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The UK Signals That World War III Is Here

North Korea does not sneeze without permission from China. Every North Korean provocation is the direct result Beijing’s master plan to unseat America as the dominant trading power in Asia. If the United States goes to war with North Korea, it will also go to war with China.

Good morning, welcome to World War III. It is one thing for two nations to enter into a dispute, however, when the allies get involved, conflict is certainly only a stone’s throw away.

The UK’s Line In the Sand

In a clear case of supoosting America’s position in maintaining freedom of the seas in international waters, the UK has decided to take very decisive action toward China within their own backyard.

From Press TV:

British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson told The Australiannewspaper on Tuesday HMS Sutherland, a Type 23 frigate, will travel through the key trading lane after concluding a visit to Australia.

If Britain went ahead with its plan, it would become what is believed to be only the second country after the United States to assert what it calls freedom of navigation rights in waters, which China controls.

Beijing has, on different occasions, asserted its sovereignty over nearly all of the South China Sea, which serves as a crossing for more $ 5 trillion worth of maritime trade annually. The sea is also claimed in part by the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The US has accused China of implementing what it calls a land reclamation program in the South China Sea by building artificial islands in the disputed areas.

However, Beijing has maintained that Washington meddles in the regional issues and deliberately stirs up tensions in the contested waters…

China Has Three Main Goals

The Common Sense Show has covered China’s increasingly aggressive foreign policy positions like few others.However, even the MSM is picking up on the crisis unfolding in Asia.

Fox News released a report which clearly shows that China is militarizing artificially created Islands in the disputed are of the South China Sea. I wrote about this possibility in previous articles, last year, and concluded that what China is doing is illegal, under international law, and als0 constitutes an act of war.

Previous research indicates that Chinese foreign policy has three main goals at the present moment:

  1. China seeks to conquer most of Asia to support its need for the natural resources of industrialization. This will be the primary topic of Part Two of this series. China is experiencing monumental growth in its industrialization efforts. Suffice it to say for now, China needs massive industrialization materials which it does not have. This need to procure the element of industrialization places China in a similar position to pre-World War II Japan which faced the same dilemma. China has attempted to leverage its position by closing the South China Sea to trade as well taking advantage of the Korean conflict to aggressively move on its neighbors if conflict comes to fruition in North Korea.
  2. China is clearly using the artificially manufactured North Korean situation as a smokescreen to invite conflict in Korea from which they will take full advantage as evidenced by the fact that the Chinese have moved 300,000 soldiers to their border with North Korea. These troops are not gathered on the border to invade NK, they are there, as tomorrow’s article will posit, to tie up American military forces in Korea in order that China can luanch its  planned imperialistic invasion of its Asian neighbors in order to procure the natural resources needed to maximizing their industrialization efforts.
  3. In the event of any Korean conflict, China will immediately move on Taiwan and recapture their “lost province”.  Taiwan knows it could be invaded at any time and they have recently conducted massive military defense drills which rehearsed for this possibility. How do we know of China’s aggressive intentions toward Taiwan, China has already tipped their hand.

The defensive drill conducted by Taiwan was in clear response to China’s drill in which the communist super power rehearsed seizing Taiwan as covered by Reuters in the following press release that largely went uncovered after it was published on December 17, 2017.

China’s air force carried out another round of long-range drills on Monday, flying into the Sea of Japan and prompting South Korean and Japanese jets to scramble, and again around self-ruled Taiwan amid growing tension over China’s assertiveness.

China has in recent months ramped up its long-range air force drills, particularly around Taiwan, claimed by China as its own.

The air force said in a statement that fighter and bomber aircraft flew through the Tsushima Strait that separates South Korea from Japan and into international waters in the Sea of Japan…

Coming Full Circle

This is where this article began. The Chinese, as evidenced by the following map are militarzing the South China Sea while they are simultaneously shutting down these open water trading routes. What China is doing is both illegal and an act of war.

China's rapidly growing perimeter which will protect Chinese invasion forces when they attack Taiwan.


Vietnam, Malaysia and most of all, the Philippines are impacted by aggressive Chinese action in the region.

In response, US Army is escalating the situation to another level as they are seriously discussing the possibility of sending mobile artillery units to the region in order to challenge the Chinese threat.

In the event of World War III, it comes as not surprise that China will seize Taiwan. When one keeps this at the forefront of their mind, the actions of the Chinese military makes a great deal of sense.


The UK has drawn a line in the sand with regard to the West’s position on this issue. However, what has been reported in this article, is mostly window dressing. The symbolism of the UK action cannot be overstated.

In actuality, the real issue is much bigger than what is reported here. The real agenda and what likely will happen next will be covered in Part Two.


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    Beijing’s master plan to unseat America as the dominant trading power in Asia. …SORRY I DON’T BUY IT! the last thing China wants is a a US war with N. Korea!… China will soon cease TO TRADE WITH THE usa IN EXCHANGE FOR IT’S WORTHLESS 20 TRILLION DEBT DOLLAR…the BRICS and many more nations are gearing up to trade with GOLD BACKED CURRENCY! and that does NOT include the US, because they have NO GOLD! Period, just TALK and unbelievable CORRUPTION SINCE 1913,ESP WITH THE PETRODOLLAR SOON TO IN EXISTENCE! CHINA’s plans are EAST, the “Silk Road” NOT WEST! that’s why Trump is in a PANIC to restart steel factories for good old USA manufacturing!!! We will have to produce our own Chinese products!!! It will take time and be very painful, but best for all! JOGS< great JOBS! that will pay great wages!!! and rebuild America like it was post WWII. BESIDES!!! we could never fight China with Russia their Ally and possibly other gold backed nations!!! SAY GOOD BYE TO THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL CORRUPT CRIME FAMILY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM! AND IRS!! AND THE CREDITCARD TO THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, AND CIA!!!

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