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They No Longer Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist

There is no such thing as a conspiracy. At least that is what CNN has told me. So when another eyewitness to the Vegas Massacre ends up dead, we are just to supposed to accept this as a coincidence. Another person set to testify against the Clinton Foundation is found with a bag over their head and they call it suicide, II am still a conspiracy theorist. However, the label “conspiracy theorist” has worn off. The public is buying it anymore. So what are the globalists doing to compensate. That is the theme in this latest report from The Common Sense Show

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  1. laura ann August 10, 2018 at 8:18 am

    Yikes! This morning I heard Paul Martin on radio 8/5/18 and we are definitely surrounded, Chinese soft wear for the grid, etc. Mid term elections play a role. If Dems or any liberal GOP’s get in, then this plan will accelerate to take this country down. Trump could be knocked off as a threat. DEW weapons will be used on patriot resistance enclaves, etc. Keep us posted/updated on the global elite/UN take down. Folks, get your house and biz in order. Get out in the country if u can (most cannot-jobs, family, biz ties)

  2. Debra August 10, 2018 at 11:05 am

    Real.video mike adams you can post there

  3. REBECCA LANDRITH August 12, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Daily I am harassed – followed into coffee shops and other places ans called racial slurs. Threatened. Harassed CONSTANTLY. I have Muslims who are jealous of me and other ppl jealous of my modelling career use their contacts in thw system as a Tool to Harass me (being the Victim of multiple crimes – attempted murder, carkacking, other robberies (too many to list here) and Many Forms of Harassment and Abuse…. Someone could make a Movie or a Book series about it. Too many incidents to list here. I’ve had more phones stolen in the last few years (every few months I am robbed by black and or muslims) than the total number of phones I’ve owned in my entire life. Recently the ante has been upped and I’m now the recipient of Death Threats being sent through Encrypted methods and through servers such as Protonmail and the Threats refer to “Massacre” and they are Racially Motivated as I am referred to as (“your white ass”) … Anyways … Too many to list here. I have SO much Evidence as I constantly take Photographs, Videos, and other Evidence (including E mails which are obviously easier to prove bc they put it In Writing) and am working on a Documentary… At any rate – Clearly they are many ppl Obsessed with me and whom are Bending Over Backwards to Terrorize me (and to quote what the most recent Death Theeat said they “CAN’T WAIT” to witness me get killed. Creepy!!!! Ppl have Creep issues. I feel sorry for them when they have to stand in front of God one day – he won’t be as kind to them as I have. So sad these ppl are So pathetic. Ppl are So damn Creepy. It could be worse – I could be them! Lol. Who the hell would want to be them.

  4. REBECCA LANDRITH August 12, 2018 at 11:00 am

    And the Police don’t find the ppl btw – for example – in the Carjacking where I was nearly killed and miraculously survived the Police never arrested the person who did it (I saw their face and I was able to identify them) – but they arrested someone else for possessing stolen property and that person only spent a short time in jail – but the ppl who Actually robbed me and tried to killed me were never implicated despite the Fact the whole thing was on Video. In Fact the cops laughed and said “Of course you got robbed you’re a white woman.” Also, the Death Threats I have received In Writing – the most recent from Protonmail – the Police refuse to investigate and say there’s supposedly no way to find out who sent it. I asked them what Steps they have taken and according to them they haven’t even tried. I can forward you the E mail I got from the cop – they don’t even care to investigate it. They claim the perpetrators have Privacy Rights. ARE YOU FKNG KIDDING ME. Anyone with an IQ over 50 knows you don’t have privacy if you’re Committing Crimes. Duh! Trying to make that argument doesn’t even make Sense. And Obviously they are Violating the Terms of Use and Terms of Service for the E mail servers as well. Wow – I’m sorry but if you’re using it to Commit Crimes that’s Obviously not the case. And it’s not just routine harassment – these E mail messages are talking about homicide. The only time Police and or lawyers have been helpful is when the cop or lawyer tried to date me. And guys in general don’t handle rejection well. Heaven forbid if you’re a Decent Human being on this planet – you’ll get all kinds of Crazy Harassment… Too many to even BEGIN to articulate here

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