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Turn Out the Lights, the Party Is Over!


Chinese military front group, Huawei, has its Founder Says that He’s Turning Out America’s Lights. The company has been at the heart of legal actions involving the Canadian, American and Chinese governments over intellectual property theft and other legal issues. The Chinese got caught stealing from American interests and now they have made a third party EMP/ grid-down scenario threat against the people of the United States.  Further, the Chinese have supplied grid technology to the US for years and Obama invited the Chinese and the Russians to view the Grid EX drills. As covered on the CSS, the Chinese possess localized EMP weapons that brought down an Iraqi General, Flying an American F-16 near the border at Douglas, AZ. And there is so much more!         Here is the story…..


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  1. Cujo March 12, 2019 at 6:58 am

    Dave, I look forward each day to your views thru your articles. I served during the Cold War and I know the threat of Socialism/Communism. I understand the Ideology and threat of Russia and China along with scenario’s thru a 3rd party. I firmly believe the Russian and China threat is real, Russia once a powerful world power wants revenge of the USSR collapse, I believe they feel a Red Dawn scenario is a goal, eventually. China along with Russia needs our soil, agriculture then our other resources.

    Even though our Nation and Constitution may seem to be in a disarray our Freedom and Liberties are still a road block to them and the World Governance. An all out Nuclear attack would destroy the farmlands. The EMP tactic I feel is our main threat, allowing mass chaos and a die off to occur in the US first.

    Experts has testified to congress that for a minimal amount, millions, could protect our grid, even congress has agreed to this, yet no action has been taken. Hmm, ever wonder why?

    I usually don’t put much thought into dreams, I am 61 and ever since 1970 I have had one reoccurring dream. It always was at the old farm house I was raised at, I’ve had this dream 11 to 12 times, its always the same. An invasion force by sea of thousands of Russian or Chinese war ships off our shores.

    Dave, keep up the good work and research you do and may God be with us.

  2. MadMagyar March 12, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Hal Turner links to this on his story about Venezuela’s ongoing power crisis, but it’s a “subscribers only” story. Nice to know that you think it serious enough to report without restriction.
    https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/fears-of-one-million-dead-this-week – see the bottom of the story.

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