Most of them (90 % of the population) are Ashkenazi Jews, who roots go back to Kazaria in 700-800 A.D. These people ADOPTED Judaism later. The people have little blood connections to that state. God commanded us to love ALL people. Look at the prosperity Gospel that is preached by many of the mega churches.

  15. mengle July 25, 2013 at 2:28 am

    The media is trying hard to start a race war.The real enemy is our treasonous media and the elite in the CFR, tri laterals, Bohemian Grove, etc.Make war on them now and at least go down fighting!

  16. Mariel July 25, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    I agree that The Hunger Games was a great movie. I watched it with my grandkids, and their friends who have watched it “a hundred times”. The incredible comparisons of the “talk show host” for the Games to the MSM were the best ever lampoons of this media. The “talk show host” was an over-beautified Mister Charming who could talk about the contestants’ deaths with compassion or its opposite, turned on and off at will. Just a mannequin. The “design team” for the Games was amazing—probably like the vultures who design our entertainments on TV?

    I am not ashamed that I let the kids watch this. they “got it”, even though the younger one is only eight (older one and twins who were guests, 11). I have added it, with much surprise, to my Top Ten ever.

  17. Dan Matheny July 26, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    I read your article, Dave, with the perspective that you are a journalist and this is your op-ed piece. In an age when all clarity and conciseness appear to have been lost, you have regained the high ground. Furthermore, you are putting together a lot of different insidious actions by what we can only assume is the shadow government and applying a cohesive theme. These days, I am more impressed by the comments to an alternative media post than I am by the article itself, but in this case both your assertions and the responses are equally thought provoking. And the calls for waking up up to the danger and taking pro-active measures seem to have become a mantra for the those with inquiring minds (not those who read tabloids for their news).

    So, we have to take all this in with a faith-based perspective, in that, without faith there could be no hope. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen, and we can only hope that One greater than us has a stake in the outcome. Surely, a resolution of this planetary crisis is nowhere to be found. All we can do is point out the many instances where the innocent suffer at the hands of evil defined, and bemoan the fate of our once Christian Republic. However, for the faith which was repeatedly expressed throughout the American history, a remnant will be spared, and in hindsight we will realize that Christ does indeed reign in America as well as every other nation. And we can only pray that our trip to the woodshed ends speedily and we will not tarry in turning from the abyss wherein our loved ones fall daily.

    Calling our nation to repentance is not the job of journalists, but it would help. Assuring the faithful of their ultimate victory is not the job of those in the public eye, but it would help. Supporting patriotic organizations that are led by true statesmen of our age is not the job of the wealthy, but it would certainly help. The task of re-establishing a Christian Republic is only impossible without Christ, Who is and ever will be our Sovereign.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: There is a spiritual solution to every physical problem!!! We cannot defeat the enemy using his tools.

  18. olde reb July 29, 2013 at 7:17 am

    Does the New World Order — operating out of Wall Street—which has already acquired control of the third world and is now working on Europe, have the $16 trillion debt of the United States next in line ??? FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER http://forum.batr.net/showthread.php?tid=2760

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