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The Total Loss of the Rule of Law in the US, Will Lead to the Deadliest Purge In World History

I was among the first to report that Robert Mueller delivered highly enriched uranium to the Russians, on behalf of the Clinton Foundation in 2009. The evidence is airtight. His appointment to special prosecutor was intentional because he and Hillary had the most to gain by blocking any Trump action against Hillary and ultimately Mueller and Comey, who was also involved in Uranium One.

Robert Mueller is using his office and that of the FBI to seize all evidence connected to Uranium One and stop any further investigation.

On July 20, 2017, I wrote an investigative piece which completely documented Mueller’s involvement in Uranium One as the evidence placed him at a Russian airport delivering highly enriched uranium. The evidence, among  other evidence, coming from a Russian government memo as well as a US State Department memo, demonstrated that Mueller was the central part of this uranium transfer.

Follow this brief dot-connecting exercise as it will become crystal clear where the Deep State, with the help of Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton are taking this country. This is undoubtedly the beginning of the purge.


Relevant History

The following photo represents the level of transparency of the parts of our government controlled by the Deep State. Stalin has nothing on Robert Mueller. When Mueller’s objectives are complete, Mueller will take his place among the Pol Pots’ in world history. I do not want to be accused of speaking metaphorically. I am plainly saying that when Mueller accomplishes his mission of removing Donald Trump from office, compromising Pence into retiring for some obscure “health reason” President Pelosi, with Field Marshall Mueller at her side, will preside over the most hideous and deadly political purge in the history of this planet.

Our government, particularily the legal process is supposed to operate within the light of day. Look at the picture of Robert Mueller’s office and ask yourself how much light is passing into Mueller’s office.


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Understanding Your Enemy

Through the course of interviewing the late Larry Grathwohl, who died under very mysterious circumstances. I became a friend and a confident. In the late 1960’s Larry investigated one of America’s earliest Bolshevik’s Bil Ayers, the head of the s0-called Red Diaper Babies, known as the Weathermen Underground. They were a subversive, group of young Ivy League graduates who were the sons and daughters of successful American business people. There mission was to overthrow the US government and make it into a communist state. Larry Grathwohl was working as an FBI undercover informant who had penetrated the Weathermen and befriended Bill Ayers. In a stunning interview, Larry revealed that when he asked Ayers what he would do when the Weathermen took over the country, he replied, that we would have to send about 50 million Americans to “re-education camps” and murder about 25 million of them.

Bill Ayers went on to groom Obama for his first elected position. Bill Ayers, despite being a felon who did prison time for his Weathermen activities related to the Weathermen’s murder of a San Francisco police officer, still visited the White House after Obama was elected.

In New World Order parlance, Ayers protege, Obama, was to be the set up man designed to deliver the US on the alter of the globalists. Hillary Clinton was to be his closer and complete the task.

Restoring the aims of the globalists fell to the Deep State after Trump was elected and it is Mueller’s job to remove the speed bump of New World Order progress known as Donald Trump.

The following is not new news, however it needs to repeated in the face of what is transpiring in this country.

The Clinton Foundation

 There has never been a more dastardly and deadly mafia organization that the Clinton Foundation. It steals from the endangered (eg Haitian relief funds). It murders whistleblowers (eg too many to list in this article) and it compromises politicians and law enforcement to do its bidding.

As whistle-blowers come forward to give testimony against this massive criminal enterprise, it is the job of people like ex-FBI director Robert Mueller to obstruct any incriminating information from coming forth.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported 16 agents arrived at the Union Bridge, Maryland, home of Dennis Nathan Cain, a former FBI contractor, on the morning of Nov. 19.

The lawyer, Michael Socarras, told the Daily Caller that Cain had turned the documents over to the Department of Justice’s inspector general, and both the House and Senate Intelligence committees

The raid was permitted by a court order signed Nov. 15 by federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher in the U.S. District Court for Baltimore.

Socarras said the FBI rummaged through Cain’s home for six hours, even after the whistleblower handed over the documents.

The delivered documents allegedly show that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct pertaining to the Russian company, Rosatom, and to other Russian government entities attached to Uranium One, the Daily Caller said.

Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer was the first to report
the alleged “pay for play” scandal
 surrounding the Russians’ purchase of a company that controlled one-fifth of U.S. uranium reserves while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. Schweizer found that nine foreign investors in the Uranium One deal gave $145 million to the Clinton Foundation, and the New York Times confirmed in an April 2015 story Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation.

“The bureau raided my client to seize what he legally gave Congress about the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One,” Socarras told the Daily caller.

Someone from the FBI should being going to prison. This was a blatant attempt to seize the evidence of the whistle-blower which implicates both Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton in the scandal known as Uranium One in which both parties engaged in the sale of  highly enriched uranium to the Russians in 2009. This is treason and this is the death penalty offense.  Mueller and Clinton are fighting for their lives. What is outrageous is that the FBI is now a part of the criminal enterprise working as a division of the treasonous Clinton Foundation.  This article needs no other conclusion than to say the following:


What Will Follow the Loss of the Rule of Law In America?

The answer to the question should be as plain as the nose on your face. Just follow the chain of custody of the evidence related to the communist takeover of America. We start with Bill Ayers and his deadly intentions. We following his grooming of Obama to the intended complete communist takeover of this country by Clinton to the Deep State purge that has replaced the Clinton mission. Uranium One and these related facts simply serve to illustrate the true intent of these subversives. The takeover of our government is at hand and the purge, the deadliest purge in world history will follow. If you doubt this statement, simply read the CIA’s Deagel report for the death curve coming to America.


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  1. Abby December 1, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Now we find out if Trump is a Patriot or another new world order scumbag designed to pacify the real patriots. If he arrests these criminals he will put a stop to this coup. If not America is dead. I hope that December 5th is the beginning. The banks and stock market will be closed. Patriots raise your awareness level.

  2. Jackie Puppet December 1, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    All I can say is, nobody’s bulletproof like Superman.

  3. Sheep dog December 2, 2018 at 9:50 am

    As I’ve been saying on u boob, if nothing happens by end of December, trump and all Q channels are toast.
    The MO is clear satan’s time, 3am swat team round ups. Patriots will sleep through it.
    Militias have been infiltrated by fbeye.
    Best prep is that relationship with Jesus Christ.
    All else is in vain.

  4. openyoureyes December 2, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Being “jew” is a CHOICE.

    Divide and conquer satan’s Goddamn jews by attacking their satanic belief system.
    Judas-ism, the “religion” of jews, is, literally, a satanic mind-control cult.
    99% of jews march in lock step to satan’s zionist jew dictate.
    Any person (i.e., the jews) who takes the talmud as their holy book has been utterly brainwashed by PURE EVIL.
    WHY does he, the jew, make this choice, to be a jew, to be the enemy of all humanity?

    Jews CHOOSE to be the enemy of the non-jew.
    Jews INITIATE the cycle of hate.
    It’s EXPLICITLY stated over and over in their “holiest book,” the talmud.

    See talmud quotes here:


    WHY, WHY, WHY would ANYONE want to have ANY association with this so-called religion of jews, this filthy judas-ism, this in-your-face PURE EVIL? WHY?

    It’s a satanic mind-control cult.

    WHY jew? Why do you CHOOSE to be a Goddamn jew?!!!

    Must read:

  5. Lou December 2, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    The good news is Pedophilia is being prosecuted for the first time in my 60 years of political memory. Pedophilia is the blackmail glue which holds the deep state together. Nail Shillary and bill on pedophilia, not hard to do, and these kingpins will fall so fast even Mueller cannot beat them to hell.

  6. angry salami December 3, 2018 at 6:56 am

    I would just ask who is going to do the killing? They could certainly start, but after they get a few hundred or thousand in, the people would not stand for it. We may die but it will be at war and not in a death camp run by Nancy Pelosi.

    And anyways, Mueller is NOT going to remove Trump.

  7. colman December 3, 2018 at 7:13 am

    We will find out,soon either hate or love will rise to the top.You are not wise enough to see the truth exposing from the right side off the ill-eagle…wile you paranoid to the left side of the bird.Only the grace of GOD will balance mankind.And it`s not communist-left or evangelical -right haste bombs…

  8. Thomas Slimp December 3, 2018 at 8:43 am

    Dave,the only comment which is wrong is Bill Ayers being one of amerika’s earliest Bolsheviks. Lincoln was a pen pal of Karl Marx when he was in London and NYC. There were others who were collectivists back in the 1840s, 1850s, and 1860s. Look at Stanton, Lincoln, Seward, Sen Charles Sumner, and countless others esp authors/poets back then like Thoreau, Emerson, and some of the bankers/industrialists too back then. Even John Brown’s son admitted his father was a communist in later years. Even a large portion of Union generals were foreign/European born and involved in revolutions like the French Revolution with the Jacobins and other secret societies.

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