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Why Russia Needs Alaska

In Part one, I detailed how Obama is the right communist at precisely the right time to bring about the demise of this country. Part one revealed how Obama was born and bred to be a communist and we see the evidence of this through his East German Stasi tactics within his daily routine as evidenced by his help in passing the NDAA and other draconian unconstitutional legislation. In Part one, I also detailed how prominent Russian defectors have tried to warn America that Russia will rise up and attack the United States.

It is clear that any Russian attack upon the United States will come through Alaska and I am now of the opinion that Russia will not wait for us to attack Iran before attacking the United States. The following paragraphs will demonstrate why Alaska is so vitally important to the fulfillment of Russia’s communist plans for world domination.

The Heartland Theory

British geographer and military historian, Sir Halford MacKinder, in1904, wrote an article that changed how politicians and military men viewed the world. It was a perception that influenced Hitler to send his troops eastward in an attack upon Russia in 1940. It was also the driving force that led to the underpinnings for superpower foreign policy which guided foreign policy for both sides during the Cold War. The theory that had so influenced nearly three generations of strategists was called simply, the Heartland Theory.

Basically, Mackinder’s Heartland Theory viewed geo-political military history as a struggle between land-based and sea-based powers. Mackinder believed the world had become a “closed” system, with virtually no new lands left for the Europeans powers to discover, to conquer, and to fight over without creating chaos elsewhere. According to the theory the common denominator for world conflict has been reduced to sea powers vs. land-based powers which would subsequently struggle for dominance of the world, and the ultimate victor would be in a position to set up a world empire. The determining factor in this struggle was physical geography; “Man and not nature initiates, but nature in large measure controls”.

Containing Russia Is the Key to World Peace

From Mackinder’s perspective, Soviet Russia had to be contained within the heartland. Mackinder’s believed that whosoever controlled Eurasia, controlled the world, so long as the controller had access to useable ports. The problem for Russia is that they have so few usable ports thus impacting commerce and the movement of men and material in a time of war. So long as Russian could be prevented from being a major sea power, the forces of the United States and Western Europe were safe. However, if Russia should become a sea power in conjunction with its massive land-based power, Russia could rule the world.

Zbigniew Brzezinski confirms the Heartland Theory, in his book, A Geostrategic Framework for the Conduct of the US-Soviet Contest (pp 22-23), n which he echoed the words of Mackinder when he stated that “Whoever controls Eurasia dominates the globe. If the Soviet Union captures the peripheries of this landmass … it would not only win control of vast human, economic and military resources, but also gain access to the geostrategic approaches to the Western Hemisphere – the Atlantic and the Pacific.”  For Russia, controlling the peripheries of the landmass means controlling Alaska and having access to its ports. This would make Russia the world’s most preeminent land and sea power and the world would have to pay homage to the new global master.

Stalin’s Secret Plans to Invade Alaska In 1951

In 1999, at a conference held at Yale University, previously-secret Russian documents revealed that Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin had undergone extensive planning in preparation to invade North America as early as 1951. The event was one of a series of programs sponsored by the Washington D.C.-based Cold War International History Project (CWIHP), which monitors new documents pertaining to the Cold War. The Yale conference centered on Stalin’s relationship with the United States.

These documents, from the Cold War, revealed that Stalin had a definitive plan to attack Alaska in 1951-52 and had undergone major military preparations in anticipation of the invasion.  Russia has always considered itself to be landlocked and this served as the major motivation for Russia’s planned incursion which would have given Russia access to good sea ports. Stalin subsequently died and the plans were abandoned, at least temporarily.

Suspicious Happenings In Alaska

In light of the evidence, it is abundantly clear that there are clear economic, political and military reasons why the Russians would want to occupy Alaska. My interest in this topic surfaced quite serendipitously as a couple of listeners to my radio program sent me information on the Agenda 21 invasion of small Alaska communities, and oh, by the way, they also reported that they were seeing Russian troops in their respective communities.

The sighting of Russian troops in small Alaskan towns such Ketchikan, Alaska, got my undivided attention. Ketchikan is the southeastern most city in Alaska. With an estimated population of 8,050. Ketchikan is the fifth-most populous city in the state. Another area where there are civilian sightings of Russian troops is in Sitka, Alaska. The City of Sitka, formerly New Archangel under Russian rule, is located on Baranof Island and the southern half of Chichagof Island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, one military veteran reports seeing Russian submarines, on a frequent basis, just off the coast. Further, there are civilian reports of Russian vehicles and troops moving through Alaska north of Anchorage. These are only anecdotal accounts and further proof is required in to validate these eyewitness accounts. Yet, there are indeed verifiable, reported media accounts of Russian troops on American soil.

The presence of Russian troops on American soil is very troublesome. America does not need to rely on the anecdotal accounts of Alaskan civilians to be concerned about the presence of Russian troops on American soil. Russian commandos are also “training” at Fort Carson, in Colorado Springs since last spring. Why is this concerning? The United States is about to go to war with Iran for selling its oil to Russia, China and India for gold instead of the Petrodollar. Russia and China have threatened to nuke the United States if it dares to attack Iran. Russia is, and should be considered to be an enemy of the United States.

A Stunning Act of Treason

Obama has given away seven strategic, oil-rich Alaskan islands to the Russians at a time when we could be going to war with Russia. At minimum, the oil, alone, from these Islands should be considered to be a military asset. I remain very concerned that these seven islands in the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea could also be used as a military staging area from which to invade Alaska and defend its new claims of the mineral rich resources at the North Pole.

The Department of Interior estimates billions of barrels of oil are at stake, related to these seven Islands. Didn’t Obama promise energy independence. Didn’t this proven communist president promise to help the economy bounce back by lessening our dependence on foreign oil? And despite our ongoing economic depression, Obama killed the Keystone Pipeline a few months ago. Perhaps, very soon, America will not need the Keystone Pipeline because Alaska will not be remaining as a viable member of the United States. To those who think that Obama would never sacrifice Alaska to Russia, then please tell us “conspiracy theorists” why he would give away seven Islands, one as big as Delaware, with great natural resources, to the Russians?  This is a case of bold-faced treason plain and simple. Obama and his cabinet should be arrested, tried and sentenced as we would with any traitor. Yet, there is more.

The Giveaway of Alaska

There exists documented facts which support the reasons why Alaska should be placed on high alert.

Russia recently sent four brigades to the Arctic. The Arctic can be used as a staging area for the invasion of the North Pole to protect its recent mineral claims, but more importantly, this area of the Arctic could serve as a base of operations from which to invade Alaska with the help of pre-positioned assets within the state.

In March of 2012, with a microphone left on. Obama made an unguarded comment to Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev to be “more lenient on nuclear issues” because he could be more flexible “after the November election”. Does more flexible mean killing the Keystone Pipeline prior to giving away seven rich Alaskan Islands to the Russians? Does more flexible mean letting the Russians train in Colorado Springs and in Alaska? Does being more flexible mean compromising our defense of Alaska?

More Treason From Obama

Although some journalists have said that they suspect that Obama is preparing to give away Alaska to Russia. I previously did not see how a sitting president could do such a thing and remain in office. However, if Russia were to militarily seize Alaska, that would provide Obama with a plausible excuse in which he claims America was caught off guard and the danger was unforeseen. Obama could best accomplish this by weakening the defenses of Alaska and the evidence is supportive of this suspicion. The evidence does not support a timetable, however, I would guess that this event may transpire in Obama’s last year in office, or possibly in the lame duck session where he cannot be held accountable. This article will hopefully remove Obama’s ability to excuse away the notion that America lost Alaska because it go caught with its proverbial pants down.

The giving away of seven strategic, oil-rich Islands is a good start to support a claim of treason because Obama is purposely weakening the defense of Alaska. Also, local residents along the Alaskan coast have reported to me that the massive over flights along the coast have all but ceased. The F-22’s have disappeared. The Air Force says the flights have been suspended because of oxygen concerns which are impacting the pilots. Then shouldn’t the flights be replaced by F-16’s? What about national security?These over flights have been a staple of Alaskan defense since the Cold War. If we are close to war with Iran and its ally, Russia, then shouldn’t we beefing up our patrols in Alaska?

Recently the ATF asked for gun registration records in Alaska. Perhaps the Russians need to know, in advance, where the most civilian opposition will come from when they take over Alaska.

Are Plans Being Made For a Post-Russian Takeover of Alaska?

It is now on the record that Putin said that he was going to make his country the greatest country, economically, as he said in print that he is claiming part of Alaska. Adding fuel to the fire, it is now clear that Russia is also establishing plans for an Arctic industrialization. In geopolitical and military terms, it could be an easy to claim to make if the military resistance in Alaska is greatly compromised, and it has been.

 The last thing that country should do on a potential front line area is to close military facilities and bases, yet, this is exactly what is happening in Alaska. Obama and the Base Realignment and Closure Commission have been closing bases and/or reducing base operations all through Alaska. It has gotten so bad that the Alaskan Governor hired a lobbyist to prevent military reduction.

Two years ago, a prominent Russia Professor predicted the end of the United States. The professor stated that Alaska would return to the control of Russia and that the United States would be split into six pieces.  John McCain recently said “I think it’s very clear that Russian ambitions are to restore the old Russian Empire. Not the Soviet Union, but the Russian Empire.”

There is also a tunnel from Russia to Alaska being constructed. Are we funding our own demise with our tax money which is designed  to set up Russia’s future? Last summer, Russia challenged west coast detection capabilities of our military by making provocative moves with their submarines inside of our territorial waters. Also, in a stunning move, Putin banned adoptions of Russian children by American parents. Could it be likely that he is looking out for the Russian adoptees as this is a reaction to what Putin knows is coming?


Should we be closing bases on the potential front lines? Should we be failing to patrol off of our coast? Should we allow the unchallenged sightings of surfaced Russian subs close to the coastline? Any one of these events should be considered to be a serious national security concern. Yet, the media and Obama act as if all is well.

There are a lot of dots on this wall to connect. However, there is one monumental dot to seriously consider. Subsequently, I have some final questions. If Obama is willing to give away seven oil-rich Islands in the area of Alaska, during these tough economic times, then what exactly isn’t he capable of doing to the United States? Is the sacrifice of Alaska so far-fetched in light of these other considerations? Aren’t the apparent Russian plans to seize Alaska part of the fulfillment of the Heartland Theory in which Mother Russia propels itself in the status of the world’s super power by making itself both a land and sea power through the seizure of Alaska?

When someone can provide a plausible set of answers to the questions that I have raised here, then I will continue to sound the alarm that “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming.”


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  1. D. Kraus February 28, 2013 at 3:07 am

    This is incredible information. I appreciate your diligence!
    I have a vague memory of Homeland Security, I believe, ordering a very large number of MREs for Alaska, perhaps a year ago. I remember thinking it was a large number, but it would not last long. I pondered it and my best guess was it might be earthquake preparations. I cannot find any information on this now. ??? Dave, you might be able to check on this.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: If it was there, it has been scrubbed. However, they can label and ship under a variety of labels which it makes it difficult to trace.

  2. Wayne Pacific February 28, 2013 at 3:56 am


    Duh, Stalin died over 50 years ago and Communism was replaced in Russia over 20 years ago. You need to update your mind and come forth into present reality. Russia is now an Orthodox Christian Nation. You are like a guy on the even of WW I taling about the Confderate threat to America. You can see how lucicrous that would be – can’t you ? Well the time differences are the same as what you talk about today

    You need to be concerned about Obama and his gun grabbing; Israel’s corrosive influence; freee trade, the Red Chinese, Chemtrails, etc. Please join the current world..

    EDITOR’S NOTE: You need to click on the hypertext links and explore the article in a little more depth. Also, don’t forget to carry the 1, Stalin died 60 years ago, but communism lives on. Enjoy your sleep, the wake-up call is right around the corner. And try using spell check, it makes it easier to read.

  3. Rodney Bleckstyne February 28, 2013 at 5:23 am

    You’re FULL of CRAP Hodges! Russia is no longer a Communist country! If anything its now more of a real Democracy that the increasingly fascist USA! Russia attacks the Obama Nazis…it can’t come soon enough!!!

  4. Godwin February 28, 2013 at 6:39 am

    We also have to remember that mural on denver airport. The one with the soviet looking soldier bayoneting the peace dove. As well, we should remember that Germany & Japan reshaped the entire globe in just a few short years. We should never forget that just cause things haven’t happened yet does not mean things cannot happen at all.

  5. Kenzer February 28, 2013 at 7:42 am

    Communism is merely a form of Judaism. It is very Kosher. Lets see who was part of the tribe in top Soviet leadership and source, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev married into tribe, Andropov, but not Gorbachev who brought an end to it. Interestingly, Yeltsin who helped economically rape Russia was, but not Putin.
    Don’t worry though, nearly all those Bushite Neocons are the descendents of kosher communists, as are most of Obama’s kosher Goldman-Sacks controllers. Too late Dave, they took over the US some time ago and you are already their slave. Now you know why the Rothschilds financed the Soviet Union. There is a FEMA camp waiting for you and you will be going there soon. Where are you going to run to Dave? That is also why they refer to your kind as goyim, (stupid cattle) because you’re not too bright.

  6. Sam MME. February 28, 2013 at 9:18 am

    Oh Well. What can us peasants do? This type of game was played from the beginning of time,
    we all survived, (some died, on both sides). As our main concerns are to keep our stomachs full,
    the powers to be play their childish games. Eventually all Empires collapse!
    I do have to say, though, this is a very good article. I was aware of a lot of the infomation brought
    out in the above. I liked it!

  7. Paisley Pirate February 28, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Uh, guys? This is a non-issue, as far as the “alaskan island giveaway”. These islands were never more than nominally in our control, we had a flag on a map calling them ours, but we never owned them.

    If you look on Google Earth, at least 2 of them have old abandoned Soviet era weather station/listening posts/villages on them. All of them are much closer to Asia than North America, as well… This is much hubbub about nothing.

    And it’s been floating around for at least 10 years… here’s a memo from back in the day, trying to scare us all up about it.


    I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep an eye on Russia… far from it… but let’s keep in the realm of reality here.

  8. MBP February 28, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Can you please provide any verification regarding the 7 island give-away? That’s the linchpin of your claim that can confirm collusion. Lacking such proof does add a ‘conspiracy theory’ tone to the article. Thank you

    EDITOR’S NOTE- Click on the links- see the news accounts- not enough? Google, there are multiple sources and I did source in the article-

  9. Jay February 28, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    I enjoyed reading your article, however I find there are a few points which you may have overlooked. It is true that there has been an increasing amount of Russian ships in the arctic over the past few years, but the same is true in regards to Canadian and Danish vessels as well. The issue here is the continental shelf and the billions in offshore oil that are at stake. Russia, Canada, Denmark (Greenland) and the U.S (Alaska) are trying to prove how far their continental shelf stretches in order to claim as much offshore oil as possible. The U.N allows for this, but only if it can be scientifically proven that a nation’s continental stretches as far as they claim and that the nation in question can properly patrol its waters as well. The continental shelf and not a takeover of Alaska by the Russians is the reason for increased military presence. If we assume for a moment however, that the main objective of the Russian’s is to take over Alaska than you must also consider how the U.S’ largest ally in the region, Canada, would react. Such a hostile takeover would involve all Canadian air bases, not to mention other NATO allies to become involved. This does not seem like a logical move on behalf of the Russians since it is likely they will be able to prove that they have the largest piece of the continental shelf and therefore be legally entitled to placing any vessels in those waters which would naturally bring them closer to Alaska. I feel that this point fits Mackinder’s heartland theory more appropriately which is what you were trying to argue.
    Just my two cents

  10. BimBam February 28, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    If Russians troops have been spotted on Alaskan soil this is cause for EXTREME concern! This should be making, at minimum, NATIONAL NEWS!

    But it is not! Telling me that we have been over run by communist IN the White House, in Congress and in the our so-called news reporting service, lately called the MSM.

    We are being setup for something catastrophic. Perhaps the Barry Saetoro and other traitors are letting the Russians on our soil for “roundup” purposes when the economy crashes and there is civil unrest?

    These people know no moral boundaries in their lust for power and control and at our expense! They are evil and must be removed NOW before WE find ourselves at their mercy.

    Look, Barry Saetoro is not even legally qualified to be president. See the setup?

  11. mike camp February 28, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    good come back editor. I think that guy is the one living in a haze or in complete darkness. communism is dead? when did it die? it is stronger now that it was 60 years ago, far more lethal too. I have thought for a long time that Russia, if it made a move on Europe or any other continent would take Alaska as soon as the hostility started. The guy should try living up here for a while before shooting that mouth off, and by the time he wakes up he better know how to speak Russian. I figure he works in DC, like every one there, he is ill informed and probably by design. great article and spot on also.

  12. Anonymous February 28, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    These are excellent observations, and are well-written. The truth is, there are so many acts of treason taking place right now, it is hard to keep track, let alone assimilate to go forward and connet the dots.
    What I find most amazing is that while Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have all publicly threatened the United States in plain English, militarily and otherwise, most Americans are oblivious to the danger.
    Our government and mainstream propaganda media machine are silent concerning the fact that we face imminent danger. There is this worn out scapegoat, boogeyman, “Al-Qaida,” a sort of Frankenstein monster that powers mongers mistakenly think they control.
    Our government isn’t building any bomb shelters for regular people, like Russia is. Our government isn’t conducting nation wide bomb shelter drills like South Korea or Israel. No. But there was one stupid article awhile back that told us in case of nuclear war we should “freeze.” Stay in our car or house or whatever. Great plan. Our tax dollars to FEMA and DHS go instead for bullets, poisonous mobile homes, jumbo plastic caskets, etc.
    I have been waiting for the shoe to drop for about 3 years. It will. Meanwhile, people who don’t buy the “Peace, Peace, all is well,” Politically Correct Ticket stick out in the crowd like a sore thumb. It’s looking very bad for Christians, Patriots, and Whistleblowers.
    My single hope is in Jesus who will return to triumph over evil and right all the wrongs. But first, it’s going to get UGLY. However, no one who puts their hope in God will be disappointed. “It is the Spirit who gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” John 6:63 NLT

  13. Paisley Pirate February 28, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Follow up question (after spending an hour digging on the web trying to find any source) are there ANY sources on Russian military in Alaska. I see the claims you make (and the pointer to the joint training exercises at Ft. Carson, CO last year) which doesn’t refer to the USA troops training in Russia as well… but NOTHING on any troops in Alaska… as my kids would say, Pix or it didn’t happen… (and again, no offense meant, I DO think we have to keep an eye on the Russians… but arguing from facts is a lot more helpful than speculation and hear-say… and having verifiable proof would be wonderful, thanks!)

  14. Robert February 28, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    What is not well understood, or comprehended is Putin has already brought Russia back to Cold War levels of equipment, new ICBM’s, bomber patrols, sub patrols etc. There was an article in the last few months where this was discussed. Putin even said that his goal was to bring back Russia to the USSR glory years He has been doing this slowly and methodically. They have been (actually always have) been putting sleeper agents in place in companies, politics all over the country. Recall the case a year or so and one of the sleepers was even close to a cabinet member. Chinese intel has been doing the exact same thing for years.

    This is the third or fourth time that Perestroika or restructuring or the USSR has happened in history. Lenin did it during the 20s. Virtually the same pattern happens, the country (communists) retreat or so it appears, you see purported freedoms being enacted, purportedly free press, perhaps voting, etc etc. This goes on for years, then the freedoms dry up, so called opposition news papers and jou8rnalists go away and it turns out to be largely a PR type scam that worked and has worked in the past. Soon the press is more controlled, the country re arms and reloads and away it goes again.

    The point is that unless you follow this subject closely, read the sometimes obscure articles in the media you can’t find out anything. The media as a whole is to busy reporting on the so called important stories of the day like the sequester, the latest political scandal, which politician was sleeping with a whore etc.

    Even at the CIA, the intel desks for Russia have been largely gutted (or so I have heard) and sats have been redirected to focus on the war on terror, with very little use of resources being directed to the Russian and even Chinese side of things. Recall how that group of students put together a report on the Chinese use of tunnels to hide ICBM’s and various other things. People in the intel community were just shocked at the information. They were shocked because nobody was paying attention, so nobody in intel was watching and connecting the dots.

  15. peter kendrick french February 28, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    while many of the comments are well thought out I offer another twist in the plot. what if the U.S is playing possum, pretending to be weakened int a state of vulnerability, what if this was a deliberate ploy to encourage both China and Russia towards what might be a foolhardy mistake. There are two things that can still be said for the U.S, one if the people are sufficiently scared into action they can mobilize a military force very quickly, two: no matter what anyone say’s or thinks, from a technological stand point the U.S has no equal, if push comes to shove i have no doubt in the ability of the American military machine’s capability of rolling right over any potential threat. The U.S does not want to appear to be the aggressor in a world war, it must be the defender and the best scenario for that outcome is to play dead or at least incapable. I think that is this conflict really gets going we will see limited nuclear exchanges on all sides with horrific casualties, but to the victor go the spoils and that victor will be U.S Nato backed coalition, make no mistake, this is what’s really coming down the pipe.

  16. Gooner February 28, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Those islands were never technically ours to begin with, plus they are on Russia’s side of the maritime border. I do think you are to something though with a possible invasion through Alaska. It’s obvious that Putin doesn’t like us, and Russians all together would love to see the downfall of America. Plus the murals at the Denver International Airport (as someone already stated) is a good clue to the coming of Communism to this country.

  17. BroKor February 28, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Democracy is communism with a different label. Wake up.

  18. azgirl7 February 28, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    Why wasn’t the Govenor of Alaska screaming at the top of his lungs about parts of his state being “given away”? He hired a ‘lobbyist’? How about a Constitutional lawyer? How can Obama just give away part of America without Americans or the congress knowing and agreeing to it? How can the congress, or whoever, NOT charge him with treason or begin impeachment proceedings??????? Where is the documentation that he did this? And wasn’t it Putin who he made the off mic comment to?

  19. HR Thornbutt February 28, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    Maybe the ruskies not only want our oil but how about HAARP? We have the biggest and the “badest” ionospheric heater in the world. That would be a strategic grab.

  20. Blitzkrieg March 1, 2013 at 2:01 am

    Americans are living in the USSA and don’t even know it. America is beyond the turning point and it will take much more than a bunch of “patriotic” Americans to turn it around. This one requires God. But hey… What do I know. Thanks to generation after generation being dumbed down, it is now ruled by an immoral majority — a direct reflection of those who willfully elect them.

    John Kerry recently did make an interesting point in Munich about a week ago, though: Americans have the right to be stupid. Just look around you. Everyone is in denial. So be it.

    While you steadily mothball new military tech that can make a difference and disband the nuclear arsenal, as well as disarm the citizenry, you can look forward to the bed you made.

    Enjoy the sixth generation Soviet ICBM fireworks while the Chinese lunge bayonets in your abdomens within the coming three to seven years.

    It’s ten til midnight and Ezekiel 38/39 is in motion, America.

    As an individual, are you right with God?

  21. BADGER BADGERISM March 1, 2013 at 8:56 am

    COMMUNISM NEVER DIED….ever heard of “playing possum” that is what Russia did
    made us think they ended communism…Communism is alive and well and will be the power of the NWO in full force

  22. marie March 5, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Wrangell island were given away years ago. Look at an older map, they belonged to the US…no more

  23. Be Not Deceived, Nor Naive March 6, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    You people and your comments. You have no idea what is going in Russia let alone Alaska.

    Believe me, the residents of Alaska are VERY aware of the Russian presence in this state. The ones that matter anyway.

    EDITOR’S NOTE- please tell us what is going on in Alaska?

  24. Daniel July 20, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Russia is coming and soon, and not just Alaska! Soon at midnight our ignorance will feel the power of unmerciful forces, that will rape our women and children, pillage our homes and bury our bodies in mass graves with bulldozers. Those Christian men and women who know their God and keep His commandments will find refuge in Him. The rest will die by hunger, sickness and the sword.Through the lie of political correctness we have compromised the principles of God and given ourselves in the way of Sodom and Gomorrah, we are captivated by the Sorcery that entertains our minds daily in its secular and worldly design. The World is Watching what happens to a Protestant Christian Nation that turns from its God and walks in the way of another! Watch you Watchmen fore the hour is near!

  25. Tom Sullivan August 25, 2013 at 5:19 am

    If the presence of Russian troops on American soil is very troublesome, then surely the presence of the US in 63 countries is equally if not more troublesome. You write some fine Cold War rhetoric, Hodges, but it is long beyond its sell-by date and after reading it it is very clear you have never set foot on Russian soil. Russia is not a communist country. Indeed, it never was, although it was socialist. You seem to be confusing it with China, which was and still is communist. If anything, Russia is anarchic but tempered by a strong Christian Orthodox faith.

    As an aside, you don’t have to go back that far in history (1867) to get to a point where Alaska was part of Russian territory, as were parts of California.

  26. alvinh holmes01 August 26, 2013 at 11:51 am

    Russia is about as much of a threat to the US as the Vadican is, USELESS!

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