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What the First Few Days of World War III Will Look Like

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Turkey and Saudi Arabia are on the verge of igniting the fuse that will end with the beginning of the next world war.

How will the United States perform in a war against Russia? What will the first few days of this “last war to end all wars”, look like?

How it Begins

For three years, I have been asserting that World War III would begin in Syria. With Turkey and Saudi Arabia poking a stick in the eye of Russia, this possibility grows more likely by the moment.

Turkey, as a full-fledged member of NATO, is committed to a path which will culminate in war. Saudi Arabia has allowed themselves to be positioned where they, too, have reached the point of no return.

On the other hand, Russia has not been shy about attacking US military proxy assets inside of Syria. The provocations by Turkey is merely a response to Russian imperialism as one will see in the video listed below.

At some point, the U.S. will insert itself into the conflict, as the Russians will undoubtedly strike back against the Turks, inside of Turkey. My insider sources tell me that the initial insertion of the United States into a Syrian war against Russian forces, will commence with aerial combat that will result in the shooting down of Russian planes as they cross into the airspace of Turkey. From there, the air war will know no boundaries.

The U.S. will quickly gain the upper hand in the air war that is about to begin Syria.

According to a study secretly commissioned by the Pentagon and the CIA, and rehearsed at the Naval War College,  it has been determined that the United States would dominate an air war in Syria as well as in the region as a whole. The study was leaked and was published by Global Firepower, much to the chagrin of the Pentagon who was trying to promote a far different picture to Congress in order to procure more military funding. Amazingly, my sources believe the leak came from within the Obama administration who is constantly seeking to weaken the United State military. Given the fact that Obama, himself, has weakened the defenses of Alaska, all on his own, and seeks to roll back US military size to pre-World War II levels, speaks to Obama’s intent to make America vulnerable to attack from Russia. However, in the present moment, The United States holds the upper hand when it comes to air power and it is not even close.

The Global Firepower group published study shows that the United States has about 5,000 fixed wing and fighter aircraft to Russia’s less than 2200 planes. The United States has over 13,000 planes of all types to Russia’s just over 3,500. The air war would be over in less than a week. As predicted in Isiah 17, Damascus will lie in ruins.

The Ensuing War at Sea

In a desperate attempt to save face as well as preserve the Assad regime, the Russians, short of relying on nuclear ICBMs would have to resort to a war at sea in order to negate US air superiority in Syria.

Again, the Russians would prove no match for the United States in this area.


The two most important ships in any regional conflict at sea are submarines and aircraft carriers.

My sources tell me that the United States has 10 active aircraft carriers. However, the number is deceptive. The US also has 56 decommissioned carriers, some of which could easily be rolled out of mothballs. Conventional thinking by our military indicates that they think that they could easily put together about 20 aircraft carriers. Global Firepower’s published study asserts that the United States would have 19 aircraft carriers that they could bring into any war with Russia. The Russians presently have one carrier. This advantage will prevent the insertion of Russian troops into the conflict.

The Russians are increasing the size of their nuclear submarine fleet at the same time we are reducing. These Russian subs are being deployed as you read these words.

The Russians are increasing the size of their nuclear submarine fleet at the same time we are reducing. These Russian subs are being deployed as you read these words.

In part, submarines serve to protect aircraft carriers, whose resulting air cover would cover any air campaign and ground troop invasion. The United States, at present, has 75 submarines to the Russia’s 60. Although, Russia has tremendously upgraded its submarine fleet, the improvements and the quantity of more “powerful” subs has not come close to tipping the balance of power.

 In order to offset its strategic inferiority, the Russians have made significant improvements among their aircraft, air defenses, submarines, and electronic warfare. However, at present, I cannot find a legitimate military source that believes that these upgrades will alter the course of the war in Syria.

At the end of the day, Russia’s Air Force committed to the Syria theater, will be neutralized or even totally destroyed. The United States will take down Syria without much difficulty. In fact, some experts will privately state that Turkey, armed with NATO weaponry, has the ability to tie up the Russians in Syria on a indefinite basis. And when has the American military industrial complex ever minded a prolonged military conflict from which they could financially benefit from?


Most Americans will sleep a little easier knowing that the United States holds to upper hand when it comes to conflict in Syria. However, Putin has options, several military options that does not include Syria.

And what about China? In this scenario, and in the present state of world affairs, the Chinese would be very hesitant to insert themselves into the conflict because their economy appears to be in the early stages of free-fall. Historically, they occupy a similar, analogous position World War I Russia. Politically, Russia was in an economic, political and military mess. And what did they do? They quit World War I and left Britain and France to fend for themselves. Under the present conditions, so long as the Federal Reserve makes financial concessions to China, they will remain on the sidelines for the time being.

So how does all of this come to an end? Syria will be eviscerated and Assad will be toppled. The US will solidify its proxy forces inside of Syria as it turns its greedy eyes towards Iran.

Putin does have options, but they do not involve saving Syria. At this point, there will be two factors to consider:

  1. Putin’s secondary military options around the globe which can be brought to bear. against the United States.
  2. The Obama leadership question, or lack thereof. Obama makes Benedict Arnold look like a devout Patriot.

These two factors will be the topic of the next part in this series.


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  1. Marshal Scot February 19, 2016 at 5:15 am

    YOU TUBE: Victim: Bill Clinton is a Perverted Psychopath

  2. tshepo February 19, 2016 at 5:57 am

    Again, read 2Esdras 15:28-45, that’s how the world war starting in the Middle East will play out. I do not agree with your stated outcomes though.

  3. davey February 19, 2016 at 8:02 am

    Dave ,I am a long time listener and follower of you site and agree with all your assumptions,up till now.Russia has far superior ground to air defense,Our newer fighter aircraft are junk compared to their su-35,their electronic warfare in many area’s squashes ours(uss Donald Cook) and I believe that china would go along with Putin,regardless of all the money mess.We can’t pay our debt,they can and will survive without our toilet paper fiat.And don’t leave out Iran.Short of space based platforms and / or nukes(in which there are no winners) I think it amounts to a draw at best for us and nato.I love this America ,and get no pleasure from seeing it be destroyed from within.I have kids and grandkids too. I find myself talking to the lord a lot more often now a days.Thanks for all you do Dave


  4. old nam vet February 19, 2016 at 8:06 am

    I agree Syria is the catalyst for WW3. A major concern for me is, Is this all a Trojan Horse or better yet,a distraction for an attack on Mainland USA from a Russian Chinese coordinated effort.

  5. wb February 19, 2016 at 10:59 am

    way too optimistic there Dave. while the US does have a better air force you forget that many Russian aircraft are exact knockoffs of ours. Russian pilots are very good. also, nobody does anti-aircraft tech like the Russians. their ground based missile systems will make our aircraft keep form dominating the skies and this effort will be far more costly because of this. be aware that many central asian nations, plus Iran and China, two countries to be considered. most people fail to understand the Chinese have the largest merchant marine in the world and have more than enough transport to put their army wherever they need to. Russia and China has enough submarines to basically cut off all supplies from Europe and North America. Alaska is wide open to attack and from there the Russians could easily force the US Navy from the Seattle area. San Diego also has key military base that can be reached from Baja California. Mexico would not be our ally in such a war. most Americans fail to also understand the cubans are also still a danger as they frequently allow Russian military to come and go. from Cuba the Russians can easily shut down Gulf Coast and Florida coast shipping. Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaraugua, will all fall in line and will send their militaries north. among these troops will be Muslim terror groups now there as advisors and Russian and Chinese troops that will be landed there and drive north. our southern border has no air defense to speak of and no warning system like in Canada. the Canadians themselves have almost no military to speak of can can be tied down to defend their major cities and will not be much help to us. the biggest problem, aside from this going nuclear, is if instead Russia decides to stay conventional in this. China and Russia have reserves in equipment and manpower that we can only dream of. our industry is nowhere near where it needs to be to keep up with the amount of lossed we would endure upfront from day one. our supplies after 30 days would have our military scrounging just to be their people supplied with food and bullets. our navy is good at certain things but against submarine wolfpacks, forget it. while we do have aircraft carriers that have been mothballed the fact is it takes months to get one seaworthy and ready to go. we would be quickly faced with a dwindling number of pilots. fighter aircraft today take quite awhile to have a pilot trained well enough to survive combat. the same goes for many positions other than infantry. besides all this, EMP is the Russian bread and butter and they are so far ahead on this to not be funny. America has no defense against such an attack. while Russian countryside can be locked down our cities and countryside can be easily infiltrated and already tens of thousands are already here ready to launch terror attacks against both civilian and military targets here. i think if both Turkey and Saudi Arabia are dumb enough to attack the Russians in Syria then America will quickly have to find new allies as both nations will cease to exist after about 2 weeks of fighting. Iran alone is strong enough to take our saudis. they have enough missiler batteries to turn oil fields into sea of fire. with Russian Navy help they can indeed keep the Hormuz straits closed. no oil supply means western military forces will grind to a halt in about 30 days.

  6. Rumplestiltskin February 19, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Holy Crapola Dave. Until both sides bring out their alien technologies, we really can’t make any determinations as to who will win. Did you forget about the fly-over by a specially outfitted Russian plane, which through electronic means forced one of our destroyers to become dead in the water in the Black Sea, last year I believe.

    Also, even our latest entry into the Fighter Genre cannot compare to what both China and Russia have as their latest entries. This has been stated by some of the top Military advisers who understand these things.

    If what you wrote above was not stated as Tongue In Cheek, I am surprised that you give so much to our supposed US superiority. Superior numbers nor weaponry guarantee victory, as has been proven time and again.


  7. novakeo February 19, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Sorry, but this article is quite nonsensical, it seems you and your so called sources are fighting world war three using world war two tactics, a general war between the US and Russia will be predominantly a missile and rocket war backed by electronic warfare for which the Russians – who know this bit of reality, are well prepared for. Aircraft Carriers? are you serious? In a war with the Russians they would be next to useless, easily sunk by advanced Russian missile systems of all types.

    The small Russian contingent in Syria are indeed vulnerable and would be easily cut off, but that would be besides the point, a formal war between Russia, the US and NATO – and I say NATO because Turkey is a member, and the US will never go up against Russia without a majority of NATO countries backing up the US – the Syrian conflict would quickly become irrelevant, and other theaters of war mainly in Europe and North America would take precedent.

    Again, WW3 will be predominantly be a missile and rocket war, and when I say missiles, I also mean nuclear tipped missiles. The one side that decides to go nuclear first will have the slight advantage, therefore nuclear war would be a reality quite quickly in any conflict between the US and Russia for which there would be no winners, only losers of the worst kind.

  8. Takeru February 19, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    I can’t believe you’re making this assumption purely based on numbers, weaponry and military technology. Have you not ever heard of the Art of War? There’s many ways to defeat an enemy if you know its weakness(es). The germans had superior technology but still were easily defeated and pushed back by the soviet communists in Stalingrad.


  9. Taxdn2poverty February 19, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    What’s going on in the Middle East is nothing more than a ploy to surround Israel. That is the end game!

  10. Telnic5 February 19, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Wishful thing Dave. The US is NOT invincible Dave. And all your analysis is just that , an analysis. Third rate jihadis are winning against the US in Afghanistan, Yemen ,Iraq etc. Now we are going up against a First rate in Russia probably China along with Iran and others. Nukes will be used which means the mainland of the US Will be burn to a crisp. Wow! What a win, but who will be celebrating. The crybabies that whine over 911 will really have some to cry about when millions of their fellow US citizens are dead and the rest are sucking down radioactive air and are slowly and painfully dying. Nice win! All of this over a pipeline that a bunch of bankers don’t want built so they can control everything and set up a New World Order. So telling to see your are on board Dave. What is your prize for rah rahing the US for the win or lose as I see it.


  11. Nick February 20, 2016 at 4:36 am

    The provocations by Turkey is merely a response to ***Russian imperialism*** as one will see in the video listed below.


  12. Pesky Varmint February 20, 2016 at 5:15 am

    I also contend that the premise of your article is anachronistic and reflects the pre-modern era perception of the exceptionalism of the US military. The US military proved to be a phenomena several times in recent conflicts. Truly awesome. In fact, I’d expect your “military” experts to be the very people perpetuating this difficult to release myth.

    That was then.

    Regardless of the material and weapons systems we have the military we have now is a bunch of demoralized touchy feely rainbow rangers. The Russian military are still proud, aggressive, and truly want to demonstrate military excellence. What Russia has achieved with a military budget one tenth of the US is an embarrassment to the US.

    If we go to blows with Russia we’re screwed. And many more countries will line up behind Russia as a friend and ally.


  13. Photonic February 20, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    Wrong Dave! As you are about Russia. Russia will not attack Manasseh(US) or Ephraim(Britain); there is no prophesy in scripture to support your theory on this particular subject. When you know who the players are in the ancient world of the ME and Europe and know who their counterparts are today, it becomes clear that Russia will not attack America or the Anglo-saxon peoples, and if you understand the duality principle in God’s prophetic Word, the wild Beast of Revelation/revived Babylon(Basically a unified power block in Europe headed by Assyria(the rod of God’s anger against Israel)/king of the north in Dan 11:41, will attack and invade Manasseh/Ephraim after God Himself brings them down through economic, financial and social collapse compounded by severe plaques of famine and disease because of the reasons I have explained to you before on a number of occasions which you completely ignore. God Himself is the author of Israel’s collapse and corrective punishment through attack, invasion and captivity; it’s all in the WORD of God if you truly know and understand the Holy scriptures which all your quest obviously do not understand. However, modern Gog and the hordes will attack this modern Babylon’s home land and destroy it(this also in scripture). As happened in ancient times, will happen again as the duality principle that God’s prophesies foretell will come into play again, as the strong hand from above rules in the kingdoms of Men! The final battle happens when the armies of Gog and the hordes come charging down to meet the armies of the Beast and his cohorts who would by this time be ravaging in the ME, and having attacked and invaded Judah with desolation. These armies will as scripture tells, will gather at Megiddo north of Jerusalem for a final battle that would destroy all human life(Matth 24:22); this happens just prior to Christ’s return, and as He returns all these armies are gathered together to confront the Almighty Christ in the valley of Jehoshaphat(valley of Judgment) near the Mount of Olives where Christ, the armies of the lord of Host(angles) and the saints of God will have descended upon. Here the Lord passes judgment and destroys all these armies. After which He restores the house of Israel and Judah. You see Dave, it is God who is in charge and dictates prophesy and brings it about, and it’s because of Israels, Judah’s and humanity at large rejection of and rebellion against the Most High, the only GOD! And because of all their sins and abomination and lawless ways, having rejected all the laws, commandments, statutes and ordinances of the Only law giver and creator of all. So you see Dave, God is the greatest enemy of Israel, Judah and the gentiles nations and His Will stands, as His Hand is bringing all this about using His instruments of wrath and punishment, whether singular men or nations or both or angles themselves at times. If you want to blame anyone for your precious countries demise, blame God bit not Russia. All are tools in God’s Hand, even Satan is used before he is put away. Then again, blame your god fearing fellow americans who are responsible for their own demise, which includes you and all who claim to worship God, yet not obey HIM the way HE Commands; not His Sabbath (weekly and annually) nor statutes etc. God tells us,” You honour Me with your tongue but your heart is far from me, and you obey the doctrines and precepts of men rather than obey Me, and you make a mockery of My Son’s death for you as you follow your own ways but rely on Grace to save you”. Think about these things Dave, it may save your soul(means physical life, and not some eternal essence). I am sorry, but you and your friends/quest are all wrong about why all these things are coming on the whole world, as you point fingers here and there and everywhere, except to oneself. Yes, end of the era devastation is coming and most of humanity will perish in it, and Syria is just the beginning. But out of the ashes shall arise the wonderful Kingdom of God where salvation and God’s spirit will then be offered to all peoples of the earth, Joel.


  14. Tojo February 20, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    I have read the last paragraph and strongly disagree with assessment. Russian missle and electronic tech will make US planes and especially carriers death traps. Article reminds me that the Polish belief in 1939 was when war broke out with Germany the Polish army would be in Berlin in two weeks. They did make it–as POWs. Israel wants Syria let them take on the Russians. REMEMBER THE LIBERTY!


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