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Treason! Kyrsten Sinema Secretly Pledges to Dismantle the Constitution Upon Election to Senate

Kyrsten Siinema is a communist who is running for the Senate in Arizona against Martha McSally, the first woman F-16 pilot to see combat. Martha fought the taliban and risked her life defending America.

On the other hand, Sinema, posing as a centrist Democrat, wants your guns, your due process, your free speech to be overturned. She has secretly pledged to dimantle the Constitution upon her election to the Senate. She encouraged Americans to join the Taliban after 911 on my friend, Ernie Hancock’s radio show. She hates conservatives and has said so about Christians in her own state of Arizona. She is for sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens who have murdered US citizens. She has facilitated illegal immigration. She was one of the 80 Democratic Congressmen, identified by Trevor Louden’s in which these “representatives” belong to front groups for the American Communist Party or the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest terrorist organization in the world.





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  1. Don Hermiston November 2, 2018 at 4:09 am

    I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but, the Constitution has been whittled away over the years since 1917 and even before. But, the biggest attack on the Constitution took place after 9/11/2001. The so-called ‘Patriot Act,’ which should be called ‘The Hate Islam and have your children die for Israel Actè took the act of waging war away from the Congress for good and put it in the hands one man, the President if he happens to be a psychopath or not.

  2. GregTorchia November 2, 2018 at 4:55 am

    What kind of old/young and dumb fool would vote for an out and out anti -American communist piece of crap???

  3. Don Spilman November 2, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Patriots take her name and put the bitch near the top.

  4. Everett November 3, 2018 at 4:40 am

    To answer Greg, stupid communist democrats that’s who, I don’t understand these idiots, don’t they know that if they get power that our country will be a dump and mass poverty for the stupid voters. The idiots think that these communist will take rich peoples money and give it to them, while the rich will be untouched the middle class will be taxed into poverty just like them. Idiots the whole damn voter base ate idiots.

  5. Ed November 3, 2018 at 6:07 am

    They’re all scammers
    No Treason
    The Constitution of No Authority
    by Lysander Spooner

    The Constitution has no inherent authority or obligation. It has no authority or obligation at all, unless as a contract between man and man. And it does not so much as even purport to be a contract between persons now existing. It purports, at most, to be only a contract between persons living eighty years ago. [This essay was written in 1869.] And it can be supposed to have been a contract then only between persons who had already come to years of discretion, so as to be competent to make reasonable and obligatory contracts. Furthermore, we know, historically, that only a small portion even of the people then existing were consulted on the subject, or asked, or permitted to express either their consent or dissent in any formal manner. Those persons, if any, who did give their consent formally, are all dead now. Most of them have been dead forty, fifty, sixty, or seventy years. and the constitution, so far as it was their contract, died with them. They had no natural power or right to make it obligatory upon their children. It is not only plainly impossible, in the nature of things, that they could bind their posterity, but they did not even attempt to bind them. That is to say, the instrument does not purport to be an agreement between any body but “the people” THEN existing; nor does it, either expressly or impliedly, assert any right, power, or disposition, on their part, to bind anybody but themselves. Let us see. Its language is: https://jim.com/treason.htm

  6. Between Three Centuries November 3, 2018 at 6:17 am

    The Patriots are making a list and checking it twice. Gonna find out who ought to be disseised. Senate Clause is coming to town. We know where you’ve been creeping. We know when you’re a Rake. We know if you been with Vlad or Godunov. So your political life is at stake. You better watch out you despicable lewd plaie, Senate Clause is coming to CROWN!

  7. Jacqueline Tashenberg November 3, 2018 at 11:03 am

    Krysten Sinema was reared Mormon but she retreated from any religious upbringing by becoming an atheist. She is also a bisexual and from what a lot of psychiatrist’s contend, no one is bisexual they are heterosexual or homosexual, take your pick. Her aversion to our Constitution should play a big hand in her being stripped of any political office. Obviously she has hatred for anyone of affluence because of her wretched childhood, according to her. She is well educated but not experienced enough to hold any office in my opinion because she has not lived life enough years to earn the experience. She is perfect for the New World Order. Wonder if George Soros has spoken with her yet!

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