//Why the Democrats Cannot Win In November-The Ocasio-Cortez Fiasco
Why the Democrats Cannot Win In November-The Ocasio-Cortez Fiasco

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a congressional candidate in New York. Is she a real rags to riches story? Or, is she just another Democratic fraud who has been exposed.?

Ocasio-Cortez is being sold tot he public as a young woman from a heart-breaking and very tough upbringing who has seen the promise of socialism and will lead a new parade of leftists/fascists into the ranks of the Democrat Party to bring the country to “equality” and “fairness.” And her idea of fairness and equality consists of taking yours, while enriching her. Even a hard core democrat could not support this type of duplicity.

Is This the Best the Democrats Can Do?

In previous publications, I have made the point that the Democrats cannot win in November with regard to the midterm elections. The Deep State has and is using the Democratic party to carry out their objectives and goals and the strategy is backfiring.

I have made the point that the Deep State has discovered that they cannot win at the polls. They are being forced into  strategy of violence and intimidation. Why can’t they win?  Here is a classic example of why.

A Person of Privilege Who Claims to be Poor

Is this the best that the Democrats can do?  I have published articles and videos which provide example after example of the sorry excuses the Democrats are putting forth as candidates.  Some of them embellish the depth of their impoverished backgrounds in order to gain favor with people of color who are struggling from an economic perspective. Some of these so-called “rags to riches” Democrats flat out lie! With regard to Ocasio-Cortez, I will leave it to the reader to decide if she is just an”embelisher” or just a typical Democratic Party liar.

There is sufficient evidence to support the position that she is an outright fraud as the Democrats attempt to put forth the candidacy of an immigrant story of rags to riches. The problem is that the rags part of the story is a complete and utter fabrication.

Ocasio-Cortez, a congressional candidate in New York, has repeatedly made the following claims of an extremely impoverished background: “I was poor”, said Ocasio Cortez,” … my mamma scrubbed toilets…”. Ocasio-Cortez needs her mamma to scrub away the BS from the story related to her background which is filled with nothing but bravo sierra claims.

Ocasio-Cortez actually went to Boston University. Ocasio-Cortez also lived in the Bronx’s Parkchester apartments before moving to Yorktown Heights at age 5 to attend a better public school than what was available in the Bronx at that time, according to her campaign website. The Yorktown Heights area is middle class, at minimum. Those must have been some expensive toilets her mamma was scrubbing.

The following is a tweet made by Newsmax’s talk show host, John Cardillo. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is the story that reveals her claims.

View image on Twitter

John Cardillo


This is the Yorktown Heights (very nice area) home @Ocasio2018 grew up in before going off to Ivy League Brown University.

A far cry from the Bronx hood upbringing she’s selling.


People repeatedly ask me how can I be certain that we are headed towards a civil war. It is obvious the puppet of the Deep State, the Democratic party cannot win and candidates like Ocasio-Cortez remind us of why this is true.

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  1. Jeff Martin July 3, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    In Feb-March timeframe, I was very concerned about a blue wave. Today, I’m fairly certain there will not be a blue wave, but instead, a red wave. Perhaps not as large as we want it (I’m still optimistic). I think the Reds will hold the House and maybe a gain in the Senate.

    Two things I see about the November mid-terms; 1) The Blues will replace other Blues, especially in the House. However, these Blues replacing other Blues will be younger and much more radical, i.e. Marxist. What then follows is: 2) The Blues will lose their mind and get more violent. Civil War II.

    I still see the violence from the Blues ramping up from now until November, as a last ditch effort to gain control of the country. Let’s stay frosty, as they say.

  2. CC July 3, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    It’s scary. Unfortunately, I don’t have very much confidence in the American people. We have far too many gullible, bleeding heart voters who just can’t wait to fall for a “feel good” story such as this, in the name of “tolerance”. They are so desperate to virtue signal that they will latch onto ANYTHING that will make them look like bastions of love…even if it means sticking their fingers in their ears and refuse to see reality.

  3. nigel forsyth July 3, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    But ‘Q’ said a couple of days ago that there was not going to be a civil war. It was FAKE NEWS according to ‘Q’. All the followers of ‘Q’ will be upset with your falling into the trap of the msm by trotting out the old story about the coming civil war. ‘Q’ could not be wrong because he is on the inside and knows what is really going on unlike radio hosts who are not in the know.

    Just saying Dave. Still funny to read about the woman’s fake background. There ain’t many honest politicians around.

  4. Jackie Puppet July 4, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Dave, I’d caution about being over-confident & saying the Democrats can’t win in November – you sounded just like Paul Preston when you interviewed him recently, and he stated there’s no way that splitting California into 3 states can’t win at the ballot.

    Don’t underestimate the stupidity of millions of easily-duped Americans. When you asked Paul how California wound up with such a liberal government in a state that he estimates is only 55% liberal, he didn’t give a clear-cut answer. Gerrymandering’s not the only cause.

    We only think we’ve seen voter fraud in this country – I think it’s going to get ramped up even more. While I believe Geert Wilders probably did lose his election, but not by much, I believe Marine La Pen lost due to voter fraud. I think the count in France was rigged much worse than when President Trump won here, and that’s what TPTB figured it would take to ensure no one like Trump won again.

    Who’s to say Democrats can’t win in November? They don’t have a single issue they can convince voters to support them on, so they have to rely on George Soros & the voting machine company executives who unfortunately, lean heavily Democrat.

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