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War with N. Korea Will Bring About the Destruction of the US-The Insane Deep State Agenda



The mainstream media talks about nuclear war as if it is a good idea, a benign event. The country has been whipped into a war-frenzy by a corporate controlled media that thinks that World War III is actually a good idea. They scared the hell of Americans and the resulting effect is that many Americans now think that a nuclear war is a survivable event. It would be, for approximately 10% of the people on the planet. This is the ultimate depopulation weapon, a globalist dream come true.

For those insane enough to think that nuclear war is a good idea, please consider the overall proliferation


 In defining the severity of the challenges of nuclear weapons, the investigation begins with the proliferation of nuclear weapons by country.

From Visual Capitalist:


Nuclear Weapons FactsheetAs the map above demonstrates, the United States and Russia still maintain the world’s largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons, holding 92% of the world’s estimated 15,000 nuclear warheads. However, there is still plenty to go around. Most concerning is the fact that rogue regimes like North Korea and Pakistan have access to nuclear weapons. This is the wildcard in a scenario that could quickly spin out of control.

What Are the Effects of a Nuclear Blast?

The information is varied and as I have discovered there is a lot of misinformation. If the following facts were known, the public would not allow themselves to whipped up into war fever by the Deep State controlled mainstream media.

From Atomic Archive:

Nuclear explosions produce both immediate and delayed destructive effects. Blast, thermal radiation, and prompt ionizing radiation cause significant destruction within seconds or minutes of a nuclear detonation. The delayed effects, such as radioactive fallout and other environmental effects, inflict damage over an extended period ranging from hours to years.

The Fireball

The fireball, an extremely hot and highly luminous spherical mass of air and gaseous weapon residues, occurs within less than one millionth of one second of the weapon’s detonation. Immediately after its formation, the fireball begins to grow in size, engulfing the surrounding air. This growth is accompanied by a decrease in temperature because of the accompanying increase in mass. At the same time the fireball rises, like a hot-air balloon. Within seven-tenths of one millisecond from the detonation, the fireball from a 1-megaton weapon is about 440 feet across, and this increases to a maximum value of about 5,700 feet in 10 seconds. It is then rising at a rate of 250 to 350 feet per second. After a minute, the fireball has cooled to such an extent that it no longer emits visible radiation. It has then risen roughly 4.5 miles from the point of burst.

Illustrated components of a nuclear explosion.

Thermal Pulse Effects

One of the important differences between a nuclear and conventional weapon is the large proportion of a nuclear explosion’s energy that is released in the form of thermal energy. This energy is emitted from the fireball in two pulses. The first is quite short, and carries only about 1 percent of the energy; the second pulse is more significant and is of longer duration (up to 20 seconds).

The thermal pulse charring the paint.

The thermal pulse charring the paint.

The energy from the thermal pulse can initiate fires in dry, flammable materials, such as dry leaves, grass, old newspaper, thin dark flammable fabrics, etc. The incendiary effect of the thermal pulse is also substantially affected by the later arrival of the blast wave, which usually blows out any flames that have already been kindled. However, smoldering material can reignite later.

The major incendiary effect of nuclear explosions is caused by the blast wave. Collapsed structures are much more vulnerable to fire than intact ones. The blast reduces many structures to piles of kindling, the many gaps opened in roofs and walls act as chimneys, gas lines are broken open, storage tanks for flammable materials are ruptured. The primary ignition sources appear to be flames and pilot lights in heating appliances (furnaces, water heaters, stoves, etc.). Smoldering material from the thermal pulse can be very effective at igniting leaking gas.

Thermal radiation damage depends very strongly on weather conditions. Cloud cover, smoke, or other obscuring material in the air can considerably reduce effective damage ranges versus clear air conditions.

Effects of the thermal pulse on clothing.

Effects of the thermal pulse on clothing.

Thermal radiation also affects humans both directly – by flash burns on exposed skin – and indirectly – by fires started by the explosion.


In Hiroshima, a firestorm did develop and about 4.4 square miles were destroyed. Although there was some damage from uncontrolled fires at Nagasaki, a firestorm did not develop. One reason for this was the difference in the terrain. Hiroshima is relatively flat, while Nagasaki has uneven terrain.

The firestorm at Hiroshima.

The firestorm at Hiroshima.

Firestorms can also be caused by conventional bombing. During World War II, the cities of Dresden, Hamburg, and Tokyo all suffered the effects of firestorms.

Flash blindness

Flash blindness is caused by the initial brilliant flash of light produced by the nuclear detonation. The light is received on the retina than can be tolerated, but less than is required for irreversible injury. The retina is particularly susceptible to visible and short wavelength infrared light. The result is a bleaching of visual pigment and temporary blindness. Vision is completely recovered as the pigment is regenerated.

During the daylight hours, flash blindness does not persist for more than 2 minutes, but generally lasts a few seconds. At night, when the pupil is dilated, flashblindness will last for a longer period of time.

A 1-megaton explosion can cause flash blindness at distances as great as 13 miles on a clear day, or 53 miles on a clear night. If the intensity is great enough, a permanent retinal burn will result.

Retinal injury is the most far-reaching injury effect of nuclear explosions, but it is relatively rare since the eye must be looking directly at the detonation. Retinal injury results from burns in the area of the retina where the fireball image is focused.

Nuclear Radiation

The release of radiation is a phenomenon unique to nuclear explosions. There are several kinds of radiation emitted; these types include gamma, neutron, and ionizing radiation, and are emitted not only at the time of detonation (initial radiation) but also for long periods of time afterward (residual radiation).

Initial Nuclear Radiation

Initial nuclear radiation is defined as the radiation that arrives during the first minute after an explosion, and is mostly gamma radiation and neutron radiation.

The level of initial nuclear radiation decreases rapidly with distance from the fireball to where less than one roentgen may be received five miles from ground zero. In addition, initial radiation lasts only as long as nuclear fission occurs in the fireball. Initial nuclear radiation represents about 3 percent of the total energy in a nuclear explosion.

Though people close to ground zero may receive lethal doses of radiation, they are concurrently being killed by the blast wave and thermal pulse. In typical nuclear weapons, only a relatively small proportion of deaths and injuries result from initial radiation.

Residual Nuclear Radiation

The residual radiation from a nuclear explosion is mostly from the radioactive fallout. This radiation comes from the weapon debris, fission products, and, in the case of a ground burst, radiated soil.

There are over 300 different fission products that may result from a fission reaction. Many of these are radioactive with widely differing half-lives. Some are very short, i.e., fractions of a second, while a few are long enough that the materials can be a hazard for months or years. Their principal mode of decay is by the emission of beta particles and gamma radiation.

Radiation Effects on Humans

Certain body parts are more specifically affected by exposure to different types of radiation sources. Several factors are involved in determining the potential health effects of exposure to radiation. These include:

  • The size of the dose (amount of energy deposited in the body)
  • The ability of the radiation to harm human tissue
  • Which organs are affected

The most important factor is the amount of the dose – the amount of energy actually deposited in your body. The more energy absorbed by cells, the greater the biological damage. Health physicists refer to the amount of energy absorbed by the body as the radiation dose. The absorbed dose, the amount of energy absorbed per gram of body tissue, is usually measured in units called rads. Another unit of radation is the rem, or roentgen equivalent in man. To convert rads to rems, the number of rads is multiplied by a number that reflects the potential for damage caused by a type of radiation. For beta, gamma and X-ray radiation, this number is generally one. For some neutrons, protons, or alpha particles, the number is twenty.


The losing of hair quickly and in clumps occurs with radiation exposure at 200 rems or higher.


Since brain cells do not reproduce, they won’t be damaged directly unless the exposure is 5,000 rems or greater. Like the heart, radiation kills nerve cells and small blood vessels, and can cause seizures and immediate death.


The certain body parts are more specifically affected by exposure to different types of radiation sources. The thyroid gland is susceptible to radioactive iodine. In sufficient amounts, radioactive iodine can destroy all or part of the thyroid. By taking potassium iodide can reduce the effects of exposure.

Blood System

When a person is exposed to around 100 rems, the blood’s lymphocyte cell count will be reduced, leaving the victim more susceptible to infection. This is often refered to as mild radiation sickness. Early symptoms of radiation sickness mimic those of flu and may go unnoticed unless a blood count is done.According to data from Hiroshima and Nagaski, show that symptoms may persist for up to 10 years and may also have an increased long-term risk for leukemia and lymphoma. For more information, visit Radiation Effects Research Foundation.


Intense exposure to radioactive material at 1,000 to 5,000 rems would do immediate damage to small blood vessels and probably cause heart failure and death directly.

Gastrointestinal Tract

Radiation damage to the intestinal tract lining will cause nausea, bloody vomiting and diarrhea. This is occurs when the victim’s exposure is 200 rems or more. The radiation will begin to destroy the cells in the body that divide rapidly. These including blood, GI tract, reproductive and hair cells, and harms their DNA and RNA of surviving cells.

Reproductive Tract

Because reproductive tract cells divide rapidly, these areas of the body can be damaged at rem levels as low as 200. Long-term, some radiation sickness victims will become sterile.

Dose-rem Effects
5-20 Possible late effects; possible chromosomal damage.
20-100 Temporary reduction in white blood cells.
100-200 Mild radiation sickness within a few hours: vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue; reduction in resistance to infection.
200-300 Serious radiation sickness effects as in 100-200 rem and hemorrhage; exposure is a Lethal Dose to 10-35% of the population after 30 days (LD 10-35/30).
300-400 Serious radiation sickness; also marrow and intestine destruction; LD 50-70/30.
400-1000 Acute illness, early death; LD 60-95/30.
1000-5000 Acute illness, early death in days; LD 100/10.


Long Term Effects on Humans

Long after the acute effects of radiation have subsided, radiation damage continues to produce a wide range of physical problems. These effects- including leukemia, cancer, and many others- appear two, three, even ten years later.

Blood Disorders

According to Japanese data, there was an increase in anemia among persons exposed to the bomb. In some cases, the decrease in white and red blood cells lasted for up to ten years after the bombing.


There was an increase in cataract rate of the survivors at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who were partly shielded and suffered partial hair loss.

Malignant Tumors

All ionizing radiation is carcinogenic, but some tumor types are more readily generated than others. A prevalent type is leukemia. The cancer incidence among survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is significantly larger than that of the general population, and a significant correlation between exposure level and degree of incidence has been reported for thyroid cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and cancer of the salivary gland. Often a decade or more passes before radiation-caused malignancies appear.

Radioactive Fallout

Fallout is the radioactive particles that fall to earth as a result of a nuclear explosion. It consists of weapon debris, fission products, and, in the case of a ground burst, radiated soil. Fallout particles vary in size from thousandths of a millimeter to several millimeters. Much of this material falls directly back down close to ground zero within several minutes after the explosion, but some travels high into the atmosphere. This material will be dispersed over the earth during the following hours, days (and) months. Fallout is defined as one of two types: early fallout, within the first 24 hours after an explosion, or delayed fallout, which occurs days or years later.

Most of the radiation hazard from nuclear bursts comes from short-lived radionuclides external to the body; these are generally confined to the locality downwind of the weapon burst point. This radiation hazard comes from radioactive fission fragments with half-lives of seconds to a few months, and from soil and other materials in the vicinity of the burst made radioactive by the intense neutron flux.

Most of the particles decay rapidly. Even so, beyond the blast radius of the exploding weapons there would be areas (hot spots) the survivors could not enter because of radioactive contamination from long-lived radioactive isotopes like strontium 90 or cesium 137. For the survivors of a nuclear war, this lingering radiation hazard could represent a grave threat for as long as 1 to 5 years after the attack.

Predictions of the amount and levels of the radioactive fallout are difficult because of several factors. These include; the yield and design of the weapon, the height of the explosion, the nature of the surface beneath the point of burst, and the meteorological conditions, such as wind direction and speed.

An air burst can produce minimal fallout if the fireball does not touch the ground. On the other hand, a nuclear explosion occurring at or near the earth’s surface can result in severe contamination by the radioactive fallout.

The OTA Study

The Office of Technology Assessment (1979) estimated the effects of a large-scale nuclear attack on U.S. military and economic targets. This scenario assumes a direct attack on 250 U.S. cities, with a total yield of 7,800 megatons. The most immediate effects would be the loss of millions of human lives, accompanied by similar incomprehensible levels of injuries, and the physical destruction of a high percentage of U.S. economic and industrial capacity. The full range of effects resulting from several thousand warheads – most having yields of a megaton or greater – impacting on or near U.S. cities can only be discussed in terms of uncertainty and speculation. It is estimated that 100 million to 165 million people would be killed.

Long Range Fallout Pattern Over The USA

This map shows a possible long range fallout pattern over the United States.

Electromagnetic Pulse

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is an electromagnetic wave similar to radio waves, which results from secondary reactions occurring when the nuclear gamma radiation is absorbed in the air or ground. It differs from the usual radio waves in two important ways. First, it creates much higher electric field strengths. Whereas a radio signal might produce a thousandth of a volt or less in a receiving antenna, an EMP pulse might produce thousands of volts. Secondly, it is a single pulse of energy that disappears completely in a small fraction of a second. In this sense, it is rather similar to the electrical signal from lightning, but the rise in voltage is typically a hundred times faster. This means that most equipment designed to protect electrical facilities from lightning works too slowly to be effective against EMP.

There is no evidence that EMP is a physical threat to humans. However, electrical or electronic systems, particularly those connected to long wires such as power lines or antennas, can undergo damage. There could be actual physical damage to an electrical component or a temporary disruption of operation.

The range of the EMP effects of a high altitude burst.

The range of the EMP effects of a high altitude burst.

An attacker might detonate a few weapons at high altitudes in an effort to destroy or damage the communications and electric power systems. It can be expected that EMP would cause massive disruption for an indeterminable period, and would cause huge economic damages.

On July 8, 1962, the EMP from the high altitude (250 miles above Johnston Island) “Starfish Prime” test (1.4 Mt) turned off 300 streetlights in Oahu, Hawaii (740 miles away).

Nuclear Winter

In 1983, R.P. Turco, O.B. Toon, T.P. Ackerman, J.B. Pollack, and Carl Sagan (referred to as TTAPS) published a paper entitled “Global Atmospheric Consequences of Nuclear War” which is the foundation on which the nuclear winter theory is based on.

Theory states that nuclear explosions will set off firestorms over many cities and forests within range. Great plumes of smoke, soot, and dust would be sent aloft from these fires, lifted by their own heating to high altitudes where they could drift for weeks before dropping back or being washed out of the atmosphere onto the ground. Several hundred million tons of this smoke and soot would be shepherded by strong west-to-east winds until they would form a uniform belt of particles encircling the Northern Hemisphere.

These thick black clouds could block out all but a fraction of the sun’s light for a period as long as several weeks. The conditions of semidarkness, killing frosts, and subfreezing temperatures, combined with high doses of radiation from nuclear fallout, would interrupt plant photosynthesis and could thus destroy much of the Earth’s vegetation and animal life. The extreme cold, high radiation levels, and the widespread destruction of industrial, medical, and transportation infrastructures along with food supplies and crops would trigger a massive death toll from starvation, exposure, and disease.

It is not certain that a nuclear war would produce a nuclear winter effect. However, it remains a possibility and the TTAPS study concluded: “…the possibility of the extinction of Homo Sapiens cannot be excluded.”


Thanks to various arms reduction agreements, thousands of nuclear warheads have been retired. That said, warheads are still stored in a number of sites around the continental United States. The map below also highlights laboratories and interstate shipping routes. (Yes, nuclear weapons are apparently shipped in big rigs.)  Being in proximity to one of these sites significantly puts you in more danger because these sites will be targeted in a first strike.

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Map

The Effects of a Nuclear Strike Over Manhattan

Can there be any question that Manhattan or Washington DC will be hit by nuclear weapons when World War III breaks out?

The following is a visual depiction of the what would happen if only one nuclear weapon hit Manhattan.

From Popular Science:



This is a still frame from the mushroom cloud animation. Right before this, it was just a fireball.




The NukeMap3D renders blasts either in animation, a completed mushroom cloud, or color-coded rings for a blast radius:


The color-coded blast radii show different atomic blast effects at different distances.


The latter format does the best job of revealing where one would need to be to survive the blast. If midtown were hit by a 10-kiloton blast–the size of the nuclear weapon North Korea tested in February–people within half a mile would be dead immediately from the blast or radiation. Beyond a mile or so away, so south of 14th street or north of 53rd, people would be safe from the majority of radiation poisoning and the skin-burning thermal radiation that comes with a nuclear blast. Popular Science headquarters, FWIW, is in the heart of midtown. Suddenly, New Jersey looks like a great place to work.


Here a nuke is set off at the southern edge of the Central Park Reservoir.


When the mainstream media conducts their fear campaign against North Korea, why is it that you never read, nor hear, about these effects that are so very well known? The answer is simple, if the American public collectively knew about the effects of these terrible effects, they would never accept the existing political system.

At the end of the day, the Bible is correct. Satan is in charge of this planet. Additionally, the public is being propagandized to accept World War III which will more than likely become the instrument of depopulation that globalists so desperately crave.

Only a grossly ignorant person or a moron thinks that our government is acting in the best interest of the people.

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  1. Falcon101 August 16, 2017 at 5:45 am

    American citizens will NEVER understand the true evil of Nuclear technology until they are forced to live through a Nuclear blast!

  2. Robert John Mino August 16, 2017 at 9:23 am

    All bombs are attacks upon our earth no matter where they hit.We are living on a sphere in the middle of deep space and if we blow ourselves up no one else will care!

  3. Robert John Mino August 16, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Just like World War 11, We have a leader who is verbally working up the people into a frenzy to, out of fear. attack another country that has not attacked us and Start a war. The Spin (lie) terminology is preemptive strike or preventive war. You don’t prevent any war by starting one and the country that starts one loses the high moral ground and deserves to be destroyed! All wars begin with economic strangulation which seem harmless but when you cut off another countries food medicine or banking ability its effect is hostile. We must be diligent and aware not to allow an inflammatory orator to emotionally charm us into the worlds final senseless act!

  4. Bob August 16, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    Not trying to be a jerk, but “the effects of these terrible effects” – really?

  5. Mike August 17, 2017 at 3:49 am

    You are right on today Dave. Population control. If it is not the ticks of the northeast ( lyme disease) or the fleas with plague in the South, the poison spewed out by vaccines and Companies like monsanto to kill with their GMO, what else can the killers dream up? Depopulation= gay marriage , abortions, and now nuclear war on the horizon. I have to agree with Robert John Mino in his comments, yes, and I support Trump, but Trump’s retoric is dangerous. Mainstream media is the ultimate lie to promote the ungodly. Unless this country turns to God, it is all over.

  6. Steve ONeal August 17, 2017 at 5:29 am

    There is also substantial credibility in Skousen’s perspective. Since PDD-60 and the conversion of portions of the Trident warheads to conventional, the basis for a supernatant strategy has existed for over two decades in which a a limited nuclear attack against US military assets, and not the cities, will yield an initially successful nuclear deployment, from the Second World view. The other part of the equation are the more advanced systems that would neutralise the balance of strategic weapons deployment, and in fact be the ultimate strategy for NWO neutalisation of US independence, as well as Russian and Chinese ambitions. A couple thousand tactical detonations are regarded as minimally affecting the smoke and dust “nuclear winter” calculations, as they would be used against military targets, and not cities and forests in the main, and with multi-kilotonne range yields to disable military units, not regions of population. The overall fallout would be over time equivalent to the nuclear tests already done, that have generated about 0.1 millirem increases in background radiation. All war is horrible, and the nuclear philosophy of M.A.D. is now possibly obsolete. An exception to this is the chance that things don’t go as planned. Behind all of this are the doors we may be forced to choose from, of acquiescence to a global order over the Goyim, or else war, in which case death may be preferable to loss of liberty and reason for being on this earth, as our nation’s forefathers understood. The classified materials spell out the differential EMP effects versus weapon yield and altitude, and frankly, the smaller devices are nearly as useful in causing a practical effect in the Western societies that may be more deadly over the subsequent several months than the radiation and blast effects – and this is precisely consistent with the Guidestones and other markers of elite global strategy. It appears more reasonable to assume a dampening of the NK saber rattling until the Russian and Chinese have come to a more definitive point in their military updating. Then we have the war issue to treat with. Of course, miscalculations are possible. A terrible war of cultural and spiritual attrition has been waged against the West through insidious policies such as “multiculturalism,” and the subtle effects of existential materialism philosophies, and this damage already exists. The coming war in a few years will only make it more apparent, and for many, to be seen from a place different than this earth. The alternative media and technicians badly need to assemble a conference and think tank facility to get past the array of prognostications, and develop a strategic solution as well, not based upon conventional understanding of the current events.

  7. gene August 17, 2017 at 6:29 am

    There are no real winners in war . Nuclear war all are losers. Good LORD JESUS please prevent war.

  8. Theodore Wright August 17, 2017 at 6:50 am

    Consider for a moment…..the “deep state” and their minions who control the MSM….the distinct possibility that all the hype about N. Korea
    is to create a “villain” and a “cover story” while the “one percent” plan to dive into their underground bases prior to the strategic explosion(s) of an “EMP” over the US (and possibly other target countries) ! This will serve several objectives….they can survive (comfortably) and wait out the mayhem while the estimated 90% of the ordinary population(s) succumb to the effects of a destroyed
    electrical power grid(s). Why would the 1% choose to use atomic warheads which would make life (for them) on the planet uninhabitable ?
    Refer to http://www.deagel.com (“CIA” website…click “Populations” tucked away in lower right-hand corner of the page) and discover the drastic
    reductions in populations projected by the CIA for certain countries, e.g., the USA for which a projected 90% reduction in population is
    forecasted? Check the short list of other countries (with drastically reduced populations) that may be “on the list” for an EMP ! Bear in
    mind that the “1%” have a goal to reduce the WORLD’s population by 90% ! Simultaneous EMP’s would do the trick…and their “host”
    countries could fire the necessary rockets to activate grid failures ! It is an insane world. PRAY !

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