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Will America Survive Her Date with Destiny? CSS-Bob Griswold-Hr 3

We are om the middle of a communist takeover of our government. Rules for Radicals is the blueprint. America is at her crossroads. Are we ready to respond. I recently interviewed Bob Griswold and he is asking the question of whether or not, America is ready for her date with destiny?  


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  1. Jerre March 11, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    Dave I just saw you vid ‘the moment of decision is here’. You said mainstream media is reporting the Chinese, Turkey and Bangladesh came across ‘en mass’ across a Texas border. I can find nothing on it in mainstream media. Who is reporting it?

  2. Ronn March 11, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    Dave…..must say, that was a fine interview indeed. I believe America’s destiny will play out in a big way in the coming weeks. It is my belief that the chess pieces are already established. The game (purge) is ready to begin. What I really wanted to tell you was this: as I had already told you about the Asian schoolgirls, I forgot to tell you about the small wake periscope sightings two miles out of our harbor. This coincided with that Russian spy ship that was in the new haven to new London coastline of Connecticut. At this time another anomaly appeared. It was the forty something women with the green, purple, blue, pink, crimson red, red with black stripes of hair. They came here with license plates from mostly Chicago and New York and most were in their mid forties. As I was walking on the city green which is 33 acres big a very attractive 20 something young woman asked me what kinds of dogs I was walking. Since her whole body was festooned with tattoos of a hideous nature, I decided to chide her and said; I’ll tell you all about them if you tell me about your tattoos and your green hair. She agreed turnabout was fair play and we had a very enlightening talk. First she told me she was an anarchist, saying she was not from around here. I asked her and she said, my lips are sealed. That was for me to find out. So, I said, tell me about hair color cause I am seeing many women like you in town and in numbers with wildly colored hair. She asked if I too was an anarchist, and I said to her, “ANARCH”. She seemed satisfied with my answer and smiled. She said our group is reconoitering the CT coastline for an “event”. She said for a wilding of sorts. She said her green hair defined that she was part of the green army, “The Mhaddi Army”. The pink hair was for violent third wave feminists, the crimson hair defined those as hard core communist. The black hair with red stripes represented blacklivesmatter and hard core communists. The blue hairs represented those who would back any cause for money and also those who wanted to rumble for the sake of making war on somebody anybody. Than there were the purple haired girls, the soros/Clinton revolution types. She reminded me this is an army, an occupying army that is awaiting orders to move. However she said the women with multi colored hair were the enforcers, paymasters, and logistics types with varied tasks to be dolled out when the time comes. She said there are those who take us in for however long we need to make our assessment. She said they were very well paid in cash and would effect change at the drop of a hat. I live in the epicenter of yale academia, professors, doctors, lawyers who would flush this country down the toilet if they had the power.I am a working man, a restoration artist to be exact, and these trust fund babies, college professors and all their ilk look down on me because I do hard manual work in my business whether I am restoring an historical oil painting, antiques of all kinds, classic cars, airplanes, even vintage 100 yrs and older grand pianos. My work takes me to museums, wealthy art investors, and even aviation enthusiasts want a classic airplane restored or repainted. These multicolored haired women are to top tier organizers and hold all the cards. Why are they all women? Well, because women do not draw lots of suspicions about themselves. Most dumbed down people look at them as fashion mavens and crazy ladies vying for someone’s attention. How wrong they are!!!!! Watch these gals closely they are dangerous and they are monsters of varying degrees. Keep your eyes and your ears open, tou mouth shut and always keep a low profile. Enuff said, you know the rollcall.

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