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The Top 10 Stories of 2018

These are the top 10 stories for 2018 as covered by The Common Sense Show.

#10-The Democratic Party Has Become the Party of Domestic Terrorism

Congressman, Senators and White House staff members have been assailed in public at the suggestion and encouragement of its leadership like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Mad Maxine Waters.

For the first time in American history, we have elected leaders from one political party engaging in domestic terrorism with their encouragement of violence against conservatives and their leaders. Civil War discussions have moved into the mainstream because of this thuggery.

#9- Hillary’s Continued Freedom Makes a Mockery of the American Rule of Law

By all rights, this should be the number one story. How a former Senator, Secretary of State of Presidential candidate could engage in 33,000 national security violations from her private email, sell highly  enriched uranium to the Russians and use that money in her Presidential campaign and engage in mafia-types of money laundering etc., through the Clinton Foundation and still remain unindicted is amazing.  This is Trump’s number one failing as President. If anything else, Bill, Hillary AND their love child should all be in prison.

The reason that this is not the number one story, because there is no rule of law for the elite and more powerful members of our country. Murder is legal, child trafficking goes unpunished and drug running and money laundering are their pastimes!

#8-The President’s Tax Plan

President Trump’s tax plan is, in a word, brilliant! The plan allows for a 100% tax deduction in the area of capital investment. That creates jobs and right now, America has one million more jobs than they have workers to fill them. Temporarily, President Trump saved the American economy from the planned globalist collapse.

#7-The Federal Reserve Has Become America’s Suicide Bomber

In an extraordinarily low inflationary environment, the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates against all logic. Why? Because the Federal Reserve would rather destroy the American economy than to let the nationalist and patriotic Trump get re-elected. The Federal Reserve is America’s most dangerous suicide bomber and it should be disbanded immediately and its members tried for treason.

#6-America’s Life Span Fell for the Second Straight Year

Mostly due to the rampant drug abuse, America’s life span once again fell. We are presently 51st in the world, despite spending 10 times more on health care than the next 10 nations combined! Trump’s failure to get a health care deal done is a contributor, but not the cause of this debacle.

The lack of push back from the American public on this issue speaks to how passive our people have become. Fluoride and chemtrails are certainly doing their job!

#5-Social Media Censorship

Overwhelmingly, America gets it news from digital sources. And increasingly, these digital sources impose their perverted, liberal-dominated world-view upon all the use social media.

In the social media, if one is a white male Christian, their days of free self-expression are over. Social media, especially google poses the greatest threat to democracy, even more than groups like the Trilateral Commission.

Social media, under open forum laws, are not allowed to censor and retain their liability protection against content on their respective sites. Congress is not enforcing the laws and President Trump has abandoned his base on this issue.  This one fact cost him the House of Representatives and if he does not soon take action, it will cost him the 2020 election as well.

There is some good news related to this story. Cambridge Analytica compromised the privacy and sensitive data for 50 million Americans. Facebook censors people like Franklin Graham. The public is outraged at Facebook and only the ignorant would give Facebook and private data. The your have rejected Facebook. Its days are numbered.

What would one expect from the idiot grandson of David Rockefeller?

#4- The New NAFTA-Free Trade Agreements Still Alive

The new NAFTA is a Trojan Horse. On one hand  the agreements supplant China, as the dominant North American economic force with a growing Mexico. This could lessen the need or want for Mexicans to illegally cross the border. However, the globalists won when it comes to the new NAFTA agreement. They gained some measure of making it legal to censor and the new NAFTA opened the door for more restrictive trade policies which will less American sovereignty and eats away at American manufacturing. The globalists won on this deal and Trump is responsible.

#3- President Trump Does Need a Wall to Enforce Immigration Laws-Trump’s Failure to Act Strongly Enough

This is the second most important story of the year. The mayor of Oakland and the Governor of California should both be in prison of sedition and obstruction of justice. The mayor of Oakland warned illegal aliens about ICE activities over 1,000 times. This is obstruction. Her declaration of Oakland being a sanctuary city is sedition under our laws.

Governor Jerry Brown’s insistence that California is a sanctuary state, is also sedition.

California’s Sanctuary Laws Led Directly to the Murder of Officer Ronil Singh

Stanislav County Sheriff, Adam Christianson, stated that one of the primary concerns should be the suspect’s immigration status. “Why are we providing sanctuary for criminals and gang members?”

The greatest irony of this whole tragedy is the fact that Officer Singh was a LEGAL immigrant. He worked his way through the immigration system, became a citizen and then pursued a career as a police officer in which he was dedicated to protecting all of us from the type of harm that eventually took his life.

A country without borders is no longer a country. This week, Phoenix is suffering under the 20 day catch and release policies connected to phony asylum seekers. My tax dollars are being spent, not fix my roads or improve the schools, but on illegal aliens who are allowed to game the system because of people like the Governor of California. The Governor is responsible for the death of officer Ronil Singh!

#2- The Simultaneous Breakdown of Science and Traditional Family Values

Transhumanism has arrived along with its shock troops designed to strip away God’s intended creation. God made Adam and Even, not Adam and Eve and Steve, Cleve and 93 others all representing a different gender. By my latest count, the mentally ill liberals are now purporting the existence of 97 genders despite the fact that science does not support this nonsense. The DNA and the chromosome variations speaks clearly, there are two and only two genders. However, professors of science have been fired this year for saying this.

Anyone who attended the Transhumanism conference in Branson in September of this year, are aware that this is part of the plot to destroy God’s creation of man, a creation made in God’s image. We could very well be the last generation of humans on this planet.

By the way, church attendance is down to record lows as well and tax exempt churches are thriving at the same time.

#1-The Possibility of World War III Moves to Center Stage

Yesterday, I wrote an article which detailed how close we are to World War III. Trump is not strong enough in this moment to resist the globalists. It is clear to me that Putin wants the US as a partner in his fight against globalism. However, Trump is allowing Mueller’s investigation to keep them apart.  If Trump does not fire Mueller and end the investigation and open real dialogue with Russia in January of 2019, many of our children will perish in the next war to end all wars.

This is a fitting note to end the Top 10 Stories of 2018. Enjoy your family this holiday season, while you still have them.


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