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WAKE UP, people! Alt-Left and Alt-Right are run by the same forces… the goal is “divide and conquer”






(Natural News) We’re all being played. The so-called “Alt-Left” and “Alt-Right” are all rooted in elaborate, deadly street theaterbeing played out on the national stage with real consequences (such as killing innocents on camera).

If you have been swept up into the engineered hatred of all this, you’ve been suckered by the globalists who are running this entire show. In truth, most people in America aren’t filled with hatred for others of different skin color, races, religions or genders. Most people just want to get along. But the goal of the Alt-Left and Alt-Right movements is to divide and conquer America through hatred and media lies that push false narratives for political gain.

As evidence of all this, note that Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Charlottesville event, actually worked for Obama and the Occupy movement just a few months ago. This man is a professional activist and social engineer who whips up big events on the world’s stage in order to achieve highly visible outcomes that can be seized by the mainstream media to condemn Trump supporters by labeling them all racists and “KKK.”

Much of the organized Left is funded either directly or indirectly by George Soros, the same radical left-wing operator who undercut freedom and liberty across numerous European countries. He’s the funding source behind ThinkProgress and 200+ other radical left-wing groups that constantly lie, defame and smear conservatives in order to sow hatred and division. Radical Alt-Right groups, similarly, are led by operatives who are very often working directly for the CIA and FBI. Nearly all the KKK racism you see on the news is contrived, elaborate theater carried out by these operatives. Some of the racism is real, however, as actual racists follow the “leadership” of the contrived KKK social engineers who are merely acting. (The KKK, by the way, was founded and run by Democrats.)

Case in point: Read this article: Racism RIGGED by A&E: KKK “documentary” was entirely scripted; A&E provided Nazi flags and wooden crosses to burn; actors paid cash to say “[email protected]@er” on camera which reminds us:

The KKK leaders who were interviewed by Variety detailed how they were wooed with promises the program would capture the truth about life in the organization; encouraged not to file taxes on cash payments for agreeing to participate in the filming; presented with pre-scripted fictional story scenarios; instructed what to say on camera; asked to misrepresent their actual identities, motivations and relationships with others, and re-enacted camera shoots repeatedly until the production team was satisfied.

The production team even paid for material and equipment to construct and burn wooden crosses and Nazi swastikas, according to multiple sources including Richard Nichols, who is one of the featured subjects of the documentary series as the Grand Dragon of a KKK cell known as the Tennessee White Knights of the Invisible Empire. He also said he was encouraged by a producer to use the epithet “nigger” in interviews.

“We were betrayed by the producers and A&E,” said Nichols. “It was all made up—pretty much everything we said and did was fake and because that is what the film people told us to do and say.”

Meanwhile, the media is using the hatred and division to try to dethrone President Trump, and Antifa is using the chaos to push for its goal to terrorize America while overthrowing the government and installing communism. This has all happened before in Mao’s communist Cultural Revolution that mass-murdered liberty-oriented Chinese citizens to install a communist dictatorship that continues to this day.

Don’t be suckered into the emotional puppetry. You are all being played by the powers that be. You are nothing more than a pawn in their script. I say #ExitTheScript and rise above the programmed hatred and media lies that are attempting to divide and conquer America.

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  1. Dan Benson August 18, 2017 at 7:37 am

    Is there anyone to wake up? It’s a very sobering fact, that America wants the good life so much we are willing to go deep into debt and fail to understand its consequences; we even think we have a right to the good times. It’s not racial hatred that is driving this agitation; it’s the racial pride on all sides. We all see ourselves as better than others, especially if their world view is different than ours; even claiming our views are far superior to others and we express that in harsh or coarse and insulting language. When we disagree with those in authority we cannot do it with respect. In the Federalist Papers, it was argued against a Bill of Rights, because in time everything would become a right; boy was that prophetic. There are no such things as unalienable rights. Everything we have even these human rights are in fact given by God’s grace and grace alone; they can be given and taken away, so when things go bad we blame God and rebel, thus we become a wicked and violent people. We have become cruel when we deal with each other and so set in our ways we are incapable of listening to reason; unmovable. We are willing to lie about others to discredit them; it’s called politics and we all embrace this; we spread rumours or opinions as if they were the truth. We deal with disagreements with violence and rioting. We lack intelligence; blinded by insensitivity and a lack of compassion (it’s an us against them attitude). We are so untrustworthy; we lack loyalty to no one but ourselves. We can’t understand or disregard the harsh consequences of what we do and say. We need constant affirmation that leads to conceit. We each want to be our own God and seek the good times at the expense of righteousness; we even want the freedom to worship and see God as we each think is right; thus we all end up doing what is right in our own eyes. This leads to mounds of empty religion that has become a substitute for a real relationship with the God of Heaven.
    An expanded version of 2 Tim 3:1-9

  2. Sandra Henley August 19, 2017 at 6:40 am

    I agree with Mike’s analysis. Also, many of us are awake including people who have darker complexions and I say this because there is only one race, the human race all of us are descendants of Noah’s three sons, Shem, Ham, Japheth and their children intermarried. In my newly released book, August 2017, The Everything Bagel with a Side of Milk and Honey, author Sandra Henley, debunks racism and extensively covers who are the globalist and their agenda is the UN’s Agenda 21 (now Agenda 30), the contents of the book explore all subjects leading to this time frame and why there is chaos throughout the world as it does parallel bible prophecy and world history. Find it on Abe Books, Amazon, Kindle, Nook.

  3. Lorelei Vision August 20, 2017 at 6:07 am

    Nice analysis, spot on! Tried to explain this to others that I know – that certain groups are being used as pawns, pushed against one another to set off civil war in this nation. Many don’t agree, all they can see is their own hatred (so the tactic is working, unfortunately). We are fast approaching the point of no return, the Tipping Point that is going to light the powder keg in this nation. We are fast devolving into a banana republic, a nation where civil discourse is no longer acceptable – maiming and killing is the law of the day – the law of the jungle is quickly taking over our once great and civil nation.

    Every day, I pray for all of us that peace is restored by God, but lately my heart just isn’t it in. This nation is so sick, few are listening, few have actually repented and the vile evilness that has engulfed us is lauded and heralded as the new age of reason. Many in this nation don’t believe in Him so why would they repent? They laugh and scoff at those of us who do, they mock all in the alt news media. They are turning boys into girls and girls into boys. They are murdering millions of babies in the womb and selling their body parts. They are tearing down the Founding Father’s rock solid foundation of this nation (and doing it with glee!). They have and continue to pollute the air, water and land with their toxic adulterants. They continue to divide us by skin tone, gender, sexual preference and socio-economic lines so that we turn on one another. They have the debt for this nation at unsustainable levels, making all of us (and our progeny) debt slaves. The lists goes on and on and on in all ways that they are ripping us and our nation apart.

    I see no end in sight to their machinations and duplicitous shenanigans. Honestly makes me wonder why this filth-filled nation should be saved.

  4. Hope Boman August 21, 2017 at 11:26 am

    Why does the government Not stand for the American Citizens? Where are the Black Helicopters
    that can fly over and drop tear gas or such onto the Rioters who are killing, destroying and
    pillaging the cities, people, monuments, etc..etc..etc..?? This has gone too far already! Many are
    praying for Supernatural Almighty God’s intervention, NOT the adversary’s as he is already doing
    his work through his people. We do not need marshal law as it would take away the freedoms of
    the citizens who Are abiding by the constitution. Has every one gone insane in government, etc, I
    think not but Where are they to “defend the People” as the oaths say that they’ve taken????

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