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Treasonous Deep State Actors Identified-Most Are Democratic Party Leaders

Peace is war-Love is hate-Up is down-Treason is patriotic-Patriotism is treason…



This is not an article designed to entertain yo  as you get daily 5 minutes of coffee and news. If one really wants to understand what is truly happening to our country, it will require some relatively deep reading, prayer which begs for discernment and finally more deep reading/listening.  There are two videos that I am calling attention to in the present moment which captures the essence of the invasion of the United States from within. Following the presentation of the videos, i will take the reader to a deeper understanding of what is truly happening one level above what you will hear on these tapes.

Enemies Within: Trevor Loudon

There are two videos which capture the essence of how the United States has been invaded. I have referenced this first video 18 times in stories I have written about the betrayal of the Democratic Party. The first video listed below is the work of New Zealand’s Trevor Loudon and it is entitled as Enemies Within.  In the video, Loudon identifies many of the key players in the Democratic Party who are card-carrying Socialists/Communists and in some cases belonging to front groups for the world’s largest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. The names include Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren,  Shumer, Clinton, Obama, Franken, etc.




The Brains Behind AOC

The following video is capturing the attention of the intellectual elite among those in the Independent Media (IM) and their high IQ followers. There are some who will never grasp the importance of what appears in the following video in which the publisher identifies the Justice Democrats as being the brains behind of the rise of an unknown, wet t-shirt participating contestant, bartender. OAC is not your little Puerto Rican girl running for Congress. As the following video captures the accuracy of who she is, she is the election choice of the Justice Democrats who are selecting stooges who will have political and public appeal, OAC and others have answered a casting call and were selected for the role of political stooge. They are then are bankrolled and sent to Congress as they carry out the Communist agenda. these actors and actresses target uncooperative Democrats in the primary election process.


If you took the time to listen to this revelation about OAC, who is not bright enough to even name the branch of government she was elected to, you would have discovered that Congress is in the early days of becoming a try-out venue, casting call, for the role of Congress person, most of whom are not bright enough to pour urine out their own boots. OAC, when she goes off script, shows she’s dumber than a box of rocks.

Ultimately, behind the Justice League is George Soros and his huge army consisting of the likes of  Antifa, Moveon.org, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and of course ISIS, the Mexican drug cartels and MS-13, all of whom are in the United States awaiting orders for future action.

Harris and Warren Fingered Two Years Ago as Members of Front Groups for the Muslim Brotherhood

I have not been sitting on the sideline in a state of suspended animation on this critical issue. Over 26 months ago, I produced the following video in which I identified Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris as members of a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. Very few wanted to listen at that time. Perhaps, as the ongoing Deep State invasion of the United States and the subsequent attacks upon our Constitution and the American culture, perhaps people will be more receptive to this kind of information.




Proper Reframing of the Loyalties of This Congress

Let’s frame this to something concrete. Let’s take border security. The liberals are blocking Trump’s declaration that the border is a problem and that Trump making up the threat story for political gain. the MSM is complicit in this redirection. For example, Arizona’s most popular news broadcast station (Channel 3), was ecstatic that Trump’s emergency declaration was blocked. However, the station then ran another installment of how opioids are coming across our southern border and killing hundreds of Arizonans. Yet, there is no emergency at the border? The 1984 duplicitous message is apparent for all who have eyes to see.

Trump has already said that he supports bringing in one million immigrants for American jobs, but he wants to screen everyone for potential threats to national security. Isn’t this position just plain Common Sense?  But this is opposed by key members of Congress led by Nancy Pelosi. How could anyone be opposed national security under these conditions unless one was making money on these criminal enterprises?

In the past 30 days, there has been another series of arrests at the border. They include Chinese nationals. Should we be concerned given the Chinese military threat that already exists inside of our country?

There is so much more to this threat that is not reported here. However, there is more than enough information in this one report to begin to mobilize against the threat. Yet,  I still hear the crickets chirping.


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  1. Ronn March 11, 2019 at 6:12 am

    Dave……one doesn’t have to look very far to see traitors in our midst. They are everywhere from the local politician to the Harvard school girl looking for attention and who is easily malable. One does have to be careful, vigilant, and ready to assume a offensive/defensive posture when the main event comes knocking on you front doors. Too many dumber down Americans have been duped into believing that honest hard and mindful work will ever get you anywhere. To an extent they are right because of predictive programming and cognitive dissonance. There is no doubting that. So, what can we do? Well, like I said, you can start getting your houses in order by setting yourself straight in body, mind, and spirit. That you need to know these monsters are playing for keeps. You must inherit the eye of the tiger and fight to the last man if and when the shift. It is only a matter of time when your senses will be blasted into a very hoarse reality. Just be ready for anything and be ready to move on a moment’s notice. Never give these criminals one inch of ground. Fight like your lives depended on it because the evil you are and will be facing has thrown out all rules when it comes to decency and humanity. They are as dangerous as a feral pitbull. Enuff said you know the rollcall.

  2. Grigori March 11, 2019 at 6:25 am

    The Democrat Communists you named are and should be a concern to any thinking person who values our liberty and country. That said, of even greater concern to me are the sellouts in our government who we thought, and sadly many still think, had our backs in all of this. In particular, our POTUS, whom we placed much hope in, who is selling us out at every turn. For starters, WHY does he want to bring in one million “immigrants for American jobs”, whether legal, illegal, or other???? One of several things he said in his SOTU Address that rubbed others and myself wrong, was how he wanted to drastically increase “legal immigration”. Why?

    We need to be working on deporting millions of illegals first, before even thinking about “drastically increasing” the importatation of any more. Despite Trump’s exaggerated claims about arrests and deportations on his watch, it appears that the scale of invasion of our country grows larger now, than even during the miserable Obama years. Arrests don’t mean squat when the arrestees are turned loose back inside our country pending deportation hearings that they have no intention of attending.

    We are catching it from all sides, but the ones who worry me the most are the ones sharing our fox hole who seem more in line with the enemy across the battlefield than with us.

  3. Dan from ohio March 11, 2019 at 7:04 am

    These traitors will call in the UN for help when patriots rise up.Most UN troops are from muslim and communist countries.Never surrender your firearms and ammunition because the day is coming when you will need them.

  4. km March 11, 2019 at 7:10 am


  5. David Martin March 11, 2019 at 9:14 am

    Dave, I read some information, and saw on a sattlite map of a chinese base south of the mexican boarder. It would be interesting to see that location again, and find out how much activity it there.
    David Martin

  6. Sidney Vail March 11, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    “…How could anyone be opposed national security under these conditions unless one was making money on these criminal enterprises?…”

    While I am NOT intending to diminish, in ANY MANNER, Dave’s 110% correct INFO; Nonetheless I MUST bring in The reality that there is a SPIRITUAL ELEMENT & DYNAMIC at play here, that is NOT “MONEY BASED”…and YET…it is VERY DEFINITELY much more effective & dangerous than ANY of the above info. AND!

    In the last 50+- years, it has become QUITE CLEAR & EASY to DISCERN just WHO is being “USED”, and who is doing the “USING”. There are several outstanding INDICATORS that make revealing the TRUTH of Trevor & Dave’s above revelations MUCH MORE SIGNIFICANT:

    #1] St. LUKE 4: 1 thru 13;{especially verses 5 – 8};
    #2]] Then, I Timothy 4: 1-2 & 6; and 6: 6 thru 12; {especially verses 9 & 10};
    #3] THEN, II Timothy 3: 1 – 7; and ALSO,
    #4] II Corinthians 11:14.

    NOW, these verses are by NO MEANS the FULL detail of the foolishness that PRIDE, ARROGANCE, SELFISHNESS & GREED have infested those who SEEK POWER, WEALTH, & CONTROL with, as well as, seeking the PLEASURE of their MASTER[S]!!! AND!

    It is ALWAYS BEST to remind one’s self from time to time: GALATIANS 6:7 “…Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for, whatsoever a [person] soweth, that shall [they] also reap…”!!!

  7. TheTruthBurns March 12, 2019 at 6:12 am

    The US was the 1st Socialist Country under Teddy Roosevelt – Look at his Actions as President & Understand He Was A Socialist – Mussolini patterned Himself after Teddy Boy & “Improved” upon his beginning & Flaws – jump ahead to FDR – Straight Socialist-Communist Lite. Communism is the Triumph of Satan over The Earth & it’s People.

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