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What Will Happen When Oil Reaches $300 Per Barrel?

They say preppers should wear tin foil hats. However, preppers may be the only people that survives what is coming. There is too much going on for their not to be some future disruption of sevices and today that would probably mean war. What will you do when oil reaches $300 per barrel?

Last week oil reached a new record of $102, closing in on its inflation-adjusted peak, as a slumping dollar on lackluster US economic data triggered a surge across commodities markets.

Opec’s president said members have subsequently agreed not to raise oil production in part because of fears of a demand slowdown. This is inviting huge spikes in oil prices and this article will present, high oil prices will lead to the further implementation of Agenda 21 policies which discourage personal automobile use as well as fostering the neded to live in stack and pack cities.

Are oil prices really going to spike enough to shape human behavior? Here is what the experts are saying.

From Oil Price.com

…One prominent member of the hedge fund crowd this week said crude could rise to US$300 a barrel if current prices fail to rise further—and soon—to stimulate investments in new production.

Pierre Andurand, head of Andurand Capital Management LLP, wrote in a series of tweets that were later deleted that “If oil prices do not rise fast enough, $300 oil in a few years is not impossible,” as quoted by Bloomberg.

Andurand seems to be one of a small group that also includes Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih, which believes prices can rise further, even to US$100 without affecting demand. Producers, Andurand said in the tweets, are afraid of peak oil demand resulting from the growing adoption of electric vehicles, and this is stopping them from investing in more new production. “So paradoxically these peak demand fears might bring the largest supply shock ever,” Andurand said.


Oil prices could top $300 per barrel within the next five years, according to  industry expert, Matthew Simmons.

From Arabian Business:

Matthew Simmons, chairman and founder of specialised energy investment banking firm, Simmons & Company International, said the current highs of $100 per barrel are “cheap”.

“I think the supply is showing some very troubling signs that we might well have already peaked and started [to slow] down. If we haven’t, we are very close to it,” he told Arabian Business. “Demand on the other hand shows absolutely no sign of slowing down because we are now at $100 a barrel, which I still think is a preposterously cheap price…

Yet, another source expresses the belief that oil will reach $300 per barrel and this expert believes there is nothing that can save us and please note the content of the last paragraph. This expert believes that the impact on our lives will catastrophic.

From Business Insider:

Charles Maxwell, a former energy exec who is now an analyst at Weeden & Co., says “peak oil” will drive oil prices to $300 a barrel over the next decade.

Alternative energy won’t save us, he says: It’s just too small a percentage of the overall energy market to matter. And neither will natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels, which come with their own problems.

What will save us–because we’ll be forced to do it–is conservation: We’ll find ways to do more with less.  We’ll also have to start eating root vegetables in the winter, because it will be too expensive to fly in plane-loads of vegetables from Chile.

The consensus is clear, the world is looking at escalating oil prices and this time, the increase could be permanent and potentially catastrophic.

The Doomsday Scenario

The impact of declining oil availability depends on whether the alternatives to oil materialise. For example, it was hoped nuclear fusion would provide low cost energy, but, technological developments have been disappointing. If we don’t find realistic alternatives to oil, the consequences for the global economy could be serious. Rising prices and costs, declining growth and living standards as people struggle to meet their energy needs. The world has become so dependent on oil, the question is could we survive without?

The Relationship Between Oil Prices and Inflation

The direct relationship between oil and inflation was evident in the 1970s, when the cost of oil rose from a nominal price of $3 before the 1973 oil crisis to around $40 during the 1979 oil crisis. This helped cause the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a key measure of inflation, to more than double to 86.30 by the end of 1980 from 41.20 in early 1972. To put this into greater perspective, while it had previously taken 24 years (1947-1971) for the CPI to double, it took about eight years during the 1970’s and the major reasons was the contrived Arab Oil Embarg0.

Even back in 2017, GasBuddy.com   made some interesting predictions which have proven to be incredibly accurate. Gas Buddy stated that gas prices could reach a three-year high in 2017. And they did. The company went on to say that in the long-term, gas prices are likely to climb back up to record levels.

The impact of spikes in oil prices is felt throughout the country and in each and every family. The most notable impact comes, as previously stated, on prices of goods, since we live in an economy where nearly everything is shipped. Food prices will skyrocket as will the cost of communing to work. It is interesting to note that the government’s CPI does not factor in the price of food or gas. It is almost as if the CPI becomes a psyops against a crumbling economy.

Shaping Behavior

In China, the government very much desires to move the country from being a rural country to an urban, factory-based economy. Along these ends, the Chinese constructed ghost cities, under the leadership of Hank Paulson (former Goldman Sachs CEO and Treasury Secretary and author of the bailouts). Under the threat of military inspired violence, millions of peasants have been forcibly relocated to the ghost cities. This is the first step in fulfilling Agenda 21’s “stack and pick” densely populated urban living goals.

In America, we don’t use the military to relocate people in the same manner, but financial means are used. Tax breaks are given to developers for building densely populated housing in the inner cities and in-filling projected in many American cities.

When oil reaches $300 per barrel, people will be forced to abandon homes and live close to work, and/or will make much more frequent use of public transportation. The face of America will transform to solidly urban and will begin to eliminate suburban sprawl and long commutes. It is hard to believe that the escalating price of oil is not connected to Agenda 21.

These factors will undoubtedly lead to less consumerism and a much lower standard of living. These are the hallmark outcomes of Agenda 21 land and energy use policies.






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  1. d May 16, 2018 at 5:28 am

    Wont ever happen!!!


  2. Inretrospect May 16, 2018 at 6:58 am

    “What Will Happen When Oil Reaches $300 Per Barrel?”

    The same thing that happened in 2008 when the price was $136 per barrel: A RECESSION.

    The average price for a gallon of gasoline is about 3% the cost for a barrel of oil, or .03 x $300 = $9 for a gallon of gas.

    At $9 for a gallon of gasoline, no one can afford to travel, even on electric-powered public transportation. Furthermore, no one will have reason to travel because most businesses cannot afford to operate with this excessive energy cost.

    If the price for gasoline is too high, oil companies cannot sell gasoline, and they shutdown operations. Inversely, if there is an oil glut, like there was after the OPEC Oil Embargo ended, the oil companies cannot make a high enough profits, and they shutdown operations.

    It all comes down to one question: at what point is corporate greed considered too excessive?

    I would like to think that when the price for oil skyrockets, the suppressed free-energy patents would be released… but I won’t hold my breath waiting for THAT to happen!

  3. Apollyon May 16, 2018 at 7:49 am

    300 Dollar a barrel oil will destroy America. Business that rely on traffic from Auto’s like malls, restaurants etc will dry up the billion dollar RV industry will be in ruin. Example my RV has a 80 gal gas tank $3-4 dollars a gal is the absolute max I can stand.

  4. Roberta May 16, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Uhm, when did it hit $102 a barrel? I see it $71. So I guess I’m looking at the wrong web site.

  5. bob jones May 16, 2018 at 11:31 am

    EDITOR’S NOTE: EXPERTS ARE QUOTED HERE AS SAYING IT WILL HAPPEN. what experts are you talking about.I.E. there is no such thing as peak oil, oil is being found at extreme deeps that prove they are not fossil fuels. Oil has been proven to be a renewable resource. do your own research and quit saying experts . the only thing they are experts at is manipulating the truth for there benefit

  6. WB May 16, 2018 at 11:41 am

    Death by a thousand cuts people. America is under attack by our enemies, immigration, dumbed down schools, drugs, crime, constant wars, health crisis, oil production, over-extended military. The enemy within is about to triumph. People read this and shrug their shoulders as they go back to their television and websites. You laugh at the peppers. Go ahead, me and mine will still be around to bury you and yours.

  7. ColeB May 16, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    Simple Dave……..WE DRILL FOR OUR OWN OIL. And build more refineries !

  8. Jackie Puppet May 16, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    According to one of the junk emails I received not long ago, NanoCrystal electricity is the wave of the future, and supposedly many big companies are trying to make their products “compatible” with it. No more wires, gas, etc. will be needed.

    Almost sounds like something more compatible with 5G, upon a cursory review.

  9. gene May 17, 2018 at 4:08 am

    I think change is long overdue.Electric cars , solar energy time is NOW get rid of fossell fuels .Make our own future Clean air & water .Nobody is free if we are subject to laws that our leaders don’t have to obey ! .Health is more important than profit corporations cause wars insanity is repeating past mistakes,

  10. Mike May 17, 2018 at 7:22 am

    More oil in the ground then we know what to do with, yet, greed will be the victor in the end.
    Poison in the skies, in the food, in the vaccines and much of medicine dished out by big $$$$$$ pharma. Mandatory vaccines coming wi5h the next plague. Doomed. Rome is burning.

  11. Sue May 17, 2018 at 8:03 am

    Wasn’t one of Trump’s goals to make America energy independent? It seems to me that would help.

  12. mary May 17, 2018 at 9:14 am

    The skyrocketing cost of living won’t be a problem for those who take the mark of the beast. The globalists are setting things up where you’ll have to take the mark of the beast (chip implant and/or tattoo) to be allowed to work or purchase goods and services. It’s mentioned in the Book Of Revelation about the rich and the poor, the small and the great being forced to take the mark of the beast in order to buy or to sell. The mark of the beast in my guess doesn’t have to necessarily be a physical enforcement. From the direction we’re heading in. You won’t be able to carry out any type of commerce if you’re not participating in the beast system. Those who do will be dammed according to the Holy Bible.

    Don’t expect to be left alone if you somehow have enough resources to survive outside the beast system. It tells us in the Book Of Revelation that people who don’t take the mark will be beheaded. What’s a person to do if they find themselves in this predicament? The choice is yours and yours alone to make. As it’s stated in the Book Of Hebrews. Someone will have to refuse to be delivered that they may obtain a better resurrection. In other words. The time will come when some of us will have to choose eternal life with God over choosing to stay alive for the sake of temporary luxuries and comforts. I think it’s best to make that decision (life and blessings) once and for all now.

  13. messianicdruid May 17, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Example my RV has a 80 gal gas tank $3-4 dollars a gal is the absolute max I can stand….

    Put a barge under it with a large sail. Then add a vertical windmill

  14. john May 17, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    I don’t know. In Bulgaria right now the gas price is about 9 $ per gallon. In Europe there are many countries having gas about 10 US bucks or higher. Recession will happen. The life will be very difficult. And the US government will officially label Iran or Russia or both …. I don’t know how they will labeled. I just believe after that US officially will go for war. And then back to normal. I guess

  15. Brad Baumann May 18, 2018 at 4:46 am

    Yeah, I don’t think so. There is a good oil industry in the US, and Canada. Opec is old news. The last time this occurred with president Obo manipulating oil prices because he and the EPA (still)wants you in little ‘clown cars’. Fracking industry and oil sand in Canada and Alaska north slope will hold the line on that stupidity I tell you.
    If oil prices really did get out of hand and cross over $136 a barrel, at what point would it be in the U.S.strategic interest, would it be worthwhile to invade Venezuela ? They have oil reserves, there is just no government to manage it. That house( communist) will have to be cleaned out and common sense put in place.

    The fracking industry is in place now, It went through some hard times in recent past, It was ramping up when ‘obo’ tried to shut down the oil industry. They will start cranking out some oil. The price will have to stay above $45 a barrel for them to be profitable. It was low price until recently and fracking was not profitable. They are calling people back to work right now.
    You realize president ‘obo’ did everything he could to destroy the economy and try to make the US like Venezuela?

    We have a new ‘real’ president,that won’t happen. This oil dust up, will pass. Electric cars will continue to be a novelty until they come up with a battery that is better than present day. You thought incandescent light bulbs were old technology. The battery is 1800’s tech. No one wants electric cars that are no good in the winter cold. A battery life of ten minutes in zero degree weather. That will get you nowhere and frozen quick! These weenies that have them now, they like sending the scrapped ‘Hybrid’ car to India and let kids with an open fire pit melt and recycle dangerous and toxic metals and chemicals. That is the irony here, Electric cars are worse on the environment than say a pickup truck, or a Mustang, or a Jeep.
    EPA should just be planting trees and get their noses out of the auto industry ! They have made it worse. CAFE standards suck. Let free market determine what people want to drive.
    Oil will be back down to a reasonable price, don’t worry.

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