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Using Food As a Weapon-Intentional Weather Modification is Endangering the Food Supply


Ontentinal weather modification is changing the growing season, the ability to grow crops and the food is even being tainted by such things as CWD…. Food is going to bused as a weapon






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  1. Marilyn R March 10, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    Dave, Yes you are right on point. ,
    I lived in the Northwest corner of Iowa for 5 years and finally decided to leave the state over the weather modifications.

    The sun is no longer shining in the Midwest or Missouri (where I now live) – I began to notice how many ‘cloudy’ days were in the weather forecast. About 80% of the days had NO SUN! (check it out for yourself @ http://www.weather.com)
    The lack of sun is already affecting the growing season here in the US in a major way – – (Dane Wigington, founder of Geoengineering Watch (www.geoengineeringwatch.org ) became an activist against weather modification when he noticed how his solar panels were not getting as much sun or producing the normal amount of electricity in as in the past. The sun is being blocked by geoengineering (chemical spraying) world wide.

    Additionally, I lived in Iowa -about 5 years ago I began to notice that every morning my white car was covered in a black smut when I went out to go to work. I had to wipe it off before driving away.

    The turning point for me happened in the summer of 2016 I was flying into Sioux City, IA (northwest corner of Iowa) from Chicago at 10am in the morning. As I looked out the window I was horrified to see a SOLID WALL OF BLACK GOO hanging over the west side of Iowa.

    Then it hit me: most of our corn and soybeans are grown in Iowa. But now, Iowa is being doused from the West with a massive amount of chemicals from the sky every day. The winds blow east over the Plains. I stopped buying as many corn products as possible after I figured this out.
    I lived on 14 acres – the water was poisoned and I had to bring water in every week to drink – what does this say about the crops being produced in the Midwest?

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