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The Three Phases of FEMA Camp Mass Arrests Under UWEX 16

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Jade Helm is back and it is back with a vengeance. Jade Helm 15 has morphed into Uuconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX 16).

UWEX 16 is strictly about fighting a civil war against rogue American troops who will, presumably, not go along with the imposition of tyranny under the banner of the UN flag with the complicit support of foreign troops.

In support of the anti-Guerrilla warfare/civil war scenario, the establishment will need massive amounts of detention facilities from which to place individuals and groups that are deemed to be a threat to the NWO. Any overt or covert support, either through material means, or through emotional support will land one in a FEMA camp. This article addresses the three phases of FEMA camp incarcerations. And when, not if, the roundups begin, you can count on them happening in three phases.

Haven’t You Heard? There Are No FEMA Camps

There are some in the independent media who will tell you that there is no such thing as a FEMA Camp and that only people with tin foil hats believe anything to the contrary. After reading this article, which is the first in a series of articles on FEMA Camps, you will be armed with the knowledge and the legislation which validates the claim that not only FEMA camps are real, they are being  prepared for their soon-to-be guests. The only thing that is missing is a catalyst event.


fema camp workers

Are you ready for the coming tyrannical crackdown and the complete evisceration of our constitutional liberties? Have you taken the proper precautions that will ensure the safety of you and your family? It is not likely that very many of us have taken any meaningful steps to maximize our chances for survival in what will prove to be humanity’s darkest days. Will it be possible to avoid detection and prevent yourself from being taken into custody and sent to a FEMA Camp?

When the DHS bus rolls into your neighborhood, are you prepared to deal with what lies ahead? Let’s assume for a second that Obama attempts a another false flag. Subsequently, martial law is fully declared. I have always said that the order of things to come will be false flag events, followed by martial law/civil war and culminating in WWIII.

Phase One: Preemptively Removing Dissident Leaders

Using history as an example, if a martial law government determined that the population might rise up, it would be prudent to remove the potential dissident leaders. The Gestapo and the KGB employed the same tactics in which they would arrive at a residence at 3AM, initiate a forced entry into a home, move to quickly gag and bound the family, quickly usher them out to a waiting vehicle and quickly transport the targets to a remote location for final disposition.

nsa im watching youHow do you know if you are a potential target for immediate elimination once martial law is declared? The short answer is that you cannot be certain. Former NSA agent, the late A.C. Griffith, once stated that we are all assigned a threat matrix score and categorized on the NSA’s ability to track your movements, rate your web surfing habits, track your proximity to other known dissidents through cell phone movement matching and quantitatively and qualitatively monitor your electronic communications. Every one of us has a threat matrix score which is assigned by the NSA. What we do not know is how we compare to everyone else and what will be the cutoff point which would increase the danger for some. Certainly, former military leaders who have been shown the door by Obama are at extreme risk because of their potential to organize guerrilla forces. Key members of the independent media would be another primary target as well those people who would immediately fill an opposition leadership role after the removal of the original opposition leaders.

For the people taken in this matter, along with their families, history shows that the survival rate will be very low. For those dissidents who manage to avoid being taken in the initial purge, your facial image will be uploaded to every traffic and security camera plugged into the NSA system. Detection and arrest will be short-lived except for those who have help or are located in very remote areas.

Phase Two: Mass Roundups

If you are unlucky enough to be located in an area to be considered to have the potential to mount a resistance against the unfolding tyranny (e.g. high number of registered gun owners, high number of veterans, Tea Party members, etc.), mass round ups will be conducted.

boston martial law dress rehearsalIn what form will the roundups take place? This is an easy answer. In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings, martial law troops invaded Boston and provided us with the DHS version of roundups. The DHS oppressors came in the early morning hours. The perimeter of a city block was sealed off by ground troops and an armored personnel carrier. A dozen, or so, storm troopers would approach a house and empty the house of its inhabitants without allowing any time to change or the opportunity to bring any personal items. The boston martial law dhstroops would start on opposite sides of the street with one group working a north-south directional seizure of residents, while the other group would work in the opposite direction. Therefore, if anyone attempted to run, they would be pushed toward the other group of soldiers coming in the opposite direction. This happened over and over again in Boston. The arresting troops were supported by a heavily armed personnel carrier.

Disposition of Family Members

Your family members will be separated by the authorities as a prelude to sending you to their detention facilities, and that means that men will go to one facility, and women will go to another. Children will have their own facility awaiting them as well. Remember, the state owns your children and they have declared so in their Agenda 21 documents.  In all likelihood, this will mark the last time you will ever see your family. How do I know this? Read the Rex 84 documents (which can be referenced here). The government tells you in plain language what they plan to do with you and your family.

fema prisoners boarding bussesMen, women and children will be taken from their homes to temporary holding facilities. All three groups will be separated, processed and sent to by rail or by bus to more permanent holding facilities.

The NDAA gives the authority for the President to arrest and detain as many people as he deems necessary without due process of law. This act allows for mass arrests and deportations to prison camps. Yes, the NDAA violates our 4th and 5th Amendment protections, but the NDAA is still the law of the land, the Constitution notwithstanding. When Obama signed this unconstitutional legislation, do you really think the government was never going to act upon this self-granted brand of tyranny?

 Executive Order 13603 and the Civilian Inmate Labor Program gives the President the authority to incarcerate and conscript individuals into labor brigades in which they will be forced to work in slave labor units. Hitler did this in many of the death camps in which the inmates performed slave labor while they were being systematically starved to death. And where did Hitler get these wonderful ideas? He got the death camp ideas from the government’s treatment of Native Americans in what I call the ultimate Karma slap in the face, resulting from our past bad acts as a nation.

Again, can anyone present an alternative interpretation that makes any sense with regard to cumulative potential for the enactment of REX 84, the NDAA, EO 13630 and the Civilian Inmate Labor Program? Every one of these documents, and several other government documents, speaks to the intent to mass arrest many Americans, enslave and eventually exterminate them. Before you roll your eyes and write to me in a spirit of denial telling me how crazy I am and how I am fear mongering (i.e. neurolinguistic programming term designed to discredit the evidence of a conspiracy), read each and every document, take notes and you will soon realize that you are watching the unfolding of something worse than what Stalin did to his people. And with the NSA surveillance spy grid, the American version of tyranny will be much more virulent than any other program of its type in human history.


There are only three ways that you can avoid being taken: (1) Be so remotely located that nobody would bother to look for you. However, you would have to be in place when the roundups started because the exits routes would be closed when the roundups begin; (2) Have friends hide you out. Yet, your friends and acquaintances are already known to the NSA; and, (3) Emigrate to a foreign country. Again, you would have to be in place at the time the roundups commenced in your area.

As an aside, I once had a dream the other night that has caused me much anxiety. I dreamed that my family had relocated to Norway. One night, we were listening to the radio and heard about the civil war in America. We felt relieved until we heard that the UN troops were in our town looking for any Americans. I don’t necessarily believe in prophetic dreams, however, I do think Americans are going to be hunted down, particularly Christians.

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  1. Snake February 10, 2016 at 6:09 am

    Really? If I ever see communists/nazis trying to round people up good God fearing arm bearing citizens they can expect a tons of opposition. They better get to rounding people up soon because the longer they wait the more organized we get. C’mon bring it!

  2. Nothing New Under The Sun 2016 February 10, 2016 at 6:50 am

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  3. wb February 10, 2016 at 10:27 am

    you left out a fourth option. the entry teams could be met with a swarm of bullets as enraged neighbors took to the streets to fight back. once these roundups started the cat would be out of the bag and families would fight to defend themselves and their friends. in many places the kids don’t live farntion from their parents and once any of them got grabbed the fight would be on. american gun owners and constitutionalists, not to mention many police and retired military, will not comply.

  4. Riverrat February 10, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Good gosh, I do believe this will begin soon. I hope I am wrong.

  5. Mr. Jameson` February 10, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    I’ve tried to talk to my father about this so many times. It seems as though the people who are able to do the most to protect themselves and their family are the ones in the most denial. He had an opportunity to relocate to another country and passed it up because in his words to me, “that’s just crazy, everything is fine. I see the economy moving along, people are buying stuff, trucks are hauling goods, the store parking lots are full of people.” He lives in Miami, FL and I can only imagine the absolute insanity that will erupt from all around him when this thing goes off. It doesn’t help that he’s an atheist and my wife, kids, and I pray for him EVERY NIGHT. Moral to the story here, is that the cat is out of the bag, and everyone who has CHOSEN to acknowledge it is preparing for what comes. The rest don’t believe, don’t want to believe, don’t care. These are the people who will rat on you and sell you out for a loaf of bread. Time is up. Forget warning anyone any longer, we are at the end of the road. Any one you may have told about your plans who is not a part of them is now a liability to your family’s safety. Just as we saw with the constitutional fight at Malheur, there will be traitors in your midst. This is going to get ugly, quickly. I honestly have to say that I don’t really want to be one of the ones who ‘makes it’. I would much prefer to be incinerated in nuclear fire than to endure the tyranny that will spread across our once great country. It will be truly awful, no-holds barred brutal barbaric anarchy, the stuff nightmares are made of. God Be With Us. Jesus is our only hope.

  6. Wayne February 10, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    I must ask a question to all followers of Jesus Christ… is He with us or is he not? If He is with us, as His Word declares, then we have NOTHING (i.e. NADA) to fear from man! This life is a vapor at best… it is not our eternal home. Fear will paralyze… love (i.e. Jesus) casts out fear. As for myself, I will not run and hide when they come to get me! I will be a witness for Him until the end. I will out loud and publicly pray for those who put me in chains, or worse. By the blood of the Lamb, I can not and will not be fearful and a coward in the face of physical adversity, as I know the One who holds my future and my hand… WE WIN IN THE END!!!

  7. […] Read more herehttps://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/02/10/the-three-phases-of-fema-camp-mass-arrests-under-uwex-1… […]

  8. War Monger February 10, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    “The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable. It provides this world plague with the culture in which its germs can spread.”

    “If, by the instrument of governmental power, a nationality is led toward its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people-it is his duty.

    And the question-when is this the case?-is decided not by theoretical dissertations, but by force and-results.

    Since, as a matter of course, all governmental power claims the duty of preserving state authority-regardless how vicious it is, betraying the interests of a people a thousandfold-the national instinct of self-preservation, in overthrowing such a power and achieving freedom or independence, will have to employ the same weapons by means of which the enemy tries to maintain his power.

    Consequently, the struggle will be carried on with ‘legal’ means as long as the power to be overthrown employs such means; but it will not shun illegal means if the oppressor uses them.

    In general it should not be forgotten that the highest aim of human existence is not the preservation of a state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species.
    And if the species itself is in danger of being oppressed or utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role. Then, even if the methods of the ruling power are alleged to be legal a thousand times over, nonetheless the oppressed people’s instinct of self-preservation remains the loftiest justification of their struggle with every weapon.

    Only through recognition of this principle have wars of liberation against internal and external enslavement of nations on this earth come down to us in such majestic historical examples.

    Human law cancels out state law.

    And if a people is defeated in its struggle for human rights, this merely means that it has been found too light in the scale of destiny for the happiness of survival on this earth. For when a people is not willing or able to fight for its existence- Providence in its eternal justice has decreed that people’s end.

    The world is not for cowardly peoples.”

    Adolf Hitler

  9. A. Patriot February 10, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    Dave…you sound as if this is a done deal!

  10. Godsteps February 10, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    The Bible tells of this happening..but Jesus only comes like a thief to those who don’t know He’s coming. and along with Him are the forces against Him and us!
    Know of the Endtime events..prepare.

  11. Buonafortuna February 11, 2016 at 6:07 am

    Very solid research has revealed that the Nazi concentration camps WERE NOT “death camps.” They were, however, most definitely “slave labor” camps. Most of the people rounded up and put in the camps were what was considered by the government to be “dissidents.” The reason so many Jews got rounded up is that Jews were high on the “traitors” list because of some very specific things that they were doing that were considered a threat to the government and “treasonous.” Most of the deaths in the camps came from disease, improper nutrition and towards the end lack of all necessary supplies including medication. Most of the deaths occurred at the end when supply lines were cut off by allied bombing, leading to massive death due to starvation and disease. The evidence for gas chambers is pretty much lacking. The gassing that occurred (use of Zyklon B) was used for decontamination purposes. Until the supply lines were cut off, people were fed decently enough in terms of nutrition as these were work camps and the Nazis wanted to make sure that people could work as efficiently as possible. The correlation between the FEMA camps and Nazi concentration camps is that all designed for political dissidents and all designed to make use of dissidents with slave labor. Which does not outlaw execution for those who will not “cooperate” once in the camps.

  12. mightymouse February 11, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Have you heard about the baby guillotines-the ones for small children,etc.? Just in case you were wondering about kids?

  13. prsmith February 11, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    And any discussion of evading, avoiding, fighting, stopping it will be seen as treason.

    Now what?

  14. Shepherd February 12, 2016 at 12:46 am

    […] The Three Phases of FEMA Camp Mass Arrests Under UWEX 16  […]

  15. CT February 12, 2016 at 7:20 am

    Now BuonaFortuna, they ought to have let the prisoners in the “work camps” free if they couldn’t feed or care for their needs. It would have been more humane since you say they weren’t prisons.

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