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The US Economy Is Days Away From Shutting Down

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A Telling Report From Tacoma


The Global Economy Has Officially Crashed

The Baltic Dry Index has officially hit rock bottom with unprecedented lows. The forces behind the Trans Pacific Partnership have effectively used their influence to greatly stall the delivery of critically important commodities until the TPP is fully implemented among its member nations.

Who is responsible for the crash caused by the failure to move product through the world’s ports?

Trans Pacific Partnership, Was Initiated at U.S. West Coast Ports
on February 13, 2015

The above headlines tells who is behind what is happening, it does not tell you how bad it is going to get. The unions are refusing to back down and it is for darn sure that the TPP will not back down either!

The backlog of ships is a crisis being done on purpose because the private multinational corporations want to empty the shelves in supermarkets nationwide for three or four weeks is designed to force the American people to approve the blackmail contained in  the Trans Pacific Partnership. This is the economic end-game which will permit these multinational corporations to become nation-states across the planet.

Most Americans will fail to notice the threat until they can no longer purchase food in the super-markets, or mail-order prescription medications are not shipped. The sheep of this country will still be in denial that this could ever happen. The unions have now been idled, at major American shipping ports, because the multinational corporate owners of the shipping companies are keeping their ships filled with perishable goods at sea until all governmental opposition to the fast-tracked TPP is ended. Watch this video and listen to the what LA City Councilman, Joe Buscaino says when he states that even if product were to be off-loaded, in force, today, it would still take six to eight months to “get back to normal”. The United States economy does not have six to eight months to recover. It does not have six to eight days to survive the economic Armageddon that is coming.


Meanwhile, While We Slept

While the United States is fully preoccupied with global crises ranging from the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and the conflict in Ukraine, there is another development on the world stage which threatens the economic health of every single American and American based business. Specifically, I am referencing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The protocols of the TPP establish a free-trade zone/bloc stretching from Vietnam to Chile and Japan. The most draconian free trade agreement in history includes nearly a billion people which encompass almost 40% of the world’s economy. Since Obama failed to fast-track the TPP into law last year, he has made amazing progress and America is nearing its fate with economic Armageddon.


Transferring the American Economy to a Corporate Dictatorship 


As America races toward her date with destiny, there is yet another “fundamentally transforming” event coming her way and that event is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


Many of us in the media believe that some of the effects of the TPP will be felt before the coming war and martial law crackdown. However, after careful analysis, I am convinced that the brunt of the TPP will be felt after the America we know has been totally taken over in a post-war and post-economic collapse scenario. At the end of the day, it does not matter when the implementation of the TPP comes, because when it does, America will no longer be recognizable to anyone who has grown up in this once great country.


The Implementation of the TPP Is Progressing By Stealth


Some of you are reading these words have no idea what the Trans-Pacific Partnership consists of. Most of you have never heard of it. Some of you have heard or read the term, but fail to realize the extreme danger that the implementation of this so-called trade agreement will mean to America and our way of life. A scant few are coming to realize just how dangerous the TPP truly is. For the record, the TPP is masquerading as a free trade agreement involving the US, Australia, Japan, Canada, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru and Singapore. The TPP is much, much more than a free trade agreement.


With regard to the TPP, ignorance of the organization is understandable. We in the truthful part of the media have not fulfilled our duty to fully explore the ramifications of the TPP because so little is publicly known. Obama has taken full advantage of the cloudy environment and is preparing to even bypass the constitutionally required approval of the Congress before implementing the TPP through a process called “fast-tracking”.


Obama Is Bypassing Congressional Approval


Under the TPP, GMO labels for US food would not be allowed. Also not allowed is any form of Congressional oversight. 

President Obama are indeed seeking Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority for the TPP as he feverishly attempted to get the deal done by the end of the year. The REAL reason that the cargo container ships are backed upon our ports is because the TPP and Obama is holding all the parties hostage until they get what they want, the fast-tracking approval which will allow Obama to completely ignore Congress in regard to allowing Congress to fulfill its statutory duty in approving all trades.  Obama, on behalf of the TPP wants to break the unions and all power of any ancillary support group, which is why we are seeing products backed up in our ports. Under such an agreement, this would permit Obama to sign the trade agreement “without Congressional approval.”


All action, emanating from the U.S. government, with regard to the TPP, is secret. When something is secret and kept from you, it is usually very bad for you!


After “Fast-Tracking”, Obama would send the finalized agreement to Congress and this would subsequently force a vote within 90 days. Congressional debate would be very limited and no amendments would be permitted. Even if Congress wanted to protect the American worker and the American economy from devastation, they cannot if Obama obtains the power to fast-track the TPP.


Let’s be clear, Obama is violating the separation of powers principle of the US Constitution by leaving Congress in the dark and by limiting their ability to use their Congressional powers as they would with any other legislation. The rumors of the TPP policies are so horrific that even the Kool-Aid drinkers from the Democratic party are calling on Obama to allow more transparency. Congress is asking Obama to allow for more transparency? I did not know that we passed a Constitutional amendment which states that Congress works for Obama.


The TPP Represents the Total Loss of US Sovereignty


The TPP is the brain child of the corporations. The TPP places all member nations directly under the control of the TPP instead of their respective national governments. Congress has been denied access to review any of the documents. Alan Grayson (D-FL) was granted a special exemption to view a small part of the TPP and he was told by TPP officials to keep his mouth shut as Grayson recalls that “They maintain that the text is classified information. I’m a member of Congress, but now they tell me that they don’t want me to talk to anybody about it because if I did, I’d be releasing classified information.”  Do you realize what this means? The corporate controlled TPP has granted themselves the authority to exercise the governmental power of classifying documents and Congress is included in the exclusion. Do you understand that this means we are living in a corporate dictatorship? It gets even worse.


Meet Your New Government: Monsanto and Walmart

As if it is not egregious enough that Congress is not allowed to view TPP documents, the 600 corporate officials, who form the TPP panel (e.g. corporate officials from corporations such as Monsanto and Walmart), have complete control of the developmental process of the TPP. Obama, Monsanto and Walmart can view any part of the process, Congress and the American public cannot.

Further, a leaked chapter of the TPP speaks to the creation of a TPP Tribunal Council which will have the authority to force member nations to transform its laws, its civil procedures, its criminal procedures, even its electoral process, in order to abide by the TPP Tribunal dictates. The bottom line is that we are witnessing the destruction of the Constitution and the entire legal code of the United States, because once the tribunal makes a ruling with regard to a national law, there is no appeal. The Tribunal consists of unelected bureaucrats who are appointed by the creators of the TPP. The term of office for Tribunal officials is unlimited.

The most disturbing aspect of this agreement is that the TPP totally eviscerates the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution. If, for example, the State of Arizona wanted to outlaw fracking, the TPP could overrule the local legislation if it so desired. To illustrate how far this unconstitutional corporate power extends, the TPP could declare cocaine trafficking to be legal and this could not be challenged by any level of government, nor is it subject to review by the Supreme Court. Obama and his TPP cronies are writing the obituary for the U.S. Constitution.

The TPP represents the total obliteration of American sovereignty. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention another small set of details. How long do you think it will take until the TPP imposes a draconian version of cap and trade upon the American people and small businesses? The cap and trade version of what Obama tried to get passed in the Senate, when he first took office, consisted of reducing everyone’s energy consumption by 80% and utility rates “would necessarily skyrocket.”

Please pause for just one moment and ask yourself if you like would like an 80% reduction of individual and business energy use and what that dramatic reduction of energy use would look like? The rank and file in this country would effectively be living in 1890.

This is Agenda 21 on steroids and it is being fully implemented through the back door. That is why the TPP is being kept from Congress and the American people.

These facts lead me to state that, if any of this is remotely true, then this President needs to be arrested and tried for treason.


Where Is This Headed?


Obama’s fast tracking of the TPP which was designed to be completed by the end of the year would have coincided with the commencement of many of Obama’s health care reforms which have now been implemented as of February 15, 2015 (e.g. the tripling of Obamacare fines and the full exposure of the “death panels” which deny many kinds of healthcare treatments at age 70 and above). And all of this coincides with communist take-over of the United States economy.


I wish I could accurately state that the loss of sovereignty is the only threat that the TPP poses to the American people. However, to say so, would constitute a grossly inaccurate statement. Under the TPP, the alternative media will be destroyed, guns will be confiscated and the face of American employment will be forever changed in ways that you will not believe. If anything, this article has understated the threat posed to America by the TPP. The TPP is not a free trade agreement, it is a document which introduces a new era into American government. If the TPP passes, we will be living in an absolute fascist corporate dictatorship.


This constitutes a form of economic martial law. And while this article is passing out one nightmare after another, please consider the fact that China and Russia are being purposely left out of the TPP. Why?  From an economic standpoint, that makes no sense unless one realizes that we are on a collision course with World War III and the BRIC nations, headed by China and Russia who will be our opponent in the upcoming conflict and the military balance of power is purposely being shifted by senior American politicians which are intentionally designed to weaken both the American economy and the American military.


Massive shortages are at our doorstep and the US economy is days away from shutting down. Walmart is resupplied six times per day. The shortages will soon show up in your shipped medications, food supplies and so forth. The crisis isn’t coming, it is here!


This article only served the purpose of introducing the gravity of the problem. What this truly entails for the average American, and more importantly, what, if anything, can be done about it, will follow in future articles.


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  1. Michael February 16, 2015 at 5:53 am

    Dave & Readers,

    I have not commented in some time.You have to find a safe location outside of the city. “Supply…” the location…strategies, contingencies, etc. There is not much time left. What is coming will be quick, and successive. You’ll be in a much better situation, if you are out of the cities.

    God bless

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  3. messenger February 16, 2015 at 6:09 am

    Sir, your article is ‘chilling’ to say the least, and every word of it is probably true, except predicting a collapse within seven or eight days. If it doesn’t implode by next week then your distractors are going to have a field day. This was said in brotherly love not in any type of condemnation.

    Another situation that is playing out is that Argentina has had multiple meetings with China and Russia the last six months. Argentina wants the Falkland Islands back and they want them badly. Anything to avenge the shameful defeat at the hands of England 30 years ago [more or less]. Argentina has to know that America is going down, and that w/o America, England will not stand a chance of holding on to the Falklands. Moral of the story: Argentina is purchasing from China two dozen top of the line, long range, easily capable of reaching the Falklands and returning to Argentine soil with fuel to spare. All the little things, along with the big things, are congealing for this to be one very interesting Springtime in America, if not our last Spring.

    Harry Truman allow a communist takeover of China back in 1948 by using a West Coast port shutdown coupled with a nationwide rail strike. And looks like here we go again, except this time the losers will be occidental not oriental. What goes around comes around, I guess.

  4. JOE February 16, 2015 at 6:27 am


  5. iwitness02 February 16, 2015 at 6:44 am

    This is so big that it can probably be easily dismissed by many. In my mind it truly appears that it is finally show time. We are at another “you have to pass it to find out what’s in it,” moment. We all know how satisfying that turned out. I have never witnessed such an in your face style of governing before. I am not impressed. Talk about insane clown posse. My oh my. Right there for everybody to see. And it makes no difference. None the less, thank you Dave for your tireless efforts. Mike

  6. jr. February 16, 2015 at 6:49 am

    Did you notice that Pope Francis visited South eat Asia wright before the port strike and we all know the mafia play there role in the union and who is the mafia backed by?the Vatican.But if you look at it this way they are letting all the walmarts get emptied so then it can be turned into a Fema holding facility ,just you You tube that.Dave when do you think the strike will be over and if not when do you think the people will feel the effects?also does this have anything to do with the underground bunkers being stock piled?

  7. JOE February 16, 2015 at 6:49 am


  8. piner February 16, 2015 at 7:17 am

    Perfect timing! Valentines day, presidents weekend. These creeps who are running this smoke and mirrors show spare no irony! It seems like a lot of bother to try and enslave an entire planet but it is becoming way too obvious that the plan is moving into the next phase.anyone who is holding out hope that congress will stop the madness is delusional. Washington DC has been incorporated since 1871 and the constitutional united states ceased to exist in 1933 when we went bankrupt with fake money from the fed and we are now in recievership, each one of us to the rothchild/rockefeller banking economic system. Our constitution has been on a shelf and covered with dust for decades. The president is nothing more than a CEO and members of congress are merely board members rubber stamping the robbery and demise of our once prosperous and God blessed land. It is one minute till midnight, where is the lone ranger, John Wayne or better yet all the good guys in uniform with stars on their lapels? We must keep hope in our hearts and rock solid faith in God Almighty. Maybe we should all make one more big trip to the grocery tomorrow before our hollowed out country enters some very dark days

  9. Mark Brander February 16, 2015 at 7:35 am

    I cannot disagree with anything you have written Dave.

    It appears the beginning of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord is about to begin. It would also appear that we will see the head wound event mentioned in Revelation 13 take place very soon. I personally believe it is the key event which signals the start of the 7 year tribulation. The events of Revelation 12 are ‘wrapping up’ so it must be very very close.

    Read the Lord’s warnings about what is coming next at http://revelation12.ca

  10. Lois February 16, 2015 at 7:51 am

    I live facing the Tacoma port as well. Before the strike, they were ships parking for long periods of time, one after the other. Now, nada! The Sound as of today is clear of ships except one that is parked on the Tacoma side.

  11. Gary B. February 16, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Thank you for your honest voice.

  12. A VOICE February 16, 2015 at 8:46 am

    We keep hearing of the Dictator in Washington? Our republic is based on checks & balances to prevent a Monarchy … so lets point the finger in the eye of the people that are responsible … the sheep in Washington (Congress / Senate / supreme court ) and we the people who have NOT demanded removal of ALL the above (and where is the military who are sworn to protect us against these enemies within our borders) … so, we are either being deceived by all these reports / intel (conveniently being leaked out) OR we are ALL guilty of the destruction of America?

  13. ESCAPE February 16, 2015 at 8:54 am

    The end of the test for mankind is almost here- told of in the Word of God for 6000 years.

    The truth and Jesus the Savior of mankind will WIN. Of all the 1000’s of events that were told to happen in the Word of God until the time that Jesus the King of the World returns……..these evil people and their master satan/lucifer have not been able to stop or even delay A SINGLE ONE that God said would happen. Their power is a temporary fantasy and an illusion. It will be taken and they will go to a hell horrible beyond imagination. May these wicked fools turn from their evil and be spared.

    Hell is clearly demonstrated here:
    Bill Weiss literally was taken to hell for 23 minutes- It’s REAL.

    Jesus wins- because He has more power. Plain and Simple. Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your PERSONAL SAVIOR now- He will protect you from the INEVITABLE hell on earth 3 years of time starting in weeks. He truly does love you. Jesus is PURE. He is ALL THINGS GOOD…….And….. HE WINS. He is our only protection now- just as He has always been- only now we have nowhere else to turn as everything is falling apart- God is allowing it so we will turn to Jesus the Savior of men for help, and be SAVED! Millions will disappear soon because they were READY!

    You can still be saved from ALL THIS, though you have very, very little time.

    My heart aches hoping those who read this message will ask Jesus the Savior of man to save them. Please, please…..just ASK HIM TO SAVE YOU- ask Him to show you HE IS REAL- HE WILL!

    a man who Truly cares.

  14. GRYPHONv8 February 16, 2015 at 8:58 am

    Is there an american-european version of the TPP in the pipeline?

  15. American mom February 16, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Dave, the TPP is heinous. Check out The New American by the John Birch Society, they talk about it in detail (same at local JBS meetings).

    No treaty may supercede the Constitution, it renders the TPP null and void. Reid vs Covert is still on the books too, upholding the fact a treaty may not supercede the Constitution – under the de facto color of law courts.

    However, the entirety of DC is guilty of treason, RICO and sedition; the criminals who literally stole our de jure nation won’t stop and will use the TPP illegally against us.

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  18. Craig A Mouldey February 16, 2015 at 9:36 am

    They are establishing a huge segment of the NWO by stealth. Let me spell out clearly what the TPP really is:

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  21. Mass Effect February 16, 2015 at 10:20 am


    Excellent article and I want to add this to your article if those out there still want to scoff at your research, which is all based on fact.

    Take a look at what the managing director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde had to say to the world, especially our Congress when it came to passing sustained development (Agenda 21) and a new trade agreement (TPP) this year.

    “Trade reform
    The next question is: how can we better leverage the gains from various structural reforms? Trade liberalization may well provide the right answer!
    After years of slowing growth in global trade, 2015 could be a make-or-break year for negotiations on an ambitious Transpacific trade deal – the Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP). Policymakers also need to press ahead with negotiations on a Transatlantic deal, known as TTIP, which is less advanced but could provide just as many benefits as its Pacific cousin.
    In the United States, these important trade deals are areas of potential cooperation between the new Congress and the President. For the European Union, progress on trade would be immensely helpful in lifting growth and confidence. The Japanese government is keen to use the TPP to inject greater competition into its low-growth economy. And emerging and developing economies would benefit from better integration into the global economy. So what’s there not to like?
    On all sides, there are incentives to cut deals. Political will is now needed to get to the finish line.
    Here we arrive at the 3rd Rosetta moment: how to achieve more sustainable, balanced growth over the long term? Financial regulation, international development, and environmental policy are key.”


    There it is, straight from the horses mouth and the entity which tells our members of Congress what to do. This is who they work for, they do not work for the people as has been apparent for quite some time now. They all report to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

    All of you scoffers better wake up, all the facts are there and the writing on the wall. This will not go away or cease to exist by you dismissing everything as a supposed conspiracy theory, when in fact, it is a huge conspiracy, one against Americans and the rest of the worlds population. Even if you are being paid to parrot dis-information or shill about for some agency such as the DHS, do you realize once they are done with us, they will come for you and your family? Unless you are helping to move trillions of dollars and are in their tight circle of elitist friends, you will be eliminated when the time comes.

    To everyone else out there, you had better wake up to, just because no one is knocking on your door now doesn’t mean they won’t here in the near future. We have the Muslim Brotherhood running things in the White House, in DHS, and throughout other agencies in the US government. It is only a matter of time before they start turning over their agents and the military arsenal to go against all of us.

    In closing, thank you Dave for all you do, you are a blessing to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Our time is very, very short.

    God Bless you,

    Mass Effect

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  23. J Gibbs PhD February 16, 2015 at 10:44 am

    “Days away from shutting down.” REALLY? Well, this one will be easy to prove true or LIE. If by the middle of next week, say the 25th, the nation’s economy is still going along, heck let’s even give it to the 28th, then we will ALL KNOW these sensational reports are garbage.


  24. laura m. February 16, 2015 at 10:48 am

    Why don’t these cargo ships unload in Mexican ports? Then truck it north or via rail? Chinese businesses are in trouble also, as their goods can’t be sold here unless put in the stores. I am noticing shortages of household products in stores in housewares section, will talk to someone I know this week working in a sporting goods store and see what they say they are running out of. This all will cause layoffs if not resolved in several days. I’m now learning about the TPP. I gave up on John Birch meetings in the 80’s; they just sat around and talked/complained like Eagle Forum and did nothing productive. I will check out the New Amer. website. Patriot groups have failed to wake people up for over fifty years now.

  25. Farmer John Maine February 16, 2015 at 11:44 am

    Dave your right it’s right around the corner!

    People need to reach out locally and secure there food source now.
    Palemoonfarm.com ships all over the USA, Grassfed meats and Essiential Oil Salves, if your prepping then you should get what you need now.

    People should be looking now before it’s too late.

  26. The US Economy Is Days Away From Shutting Down - February 16, 2015 at 11:50 am

    […] Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show. […]

  27. MK February 16, 2015 at 11:57 am

    What I do not understand is, if these TPP nations(if ratified I guess) will have as an enemy the BRICS nations why then would US govt want to weaken our military and citizens?


  28. messenger February 16, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    the two dozen items Argentina is buying from China are Fighter Jets: Sorry, left that out.

    Mr. Hodges, here come a baited question, sir. If Walmart and other ‘venders’ become depleted of basic items other than food, do you think people will riot over clothes, tools, and so forth? I just wonder how long it will take for people to start this nonsense, because once it starts, it’s on, and will feed upon itself until it engulfs us all. Food being the obvious kindling for the fire others are however openly talking about they can’t wait for a collapse of order so they can ransack places like Lowes and Home Depot. I shudder to think what this country would look like if 500 LA type riots exploded al at once. thanks

  29. CT February 16, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    This strike on the west coast ports is also a way to fast-track the I-69 Corridor currently being built to bypass the west coast ports and use Mexican ports for Asian products.


  30. American mom February 16, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Laura M, I can’t speak to the John Birch Society of the 80s, I was in elementary school. Please refrain from discrediting JBS, they have been instrumental in exposing the Communists and many nefarious plans of TPTB in this country. Their tireless efforts to educate the sheeple of this nation have been integral to fighting against evil.

    JBS has manifold videos out to educate about our lost rights and the Constitution, illegal immigration, Article V Con Con, UN Agenda 21, socialism, the unfederal Federal Reserve, Common Core, etc. All topics Dave highlights have been fought by the John Birch Society for decades.

    Of course there is no easy solution, the criminals in DC have our hands tied in multiple ways. JBS at least makes copious and detailed information available; they fought NAFTA and the Canamex North American Union.

    One of the only tools is coherent facts as sheeple wake up…JBS has these in spades. It’s also comforting to meet with others who understand and accept all the above topics. JBS has been fighting the TPP for years. Larry McDonald, one of the JBS past presidents “died” in a suspicious airline attack where Russia used a missile to bring it down. No investigation, and he was a Congress member too.

    When they kill you, you’re usually on the right track…

  31. Old Guy February 16, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    OK – if you believe this – let’s make a bet. Today is Feb 16th. The authors says – and some here seem to believe – that the US economy is days away from collapse. If you really believe that – then let’s make a bet. Dollars? Gold Coins? Bit Coins? Cans of Spam? I bet $100 or some equivalent – like 30 cans of Spam – that two weeks from today – the US economy is fine. Who will take the bet?


  32. Seen2013 February 16, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    “Further, a leaked chapter of the TPP speaks to the creation of a TPP Tribunal Council which will have the authority to force member nations to transform its laws, its civil procedures, its criminal procedures, even its electoral process, in order to abide by the TPP Tribunal dictates.”

    In other words, TTP and seemingly TTIP are actually public-private merger not public-private partnerships albeit the New Middle of such governments tends to be the Kleptocrats underneath the Plutocrats.
    Bare in mind, socialism’s mechanism advertised as wealth redistribution is actually public-private partnerships, and PPP’s create Kleptocracy after subsidies for governmental fiefdoms creates Oligarchs.
    New Feudalism or Neo Feudalism would be aptly accurate.
    Basically, it’s like the IRS that is to say a private institution possessing a government charter under the Federal powers in which at best States have the authority to opt in or out, and TTP removes the option in the same way ACA also known as Obamacare removes the option.
    In a nutshell, if you add up the NDAA, EO’s, the attempts to utilize the perverse interpretation the Constitution aka government grants/revokes rights, and the perverse interpretation of the Supremacy Clause, ladies and gentlemen the TTP and TTIP constitutes a declaration of ownership of each individual.
    Bare in mind, if you follow the occult angle, the Luciferian Doctrine is quite clear Apathy and Psychopaths and Sociopaths considered enlightened and intellectually if not genetically superior to everyone else.
    Bismark’s ambition realized utilizing Bismarkian Policies to justify centralized authority through bait and switch political expediency. Bismarkianism is based on both.

    “Obama, on behalf of the TPP wants to break the unions and all power of any ancillary support group, which is why we are seeing products backed up in our ports.”

    I haven’t researched the unions hit by the situation, but I somehow doubt Leo Gerard’s outfit what is it SEIU these days and the like takes too big of a hit. The principle reason is those unions are international, and they actually represent the multinational corporations than their actual union members. The multinational unions are also the catalyst for the perpetual migrant worker aspect of the New World Order.
    I surmise research would show the unions destroyed are precisely the unions who served domestically industries who are unwanted competition to TTP and TTIP proponents and supporters.
    Interestingly, Vigilant Citizen does a piece that shows preconditioning in an old movie that time consuming research can confirm. Ever hear of “Metropolis”?

  33. PetersPan February 16, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    Everyone can watch the Baltic dry free of charge each and every day. Hell they’ll even send a free RSS alert keeping apprised of this each and every day!.

    I don’t know that this will happen in days. but I think we’re awfully damned close.. I’m leaning towards a couple of weeks..but we need to watch this very, very close.
    The Baltic dry is sooooooooooooooooooo telling. You’ve all been intentionally distracted from this by the scum in Washington.

    Let’s say for the sake of argument,.. from this day forward the Baltic continues to drop each day as we’ve been seeing, let say for another week…We’ll be in deep kimchee.

    People really have an incredible lack of understanding on where the hell most all of the Stuff comes from.. IT COMES BY SHIP IN CARGO CONTAINERS!. That’s right dopes!

    If this fall continues, then surface transportation will be up shit creek and store shelves will be empty.

    If this plays out like this..we’ll have massive and wide spread anarchy across the nation with 72 hours of the epic point.

  34. PetersPan February 16, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    FYI… Your beloved FEMA…aint coming to help any of you!
    They are not capable, nor are they set up for such an event!

  35. Mr Nemo February 16, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    This closing of the ports could all be a part of a Trojan Horse Operation.If you wanted to move large amounts of supplies and troops into the USA. You close the ports all over with strikes and then get a large back up of container ships all lined up and waiting for it to be resolved.All the container ships are retro-fitted and loaded with troops and everything they need just waiting for strike to end.Invasion On.

  36. Blackknight88 February 16, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    Buying food even though I’m broke. Have to many mouths to feed to sit by idly…
    Scares me to think we could starve to death.

    The prudent see danger and take refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it…

  37. AlphaWolf8118 February 16, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Is there nothing we can do to stand up to the government? This treaty thing really makes you feel powerless against the government and big corporations. Anything we say to our state representatives feels like it is falling on deaf ears.

  38. Norbert February 16, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Dear Dave Hodges:

    Thank you for this great article. One of the others secrets of this TPP and its Atlantic ocean equivalent (TTIP), is that Corporations can make their growth and profit forecasts. Then if those prowth and profit forecasts are not met, the corporations can go after/sue the various governments for the shortfall. This then means that the governments will be after the people to pay for that shortfall. This sounds like economic bailouts/bail-ins, just like the Banker balouts/bail-ins. I have added more information to confirm Dave’s article. Her in Canada, our pro-Israel, Israel lobby backed Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and his government have also said very little about both the TPP and The TTIP. As for knowledge, I would say to those people that claim to be experts because they have extra letters added to their name, use your common sense (hint- hint), which your educational system has trained out of you in most cases. Dave Hodgges is the exception to that rule of letters/titles after his name. I think Dave Hodges follows the words of a wise Jedi knight called Yoda: YOU MUST UNLEARN WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED. Most of todays education system is an industry /business to produce trained idiots that will follow their marching orders/tow the line to become sheeple. Generally, those papers of Higher Learning are glorified toilet paper, even Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers. In order to fit in and be accepted you need those papers. The setup as it exists is the System/Matrix that we are forced from birth to accept. Those educational papers are so important sometimes but if all you can get for work is flipping burgers or delivering pizza, something is wrong. If you are still doubtful due to pride (your education papers) consult Tyler Durden and his site ZeroHedge.com. His articles will back Dave Hodges’ assertions in this article. Get your head out of the sand. Vielen Dank mein Herr, Herr Dave Hodges. Alles Gute zu dir und Gemuetlichkeit. Thanks, Norbert.

  39. Not from there February 16, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    You talk about the TPP only from America’s perspective.
    There are other nations that will also be decimated by this dreadful situation, as well as your own.
    Here, hardly anyone knows it is happening. Our PM is poised to sign our country away, and no one is listening. The MSM don’t ever mention it. TPP is not a thing you will ever have heard of. If you share it on FB, no one even looks remotely interested. There have been petitions against the PM signing the TPP sent around FB but they get hardly a look-in, and struggle to get even 500 signatures. The media has kept the entire country in the dark. Unless people regularly visit websites like this one, they just have no clue.
    I can’t see how this can be stopped. The determination and backdoor deals, plus the lack of knowledge, are just too weighted against the few who know.

  40. bccpatriot February 16, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    Thanks Dave for a well researched albeit scary article. My question: Why aren’t Grayson & the rest of Congress screaming & yelling & DOING something to intervene in this TPP treaty? They’re being kept out of the loop illegally & they KNOW it as well as we do! Bunch of sniveling cowards/traitors if you ask me… Of course no treaty is valid that is Unconsitutional, but how do we fight this if our own “leaders” won’t???

  41. William February 16, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    Get ready for the Satanic, Illuminati , Masonic, Cabalistic, Talmudic takeover. When will we identify the elite gatekeepers without apology? The “Mystery of Iniquity” will be exposed. The other cronies are but puppets.

  42. Arizona February 16, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    EVERYONE keep your lips glued to the police gangs ass,maybe you’ll live to be OBOOZOS new SLAVES,….OH,thats right HE sold you and everything you own to china,including your children,oh well forget it your already dead if you don’t fight the criminals,OH and DAVE,oboozo can’t be hanged he’s got to many americans with their lips glued to his ass,theres not a strong enough rope in america to hold that much weight,I guess its the FEMA DEATH CAMPS for everyone…………..

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  44. anoan February 16, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    Laura M: Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t they have to transit the Panama Canal to get to Mexican ports, plus it would be a long, long delay for trucking to bring freight out of Mexico. But it would be better than letting it sit on the ships going nowhere. Hang in there.

  45. TacomaBoy February 16, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    I read the video title: “A Telling Report from Tacoma” and thought, certainly that must be a typo…not Tacoma! I live close to Ruston Way where this footage was taken and have for the past few weeks wondered why there are so many cargo ships parked in the bay. Well, now I know!

  46. […] See his full post here. […]

  47. The US Economy Is Days Away From Shutting Down | February 17, 2015 at 12:05 am

    […] While the United States is fully preoccupied with global crises ranging from the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and the conflict in Ukraine, there is another development on the world stage which threatens the economic health of every single American and American based business. Specifically, I am referencing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The protocols of the TPP establish a free-trade zone/bloc stretching from Vietnam to Chile and Japan. The most draconian free trade agreement in history includes nearly a billion people which encompass almost 40% of the world’s economy. Since Obama failed to fast-track the TPP into law last year, he has made amazing progress and America is nearing its fate with economic Armageddon…..More Here […]

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  49. economy watcher February 17, 2015 at 4:45 am

    Greece is on edge, Europe is facing multiple economic problems including mass migration, Russia is out of control and all this concludes to collapse.

  50. PetersPan February 17, 2015 at 4:54 am

    Those who ship their produce outside of the US are in the prime of harvest right now.. Bummer right?.. but rather than unload it state side, cause they say it will cause a produce price crash, they’ll let it sit at port and rot.. HOW CRAZY COOL IS THAT!
    Well..like it or not the tsunami suck out..it’s about to arrive!
    My guess 2 weeks.. and the window will be brief.
    Buy what you can in the areas of long term stable foods.
    Learn to can and put food up.
    Get a good manual grinder..you’re all gonna need one!
    And lace up your running girlz, the shit storm is about to hit.

    Further.. the head fake with the Brent going back up aobut $12/barrel to 60is.. it’s just that HEAD FAKE. Theives/liars and scum like GoldmanSachs, Citi and others..ARE ALREADY REPORTING THAT OIL WILL HIT $20/barrel!

    So you all know WE’RE CHOKING ON OIL GLOBALY!

  51. PetersPan February 17, 2015 at 5:28 am

    Much bigger picture going on.. yes.. Panama Canal is going to have a play in this. but not like you think..
    Think Shit Storm as the party, then it’s gets worse, al lot worse.

    Buy what you can..i recommend buckets of rice, beans and grain and get yourself a good manual grinder – Like Jr. Wonder mill!
    Learn how to make meals from those things, especially a basic loaf of bread!
    Good Luck
    God Bless

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  54. […] I wrote an article which I found very difficult to publish because of its very dire consequences. Briefly, I explained […]

  55. Flip February 17, 2015 at 8:53 am

    The TPP sounds like a constitution, but focuses more on economics than our US Constitution

  56. […] I wrote an article which I found very difficult to publish because of its very dire consequences. Briefly, I explained […]

  57. deadly tracker February 17, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Hey Dave, hope they don’t come for you as you may have releases classified info..!! This reminds me of an interview with a sitting U.S. General about 2 months ago..He was asked a loaded question (cant remember what it was) but he got nervous as did not know hoe to answer..He looked around and the camera panned behind him,,there was a curtain and a voice said “dont answe that its classified “..who or what was dictating to this general..? Tpp may be run by the same folks behind this curtain..lets find out who they are and lets prod every congressman to stand represent the wished of the electorate..My take is the TPP was quickly cobbled together in response to Russia & China forming the BRICS trading group..The west (u.S.) is in panic mode and feels the TPP is the only way to counter the BRICS…Lets also find a way to name these 600 corporate entities and their CEOs’..If this passes without any oposotion Canada can say goodbuy to any XL pipeline or any movement of Raw energy source south of the 49th..

  58. […] See his full post here. […]

  59. Patriot Johnny February 17, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Thank you Dave!

    The economy is collapsing. Proof? I worked security on Black Friday in November 2014 at Wal-Mart because the store was expecting a huge crowd. I was scheduled for a eight hour shift. This Wal-Mart is located in a neighborhood where the middle class and some upper class people live.

    There wasn’t many customers there. The store manager never saw something like this he told me. They let me work 5 and half hours instead of an 8 hour shift.

    I stopped by last week at a Wal-Mart for some supplies and I observed some shelves were empty!

    And Obama wants this phony Obamacare to work? Like me, I am broke, I have no money and the ACA can go to hell! I am not complying and many many people I have talked too are not complying, they have no money!

    Yes, we are in a collapse. What will happen next week? We shall find out and if nothing happens, then IT will happen sooner or later but IT will happen. People better stock up NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! A 12-guage shotgun would help too!

    Thanks Dave as always! Patriot Johnny

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  61. Kevin G February 17, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    I just want to say Thanks Dave for all you do and your devotion to shining some light on things and exposing the lies!
    May YHWY God bless and protect you!

  62. Photonic February 17, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    Greetings Mr. Hodges,

    I do not mean any disrespect, but I do not think even you know or understand the depth of the disaster that is very soon coming on the US and why, which will totally destroy this once God blessed country with all the riches of every kind. You are on the ball above with your article, but only scratched the surface. You opened the top of the pyramid and peeked inside and got a glimpse of the vortex of evil that is brewing and coming. It’s true, it is too late for the populous who are but lost sheep and are their own worst enemy, but keep looking and digging inside the pyramid and expose, it may save some from falling into the pits and the snares placed across the land. For those who believe they can escape this calamity by fleeing into the hills and the mountains are deluding themselves for so vast and all encompassing will be the disaster, from economic, financial, political, military and social event coming, and there will be no place to hide or escape to, that evil tentacles, retribution, punishment and judgment will not be able to reach, for the ROD of Wrath is HUGE! I think you know what I mean. Take care and continue watch for time is short, and where there is Faith there is Hope for some.

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  66. […] Dave Hodges reports on how the The Baltic Dry Index has hit rock bottom. The BDI is assessing the movement of major raw materials by sea, and he questions whether the backlog of ships is a crisis being done on purpose – as a form of economic warfare – designed to strong-arm the American people to approve the Trans Pacific Partnership. He writes: […]

  67. […] I wrote an article which I found very difficult to publish because of its very dire consequences. Briefly, I explained […]

  68. Spirit and Truth February 18, 2015 at 7:39 am

    The blood moon tetrads of 2014 and 2015 will bring in major war in Israel and to the rest of the world. These blood moons landing on the high holy days of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles have never failed once. This will be the 8th and final blood moon and solar eclipse pattern landing on these days for another 1000 years. To top it all off, it is a Shemitah or Sabbatical year. The Indignation of God is upon the nations because they have completely turned away from him. The arrival of Pope Francis, the false propeht, marked the opening of the first seal of Revelation. He is the rider on the white horse who goes out conquering. He is doing a marvelous job conquering the world and was voted Time Magazine person of the year in his first year. He is called the Rock Star Pope. The blood moon tetrads mark the opening of the second and third seal of revelation. World War, Economic Collapse, Hyper Inflation, Famine. We are living in Apocalpytic times. This is EMT (Emergency Repentance Time).

  69. A.H. February 18, 2015 at 8:03 am

    I’ve been following this situation since we first heard about it and we are taking it seriously. Yours is the first site I found that was discussing the topic and your take on it definitely caused us a huge amount of concern about what could be right around the corner. One more issue among hundreds that are poised to push America over the brink! I’ve since been looking at other sites and sources for this information and this angle, but it seems nonexistent! Michael Savage isn’t talking about it, Glenn Beck isn’t, World Net Daily isn’t – I haven’t found where they are discussing ANY aspect of this situation at all! Any ideas why not?


  70. […] See his full post here. […]

  71. Robert (qslv) February 18, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    February 28, 2015 Islam Day Of Blood. Europe and the U.S.

  72. […] read a recent article (h/t ‘cossack55′) by Dave Hodges who believes that this may go critical within days, my […]

  73. […] Source: thecommonsenseshow.com […]

  74. Tribulationnews February 18, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    Thank you, Dave. You’re absolutely correct. If things are not off the ships within two weeks, we are going to see shelves in America’s stores become bare;consequently, the panic will set in, and the dominoes will fall globally. All of which include Israel, Syria, Ukraine, etc. Every inch of this was and has been planned for thousands of years, and we are truly in the days of Noah. God bless you.

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  76. end times February 19, 2015 at 10:40 am

    America has done it to it’s self. Because the righteous people do not speak up evil takes over. Just like the bible states. God does not lie! We still will not do anything to stop Obama either. What is wrong with America? We took God our of our society. That’s what! The oly way to get on track ( if there is still any time left) is to get back to God…. PERIOD

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