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There Are No Virgins In Virginia


The term “virgin” is a term which refers to being of, or in a pristine and undisturbed state. There is nothing pristine or undisturbed about the conduct of many of Virginia’s public servants. After reading these representative accounts of the conduct of various Virginia’s officials, you will quickly conclude that there are no virgins left in Virginia.

People In Virginia Have “Political Schizophrenia”

Are you old enough to remember 1970’s Soviet-style political schizophrenia? In the former Soviet Union, a systematic political abuse of psychiatry took place and it was based on the interpretation of political dissent as a psychiatric problem. It was called “psychopathological mechanisms” of dissent. The world came to know the practice as “political schizophrenia”. Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev used psychiatry to eradicate all political opponents. An increasing number of officials in Virginia are embracing a similar philosophy.

Similar to the former Soviet Union, there are no innocent people in the state of Virginia. John Whitehead, the director of the Rutherford Institute, a public interest law firm designed to protect the Constitutional liberties of American citizens, claims that as many 20,000 Virginians are sent to mental hospitals each year against their will, and some may be victims of … political repression.

Pre-crime arrests, indefinite detention, all in violation of the Constitution, have become mainstream policy for this present administration. Amazingly, MSNBC covered the installment of these police state tactics here.


In effect, psychology is being used to enslave free-minded people. Both the Obama administration and the Virginia CPS have a new partner in crime and it is the American Psychological  Association (APA). The APA created the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (5th Edition) which was recently adopted. DSM V is highly controversial and has sparked outrage from the mental health practitioners. As many of these practitioners point out, the new DSM-V makes a pathology out of simple and normal behaviors such as the grieving for the loss of a loved one. Particularly disturbing is that the new manual which targets internet users and conspiracy theorists. So, if you are reading this now, you are mentally ill and should be institutionalized because if someone is judged, by some vague set of criteria, to spend too much time on the internet, they could be judged to be mentally ill.


This is the new political schizophrenia. We will see confinements among the alternative media and the veterans for things like ADHD, grieving, normal anxiety, bad eating habits, etc. All of these behaviors and more have been categorized as pathologies under the Obama administration and a supportive American Psychological Association. Virginia has wasted no time getting involved in this new version of the Salem Witch Trials!


Virginia Loves to Steal Children from Parents

In Virginia, Monika Wesolowski had her five year old stolen from her with no charges and no convictions resulting from the courts or law enforcement. They forced Monika to take a psychological evaluation for nearly 8 hours. They tried to poke holes in her parenting skills by proving she could not do math problems or spell certain words properly during the exam. They tested spatial reasoning, her IQ and measured her political beliefs in an attempt to find anything that would disqualify her from regaining custody over her son. These are all items which have NOTHING to do with parenting and are all designed to sustain a diagnosis of mental illness which will allow them to justify the theft of a child. In other words, they were, by default, trying to label Monika as having political schizophrenia.

The Virginia CPS/DFS even tried to unhinge Monika by having its main social worker inform Monika’s ex-husband and his girlfriend where and when Monika would be conducting the psychological evaluation. The couple subsequently showed up, verbally accosted Monika and the presiding psychologist allowed the confidentiality (legal and ethical requirement) of the testing environment to be breached in violation of all ethical and legal standards.

When Monika reacted with fear by the inappropriate confrontation, (Monika at one time had a restraining order on the ex-husband), the psychologist took her emotional upset and reported it in the psychological evaluation’s conclusion. Virginia’s CPS should be getting sued over this breach. Despite this outrageous conduct, the psychological evaluation concluded that the “bond between mother and child is strong…and there is no reason that mother and son should not be reunited”. Yet, six more months have gone by and these wonderful “public servants” in the County Attorney’s office and the CPS have still not returned the boy to his rightful parent.

Please note that I have read the psychological evaluation from cover to cover. I am a former therapist, I have written a university level ethics class and I know how this process is supposed to work. This is third world psychology practices in action, at best. The social worker from DFS, the examining psychologist and the Assistant County attorney should be driven from their positions by the good citizens of Virginia and Fairfax County through whatever legal means are available. Steve Quayle mentioned to me this morning that perhaps we should look at RICO violations in regard to this case.

Despite the conclusion of the psychological evaluation, that judges Monika to be a fit parent, Monika is still without her son. Fairfax County Assistant District Attorney, M. Chris Sigler, at an administrative hearing held this past Thursday told Monika that “You will have to take another psychological evaluation”.  Double jeopardy is alive and well in Fairfax County, Virginia. Sigler knows he probably will not win when this goes to court after Monika sues, so he is forum shopping until he gets the psychological diagnosis he desires which will serve to justify the previous child theft by CPS. Political schizophrenia is also alive and well in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The Virginia DFS social worker, Magda Alarcon, is pressuring and coercing the therapist that Monika was forced to obtain, at her expense, to diagnose Monika as being mentally ill. This is the same strategy Assistant County Attorney Sigler tried to employ in the administrative hearing as he demanded a psychological mulligan (i.e. do over) on Monika’s first test. So far, the therapist is refusing to provide the desired diagnosis. The therapist is smart, because Monika plans to sue the aforementioned for violating their fiduciary duties.

I almost forgot to mention that Virginia social worker Magda Alarcon and M. Chris Sigler are attacking Monika’s Second Amendment rights. In the aforementioned hearing, the CPS/DFS stated that Monika poses a threat to her son because she is a registered gun owner and has a conceal and carry permit. Yet, is was permissible that the two foster fathers, who “watched” over Monika’s son are also gun owners. And let’s not forget that the boy went from being potty trained to regressing to diapers, while running around making bizarre gestures with his arms and telling his mother to cut his arms off while in this environment, while in foster care. I cannot say from 2700 miles away, if there was anything being done to this boy. The evidence that Monika showed me was compelling enough that I would have to file an official report if this case were in Arizona where I live. And the CPS should have immediately, the same day, investigated Monika’s claims, but they did not! Even if the boy is being abused, there is no direct proof tying the two foster fathers to any crime. However, it does appear that this child was failing to thrive and that seemed to be OK with the Virginia CPS/DFS for all these months. The duplicity and the danger posed by CPS/DFS to this five year old have been exposed.

Now that Monika has an attorney, the CPS moved the boy away from the two foster fathers. However, they did not acknowledge that their own CPS workers were not following their own policies by putting the boy with two gay fathers, not allowing the boy to practice his Catholic faith and to continue to receive occupational therapy for his autism. All three of these issues violates CPS policy because they are required to place the boy in an environment which closely approximates the home environment of origin. HOWEVER, RATHER THAN CPS ADMITTING THEIR MISTAKES,THEY SAID THEY MOVED THIS BOY BECAUSE OF THE COMMON SENSE SHOW AND THE COMMON SENSE SHOW WEBSITE! Yes, that is correct. At the administrative hearing, this was given as the reason for moving the boy to another foster home with two Catholic parents. It is seven months too late CPS! Further, I want CPS/DFS to be put on notice. I am conferencing with my attorney and one of the topics will be the unfounded and public allegations that my conduct put the two foster fathers in jeopardy. I NEVER ADVOCATE FOR VIOLENCE!  These officials are such bullies that they are not used to dealing with a growing number of media, including myself, who are rushing to call attention to a system that is horribly corrupt and violates the Constitution every single day.


Virginia Authorities Are Finally Meeting Their Match

What the corrupt mental health system in Virginia was not counting on was the fact that the director of the Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead, would obtain freedom for so many Virginia veterans who have been falsely institutionalized.

The Virginia CPS and DFS were not counting on a talk show host and an investigative journalist who would look at the facts in this case and decide it was time to make a stand against these kinds of government sponsored behaviors which strips all people of their constitutional rights. If the officials of Virginia only knew the level of media that I am communicating with now, they would give the boy back to Monika and pretend that this whole thing never happened. However, they are playing with taxpayers money and they don’t care how much of the people’s money they waste while trying to justify their self-appointed sense of demagoguery and how it reigns supreme while individual liberties be damned!

The authorities in Virginia need to be also concerned that they are facing a parent who now has an attorney and they just cannot steam roll over this parent like so many that they have legally abused in the past.

The Virginia CPS labeled Monika as a “Level One Child Abuser”.  This will keep her from obtaining future employment. They originally asserted that she strangled her son and tried to murder him. Yet, the swat team which accompanied CPS to the child abduction point, saw no reason to arrest Monika and charge her with a crime. A pediatricians report, obtained the next day, which I have read, stated that the red mark on the neck of Monika’s son was dermatitis and not the result of an attack. Now they are trying to justify their child theft with false claims of mental illness and being guilty of the crime of being a registered gun owner.

The authorities in Virginia need to be concerned about much more than a disenfranchised mother and a talk show host. Thanks to the efforts of my colleagues and good men like Mr. Whitehead, my listeners and my readers, all eyes are upon the behaviors of these kinds of “public servants”.


Monika and Dylan Still Need Your Help

I have raised over $23,000 for Monika’s legal defense fund. However, she is probably going to need at least $30,000 to see this through to the end. CPS is willing to spend any amount because it is not their money.

I have included two ways that you can help Monika. And please, no amount is too small whether it is $5, $10 or a $1,000 dollars. We ask for your prayers and your contributions. Help me make this a poster child case for the rest of the country in which parental rights are upheld.

Below are two ways that you can donate to Monika.


Or you can donate to Monika with a check and send it to the following address.

Monika Wesolowski  

PO Box 40926                

1210 S Glebe Rd              

 Arlington VA       22204-9998




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  1. There Are No Virgins In Virginia | June 30, 2014 at 6:05 am

    […] By David Hodges who is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show. […]

  2. Arizona June 30, 2014 at 7:11 am

    WHERE are the churches in Virginia,or have they all gone with the queers now and no longer see family as needed in america?DO the people in Virginia realize they have crossed swords WITH THE FATHER HIMSELF,he warned about the HARM of his little ones,or causing them to stumble,appearly HE’LL have to show them…THEY’LL REGRET THAT…………

  3. TheRue June 30, 2014 at 7:19 am

    These stories break my heart. I can fully relate to this woman and her emotional anguish and having to go through an enormous hoop jumping process. I’m a single, full time father and I have been battling the same thing here in Arizona (thought not with CPS) with corrupt judges and (who intentionally break up families) “therapist” who are nothing but trained extortionists who don’t actually do their job. A judge who instead of looking over facts and studying a case, pass it along to “court appointed evaluators” and physiologists to make “recommendations” that turn into the judges ruling because he’s to lazy to put 2 and 2 together. The system is a farse. 3 years now and I’m not giving up.

    Thank you for your voice, Dave. Please continue to make noise on this subject.

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  5. Hindsfeet June 30, 2014 at 8:02 am

    Thank you, Dave, for the update, and her physical address..

    What kind of father allows this to happen to his own son, and the mother? Oh, the kind that wants him adopted, so he can start a new life without having to pay child support.

    May almighty God recompense everyone involved in this atrocity! Nothing escapes the eyes of the Righteous
    Judge of all the earth!

    I continue to pray for you Monika.

    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived: God is not mocked:for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.l

  6. Wauchula June 30, 2014 at 8:31 am

    Thank you Dave for this effort of restoration,love in action ! We stand with you and this young woman to be re united with her Son. I cant tell you how many people Ive told about you and Steve Quayle. To God be the glory

  7. There Are No Virgins In Virginia | June 30, 2014 at 8:35 am

    […] Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show. […]

  8. NW Native June 30, 2014 at 11:50 am

    I truly hope that Monika has a good and decent attorney, a rare
    animal these days. Like so many lawyers let us hope and pray that her lawyer doesn’t take the money and cut and run if it gets to hot during the legal proceedings. Many time after taking the money from their client the TPTB have ways of getting to “officers of court” in ways that would bring most honest people to tears and rage. It happens all the time. Much of the time in cases such as Monica, the lawyer will sell out their client to the criminal class, government lawyers. They and the judges all belong to the same club. Most lawyers have three things in mind when taking on a “case”. “How much money do you have?
    If you don’t have any money where can you get some? and “If you can some money can you get more?” The bottom line for the lawyer is money, money, money.

  9. Katie June 30, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    I can’t find a way to donate to Monika other than sending a check…


  10. Cindylu June 30, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    I am so very sorry for Monika. I am praying for her and her son..
    My husband and I had an interesting experience today. The phone rang (cell) it was a telemarketer. He said he was with the grant dept. of the US government. My husband said no you aren’t and hung up. He called back. My husband was a little belligerent and the man got ugly with him. My husband hung up. He called back and started calling my husband an MF. He hung up. The man called back. I answered and asked him his name. He said something in Arabic. I said if you don’t stop calling we are calling the police. He said how are you going to arrest me? Then he said you are a sheep. Let me talk to your husband. I said I am an American,you can’t talk to me like that. “You are a sheep let me talk to your husband”. I hung up. He called back one more time. My husband got ugly and he got ugly back. He never called back after that, but I am shocked that this man was so bold. I’m sure it was a random phone call. I am shaking my head in disbelief.

  11. henrietta June 30, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    bad publicity IS GOOD,so PLEASE pick a case a week from the fight cps site and make AMERICA aware of whAt’s happenin and that ALL IT TAKES IS ONE ANONYMOUS phone call to destroy your life , the life of your child and family.
    THEN go to the adults only XXX guardianship FIASCO and see what AWAITS YOU. your elders and adult aged disabled and it’s ALL LEGAL AND LEGIT under their laws.

    any and ALL legislatures RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE LAWS SHOULD BE SUED by individuals DAMAGED BY THEM for the sheer outright abomination of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW THEY ARE,WERE AND REMAIN.
    now why aren’t these garbage/JUNK LEGISLATION EVER CHALLENGED ? why follow the money !
    hey ! someone had to make these laws UP,and get THEM SIGNED, right ?


  12. G.Brown June 30, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    No, Cindylu. It was not a random phone call because I received the exact same call this past Friday. The Caller ID said D.C. USA and the man, who spoke with a thick middle eastern accent claimed to be from the federal grant department. I told him I wasn’t interested and to please not call me again. I hung up on the guy. The same number called my cell phone about 6 more times, I didn’t answer, before finally stopping. I am in Oklahoma.
    I have a difficult time believing this is a coincidence. Very strange!

  13. cricket June 30, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    Its happenng and happening at a phenomanal rate, may God be with us all, in Jesus mighty name, Amen…

  14. dee June 30, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Neb. took my 4 grandbabies and refuse to tell me where they are telling me I have no grandparent rights in that state. They have adopted them out while leaving me to believe they were running background checks on me and then I would get them. Now they will not return my calls or respond to certified letters. I am on fixed income and live states away and they know it!This is occurring all across the country to many many families.It is heartbreaking.

  15. imp June 30, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Got a DC call. No details.

  16. Panda June 30, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    Cindylu and G.Brown. I too live in Oklahoma. Is the # you are posting about a D.C. area 666-1913. That number has called me about 40 times but I never answered. I did a reverse number look-up and several people were making the same complaints you are. I joked that a number that started with 666 and from a D.C. area must be Obama, better not answer it. I wonder what that is all about?

  17. clete June 30, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    The headline is discgustin to moral Virginians.


  18. Black June 30, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Karl Lentz would probably say something like…
    1. File simple two-line paperwork with court clerk;
    2. Present yourself at court; do not represent; do not be represented by someone;
    3. Call your child your property and make your demands known.

    Study what Karl says at:

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  20. Shimon Ellison July 1, 2014 at 2:36 am

    I was disgusted to hear this story unfolding. That a government body which SUPPOSEDLY exists to protect children is actually a perpetrator of pedohilia and UNLAWFUL kidnapping of children makes me sick to the core.
    Everyone needs to contribute to this woman’s cause so she can take the scum who stole her child to court. The emotional damage already done must be horrific, both for child and mother.
    Please pray EARNESTLY for this, and all other such crimes against the people be ended and for judgment to be bought against the vile, satanic perpetrators.
    Also give what you can for the succor of this child and his mother – I have.

  21. American mom July 1, 2014 at 4:38 am

    Hi Dave. As a victim of her dishonorable Laura Drager of NYC for 9 years, I am skeptical of Monika hiring a lawyer who can succeed. I went through dozens, and even the good ones cave due to their allegiance to the system. As BAR memberships require, their loyalty is to the system. BAR members who buck the system for justice lose their ability to practice.

    I never prevailed until I discovered Common Law and the strawman/UCC filings which allowed me to claim and own my child and bring me out their UCC Admitalty Maritime courts, UCC 1-103.6.

    By having a JD, you accept you are not competent to handle your own legal affairs, you admit to being a corporate fictional entity and vessel.

    If you look at Lawless America with tens of thousands of documented victims,despite facts and law you rarely can prevail. The worst AFC, Joann Douglas, was brought in on my case neart the end. She is famous as the hired gun on the Perleman divorce where Patricia Duff lost her daughter. Duff, Dr Ken Zhal and others spent a large sum investigating Joann Douglas and discovered the Soft Cell scandal
    (Over 30 child professionals bundling their services together). Douglas got a RICO charge from the FBI dismissed. This lawyer/forensic/court cartel goes higher than the White House.

    They all collude – psychs, attorney for children, law guardians, evaluators, judges, ALL of them.

    Due to his special needs and the ADA/ADAAA, Monika can hire a special advocate for Dylan as his voice.

    I know dozens personally who never got their kid back. I wish Monika had filed to reclaim her kid amd opt him out of the system. Mary Kroft writes about this too.

    If Monika wins, it’s thanks to your spotlight Dave. Only get an evaluation with your own shrink. Talk to Dr Karen Huffer. She’s used to fighting the court crime syndicate.

  22. Wolfman July 1, 2014 at 5:10 am

    no wonder our country is all screwed up as many of our politicians live in Virginia.

  23. Ranger July 1, 2014 at 5:11 am

    There is NO BODY protecting American’s freedoms!!
    The entire United States Military are weak minded meow men who claim their do nothing part to defend and protect the Constitution is just following orders.
    The only protect afforded the American People is the United States Military and they, as the entire government, have been taken over and are fully 100% controlled and operated by and for the interest of protecting the financial interests around the globe for the BANKERS who own the Federal Government!!!

  24. teller123 July 2, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    This one subject might be the Achilles heel of this massive takeover. When you start messing with little kids I think most people are disturbed. This really shakes me to my soul.
    Two close calls : My own grandson when he was just barely walking fell and hit his head. He had a small crack on his skull and my daughter in law was definitely looked at suspiciously. Had she not been a state prosecutor and been well known in the community I shudder to think what could have happened.
    2- A neighbor has 5 children and was pregnant at the time her middle child fell and hurt his head. The doctor at the emergency room inferred the injury ‘could’ have been the result of shaken baby syndrome even though this child was 3 years old AND there was no evidence on any of the other 4 children of any abuse. They took all her kids for over 6 months. Thank God she got them all back.
    I had no idea how sick our system has become. Every show host on alternative media should be talking about this subject non stop. This might be the one subject that gets the attention of the sleeping public.
    God Bless you Dave and please stay safe.

  25. […] John Whitehead, the director of the Rutherford Institute, a public interest law firm designed to protect the Constitutional liberties of American citizens, claims that as many 20,000 Virginians are sent to mental hospitals each year against …  […]

  26. gringagirl July 3, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    I practiced family law in two states over 30 years, and can tell you that this kind of thing hasa been going on particularly intensely since at least the late 80’s, but is getting much worse. True to form, the “mental health” people are part of the “team” to destroy families and to see wherever possible that children go with abusers. They hound and harass good parents until they can’t fight anymore. There are just enough good laws still on the books (and don’t forget the state and federal constitutions haven’t been repealed quite yet) that the illegality of all this can still be proven, but most lawyers will not use, or don’t know, the best arguments. The best precedents are from cases from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when lying was still considered not a good thing. Those cases haven’t all been overruled, but they are being ignored. Unfortunately, even if you were to ever get a decent lawyer, who argued every law that could be used, and there are still a lot, and pointed out all the lies, you could still be met with a. more lies (which would be believed even if provably wrong) or b. the court would ignore everything you say and refuse to even hold a hearing. Like you never even filed any papers.

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