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Trump and Putin Are In Grave Danger

Because the tenets of liberalism only appeal to the lazy, communists, satanists, thugs and the mentally ill, America will never willingly ever accept liberalism and the sacrifice of the sovereignty of the United States. Therefore, it may become necessary to cut off the head of the snake because the Globalists are in an absolute state of panic.

Blacks and Hispanics, in record numbers, are flocking to support Donald Trump and his economic policies that reward self-determination and hard work.The globalists and the liberals are losing their control over historically liberal voting blocks. The globalists see the country awakening with a renewed sense of populism and nationalism and the powers-that-be are not going to allow America to survive for much longer if its citizens continue to embrace the politics of conservatism and nationalism.

Because the liberals, who support globalism, and ultimately Satanism, cannot achieve regime change in the traditional and legitimate manner that involves following the Constitution, the liberals are going for broke. They are attempting to undermine American society at every turn. Liberals are employing the strategies of “Voter Fraud, False Flags, Economic Collapse, Assassination and Domestic Insurrection. 

It is clear, because Donald Trump has not been assassinated, that this strategy of regime change is the last option for regime change on the globalist agenda. But make no mistake about it, if Trump crosses the magic line, the globalists will deal with the fallout of an assassination in order to preserve the goals of the New World Order. Let’s begin with an analysis of the most dire threat to conservative America and that would be the removal of Donald Trump from the office of the President via assassination. How do I know? History tells me so. JFK was murdered because he left the globalists with no option and Reagan was neutralized with a near-fatal bullet when he would not lay down and take direction from his Trilateral Commission dominated cabinet. Donald Trump is approaching his moment of truth as well. And as you will see, so is Putin.

America Must Be Destroyed for the New World Order to Complete Their Mission

Please allow me to play the role of “Captain Obvious” for a moment. The Globalist and their Deep State minions, most of whom reside within the squalor of Democratic Party, need to collapse America to bring about their New World Order which is spoken about in the book of Revelations. If America cannot be brought to her knees through means other than assassination, assassination will be the final Trump card (pun intended both literally and figuratively).

Based on my knowledge and understanding of history, I believe that the President’s life is in grave danger if the Deep State tactics to destabilize America and squash the politics of populism and nationalism fail. It would be a mistake to think that assassination does not lie in the future of Donald Trump if the so-called Blue Wave fizzles out.

From what is observed, it is clear that the Deep State’s last option is assassination because there would be no real way to conceal the truth no matter how many modern-day Lee Harvey Oswalds they would construct. However, if the globalists were faced with the derailment of their satanic plan to enslave the earth or risk a horrific populist-based backlash against the globalists, they will still take the risk of a backlash and take Donald Trump out. Globalism is their prime directive and they will do whatever it takes.

The Globalist Game Plan of Regime Change Prior to Assassination

Prior to assassinating the President, the globalists are intent on neutralizing America’s new-found populism through the following means:

  1. Voter fraud
  2. False flag attacks
  3. Economic collapse
  4. Domestic insurrection
  5. World War III
  6. Assassination of political figures, short of the President
  7.  The practical elimination of all borders

All of these actions are presently in play and are seemingly under the direction of George Soros and key operatives within the Democratic Party. If these events are not successful in stemming the tide of populism, then two more possibilities loom as distinct threats to the American people.

8. Chemical, biological attack

9.  Nuclear detonation(s)

And of course, if all else fails, the assassination of Donald Trump.


While being interviewed on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, with Doug and Joe Hagmann, I stated that if the Independent Media (IM) had been around in 1963, the JFK assassination plot would have been solved in less than a week. The cover story narratives would have sunk faster than a submarine with screen doors. Because of more modern and decidedly independent investigative techniques, people like the late Jim Marrs and myself, can clearly and convincingly tell you what really went on behind the scenes that led to JFK’s death of JFK. I firmly believe that because the globalists cannot fully extinguish the IM, and we would quickly get to the bottom of any assassination attempt on Donald Trump, that this has served to keep Donald Trump safe, for the present moment.

The globalists are trying to remove Trump through a plethora of actions designed to undo all of Trump accomplishments in order to win the the midterm elections which will culminate in impeachment, conviction and the removal of Donald J. Trump as the President. Globalist Mike Pence will take over and guide this country into the hands of the liberals just in time for the 2020 election when someone like Hillary will take the reigns of this country and complete the work started by Obama prior to the emergence and interference of Donald Trump.

In the late Spring of 1963, President Kennedy gave his famous American University speech in which he called for the cessation of above ground nuclear testing and to move towards a sincere attempt of normalizing American-Cuban relations following the Cuban Missile Crisis.  This is not what the globalists of the day wanted to hear. They had manufactured the cold war threat to gain more control over governments in crisis and controlled them under threat of war. Further, the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about, would make trillions from a manufactured cold war. The last thing the globalists wanted was to normalize relations between Cuba and the US.

In November of 1963, JFK had secretly dispatched French reporter, Jean Simon to play the role of emissary and explore the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba. JFK wanted to be able to divert defense money to his social programs and reducing the scope of the Cold War was the centerpiece of his strategy.

Jean Simon was representing JFK and was with Fidel Castro when JFK was assassinated. Please read the following account in which this reporter describes in detail Castro’s reaction to the shooting of JFK when it was not yet known if the President was going to survive the assassination attempt:

He (Castro) came back, sat down, and repeated three times the words: “Es una mala noticia.” (“This is bad news.”) He remained silent for a moment, awaiting another call with further news. He remarked while we waited that there was an alarmingly sizable lunatic fringe in American society and that this deed could equally well have been the work of a madman or of a terrorist. Perhaps a Vietnamese? Or a member of the Ku Klux Klan? The second call came through: it was hoped they would be able to announce that the United States President was still alive, that there was hope of saving him. Fidel Castro’s immediate reaction was: “If they can, he is already re-elected.” He pronounced these words with satisfaction…

…I recounted to him of an interview which President Kennedy granted me this last October 24, and about Fidel Castro’s reactions to these impressions. During this nocturnal discussion, Castro had delivered himself of a relentless indictment of U.S. policy, adding that in the recent past Washington had had ample opportunity to normalize its relations with Cuba, but that instead it had tolerated a CIA program of training, equipping and organizing a counter-revolution. He had told me that he wasn’t in the least fearful of his life, since danger was his natural milieu, and if he were to become a victim of the United States this would simply enhance his radius of influence in Latin America as well as throughout the socialist world. He was speaking, he said, from the viewpoint of the interests of peace in both the American continents. To achieve this goal, a leader would have to arise in the United States capable of understanding the explosive realities of Latin America and of meeting them halfway. Then, suddenly, he had taken a less hostile tack: “Kennedy could still be this man. He still has the possibility of becoming, in the eyes of history, the greatest President of the United States, the leader who may at last understand that there can be coexistence between capitalists and socialists, even in the Americas. He would then be an even greater President than Lincoln. I know, for example, that for Khrushchev, Kennedy is a man you can talk with…

A Cuban-American alliance would undermine the core of the Cold War scheme and could not be permitted. And it just so happened that on the exact same day of the assassination, President Kennedy was double dipping b y having Norman Cousins play citizen diplomat. The goal? stopping nuclear testing and normalizing relations:

During the Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy administrations, Cousins became an unofficial citizen diplomat, facilitating communication among the Vatican, the Kremlin, and the White House. Both presidents, he recounts, recognized the need to reduce tensions between the superpowers as well as the value of out-of-channel dialogue to advance diplomatic talks and strengthen ties. Following a visit to the Soviet Union in 1960, Cousins initiated a series of cultural exchanges between Americans and Russians that became known as the Dartmouth Conferences. The Cuban missile crisis unfolded at the beginning of one of these sessions. In his interview, he describes how the influential group he pulled together functioned as a clearinghouse for both sides as the crisis ran its course. The confrontation, he recalls, was both a personal and a historical watershed that gave both Khrushchev and Kennedy a blazing awareness of the implications of nuclear warfare and the understanding that both countries share the same lifeboat. When test-ban treaty talks stalled in 1963, Cousins visited Khrushchev and brokered a fresh start to negotiations. Striking to viewers of this interview is Cousinss ability, through the unusual access he had to the secretary general, to decode the Soviet leader. Through personal anecdotes, he illuminates Khrushchevs character, leadership style, national ambitions, and reactions to events and to domestic and international pressures. Cousins describes his personal conversations with Secretary General Nikita Khrushchev…

On the same day of these two potentially earth shattering and history changing  meetings, JFK was dead, and with his death, died the hope of the planet for peace. Do you still believe in the coincidence theory of history?

It should be mentioned that shortly after the death of JFK, Khrushchev was no longer calling the shots in Russia. Another coincidence, or does it represent the power of the globalists?

History Repeats

JFK’s attempt to undermine the fabrication of the cold war was met with an extreme executive action. Now we see history repeating itself. If you have not heard, you soon will. Trump and Putin are soon going to announce a meeting in Paris. They are going to be discussing how to combat the threat of their own Deep State and how to deal with the globalist’s desire to destroy both countries. Globalism is in trouble. However the risk to the lives of both leaders is great and parallels what happened in November 1963 when JFK was assassinated. The globalists will never permit this alliance to mature.

For months, I have received information that Trump and Putin have actually explored the possibility of standing up to  the globalists together.


To add credence to the  report discussed above, Putin went rogue and threatened the global elite with nuclear weapons. It was not reported in the MSM, but it was in the Russian media.

It is my considered fear that if America and Russia cannot be dismantled by the globalists, executive actions will be taken.


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  1. Craig Mouldey October 26, 2018 at 9:02 am

    First off, thank you Dave for not engaging in more Russia bashing, but instead have shown that they face the same enemy that we face. The military-security complex must have an enemy to justify their existence. Thus they are demonizing several countries: Russia, China, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Syria. All the lies and hysteria we are bombarded with, Russian collusion, evil dictator Assad, Iran as a supporter of terrorism, it has all been very successful. Not only is the loony left sold on all this but so are many on the other side. The globalists have manipulated us to all believe the same thing, all of based on lies. We need to stop this and realize that the real enemy is the international money men and their corporate interests. Many of these are Zionists with their own political ambitions.
    You have provided quite a list of possibilities of ‘tools’ in their playbook. They can do all of those. They certainly set up and control the financial system and are quite able to bring it all crashing down and I fully expect them to do so. These phony pipe bombs are interesting. Is it just a silly distraction or are they preparing us for what is next? When is one of these or something bigger actually going to go boom? We need to stop the wars. For all these huge crowds attending Trump’s gatherings, it would be good if all these people told him that they will give him full support but he must fulfill his promise and end the interventions and become friends with Russia and other countries. We ought to pray for these leaders for sure. Russia has a strong Zionist lobby and also those who want to submit Russia to the west, the Atlantic integrationists. These oligarchs are in this crowd. I have read that Putin knows the only way to get rid of their influence would involve bloodshed which he does not want. If these people were to assassinate Putin, they have another problem on their hands. The Russian military is very loyal to Russia first. They wouldn’t even permit Putin to betray the nation.
    Interesting and dangerous times.

  2. John October 26, 2018 at 9:04 am

    Excellent thought. I’m waiting for the false flag Nuke attack as, so far, nothing else these disgusting freaks have managed has worked.
    The sadist part of it all are the unnecessary human lives that have been lost for their attempts at dominating Humanity.
    De oppresso liber.

  3. Star October 26, 2018 at 9:34 am

    PLEASE stop calling radical leftists liberals! They are not liberal. Liberals believe in freedom of speech and perhaps more other freedoms than conservatives. But true liberals do not believe in violent solutions and repression. The ones you call liberals do.

  4. Susan Beer October 26, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Hi, Dave,
    This article is the kind of information that has caused me to become a devotee of a Catholic prayer called the Chaplet of Divine Mercy–especially in honor of Presidents Trump and Putin. This Chaplet first came to my attention several years ago as something used prominently by the Pro-Life Movement. Although I am no longer Catholic (Pope Francis took care of that!!!), I maintain this particular prayer could be used by Protestants, as well, because Mary is not mentioned in it, and it consists of asking God the Father to have mercy on us and the whole world in remembrance of Jesus’ finished work on Calvary. There is a sung version of it available at:

    https:// www. youtube .com /watch?v =oUtqwdaSzx0 (remove the spaces when entering this in your browser)

    This prayer has a lot of advantages. It is very calming, for one thing. Another is that it follows the traditional Catholic practice of 50 repetitions of the short prayer in groups of 10. That makes 50 prayers for 50 states. I’ve been praying this daily over each state in our country by name in the run-up to this election by listening to the Chaplet in CD form which I’ve owned for several years, and which is still available on Amazon, etc. It takes a little better than 15 minutes to listen to it. After that, I start it again and concentrate on Messrs. Trump and Putin, asking that God would surround them with angelic protection, crush their enemies and bring a complete end to the Deep State and all its minions in both countries, and finally, that a war between our countries would be averted, and that both men would become the best of friends. Yes, this all takes about a half-hour, but is that so much to ask for the safety of an entire world?

    I also think the song could be shortened and reworked for Protestant worship. I think it would do well as a slow “rock anthem,” or could be done by a Black Gospel choir. I also like the fact that it encourages the individual person to acknowledge their own sins as well as those of the whole world. God knows I have plenty to remember. I also ask God to spare us for the sake of the “10 righteous people” in each country–sadly, something I’m not likely to personally be one of.

    Dave, I want you to know that you are mentioned each day during these prayers, along with Steve Quayle, the Hagmanns, Rick Wiles, Alex Jones, and everyone involved in the Independent Media. The little bit of time involved still allows for many names to be mentioned which is another reason I like this particular prayer. I hope this post brings it to the attention of many in your audience, but also encourage the use of any other method of prayer for the situation in our country and world your listeners and readers might find helpful. God bless.

  5. James October 26, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    If USA, Russia, and China collude to help each other to destroy the Globalist in their countries we may be able to relax.
    Not that each of our country will be perfect but we can let freedom reign in each.
    HOWEVER, That’s not God’s plan,……..The Son of the Creator will come again.
    And before The King comes back, there will be chaos.

  6. Misty October 26, 2018 at 8:58 pm

    sigh…. why are you white? why are blacks, black? But browns are Hispanics? Please = we are #1 AMERICAN and 2nd, we are white, brown,black, yellow and red. If you are allowed to be a color then we should all be a color but what is most important is we are AMERICANS.

    ~ peace

  7. Lou Cypher October 27, 2018 at 5:11 am

    Yes Trump is in major danger by not rounding up criminals and rabble rouses under Patriot act….essentially letting them run free. Then constantly running his mouth when keeping quiet would be more effective.

  8. Johnny Love October 27, 2018 at 8:13 am

    Dave, why not use Brighteon?

  9. Jerry Goodwin October 27, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Excellent article, I have come around to have the same feelings and hope that Trump and Putin can come together on it. The information of Castro’s thoughts as he waited for further word of JFK’s death and Putin missing are new gems for my pieces to the truth puzzle of how things went down. Thanks Dave

  10. Savannah October 27, 2018 at 5:55 pm

    From what I can tell, there’s been at least TEN assassination attempts on President Trump, and THREE during the inaugural event itself. Several attempts have been made on Melania, and likely against other members of the Trump family. Also, I believe certain factions of the evil globalists are *considering* an open assassination of the Hildebeast. Obviously. President Trump is being DIVINELY PROTECTED. MAY IT EVER BE SO.

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